Can’t See My Facebook Posts? Here’s (Step By Step) Help!

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Are you having trouble getting my posts to come through your Facebook feed…and have you missed out on some really hot deals because of it?

Well, have no fear, dear readers! 

I’ve got two great solutions for you PLUS a helpful step-by-step tutorial to keep those deals a’ comin’! Are you ready? Let’s get started…

Two Solutions to the Madness


Solution 1 – Interact More on the Page! This is the Golden Rule of Facebook. Remember, social media is about being “social” and per the new Facebook protocols (sounds fancy, doesn’t it?), Facebook only shows those posts from the pages “it” thinks you like most.

How does it determine this? By how often you interact with that page.

When you “like”, share or leave comments on posts from Happy Money Saver, Facebook takes this to mean, “Oh, she/he must REALLY like this” and starts filtering the posts through your feed automatically. The more interaction, the more posts you’ll see.

Solution 2 – “Un-like” and then “re-like” Happy Money Saver. I know it sounds silly, but it works pretty well for a lot of people. Granted, it’s not a foolproof solution (see Solution #1) but it’s a start! 😉

Now for the Step-By-Step Tutorial! This will ensure all the posts come through in an organized fashion…


Step 1: First things first. Make sure you’ve “liked” Happy Money Saver on Facebook

happy money saver Step 2: Once you’ve “liked” the page, click on the “home” button (NOT your profile button!) by clicking the “Facebook” icon in the upper left hand corner:

happy money saver Step 3: From there, scroll down your left sidebar and click the word “Lists”. (I realize this example already shows my personal H$S list but I’m going to walk you through creating a NEW one. Bear with me…)

happy money saver

Step 4: On the new screen, complete the following steps in order –

1) Click “Create List”.

2) Under “List Name” enter “Happy Money Saver”.

3) Click the “Create” button:

happy money saver

Step 5: Next, click the “Add friends” link (it sounds strange, but stay with me 😉 )

happy money saver

Step 6: Then on the next screen in the upper left corner, you’re going to click “Pages” – NOT friends: 

happy money saver

Step 7: Type “Happy Money Saver” into the search box and when it appears, click on it (a blue check mark will appear). Click “Done” when finished:

happy money saver

Step 8: Voila! Now every Happy Money Saver post is organized in a custom list for you to view at your leisure. This list will also be accessible from your left side bar under your “Lists” heading:

happy money saver

Step 9: Last but not least, hover your mouse next to the Happy Money Saver List in your left side bar (a “pencil” will appear), and select “Add to Favorites”.

happy money saver This will ensure that all my posts come through each time – both via your Newsfeed and via the rolling “ticker” on the right hand side. Now you’ll never miss another HOT deal again!

And there you have it! Three awesome solutions to one very annoying Facebook issue! (Now, if only every little bothersome Facebook-quirk was as easy to fix as this…! Hee hee!)

Let me know if you have any further questions or issues. 🙂


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  1. its good to have tutorials like this as some of these type of things are hard to figure out and some people just don’t have the time to learn , thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you Happy Money Saver…I found you again! Woot!

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