Amazon Christmas Deals Bargain List (Toys, Stocking Stuffers, DVD’s and more!)

Massive List of amazing Amazon Christmas Toys, Gifts and Stocking Stuffers. This post is updated every few days as happymoneysaver is looking for new hot deals. Christmas gifts for less here!

I want this Christmas to be your best one yet, in every sense of the word! So, us gals at Happy Money Saver are going to be working round the clock to bring you the best deals Amazon has to offer for all of your Christmas gifting needs for everyone on your list, from your kids to the dog to your favorite coworker. This page will be updated every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday so be sure to check back regularly for great deals and price drops all through November and December.


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(This big list was updated on 12/20/16)


 Toys under $5.00

ZURU Cake Splat $3.99 (was $11.99) *Add-on item

Num Noms Series 2- Scented 8-Pack – Diner $3.99 (was $19.99)

Ever After High Dragon Games Featherly Doll $3.85 (was $11.99) *Add-on item


Num Noms Series 2- Scented 4-Pack – Fun Fair Pack $2.49 (was $9.99)

Num Noms Series 2 – Scented 4-Pack – Freezie Pops $4.99 (was $9.99)


Playskool Heroes Galactic Heroes Star Wars Resistance Rey & Captain Phasma $4.30 (was $8.99) *Add-on item

My Little Pony Guardians of Harmony Pinkie Pie Figure $3.97 (Was $9.99) *Add-on item

Crayola 24 Count Sidewalk Chalk $2.69 (was $5.49) *Add-on item


Barbie Heart Hands Nikki Doll $4.51 (Was $14.99) *Add-on item

Disney Frozen Floor Puzzle, 46 Pieces $4.16 (Was $13.99) *Add-on item


Betty Spaghetti S1 W1 Single Pack Skater/Diner $3.89 (was $14.99) *Add-on item

Mega Bloks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collectors 1987 Classic Leonardo Figure $4.78 (was $9.99) *Add-on item

Marvel Avengers Hats/Masks, 8 Count $2.99 (was $6.99) *Add-on item

Crayola Thread Wrapper $7.90 (was $24.99) *Add-on item

Monster High Vinyl Collection Ghoulia Yelps Figure $3.84 (Was $11.99) *Add-on item


Playskool Heroes Galactic  Star Wars Resistance Finn & First Order Storm Trooper $3.39 (Was $8.99) *Add-on item

Mega Bloks Minions Flying Hot Dogs $4.23 (was $11.99) *Add-on item

Crayola Disney Pixar Coloring and Activity Book with Markers $4.98 ($9.26 at Walmart) *Add-on item


Barbie Fashionistas Doll 20 Fancy Flowers – Original $3.97 (Was $11.99) *Add-on item

Funko Pop Games Minion Paradise Phil Action Figure $4.18 (Was $10.99) *Add-on item

Monster High Frankie Stein Doll $6.99 (was $11.99) *Add-on item

My Little Pony Guardians of Harmony Rainbow Dash Figure $4.90 (was $11.99) *Add-on item

Ever After High Dragon Games Harelow Doll $3.86 (was $11.99) *Add-on item


Qixels S3 Metallic Design Creator $4.52 (was $17.99)

Apples to Apples Mod Card Game $4.99 (was $11.99) *Add-on item

Educational Insights – Cyclone the Pteranodon Helicopter $3.41 (Was $16.99)


My Little Pony Guardians of Harmony Shadowbolts Pony and Cockatrice Figures $4.52 (Was $9.99) *Add-on item

Educational Insights – Turbo the Triceratops Police SUV Toy $3.66 (was $16.99) *Add-on item

Monster High Vinyl Twyla Figure $3.77 (was $11.99) *Add-on item


WWE Basic John Cena Figure $4.66 (Was $10.99) *Add-on item

Animal Jam King Koala Plush $2.31 (was $8.99) *Add-on item

Paw Patrol Spy Chase and Penguins Rescue Set $4.03 (Was $11.99) *Add-on item


Mega Bloks Peter Police Car Building Set $3.78 (Was $9.99) *Add-on item

Monster High Vinyl Spectra Figure $3.50 (Was $11.99) *Add-on item

Playmation Marvel Avengers Iron Man Hero Smart Figure $4.99 (was $14.99) *Add-on item


