Albertsons: Not Taking Quaker Internet Printables


So all over the TriCities Stores I am hearing that they will not accept any Quaker Coupons that are printed from the internet.

Here is a comment that was left by Blake on my Albertsons post.

“Apparently there was a .pdf sent around among some people here that was a copy of the bricks coupon. That is the coupon that is fraudulent, because obviously bricks coupons are only 2 per computer, all having unique numbers. Unfortunately, the Lee store got several hundred of them by 10:00 by several people (SHAME ON YOU, WHOEVER YOU ARE!!) who were walking away with their baskets full of items for free, so the mgr there called Quaker to check the validity. Because the unique numbers on those coupons thee same, they just decided it would be too difficult to try and make sure the numbers were all different, so Alb’s decided to pull them all. they’re not disputing that some are real, but with all the foot traffic they’re getting for this sale they don’t have time to mess with them. Just goes to show how one person can wreck it for everyone. Keep these deals honest, girls!!”

So yeah, internet printable coupons should be 2 per household and if you are able to print more that can be a sign that a coupon is fraudulent. Sorry that you will not be able to use your legit ones in the Tri Cities. Hey Idaho folks, are you able to use yours there?

ON a happy note, I recieved an email from Cherylene who said this :

I went in Fred Meyers last week and in their coupon booklet was a manufacturer coupon for $3 off quaker granola bars.  It’s inside and in black n white part. So hard to spot unless you really go through it.  Unfortunately I do not know the date of the book but I grabbed it last Thursday when I went in the store. 
If anyone has that booklet they would get to sweeten the Quaker deal.  I bought 5 boxes for $2!  Wish I would of grabbed more…although $1 a box was not to bad to start off with.
So look at freddies folks, that way you can score a real manufacturers coupon to get a great deal.


Albertsons: Not Taking Quaker Internet Printables was last modified: January 27th, 2010 by Karrie

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  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGHH! This makes me so upset and not even for the reason that I don’t get to use my coupons. We try so hard to keep everything honest and follow the rules and one or two people ruin it for everyone who is trying to do things legitimately. Shame on you! Thanks for posting this Karrie and clearing up all the confusion.

    I especially feel terrible for the stores that are going to be losing money on this deal. People like this are going to eventually ruin things for everyone. I wish we could find out who it was and track them down. 🙂

  2. That’s awful! On so many levels.

    You could probably still do this deal at Wal-Mart or Target with price-matching.

  3. Hi Karrie! Ok SO the Fred Meyer coupon is on Page 11 of their monthly coupon booklet. It expires on 2/2/10. It is for $3/5 “Participating Quaker Products” which are Chewy Granola Bars, Cap’n Crunch, Life, or Toasted Oatmeal Squares. I hope this is helpful!

  4. is a manufacturers coupon or a Fred Meyer coupon? I dont have the book in front of me to know for sure. 🙂

  5. The booklet is a Mfr coupon. No Fred Meyer printed on it anywhere. Also, it’s good for ALL of the Quaker products, there are those ones listed, but if you read the fine print it includes everything on the sale including Aunt Jemima pancake mix and Syrup. 🙂

  6. So couldn’t they track down the culprits because they would have had to use their Albie’s cards to get the sale price anyway?

    Anyhoo, is this Freddy’s coupon book still available?

  7. The Fred Meyer book should still be available, the prices in it are good thru 2/2. It’s an 8.5 x 11-sized booklet on newsprint, it says “Extra Savings” at the top.

  8. Bummer for the stores that got gypped!! Especially the Lee store, since they are soooooo good to us couponers!! I hope whoever it was who did that realizes that their mistake affects a LOT of other people (and families)!!

  9. I was able to grab 9 booklets at Fred Meyer in Kennewick today but they were pretty well cleaned out. Someone or a lot of someones grabbed them already. Anyway I was able to use them with no problem today as they do state “manufacturer coupon” Anyway ended up with 45 quaker itmes for $18. I used these q’s on things like Life cereal, Capn Crunch and instant oatmeal since we do not have any other q’s for these items. Using my $1/2 granola bars this weekend when hopefully the doubles are out.

  10. That is really irritating! Those that use fraudulent coupons are going to ruin things for the rest of us since they’re stealing from the stores. I thought it was a good deal to get those with the coupons that were legitimate.

  11. Christy Davison says:

    I went to both Freddies in the Tri-cities and they are both out of the monthly coupon book but hoping to get some more in.

  12. Albertson and Safeway in Kennewick will not take coupons for free items that have been printed off the internet. I was unable to use my International Coffee flavoring ones that I received via Facebook. Those people that scan them and then use them will eventually lead all store to not take any internet coupons. All it will take is more coupons to come into a company than they allowed.(My prediction!)

