I bet you didn’t get this gift for Christmas!

Chicken Sweaters

Merry Christmas everyone!

What are all the cool chickens getting this year? Sweaters Oh yeah. That’s right. Sweaters for my chickens.

Most people  would have considered this gift a silly or strange gift. I got this from the happy husband and it really just shows to me how much he really loves me and my country homesteading dreams. He knows that my heart goes to my little farm animals. Plus he loves to make me laugh. And believe me I laughed my butt off. It was hilarous to see these chickens trying to walk around and get used to their sweaters.

You see he asked a really nice lady at his work if she would make some for me a few months ago. Which shows some thought and consideration which is good since for first 10 years of our marriage he would shop on Christmas Eve for a gift for me .  It seems like he has been getting a little bit more thoughtful the past few years. It’s so sweet. I love that man of mine.

These little chicken sweaters are made with little velcro tabs that connect behind their wings and a little hole for their heads to go through.


And I love the little pom poms to add to the Holiday spirit of things.


I am not going to tell you the chickens enjoyed wearing them. They were a bit silly looking that is for sure. They seemed a bit off balance when we first put them on too.


Well, I hope you got what you wanted for Christmas this year.

And I bet you are wishin’ it was chicken sweaters too.



My husband made sure to include one extra chicken sweater so that I could giveaway one to one lucky reader. A gorgeous winter pink heart dress for your chicken! If you would like to be entered to win just leave one comment below on this post.

UPDATE: Winner picked for this sweater using Random.org — Robin won and I will be emailing her soon. If she doesn’t respond I will pick another one in a day. Thanks to all who entered!51 Comments

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  1. I don’t have chickens, so don’t enter me, but that is really sweet.

  2. Jennifer Hall says:

    I have a few chickens. This would look so cute on one. 🙂

  3. Rebecca Pinquoch says:

    My son Loved this! now he wants sweaters for his chickens. I think the colors go nicely with their feathers.

  4. This is amazing! Hope I win!

  5. My friend Natalie would love some chicken couture!

  6. My kids would love this on one of their chickens!

  7. Would love to give this to my Granddaughters for the girls (their chickens)

  8. Rhonda McAllister says:

    All I have to say is this is super fantastic!! First of all for your hubby to think that far ahead……*bows in awe*…..Second, would be to see one of my girls in one of these……just super fantastic all the way around.

  9. Beautiful! One of our hens would look smashing in that sweater! Your pics are sooo cute!

  10. That is so true about the last minute shopping! The first 10 years my husband would scramble to buy me anything for Christmas but this year, he as well, put more effort into it by shopping early.
    I love the chicken sweaters. My sister lives on a farm and I was wanting to get her one.

  11. These are adorable. I would love to try them on my chickens. I have a little in in particular that might actual enjoy this as she is always pushing herself under the others to stay warm lol.

  12. Would love to get a sweater for my future chickens.
    I’ll be moving soon, and chickens will be among my first new pets. They’ll be the talk of the town in their finery! Lol

  13. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE this!! I totally want some for my chickens too!! So incredibly cute 🙂

  14. These are great! My Sister’s ladies would love one, although I suspect that the final outcome might look like your folks! Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. My friend’s partner loves his chickens and I am sure they would get a good giggle if I was to give them a hen sweater:-)

  16. I don’t have chickens just yet but we do plan on getting some in the spring. I would love to win this! And if I don’t can you give us the pattern so we can make them ourselves. This is the cutest!!

  17. Joanne Veech says:

    What fun it must of been to open this gift. First thinking to yourself. what are these? What a sweet husband to be so thoughtful to do this for something you love so much. We need more husband like yours.

  18. Too Adorable: my chickens Lulu, Rupert and Whitey would love one of these 🙂

  19. I think the chicken sweater should go to Tiffany for her little bird that needs to be warm,lol! I have NO chickens, just an old tom cat that might enjoy torturing them. Good Luck to all!

  20. That is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. My Dad has chickens (he calls them “the girls”) and would LOVE that!!

  21. Cute!! we have chickens so I’ll enter!

  22. How precious are those sweaters!! Your hens are so cute!
    We started our spring with 10 sweet chicken babies and are now reduced to two lovely hens (foxes, skunks, and hawks, oh my!!). And these two gorgeous girls (a Rhode Island Red and White Bantam) would look so darling in their own sweaters!!

  23. Sue Farrington says:

    I would love to have a chicken sweater. My cousin who also happens to be my best friends has Chickens and this is right up her alley. She loves her chickens.. Her favorite one, Jemimah, would come in the house to visit. She was so cute..