Monster High Vinyl Abbey Figure $2.70 (was $11.99) *Add-on item

Disney Descendants Villain Genie Chic FreDisney Descendants IE Doll  $4.30 (Was $21.99) *Add-on item

Teen Titans Go 2.75″ Robin with Desk $2.96 (Was $10.99) *Add-on item


Play-Doh My Little Pony Cutie Mark Creators $3.78 (Was $9.99) *Add-on item

Littlest Pet Shop Alia Lagarto & Dabble Von Quack $3.95 (Was $9.99) *Add-on item


Paw Patrol Air Rescue, 8″ Plush Pup Pals, Rubble $4.22 (Was $9.99) *Add-on item

Star Wars Super Hero Mashers Rebels Garazeb Orrelios $5.22 (was $15.99) *Add-on item

Activity Pack Ice Cream Time $3.94 (Was $14.99) *Add-on item

Generic 6 Pcs New Soft Family Member Finger Puppets $$3.72




White Mountain Puzzles Garden by the Bay – 100 Jigsaw Puzzle $4.45 (Was $17.99) *Add-on item

Mega Bloks Terminator: Genisys T-1000 Pack $3.25 (Was $8.99) *Add-on item

Poppit Season 1 Starter Kit-Mini Cupcakes $3.89 (Was $14.99) *Add-on item

Fisher-Price Little People Orca Whale and Orangutan $2.28 (Was $7.99) *Add-on item

Toys $5.00 – $10.00

Taboo Board Game $8.84 (was $16.99) *Add-on item


Shopkins Fashion Pack Slumber Fun Collection $6.48 (was $14.99) *Add-on item

First Act Disney Dory Mini Guitar Ukulele $10.00 (was $24.99)

Squinkies ‘Do Drops Mystery Villas Bundle 6-Pack -Season 1 $3.19 (was $17.95)


Littlest Pet Shop LPS Shuttle $7.40 (Was $14.99) *Add-on item

Num Noms Series 2- Scented 8-Pack -Freezie Pops Family $9.99 (was $19.99)

Ever After High Nina Thumbell Doll $6.00 (Was $19.99)

Shopkins Style Me Wardrobe Fashion Playset $8.77 (was $17.99)

DC Super Hero Girls Super Girl Slingshot $5.98 (was $14.99)


Shopkins Fashion Gym Fashion Collection $5.72 (was $14.99) *Add-on item

Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone $5.99 (Was $16.99)


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy’s Remote $6.00 (Was $11.99) *Add-on item

Mega Bloks Monster High Advent Calendar $8.99 (Was $29.99)

Littlest Pet Shop Pawristas Cafe $7.50 (was $19.99)


Disney Tsum Tsum Lights & Sounds Daisy Plush $5.47 (Was $12.99) *Add-on item

Mega Bloks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Rocksteady Moto Attack Playset $3.59 (was $14.99)

Ever After High Melody Piper Doll $7.57 (Was $19.99)


Mega Bloks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Name Builder Set $8.20 (Was $19.99)

Disney Princess Rapunzel’s Magical Story Skirt $7.20 (was $15.98)

Magic the Gathering: Arena of the Planeswalker Battle for Zendikar  Expansion Pack $4.00 (was $19.99)

AquaBeads Disney Frozen Character Playset $4.50 (Was $14.99)


Monster High First Day of School Ari Huntington Doll $7.10 (was $14.99) *Add-on item

The Uggly’s Pet Shop Toy Figure 8 Pack $5.47 (was $10.99)

View Master Experience Pack Space $6.95 (was $14.99)

Disney Princess Layer N’ Style Cinderella $6.78 (was $19.99) *Add-on item


Barbie Mix N’ Color Barbie Doll Blonde $8.99 (was $19.99)

Mattel 6-Inch DC Super Hero Girls Action Figure $4.96 (was $11.99) *Add-on item

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Ariel’s Floating Dream Boat $5.22 (Was $12.99) *Add-on item


The Grossery Gang Mushy Slushie Collector’s Cup $7.50 (Was $14.99)

