Albertson’s Summer Sizzlin Game {I Won a FREE Donut}

I have been getting some tickets to the game…..

I already won a FREE Donut and 2 More FREE Tickets! Plus some random .25 off coupons (yippee…).  What have you been winning?

Details on this Summer Sizzlin Game are here…67 Comments

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  1. So far, all I’ve “won” are multiple entries in their sweepstakes. Oh yes, and several $0.25 coupons. Congrats on the free donut…lucky duck! 🙂

  2. Korrie Morris says:

    Congrats. 🙂
    So far I have won
    1. a free doughnut
    2. a free can of alpo dog food
    3. 6 free tickets
    and tons of coupons off products

  3. Monique says:

    I won a donut too 🙂

  4. Hey! I want a free doughnut… 🙂 I got nuthin…just some $.25 coupons. wow. How very underwhelming. 🙂

  5. Erin J. says:

    I got 2 doughnuts and 18 more tickets and from this 18 free tickets I got 1 more doughnut and 4 more tickets

  6. I have a stack of useless .25/1 coupons haha I got 1 free doughnut, 1 free 24oz container of applesauce and 7 tickets for 2 free tickets

  7. I won the back yard makeover. WHOO HOO!!!!

    Just kidding. I wish!!!!!!!! It would be wonderful!!!! All of the Happy Money Savers could come swimming this summer and drink my free Sierra Mist and have super cheap chips and hot dogs all courtesy of Albertsons.

  8. I also won a couple of doughnuts (wow–why such a push on doughnuts???). I’m holding out for the $250K, though. I’m an optimist. =)

  9. So far I’ve won 2 extra tickets, a bunch of $.25 coupons and A free bottle of Lawry’s Marinade 🙂 I’ve got the tickets I need now to enter in that $2000 drawing, so I’m going to do that today 🙂

  10. Serenity says:

    I have to say the top foods game was a lot better. I won tons of free items including a $10 bottle of olive oil, 4 pack of measuring cups, salsa, lunchables, yogurt, and several other items along with tons of free tickets. Plus the coupons themselves were on items I would actually buy. It seems a lot of the coupons are for Albertsons brand stuff, which I never buy thanks to couponing! Still gonna give it a try and hope for the best 🙂

  11. Cara Kaiser says:

    I am so close to many of the prizes. There appears to be tickets that are pretty elusive. I am looking for the fuze bottle, the coke bottles,the carrots….any of those would make me a winner. I have won 3 free donuts, 1 can of cat food and 1 can of dog food. Holding out hope, maybe we can start trading tickets like we trade coupons and several of us can win!

  12. Mary Claybrook says:

    I won $2!! 😀 I also won 2 free donuts!!

  13. Fabiola says:

    I went to albertsons today and I noticed on the botttom of my receipt it said “you have earned 2 Game tickets, but I never received anything. Was the cashier suppose to give them to me?

  14. Fabiola – Yes, the cashier is supposed to give them to you at the transaction.

  15. Theresa says:

    So far I’ve won:
    Lots of those little 25 cent coupons, LOL
    22 more free tickets
    2 free donuts
    1 free roll of paper towels
    1 free 3-pack of Jello Temptations
    1 free bottle of Albertsons Ketchup
    Wouldn’t it be awesome to win one of the big prizes!!!???!!!! 🙂

  16. How do you win?

  17. did you buy the stuff or what?

  18. Fabiola – They usually put their initials on the bottom after they give you the tickets. If your receipt is not initialed, I would imagine you could take it back in and receive your tickets.

    • Fabiola says:

      My receipt is not initialed, I think i will give them a call and find out if i can get the tickets if i bring in the receipt. Thank you!

  19. Serenity says:

    Won some free toilet paper 🙂 Waiting for something really good 🙂

  20. Cool – I am loving some of the winning varieties – hoping I win the applesauce or paper towels. The donut one is just plain MEAN to me since I just started my diet again (ahem…we will see how long this one lasts… I HATE HATE HATE diets with a passion and they typically only last a few days} And that free donut coupon beckons me….it knows I have a weakness for free coupons.

  21. I’m thinking that I just might be willing to split the $250,000 if somebody on here had the tickets I am lacking. What do you say? We could start using the Coupon Chatter to find out who has what, and then cash in on some big prizes! 🙂

    • francisandtyson says:

      I only need ticket #3 for the big prize. Lets make a deal!!

      • Hey there do you need #3 for the sizzling sweepstakes cuz I only need # 4 so we could split it right down the middle to help each other out? let me know

  22. Bonnie – I think that is a great idea! I saw a hard rare ticket for the Albertsons Monopoloy game on ebay for $15,000. I think you won the car or something. I wouldn’t pay $15,000 though!!!

  23. Note to all Albertson’s employees and family: We get to play, too! But, we have a BLUE game card and game pieces. Just ask for the associate game. This works for all stores, drivers, and the distribution centers. I know the d.c. didn’t mention anything to those guys/gals , but we can play, too!!

    Thanks for shopping at Albertson’s! We appreciate your couponing support! If you have problems, fill out the on-line request and they will respond!!

  24. i need the cock bottles the fuze bottle and the hinz 57 jack denials bottle i need the oatmeal for the 500 dollar alb gift card . it would make my day just to win the ipad id be nice for the higher monies one but theres only like 5 or less of them and there thousands of people wanting them. so i get depressed if i don’t win and had tried very hard to. iv got the dounut one but how do people get so many of the free 2 tickets i havens gotten a one of them. id be very appreciated if someone would trade me for a fuze bottle :-(.

