Ask the Readers – What Temperature Do You Keep Your House At in Winter?

Beth-Ann emailed this to me:

I have been trying to save money in the summer by keeping my thermostat high in the summer time, but what temperature do you think would be a great balance for saving money and keeping warm?  -Beth-Ann

Many of us live in different regions where temperatures can vary greatly, so what works for my family might not work as well for yours. But just for fun I would love to hear what temperature you keep your house at in winter?


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  1. We keep our house cool. We have a flat roof so only about 36″ of attic space. Heat is efficiently trapped in the upper level.

    So we keep the team about 63-65 during the day and 60 at night.


  2. I keep our house at 69 during the WInter and 70 during the Summer. I grew up near Las Vegas so I freeze. My Sister is fine with 65 degrees as well. I think if you can drop the electricity in your home other ways that you are fine with having a higher temperature for heat. If I keep the house cooler in the Winter I turn on a separate heater in the baby’s room.

  3. I try to keep the temp at 68 during the winter when we are home ( hubby likes it at 72, but he is so stinking skinny he doesn’t have the body fat like I do that keeps me warm!) when we go to bed and/or leave for work, I drop the temp to 60.

  4. We leave our temperature around 72 in the winter because I get really cold otherwise. In the summer we do around 70 degrees.

  5. I find it best to try and wear socks or blankets and keep the house really cold like 65 degrees. It saves money for sure.

  6. We keep our house at 68 during the day, we just wear socks and snuggle up when sitting down. During the nights we let it drop down to 65

  7. We keep ours at 68, but turn on the gas fireplace if we get cold.

  8. the best way to save energy is to keep it at a constant temp. If you vary the degrees between night and day your heater will actually kick on more than if you keep it steady. We keep ours at 72 year round.

  9. I keep mine at 67 degrees… and occasionally push it to 68 when I’m freezing! 🙂

  10. We have a programmable thermostat for our electric furnace. It is set to 65 for 6am and then it goes to 60 for the rest of the day. With our house being well insulated, it rarely gets below 63, unless temps outside are below freezing. The temp then goes up to 65 again at 5pm. At night we have it set to 58, although it never gets there. We have a heated mattress pad that we use to warm the bed up before we get in on cold nights.
    We don’t have A/C so in the summer we turn off the furnace and just use window and ceiling fans as needed. There are really only a few super hot days here in the northwest.

  11. My house temperatures are seasonal: Winter 60+ degrees, Summer <84.

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