My Little Pony Guardians of Harmony Cheese Sandwich Pony with Party Tank $6.00 (Was $19.99)

Barbie Galactic Adventure Prince Doll $5.82 (was $12.99) *Add-on item


Maya Toys Orbeez – Crush & Draw Playset $8.64 (Was $29.99)

Little Buddy Toys Nintendo Official Super Mario Plush, 8″ $9.97 (was $16.99)

Monster High Dance the Fright Away Transforming Frankie Stein Doll $7.45 (Was $19.99)


Play-doh Royal Palace Featuring Disney Princess $9.78 (Was $19.99)

Disney Princess Spin & Swim Ariel $8.03 (was $19.99)

Barbie Fashionistas Doll 29 Terrific Teal – Tall $6.39 (Was $11.99)

Disney Frozen Fever Birthday Party Small Doll Set $8.94 (was $25.99)


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Pinkie Pie Row & Ride Swan Boat Set $6.30 (Was $19.99)

Pop Out Pets Ocean, Reversible Plush Toy $6.96 (was $19.99)


Disney Sofia the First, Vivian, and Animal Friends Gift Set $7.48 (Was $14.99)

Twozies Too Sweet Row Boat $3.60 (Was $17.99)

Happy Places Shopkins Decorator Pack Bathing Bunnies $3.90 (was $12.99) *Add-on item


My Little Pony Equestria Girls Mini Pinkie Pie Slumber Party Bedroom Set $4.40 (was $21.99)

24 Jungle Zoo Safari Stampers $6.50 (Was $13.99) *Add-on item


Disney Princess Little Kingdom Belle’s Enchanted Dining Room Set $5.84 (Was $12.50)  *Add-on item

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Pinkie Pie Donut Shop Playset $7.39 (Was $14.99) *Add-on item

Happy Places Shopkins Decorator Pack Dreamy Bar $3.90 (was $12.99)


Disney Princess Cinderella’s Horse Major $7.31 (Was $9.99) *Add-on item

Disney Princess Long Locks Aurora $7.76 (was $17.99)

Toys $10 – $30

KidKraft 27 pcs Cookware Playset – Pastel $11.39 (Was $21.90)

ZOOB Builderz 125 Piece Kit $21.49 (was $42.50)


Disney Elena of Avalor and Skylar 2-Pack $16.56 (Was $34.99)

Little Tikes Tumble Train $10.99 (Was $24.99)

ALEX Toys Little Hands My Giant Busy Box $23.85 (was $44.50)

Fisher-Price Imaginext Blackbeard’s Lair  $16.99 (Was $29.99)


LEGO City Fairy $17.99 (Was $29.99)

Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit $15.99 (Was $29.99)

Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll $18.27 (was $62.84)


Lalaloopsy Magic Play Kitchen and Cafe $19.33 (Was $16.99)

IDO3D Vertical Five Pen Art Set with 3D Vertical Light $14.99 (Was $29.99)

Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit $13.25 (Was $23.99)


Ever After High Epic Winter Daring Charming and Rosabella Beauty Dolls 2-Pack $14.84 (Was $29.99)

ALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing Kit $20.16 (was $35.00)

Project Mc2 Experiments with Dolls – Devon’s Puffy Paint $12.49 (Was $24.99)


Little Charmers – Charmhouse Playset  $11.79 (Was $34.99)

Mega Bloks Halo Dual Mode UNSC Warthog $14.55 (Was $29.99)

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set $15.99 (was $29.99)


LEGO Harry Potter Collection – PlayStation 4 $19.99 (Was $49.99)

Mega Bloks Minions Movie Advent Calendar $16.10 (Was $29.99)

My Little Pony Baby Flurry Heart Pony Figure $21.69 (Was $39.99)


Disney Princess Ariel’s Royal Ribbon Salon $12.20 (Was $29.99)

ALEX Toys DIY Wear So Many Headbands $15.79 (was $29.50)

Mega Bloks Minions Supervillain Jet $12.78 (was $44.99)

Melissa & Doug Pretty Purse Fill & Spill Soft Play Set $12.49 (was $24.99)


My Little Pony Equestria Girls Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle 2-Pack $16.45 (Was $32.99)

