Albertsons Deals 4/11-4/17 (+ Twice the Value Coupons Coming Sunday!)

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You can view the full Albertsons Weekly Ad on their website. You can also view the Albertsons Corporate Coupon Policy.

Things to remember when shopping at Albertsons:

  • Albertsons stores ads are regional. These deals are part of the SuperValu chain which includes CA, OR, ID, WA, MT, NV & WY.
  • Make sure and scan your Albertsons Preferred Card at the register to get sale prices and earn gas rewards.
  • You can stack a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon to maximize your savings
  • Albertsons in certain regions periodically come out with Twice the Value Coupons (keep your eyes open in your Sunday paper) – These can add great savings to your shopping. New to Twice the Value coupons? Read my Twice the Value 101.
  • View the current Catalina Offers to sweeten your deals.

My favorite deals are marked with a star

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  1. On the tide, it is $4.99 with the in ad coupon and it says limit 2 on it. So you wouldn’t be able to use the doubler. But you can still get 2 of them for $3.99 each!

    • Chelsea,

      More and more stores are allowing you to use a TTV coupon with a manufacturer AND an in-ad coupon. Worth asking the checker before you check out!

      • You are right Chelsea, I am off to fix that. Connie, it does clearly say in Albertsons corporate coupon policy you are not allowed to use a TTV coupon with a doubler/coupon.

        • I see no problem using sore coupon + MF+ TTV. Store coupon modifies store sale price and the rest of the coupons work regular way. This deal will be good for Sunday only.

          • That is beside the point; just because “it will work” isn’t ethical. It goes against Albertsons coupon policy. The more couponers try to “bend” it here and there the more likely the companies are going to become more and more rigid with couponers.

        • Thanks a bunch Karrie! I didn’t want people to go to the stores and find out they couldn’t get that deal! 😮 But I agree with Anon that just because a store might let you do it, doesn’t make it right. Follow the policy because we are lucky to have ttv coupons. It would be horrible if people took advantage of them and the store stopped having them!!

  2. On the tostitos chips deal, I think it is only one free dip WYB the chips, so 2.33 each. I have seen a tearpad recenetly for $1 off a dip WYB the chips.

    • fixed that one too – thanks for letting me know. Its too easy to make errors when you are typing for too many hours and looking at the ad so long. I have the best readers – thanks for letting me know when I have mistakes!

      • Hey no problem- we all understand!

        I have some coupons that are for $1 off a dip when you buy a bag of chips. I also have a coupon for a free tostitos salsa WYB 2 bags of tostitos chips. I was thinking I could double my $1 coupons on 2 dips and get 2 dips and 2 chips for $6.49( 3.50+3.50+3.49-1-1-1-1). I factored one dip at 3.49 for free with promo. I then wondered if I could use the free salsa one too?? I imagine it may be a YMMV situation, but it seems legitimate because the coupons are for the dips, then the salsa. It seems sort of like the Kellogg’s cereal coupons and the free bag of candy or fresh fruit WYB cereal- using coupons on the fruit and cereal…Any thoughts would be appreciated

  3. That one I don’t think would work without beepage or breaking rules because you are already getting the dip for free. And trying to use a coupon on something that is already free is the problem. For sure you cannot use a ttv coupon on something that is already free.

    In the Kelloggs ones before the coupon was on free bananas when you buy cereal, so the bananas were not already free, but they were kind of a bonus. Hope this makes sense. If only those coupons said buy a dip get a chip free or something, then it could work.

    And thanks for the understanding, very sweet of you!

    • I was thinking Albertson’s allowed 2 coupons on a B1G1 free sale, so hence a coupon on the free item- am I wrong on that? I just thought this was sort of the same thing. I was thinking it was combining a store promotion with a manufacturer coupon. Obviously I am asking because I don’t want to break the rules- just trying to understand. I appreciate your responses!

  4. I have looked for Starbucks Refreshers drinks several times at Albertsons and I can’t find them. I have even asked the grocers and they say that they don’t carry them yet. Are there any Albertsons in the Tri-Cities, WA area that are selling them?

  5. On the star products,,,, I would check your local winco store, the one in spokane where I shop carries the vinegars for (I don’t remember exactly) about $1.48 to $1.68 ea depending on the variety. 🙂

  6. $1/1 Hormel Always Tender Flavored Meat, exp. 4/9/12 (SS 02/12/12 R)
    Final price: $4.50 each wyb 2 is expired!!!!! I was excited about that deal but had to through away the coupon. Could you fix that too, please, not to give people false hope.

  7. I have 4 gerber good start formula coupons for $3 off one 24 oz or larger container. (well I have 3 and 3/4ths of coupons as baby found one and ate the corner, but it’s still totally usable!)

  8. Can you (or someone) explain how the Kellogg’s cereal would be that low? The promo isn’t explained and none if the coupons listed would bring the price that low. Just trying to figure it out.

    • There is a .70 cent coupon, and if you doubled that coupon 4 times it would be .59 cents, but we can’t double 4 times, so not sure….I came up with lowest being .76 cents a box. But I won’t get that low since I went for the frosted flakes(99 cents each).

  9. Regarding the Starbucks Refresher drinks, I bought them at the Tumwater Safeway yesterday, Saturday. They were on sale at 2 for 1.50 and became .50 a can with the $1 off manf printable q. I could have waited till they were free–but was tired of the coupons falling out of my binder. My Albs does not carry this drink. I figured it was better to get it for .50 a can then not to get it out all. It is a spendy drink without a coupon and sale.

  10. For the pretzel coupon, I checked RP and it was for 50 cents off not $1

  11. Here is the link for Hormel products, including seasoned pork. It is a great buy after doubler and there was pretty good supply of them at Albies on Edison/ Clearwater.

    Also, after doing “Glade Plug In Scented Oil Refill, Aerosols or Candle $2.50
    Buy 2, Receive $1.00 Catalina” x3 in one transaction an additional cat printed for $1. (Purchase 6, use 3 $1/2+ 3 TTV= 3 $1 cats and $1 extra), Not sure what is the minimum amount of plug-in’s triggered that.

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