Big Eggs, Little Eggs + Chickens are my Therapy


So, we have our first dozen eggs! Lacey, Ginger and Goldie are all laying eggs, and Pepper might be too, but I can’t be sure. I need to go out and watch them a little more this week.  I added in a large white egg so you can see the size in these pictures.


As you can see from this picture we are getting some small eggs, and we are getting some GINORMOUS eggs. Lacey has laid about 4 huge eggs, and they have double yolks in them. So she has some sort of a twin gene in her. Makes me love her even more…(did you know I had twins too? Yesserie…I did.) That first year just about did me in. But I survived… 🙂


Every day when I head out to the coop to gather the one or two fresh eggs given to our family I feel so blessed. I love the Lord and just feel so grateful for his creations. Who would have ever thought that I would be grateful for chickens.? Not me last year..that is for sure. I was afraid of them actually.


But now I love them.  Borderline loony about them actually.

If anyone starts talking about chickens my eyes just light up and I can talk forever about them –  even to strangers.



This is Ginger, my Buff Orpington. She is my favorite chicken. As soon as I come out my back door she comes a runnin’ over to see me. And that makes my heart swoon. And it makes me laugh..seriously, have you not seen a chicken run? It’s like a side to side waddle…I will try to get a video of it sometime. You have to see it…


A few days a week I will go outside early in the morning to work on weeding.

I put Comet the dog inside and let my chickens out to run around the back yard.

I will sit there weeding, singing a hymn and feeling that much closer to God.  The crisp morning air, and the feeling that I am getting work done is amazing. It’s the best therapy and stress reliever I have ever had.

While I am sitting there weeding, my dear chickens will periodically come up and get all up in my face. The stand where I am weeding and want my attention. I think they are curious about what I am doing, and they pick at my garden gloves. Plus they talk at me. And I think they like my singing. It’s really sweet.

Weeding with my chickens.

It’s a little bit of peace in my busy crazy world.

Do you raise chickens? Are you getting eggs too? Are you loony like me when someone starts talkin’ about chickens?20 Comments

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  1. We don’t have chickens (our county doesn’t allow them in residential areas, boo hoo) but we’re looney about them too :).

    Your chickens are absolutely gorgeous! We kinda live vicariously through wonderful folks like you that raise chickens and post those lovely pics. Congrats on the eggs, what a huge blessing. Speaking of huge, those are some whoppers Lacey is laying!

  2. I’m new to your site, but reading about your chickens & weding & all…made me a bit homesick
    for ‘home’ where I grew up & my parents still live. Now I live in the suburbs and don’t
    get that peaceful joy of singing to livestock & talking to them too 🙂 while I’m working.
    May God continue to bless you as you have blessed me.

    • Thanks so much Denise, I am finding a bit of joy in my little suburb but can’t wait until I am in the country on some acres someday. Then I can sing a bit louder..hee hee (less people to hear..)

  3. Lindsi Vining says:

    I have chickens too…five to be exact. I get at least four eggs a day. I too think my chickens are my therapy. My husband works and goes to school so he is not home much during the week. Between my work, the kids sports and walking the dog, I look forward to coming home and checking the nesting boxes (All my chickens lay different colors and size eggs so it’s an egg hunt every day.) and talking to them. Yes, I talk to them. The hubby jokes that I am not a crazy cat lady, I am a crazy chicken lady.

  4. I grew up with chickens, I only had to hit my spoon once on a plate, pant, etc and they’ll come running for the left overs. What I miss the most are the chicks baby chickens are the best, so fluffly and cuddely…… just melts me……we had almost 50 chickens before we moved from the country to the city and apartment living. Since them I have not had chickens but I miss the baby chicks, ducklings and baby turkeys (though they cry none stop !!!) BUT THEY WERE SO FLUFFYYYYY!!! 🙂

  5. I really enjoy reading your post about your beautiful lovely chickens! Didn’t know that they would be people friendly chickens, That’s awesome!! they’re also blessed to have such a wonderful owner!! Congrats on your dozen of eggs!!

    • Thank you so much!

