FREE Printable Christmas Tags

No need to go out and buy a bunch of holiday tags for your gifts or treats– just print them at home.( This is my Thrifty Tip of the week!) There are so many cute options that many wonderful people have created and shared with everyone for free. Here are a few of my favorite […]

Thrifty Tip: Empty Tubes of Products? Cut them open!

Today’s Thrifty Tip is to cut open those tubes of toothpaste, creams, shampoos and get out every last drop! You would be surprised to see how much product is still inside when you think it’s empty. Look at this tube of kid’s toothpaste — from the outside I tried to squeeze every last bit out […]

Thrifty Tip: Re-use your Plastic Bags!

Today’s Thrifty Tip is to re-use your plastic grocery shopping bags!! First off I will say I like to use my re-usable grocery shopping bags when I remember (remember is the key word there…). But often I forget so I come home with bunches of these plastic grocery bags.  To be thrifty, I often use […]

Thrifty Tip: Build an Inexpensive Dress-Up Kit!

If you have a little girl or boy that loves to play dress up, you may want to head on over to the consignment or second-hand stores right now and take advantage of all the Halloween costumes they have on the racks.  You can save so much money and build up quite a nice dress-up trunk […]

Thrifty Tip: 9 Ways to Throw a “Thrifty Birthday Party”

Guest post by Ashleigh. For my daughters 2nd birthday I wanted to do something special, rather than a family birthday. I don’t have a lot of money and she really doesn’t have many friends so I tried to make it as thrifty as I could.  We decided to go with an Elmo theme because she […]

How to Save Money on High Quality Hair Products

Guest Post by Emily. Hey, Emily here. I have been a hairstylist for about 5 years. I have mainly worked at high end salons in the Seattle area and before I had my twins (who are 7 months old) I worked for a private products distributor and sold professional products to stylists and owners.  Those […]

Thrifty Tip: Clean out Lint-Catcher in your Dryer

I have an old clothes dryer. That machine is going 10 years now and seems to be running great! We all hate paying a ton of money to buy new appliances and if we take care of the ones we have it saves a lot of money. One way to extend the life of your […]

Thrifty Tip: Make Your Own Microwave Popcorn

No more smelly processed popcorn for me! You can make your very own homemade microwave popcorn that tastes better, is very healthy + natural, and will save you money. Doing the math, microwave popcorn on average costs around $1.89 for a 3-pack (which breaks down to $3.53 per lb.). On sale I have seen it […]

Thrifty Tip Tuesday: Comic Wrapping Paper!

Aren’t these presents so cute??  Save yourself some money by saving all your Sunday newspaper comic’s and using them for wrapping presents later. They are especially cute at birthday parties for kids. Just add some accessories like bows + ribbon and you have yourself a fun wrapped present. You could add ribbon, raffia, buttons, flowers, […]

Thrifty Tip Tuesday: Print on Scratch Paper

Today’s Thrifty Tip is to print your printable coupons on scratch paper!  I have been known to take my kids old  homework paper (if its blank on the back) or other random papers and just stick those in my printer to print off my coupons.  Yes, sometimes I may hand the cashier a pink printable, […]

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