  25. that seems unfair i think they need new rules because you dont fairly do an even chance for someone to win something theres thousand or millions of people playing and yet u have only a few prizes worth playing for. i would hate to waste money to win 2 dollars it seems unfair to pay 200 and win 2 now if i paid 200 and won 25,000 that would justify the means to play the game.

  26. bonnie Tracie that seems fair i would love even 5 k that would help very along with some of my goals and aspirations i think they dont put enough of those rare one in there there has be to more then 75 fuze bottles in those tickets. i have like 3 of every thing and that getting annoying anyone agree.

  27. alicia healy says:

    Hello I live in Salem and I wanted to email you a list of all the ones I have that are extra.. and also a list of what I NEED to win BIG!! I am kinda addicted to the game too haha! Anyway here’s the list and best of luck to you! Hopefully we can help each other out.

    c105 x3
    c107 x2
    c113 x3
    c117 x2
    c126 x2
    c133 x3
    c134 x2
    c138 x2
    c145 x2
    c146 x2
    c150 x2
    c154 x2
    c158 x2
    c165 x2
    c168 x3
    c170 x2
    c181 x2
    c183 x2

    = 5,200 groceries for a year
    =10,000 vacation
    =500 albertsons gift card
    =250 gift card mall prize
    =50 albertsons gift card
    =albertsons 20.00 gift card
    =1,000 grill prize
    =100 albertsons gift card
    = 650 apple ipad 2 prize
    = 50,000 vehicle of your choice prize
    = 25,000 cash prize
    = 25,000 boat and trailer prize
    = 40,000 back yard make over prize
    = 50,000 cash prize
    = 250,000 cash prize!!!

  28. amanda sterling says:

    i need 149

  29. For each of the prizes worth $5k more there is a rare and semi-rare piece. This means that for most of the larger prizes, you actually need to get lucky on *two* pieces.

    Known rares for the big prize are:

    $250,000 – rare C106, semi-rare C102

  30. Natasha maldonado says:

    I am going crazy with these ticket things and now so is my daughtar. We just want to win something. I swear I make excuses to go to Albertsons just to get some tickets!! Would like to win or hear of someone winning!!

    • I won a $100 gift card in Boise, ID. I was in the store the other day and this guy bought $20 worth of kool-aid. You get double tickets for each one and its 4/1.00. He hadn’t won anything and was spending around $200 bucks just to win something. Also a clerk told me people were buying ramen. Wish I had thought of that

  31. Chris A says:

    We won the camera, but we chose to get the 100.00 instead because we already have 3 cameras, and from what I can tell it runs on AAs. I only like to buy cameras that have the lithium ion batteries.

  32. Steve Trader says:

    I have lots of duplicate tickets Iwill list them soon. I allso won 5$.

  33. natasha storm says:

    I have the rare c128 for the boat, lookin for c129 to split the 25k prize.

  34. I REALLY have C108, this is NOT a joke or a scam. I would really like to sell it or team up with someone who has C109. Please let me know if you have any interests in doing this. This is really cool and I want something good to come out of it!

    • Come on…anybody? Does anyone out there have, or know someone who has, C109? Does anyone want to buy C108 from me? It is a rare piece and I really don’t want it to go to waste. That $50,000 prize sounds REALLY nice…

  35. Ricky In Twin Falls Idaho says:

    OK! I have found the Sem-Rare 102. Ff anyone has the 106 we can split the 250K. Only six hays left for the game to be over.

  36. Ricky In Twin Falls Idaho says:

    I also only need 135 for the 10K. Same goes with this one.

  37. Wow, Ther is even a typo on the website” 40,000 backyard C320″ Supposed to be C120. Just FIY

  38. I also have the #108 for the employee game…got it today. I want to find the holder of the 109, I will sell mine too.

  39. If anyone has C106 (A1 Steak Sauce) let me know and we can split $250K.

  40. I started playing in the beginning and didn’t take it seriously and all I had were five and accidentally threw my board away and it had two tickets I needed to win on it and now it’s in a landfill somewhere. I had the elusive Fuze bottle and the Band-Aid one. I won $2 though, and it’s not over yet!! 😀

  41. Someone at my work also got the spray pam and needs the reddi whip for 25,000. don,t know which one is the rarest.

  42. Wow. My sister’s boyfriend has been playing it with his friend since it’s started. He has over 600+ tickets and all he’s won is the $10.00 thing. We’re going tomorrow to get another 120+ tickets to see if we can win some more! Wish us luck!! and… we have about 25 free donuts… (:

  43. I have C108, C119, C116, C102, and C124. All of these are the semi rare pieces for the big prizes, as far as I can tell. I need C106, C109, C120, C116, and C123 to win any of the big prizes! If anyone has any of these, I would be happy to team up and split the prize! I agree, I just want to see someone win big here! All I’ve won so far is 3 of the $2 prizes…at least it’s better than nothing!

  44. Let me know if you have anything:)

    I NEED:


    i HAVE:


  45. I have several extras. I am looking for 446, 449, 459. I will trade.

  46. i need h446

  47. Precious12345 says:

    I really would like to pay off some loans. Need SC04. Go back to college.

  48. Haven’t won anything significant. I think all of those expensive prizes are fake. I have so many duplicate numbers and a bunch of useless coupons.

  49. fabiola yes they will allow old reciepts as long as it isn’t scribbled out.

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