  24. Too cute! I have diapers for my cochin, she would look super cute with a sweater to match!

  25. fran bloodworth says:

    I had 4 chickens and now only have one, Matilda. She is so funny and brings me much joy. Her best friend is my fox hound, Scout. She has a chicken house but will not sleep in in so she roosts every night on the pole from my garden where I grew pole beans in the summer. I worry about her every night because it has been so cold. I pray for the Lord to send angels to protect her and keep her warm. I think she would really like a new sweater to help ward off the winter chill.

  26. Oh, would it fit a duck? Louise would look so pretty in this, or Flossy. Oh they would be pretty girls!

  27. Soooo cute, my hen would look cute in this, just which one I would have to figure out. Olease enter me, thanks.

  28. These are too cute! My pretty ladies would love to show this off to the roosters!

  29. Please enter me! I have 5 hens and would love to have one…

  30. I just called my husband in to see your pics, and I told him what a nice husband you had for thinking of your chickens at Christmas. He laughed at the photos, but had to admit they looked pretty cute. He then told me that he had given our girls all extra treats on Christmas morning, so I
    guess I have to let him off the hook…..HO HO HO

  31. How sweet Karrie! Now your lucky ladies can stay warm in that cold WA weather! We got a special Christmas present this year as our sweet girls decided to start laying 2 months early! (Easter Eggers are notoriously late layers and we weren’t expecting eggs until February. Imagine our surprise when our son comes in Christmas Eve Eve morning with a freshly laid chicken egg! OH HAPPY DAY!) Since then we have collected 10 eggs- it’s been really exciting!

    Anyway, hope you and yours had an especially Merry Christmas and I loved your post. Proud of that hubby of yours for doing something so thoughtful. Go ahead and enter me in the contest because even though they’ll probably ‘fight’ over it, now that my girls are laying- one of them at least deserves a ‘special gift’!

  32. I’m still trying to figure out how they let you put those on ’em!!!! No chickens over here….just a bichon who got a new elf costume today!!!

  33. I have a friend that calls her chickens “her girls.” She just loves them, and keeps them even if they are molting. If ever there was a person that would put a sweater on a chicken, it would be Lisa. She and her husband have been blessed by a 4 year old daughter they adopted 2 years ago named Hannah, who would absolutely giggle to see this on her chickens.

  34. Jennifer Duncan says:

    That’s so thoughtful of your husband! My husband, believe it or not, also made “sweaters” for some of our hens two years ago when the rooster was plucking out too many feathers from their backs and they were getting sunburns! His solution was sweaters made from old t-shirt sleeves. And, guess what, it worked! 🙂

  35. I am sure Nancy or CeeCee would just love to ear that little number.

  36. Deanna Moseley says:

    Oh, I would love to win a chicken sweater. But not so sure my chickens would like it, but that’s okay. If I win, someone gets to wear it.

  37. We have 5 red chickens on our patch of suburbia. We started raising chickens in 1999, just to be different, and to give our kids some extra responsibilities. Well, the kids are all gone now, but we keep on keepin’ chickens, giving eggs away willy-nilly. But I must say, it has NEVER crossed my mind to dress them up (in clothes that is). My husband says your sweetie has set the gift-giving bar WAY too high now 🙂

  38. Love it! Would love to win too!

  39. I love it!! I have a friend to whom I would love to give this!

  40. One Thoughtful husband + One great Gift Idea = One happy lady!

  41. My chickens would love these! Ok, so maybe I would love my chickens to wear them. But so cute!! Thanks for sharing:)

  42. These our so cute. I showed them to my little brother and he wants one. He just got chickens this year, and wants to show them. (He’s 12).

  43. My inlaws got 4 chickens this year but have already lost one…. 🙁 I’d love to surprise them with this late Christmas gift!

  44. Lori Wilhide says:

    What beautiful chickens you have! The sweaters were very thoughtful and make your ladies even more gorgeous.

  45. Please pick us❗️Frito (lay) would look so smart…the neighbor horses: Blue & Montana would think she’s extra special …which she is~she lays two large green eggs every other day.

  46. My chickens aren’t laying very many eggs right now. Please pick me! If it helps a chicken to lay more eggs, I’ll have to make all my chickens one. I am in the process of learning how to sew. Wish me luck!

  47. Oh my sweet clucks would love a sweater! So cute!

  48. I know I am late for the giveaway..But I was wondering? would you put the pattern on you’re site? It is 5 below 0 tonight, and the wind is just bitter cold…Please I know alot of us would appreciate it..Thank you,Lisa

    • Happy.MoneySaver says:

      I would love to give you the pattern to these amazing chicken sweaters but alas I don’t have it! My wonderful husband had them made for me for my Christmas present! 🙂

  49. Vickie Redmond says:

    I could really use a few of these for some of my older hens. How or where can I get them?

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