Bakery Outlet Stores: a Great Way to Save on Breads

Today’s Thrifty Tip: Save money on brand name breads by shopping at Bakery Outlet Stores.

Have you ever been shopping at a Bakery Outlet store?   It’s a great way to save money on bread items, especially those “fancy” brand name types.

As a thrifty shopper ok..just plain old cheapie,  I had been buying the generic .99 brands at grocery stores, but always secretly wanting the “fancy brands.”  Potato White’s, Whole Wheat, 7-grains…*sigh*, I wanted all those but didn’t want to pay the $3-$4 per loaf prices.

That was until I found the Bakery Outlets. Oh happy day. All those fancy brands I can get for $1.29 or less per loaf now (at least at my outlet.)  Most of the items at these store’s are just as fresh as you would find in the store, just not perfect enough to make it to the grocery store, or just brought in from the grocery stores when they restock the shelves.With careful planning, once- or twice-a-month visits to stock up to fill the freezer can cut up to 75% off a household bread budget for those who don’t need their bakery products to be same-day fresh.

I have found brands like Oroweat, San Francisco, Thomas, Entenmann’s, etc.  For a small store, there is a huge selection of breads:  wheat, white, sourdough, rye, raisin, english muffins, rolls, hot dog and hamburger buns, bagels, pita, etc. Even those cool diet type breads like oroweat’s thin bread.

In my local area (Tri-Cities, WA) the stores are located:

Entenmann’s Oroweat
1107 W Columbia Dr
Kennewick, WA 99336

Franz Bakery Outlet
419 W Columbia Dr
Kennewick, WA 99336

Do you shop at Bakery Outlet’s in your local city? What do you think?

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  1. The Bakery Outlet near us is too far for me to go often, but since the Oroweat bread is double sealed, they freeze great! When I go, I buy a ton and freeze it. Then when we are close to running out of bread I take a loaf out of the freezer the night before and it’s thawed perfectly by morning!

  2. We’ve been shopping there for like a year, can’t tell ya how much we’ve saved but it’s NUTS. Our store in Yakima has B1G1 on like Thomas English muffins (costco pack) or Sandwich Thins etc. Pretty much awesome. And at our store if you buy between 9-10 and 5-6 each day you get a free loaf of bread. Score!!!

  3. I love our outlet, the Franz outlet has some kind of a punch card that you can end up getting a loaf for free when you buy a certain amount. Thanks for the reminder, I never remember to go! P.S. I also buy tortillas there if there hasn’t been a good deal in awhile!

  4. We host at least three backyard pool party BBQs each summer, and I always get the buns at the outlet! You can also get Cyrus O’Leary cream or fruit pies for less than $5 (love the Kahlua Chocolate!). At least you used to, I haven’t checked recently since I’ve been dieting. They are usually picked over by the time I look through the flavors, but you just might find something you like!

  5. I love both our Kennewick outlets! I’ve been going there for years! And as a social worker, I’m always bringing my clients there…. great way to stretch those food dollars. For my daughter’s b-day bbq last summer, I got all the hot dog buns for just a few bucks. 🙂

  6. Melody – the Entemans (sp?) one on Columbia also has a punch card for free items. 🙂

  7. I shop at our Orowheat/Entemans outlet in Lake Oswego, OR. It’s saved me a ton of money. I get the nice Orowheat healthy bread for $1.50 a loaf. Thomas english muffins for .89. Rolls for less than 1.00. We also get Cinnabon cinnamon bread (my son’s favorite) for $1.50 each. It’s over $4.00 at the grocery store. Plus, they have punch cards, so I get free items every few visits.

  8. I have been shopping at our Orowheat outlet for a few years now. Ours (Bremerton) has calenders for a buck and at the bottem of each month there are two coupons. Most are for a free item when you spend $7. These can be used with the stamp cards. Ours also has a double stamp day.

  9. LOVE the orowheat outlet, and last year my girlfriend who showed me the ins and outs of couponing had never heard or been to a bread outlet. I remember being little and my mom would splurge every few months and go to the hostess outlet, we would have frozen twinkies and cupcakes in the freezers for our lunches. I freeze about 4-6 loaves at a time, and try to keep a stock of burger and hot dog buns.

  10. I love going to franz bakery here in central oregon. They usually give free bread depending on how much bread you buy. I allways buy the organic bread that is about to expire, I usually pay $4 for 5 loafs of organic bread and I freeze them when I get home. The bread lasts for months and whenever you want bread you just leave it out or use it to make toast!

  11. One of my favorite grocery trips I ever went on with my mom was the bakery outlet. We went there at least once a month. Now that I am grown with my own family and moved 2 states away from my parents, I assumed there was nothing like that here… being a BIG city and all. LOL. Thanks for letting me know the Tricities have some and now I will definetly be shopping there. Hubby HAS to have the spendy bread for his lunches. LOL

  12. I love the Franz outlet in Walla Walla, also the Grocery Outlet is great.

  13. I ♥ our Franz outlet in Walla Walla.. I get great deals on huge trays of hamburger rolls for 1.00 and freeze them.. i never have to worry about not having buns. I also get bread for school lunches there as well.. I will never buy bread in a grocery store again.. The folks that work at our outlet are so nice and if you ask them to put stuff aside for you they will. (like if you are having a huge party)

    I wish we also had an Entemans outlet here.. I sometimes stop in the one in Pasco when we are in Tri Cities.. love the doughnuts and pizza rounds i can get there!

  14. Our Orowheat also has double punch day and a senior discount day(i think) once a week. It’s posted on the door. I love our 2 bakery outlets here! And when I baby sit I take the little ones there for the really old bread and go feed the ducks. Most of the time they just give it to you.

  15. I love the bread stores. This is the only place I get bread. I can get twice as many sandwhich thins for the same price as costco. Since the bread stores aren’t open on Sunday, they seem to have a better sale on Sat.

  16. Yeppers I sure do! I work just across the street from franz.. Not only do you get FRESH stuff super cheep, but depending on how much you spend they have a whole wall full of free stuff. I may not be exact but it goes something like if you spend 10 bucks you get 1 free 15 you get 2 and so on… This is how I get all my yummy bagles, breads and other things. I get so many good things..

  17. Watch for the bread store calendars. I saw some in the Lake Oswego store this week. They have two coupons a month in them, usually a bogo and something else. Save even more!

  18. Love shopping at my Oroweat store in Albany, Ore. Boy is sure saves me money. Love the sandwich thins. Got a Costco size bag of them for $2.00! Gotta love that:)

  19. I love the Franz outlet in my area. It is a bit of a drive foir me, but when i go to Albies (about once a month for the doubles!) I can stop at the outlet and stock up on breads. I can get the Miltons bread for about $1.20 per loaf, which is a fantastic deal – and the wheat sandwich bread for $1 per loaf. Like the other posters, I pop them in the freezer and we’re good until I can go again!

  20. Has anybody noticed that the prices in the Franz outlet has just about doubled in the past year or so?? Yikes, the .69/.79 area is now $1.39 in Walla Walla! Has it gone up that much in Tri Cities?

  21. Jessica says:

    We love shopping the Franz outlets in the Spokane area!! Every Saturday they have their Super Saturday on the “back wall” where the items that are closer-to-date are discounted. We wait to get our bread deals on Saturday mornings, about once or twice a month. We can usually walk out for $5 or less, closer to $10 if we really have fun. 🙂

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