    • Y así de esos hay montones, uno siempre anda con el cinturón puesto y trantando de cumplir las leyes, pa q vengan animales de raza humana a pasearse en la vida de los demás, el trauma q le queda a esos chiquitos no es junonadg… siempre los q se mueren son los inocentes en fin…Pero bueno, alguien sabe quien era el chavalo de la moto???A ese pobre cristiano se le murieron todas las lombrices y algo fijo era q no le tocaba, me gustaría saber quien es, o si tiene alguna entrevista o algo parecido

  6. They are looking for worms & bugs!!! (When they are bugging you in the garden I mean!!! 🙂

  7. I’m crazy for chickens too! We have 6 lovely ladies and they are so entertaining … they have many different songs they sing throughout the day. Their coop is not too far from our bedroom, so I am blessed to hear them sing in their scratchy, old lady voices. I actually wear earplugs if I want to sleep later than sunrise because each morning they make a major ruckus of celebration (or shock … I’m not sure!) after laying an egg.

  8. I want chickens! 🙁 But I live in an apartment and my husband is not into the whole mini farm idea. I want chickens and a couple pigs and maybe a few sheep. I am so inspired by all your posts! I have 4 kids, a 10 yr old girl, a 7 yr old boy and twin 4 month old boys and I am so inspired to cook from scratch and save money by baking making candles and laundry soap and dish soap… its exciting! Thank you for this blog.

    • Thanks Barbi, even though you are in an apartment I know you can do some growing of your own food in pots and stuff on your porch. Go crazy with what you can now and maybe someday you can get what you would like. So glad you like my blog!

  9. I can so relate! We have chickens too (six), and I completely adore them. Yours actually look similar to ours, we have two Buff Orpingtons, two Dark Brahmas, and two Araucanas. Looks like you got Brahmas as well, and is the brown one an Araucana? If so then she’s probably the one laying that blue egg. 🙂

    My husband and I are both “loony” about our chickens too, we talk to them, pet them, sit with them… and they always make us laugh. Chickens are great therapy indeed.

  10. We have 4 adorable chickens. Our daughter talks about the chickens so much that we are known as the “chicken people” at church.

  11. I know what you mean! Chickens running are the cutest thing!

  12. Jennifer Smith says:

    Actually, I found out that you do not need to refrigerate your eggs. Put some mineral oil on them and put them back in the carton and turn it upside down every other day. I have a fireplace and in am trying new things to make fire starters. I will let you know what is best. Especially on wet wood.


  13. I love that I am not the only person crazy about chickens!? I grew up with chickens (my city doesn’t allow residential chickens and land is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive here) and funny that one of my favourite memories is weeding with my chickens! I loved it. (I was a little bit of a geeky teen…) Feeding them worms while I weeding and having them following me around. People don’t know what great pets they make. At three, my brother went everywhere with his chicken under his arm. Love those memories. Thanks for reminding me.

  14. Hi, I notice my chicken eggs whites are runny is this normal? There less then a week old i wash them and put them right in the frig they have been ok not sure what going on. I give them to my friends would hate to make someone sick. As you can see i’m new at this, love my girls.

  15. Jocelyne says:

    Dear Karrie,
    What a joy to read you!!!! Thank you for taking the time to share your joy with your girls. I am a city girl and my husband happens to love the country. We moved to Louisiana into the family’s 40-acres and built us a coop and expanded our bird family last year in memory of our hen (Florien) whom we lost to illness; in April we got two 3-day old pekin ducks (Spring and Summer) and in May fifteen 3-day old chicks (Hunnies). We already had our 2-year old rooster (Licorice) and 2-year old hen (Granma Flow). I fell in love!
    While reading your words and enjoying your photos I had a huge grin! So true “feeling closer to God” when we’re outside together at peace with our animals… Mine, are a team. With one or two leading them of course and my favorite, their bodyguard Licorice, so watchful and good with them. Doesn’t let himself be away from them, and he even herds the ones who step out of the group back into the circle. I watch them and learn: sound and movement…. Never cease to be amazed.
    I hope you get to spend more time with them. :0)

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