  13. Julia – The Albertsons on Lee took my International Delight coupons just fine, just FYI. I usually never bother with Safeway, since they have given me more grief than I care to take. 🙂 I totally see your point though, a lot of stores already have bad feelings about internet coupons and what happened today just confirms their suspicions. I agree with Tiffany, they should hunt them down using their Albertsons card and restrict them from all coupon privileges!
    .-= Melody´s last blog ..ALBERTSONS WEEKLY DEALS 1/27 – 2/2 =-.

  14. So…one of you grabs 9 booklets. That is just as bad as the person who printed off all those coupons.

    Thanks a lot.

  15. do you think yokes will do a price match on the quaker sale? and they WILL take the internet printed coupons…

  16. I am from Idaho and was informed last night that they were not accepting the printable coupons. Thank goodness they new me really well and I only had two printables so they let me go ahead and use these but informed me that they would not be accepting any more. Too bad someone had to ruin it for everyone else out there.


    When my husband becomes a federal agent (which is in the NEAR future) I will put in a word about you and you will be made examples to the public!! Mark my words!

  18. Wow! That is terrible! I am new to couponing so good to know that pdf files are fraudulent! I probably would have never thought about it! I would feel like a total jerk if I would have used a fraudulent coupon!

  19. That is totally stealing! I think if the person didn’t know, the only way to right it would be to go back in and pay for the items. Seriously, Albertson’s has been SO wonderful with us couponers, let’s keep it that way please!

  20. Well, that makes me glad to know that mine was fine, but for my second coupon shop in my life I was so mortified. Albertsons was really nice about it thank goodness.

  21. Instead of “grabbing 9” Fred Meyer booklets, how about taking 2 or 3 and leaving some for the next shopper. Let’s be the area of courteous, honest couponers and not sell our souls for a free box of granola bars.

  22. Yokes will NOT price match, they will only honor coupons. At least that is how it is at the one on rd 68 in Pasco.

  23. Melissa – Just a quick note, not all PDF coupons are fraudulent. It is hard to tell which are legit and I don’t use them very often, but there are some that are fine to use. For example, when Rite Aid comes out with their $5 off $25 PDF, this is fine to use multiple times. I did print one off recently that claimed to be a legit Rite Aid coupon, but you could tell after printing that it was just a scan. I guess the bottom line is to just be careful and if you are in doubt, don’t use it.

  24. That is absolutely horrible and shameless. Really people! I second what Vicki said…. where has the honesty and courteousness gone? I don’t know why I continue to be surprised at this behavior, but I am. Did they really need to go so low for this deal. I’m all for saving money, but I’m sorry, It’s just cereal. I’m not going to sell my dignity short for a box of Quaker. And as far as whoever was using them not knowing it was fraudulent coupon after SEVERAL hundreds of these were used by 10am in ONE store? That is not coincidence. How would they have know how to do the deal with which coupons and how many were needed to get free product if they weren’t a skilled/knowledgeable couponer? They should have known.

  25. I agree Teresa about taking the nine coupon books. I actually put it in my post but took it out, guess I was trying to be nice! I understand Karrie at her meetings tells people not to be hoarders. I think nine coupon books taken is hoarding.

  26. Will Wal-Mart price match and take the internet printable here in the Tri-Cities? They did it for a friend of mine from out of town.

  27. Wow I’m totally floored that a few people could ruin this for the rest of us. Both of my coupons were cut manufacturer coupons (no printables) so I’m so glad I was safe. To me that is just upsetting because we really need to be able to coupon only being able to spend about $50-$100 a month on groceries. It would be horrible for our family if we could not longer use coupons..without it $50-$100 doesn’t pay for much.
    .-= Cherylene McDermott´s last blog ..Napkins =-.

  28. Just used my Granoal Bars coupon at Albertsons on Gage. They wouldn’t use the one for cereals, but Granola Bars is OK.

  29. I just returned from Walmart on Queensgate and they did price match when I showed the ad and did take the honest internet coupons.

  30. Wonderful to hear Walmart is going to price match that deal. Hopefully the frauds won’t take that pdf coupon there! Let’s cross our fingers on that one.

  31. There is also the peelie quaker coupon at Winco stores. It is posted by the oatmeal and cereal. They had at least 10 pads posted throught-out the store. It’s the same one that is in the Fred Myer book except it’s color. I only peeled off 3 and wished I grabbed a few for my friends. In the oatmeal boxes I purchased 2 weeks ago there were 3 random boxes thathad coupons. Make sureyou really look they were stuck to the inside of the box. Hope that helps.

