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To help my readers and myself I often talk with store Managers and Regional Managers about their coupon policies.  As Albertsons policy has changed dramatically in the last 7-8 months there were quite a few questions I needed answered recently.  

So I called up the Albertsons Regional Manager for the Pacific Northwest to get some of these questions answered. Here is what Regional Manager {Ann} and I discussed on Monday January 25,2010.

What is your Internet Printables Policy?  Albertsons will not take any FREE internet printed coupons or any that are larger than $5 in value.  You cannot use photocopied internet printed coupons at any time. All other internet printed coupons can be used regardless of being printed in color or black and white. Checker does not have to take any Internet Printable coupons deemed or appearing  fraudulent.

Can I use a coupon that reads DND {Do Not Double} with a Twice the Value Coupon? Yes You CAN! You can use any manufacturers coupon with a Twice the Value Coupon just as long as the value is $1 or less.  This is the reason Albertsons chose to have the coupons say  “Twice the Value” and not “Doublers”.   Albertsons takes the loss on these Twice the Value Coupons, where as in other parts of the country that actually “double” coupons the stores do not take a loss. The manufacturer would pay the store back double the value. So you can use a manufacturers coupon that says DND with a Twice the Value Coupon at Albertsons.

Is Overage Okay with Twice The Value Coupons? No You Can’t. You cannot get overage with Twice the Value coupons – example: You have a $1.49 item. Your manufacturers coupon is for $1/1 . So your  twice the value would be .49 which would make your item FREE, not free with overage.

Can I use an In-Ad Albertsons Store Coupon, a Manufacturers Coupon and a “Twice the Value” Coupon at the Same time? Yes You CAN! You can use all three at the same time.  For example an in ad coupon said $1.69 for Kelloggs Cereal. You could use that in ad coupon, a $1/1 Kelloggs Manufacturers coupon and a Twice the Value Coupon (that would be for .69) to make your item FREE.

If I have a lot of items I would like to stock up on can I call the store at the beginning of the week and do a special order? Yes, and it is recommened so that you dont clear the shelves in one shopping trip and make other shoppers disappointed.

What do I do if I run into a cashier or store that doesnt follow these rules? Please call Albertsons Customer Service from the number on the bottom of your receipt:  1-877-932-7948. Personally I find the best way is to not make a huge stink in the store if things dont go your way. Just call Customer Service and the appropriate person will contact the store to have the problems corrected.

Other Frequently Asked Albertsons Questions

Does Albertsons Take Competitor Coupons? No they do not. They used to but changed the policy last year.

Can I use an In Ad Albertsons Coupon and a Manufacturers Coupon at the same time? Yes You CAN!

Enjoy everyone! I am especially excited about being able to double all coupons regardless whether or not they say DND on them. Happy Couponing at my favorite place to shop–Albertsons!11 Comments

Albertsons Coupon Policy was last modified: February 1st, 2010 by Karrie

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  1. I tried to use that $5.00 Kellogg’s cereal coupon (that you could print off at Target, but it was a manufacture’s coupon) at the Albertson’s in Pasco and the manager wouldn’t take it. He played dumb and said, “This must be a Target coupon because it’s not scanning.” Even though it was a manufacture’s coupon. Anyways, it’s nice to know that that Albertsons hires managers who are rude and don’t know how to read. So I shop at the one off of Gage now and the employees there are MUCH nicer to me. And thanks for the customer service number!

  2. Awesome post Karrie! Thanks for going above and beyond, a lot of these questions I have seen “answered” on other sites, but have just been people’s own opinion. I hope you don’t mind if I link to it, this is great information!
    .-= Melody´s last blog ..ALBERTSONS "TWICE THE VALUE" DEAL: TRI-CITIES ONLY =-.

  3. A little something to add. Yesterday Pasco ALbies stated that I couldnt do 2 transactions at once that I would have to go out and come back in line. I have done this before, so maybe it depends on the cashier. Of course it was not a problem for me. I did just that:) As long as I can use my coupons, I will jump through hoops to save,save,save.

  4. Yesterday I had manufactures in hand to go along with twice the value and in store ad coupon…but thought no way would that work…bummer, but will know for next time

  5. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for posting. I had a few issues today at the grocery store and that really cleared things up!

  6. I was at the Pasco Albertson yesterday (1/31) and they would not take my black and white internet coupons. They told me that it was against policy and when I told them that the other 2 stors have no problem taking them, they got all defensive and said “I guess I will just have to call and tell them to stop because it is against policy”. Karrie this helps alot, even though I will never go to the Pasco one again. The Richland one on Lee is a great one to shop at.

  7. I wonder how to get regional managers in other areas to follow suit. My stores in Billings, Montana will not double the “do not double” coupons. I spoke with the regional manager here in Montana and he said the stores in Washington weren’t following the rules and wanted their store numbers so he could report them. Obviously, I refused to give him the information. I feel like calling him back now that I have this information!

  8. Thank you so much for the info….I am definitely going to pass this on. Cheryl

  9. On the answer about using instore coupons with manufacturer coupons, do the manufacturer coupons in the add count as an instore coupon to use with a manufacturer coupon? Hope that made sence..

  10. Hi there!

    I was thrilled when I read this post because the Albertson’s here in Corvallis Oregon WILL NOT allow me use a ‘twice the value’ with a coupon that says DND. They are hard core about it.

    So last time I was in (for fruit snacks), I explained this post to them. They informed me it was totally bogus.

    I then came home and called Customer Service.

    Today the local manager called me back. My question had been routed back to him through Customer Service.

    He said that the information was incorrect and that they could not/would not allow me or anyone else to use a “twice the value” with a DND. He was polite, but firm.

    So who knows! Though Ann would clearly be his superior, he said that his district manager told him otherwise. Obviously not everyone is on the same page – which is a BUMMER.

    Mostly I was disappointed that when I called the corporate customer service number it was routed to the local manager.
    .-= Robyn´s last blog ..Random Thoughts for this Random Day =-.

  11. Karrie,

    Is there anyway you could tell me exactly HOW you got ahold of the Regional Manager?

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