  32. Personally, I have six children plus my husband and self… That’s eight. I tend to take eight coupon booklets when I see them because the “rule” I use is one coupon per person thus eight people equals eight coupon booklets *BUT* I spread it out between shopping trips. Example, I picked up three of the Kraft booklets (back in November) at the Richland WinCo during one trip, two more at the Kennewick WinCo and then another three from the Gage Albertsons. Total of eight.

  33. Karri,

    I spoke at length with an Albertsons store manager here in Spokane regarding this and the details of our conversation are here at

    The problem being…even the “authorized” coupons are being rejected in some locations, as well as printed coupons for other Quaker products. Such a bummer!

  34. It wouldn’t be hard to catch the people that used the fradulent coupons. I’m pretty sure there are security cameras all over the store. If they really wanted to they can get the police involve and review the store videos. Maybe someone that lives around the Lee store and suggest it to the manager there.

  35. karen evans says:

    Which Winco store was the peelie at? Richland or Kennewick or other? Thanks a bunch!

  36. Ok so I had a few of the Fred Meyer coupons from the Extra Savings booklet and got nothing but crap from the cashier and the manager. The loss prevention person in back finally allowed the coupons but they are treating it like they are only Fred Meyer coupons redeemable at Fred Meyer for their particular promotions and that Alb’s will not be reimbursed for taking the $3/5 coupons. The cashier started talking about fake coupons and people using fraudulent coupons and I honestly felt like they thought I was stealing from the store by using coupons and the sale price. However to their credit I was able to use the coupons in the end (after 35 minutes at the register) BUT please don’t be surprised if they all the sudden choose not to accept them. My understanding in the fine print was that Freddies coupon is a manufacturer coupon and any store would be reimbursed. Does anyone know the scoop on this?

  37. To Karen Evans — Remember, taking peelies off other products at other stores to use at Albertsons is also a big no no among couponers.

  38. karen evans says:

    I did not know that! I am new to this all! Hope I didn’t step on anyone’s toes. Just out of curiosity, how come? Thanks for teaching me all this! I have really been enjoying it!

  39. Last night, after price matching for me at Wal-mart, Rd 68, they refused any of my printed coupons. The lead cashier said; “You may only use one coupon per purchase.” She really meant only ONE! I left and went to Walgreen, they refused them too AND failed to issue the $5 RR for my Huggies, even though the manager agreed I bought enough. He said you can not use coupons and get the RR. Then, I went to Albertsons in Pasco and almost did not get to use other printables! I do need a new printer but mine are legit coupons.
    .-= Christina Brown´s last blog ..Fresh starts =-.

  40. Kala, I had the same problem with the cashier telling me I could not use the manufacture coupon from Fred Meyers at Albertson’s on this deal. I called the manager of my store, and he told me it was fine and that they are NOT accepting the printed ones off the computer at this time. Hope this helps

  41. I was able to use my $3/5 Quaker coupon from the Fred Meyer savings booklet ad today at the Albies on Lee. Cashier did check with manager, but it was fine. He was very nice & helpful & even suggested other coupons I should try to find if I wanted to buy more to make it an even better deal. I think it was a pretty awesome deal to begin with! But, I thought that was pretty nice of him! I’m just learning how this all works and it is nice to save $$! So thank you to everyone that shares info & to Karrie for all your hard work!

  42. Walmart on Queensgate had no problem price matching albertsons and then accepting the legit internet coupons. They were very nice about it. I asked in the customer service area before I started shopping, and they said it was fine! Horray!

  43. I was able to price match at Walmart today and I used the manufacturer’s coupon that was in Yokes ad a couple of weeks ago for buy 5 boxes of granola bars, get $3 off a gallon of milk. So $5 for 5 boxes of granola bars & a gallon of milk, which is still a good deal without any of the other coupons.

  44. Some Wal Mart stores will not allow you to price match and use a coupon. I ran into this problem a while ago. The manager,in Spokane, told me that I could do one or the other, but I can’t “double dip”. I tried to remind the manager that the store is reimbersed for the face value of the coupon plus 8 cents for processing. She wouldn’t accept it. However, they would not provide me with a written copy of their coupon policy. (I had worked at another store only months earlier and was never told that) So, good luck with Wal Mart.

  45. I really can’t believe that some of you are putting me down for grabbing 9 booklets at Fred Meyer. 9 for my family is nothing. You don’t know how many kids I have or if I am donating them to the Pre school to help when other children can’t afford to bring snack. I have been couponing for over 3 years and I am very considerate of others. I NEVER clean out shelves like a lot of people do. I ALWAYS pre order from the Manger at Albertsons and to compare me to someone who is using coupons fradulantly is extremely offensive. I also take ONLY what I can use and further more I didn’t receive any Quaker products free.

    I’m sorry for my tone but some of you have decided to be judgmental of me without knowing me.

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