My Little Pony Equestria Girls MiniCanterlot High Dance Playset with Twilight Sparkle Doll $10.58 (Was $29.99)

Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy, Blue/White $15.97 (was $24.99)

Project Mc2 Experiments with Doll’s- Adrienne’s Bath Fizz $15.11 (was $24.99)


Fashion Plates Super Star Deluxe Kit $15.31 (Was $29.99)

Ever After High Farrah Goodfairy Doll $9.95 (Was $19.99)

K’Nex Revolution Ferris Wheel Building Set -344 Pieces $16.25 (was $34.99)


VTech DigiArt Creative Easel $26.95 (Was $54.99)

Crayola  Melt N’ Mold Factory $14.94 (Was $49.99)

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Ultimate Easel Accessories $22.49 (was $43.50)


Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Dora and Friends Train and Play Dora and Perrito $23.45 (was $39.99)

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Singing Twilight Sparkle Doll $13.59 (Was $26.99)

Learning Resources New Sprouts 10 Piece Camp Out Play Set $14.79 (was $24.99)

Newisland Big League Blaster Gun with Foam Darts and Dartboard $15.98 (was $22.99)


Fisher-Price Bob the Builder Mash & Mold Construction Site $16.99 (Was $29.99)

ALEX Toys DIY Wear So Many Headbands $15.79 (was $29.50)

Disney Descendants Two-Pack Mal Isle of the Lost and Ben Auradon Prep Dolls $16.99 (Was $29.99)


Disney Princess Whisker Haven Tales with The Palace Pets Giftset (9 Pack) $7.97 (was $19.99)

Sheriff of Nottingham $22.99 (Was $34.99) *$36.86 at Walmart

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Fantastic Spinner $14.42 (Was $30.00)


Mooshka Sing Around the Rosie – Lera $14.29 (Was $26.99)

Barbie Spin Art Designer with Blonde Doll $16.99 (Was $29.99)


Betty Spaghetty S1 Deluxe Mix N Match Pack $12.99 (was $32.99)

Mega Bloks American Girl Isabelle’s Ballet Recital Construction Set $26.14 (Was $39.99)

Barbie in Rock ‘N Royals Singing Courtney Doll $14.99 (was $24.99)

Matchbox Elite Rescue Squid Marine Boat $22.35 (was $39.99)


Mega Bloks Halo Phaeton Gunship $16.99 (Was $44.99)

Magic The Gathering: Arena of the Planeswalkers Game $17.89 (was $39.99)

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Draw Like A Pro $21.91 (was $53.00)

Crayola Melt N’ Mold Factory $14.94 (was $49.99)


Disney Princess Rapunzel’s Royal Ribbon Salon $12.16 (Was $29.99)

Barbie Collector 2014 Holiday Doll $16.09 (was $39.99)

Barbie Star Light Adventure Lights & Sounds Hoverboarder $13.94 (Was $24.99)


ALEX Toys Craft Groovy Scrapbook $11.99 (was $22.50)

Disney Princess Cinderella’s Stamp n’ Design Studio $15.38 (was $29.99)

Ideal Spectacular 100 Trick Magic Show $19.97 (was $30.99)


Bratz Create it Yourself Fashion Playset with Doll $17.79 (Was $44.00)

Monster High Frightfully Tall Ghouls Draculaura Doll $11.30 (Was $29.99)

My Little Pony Guardians of Harmony Spike the Dragon $20.86 (Was $39.99)

Toy Deals $30-$100

Air Hogs, Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise, Remote Control Drone $54.59 (Was $129.99)

Disney Princess Royal 2-Sided Kitchen & Cafe $34.89 (was 79.99)


Calico Critters Seaside Restaurant Play Set $34.99 (was $69.95)

4-In-1 Stroll ‘N Trike $62.99 (was 109.99)

Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa’s Magical Rising Castle $47.19 (Was $79.99)


Georgie -Interactive Plush Electronic Puppy $79.99 (was $129.99)

Melissa & Doug Wooden Table and 2 Chairs Set $67.24 (was $129.99)

Zoomer Dino, Jester Interactive Dinosaur $47.75 (was $99.99)


Little Tikes Light n’ Go – Activity Garden Treehouse $48.99 (Was $89.99)

Lil’ Rider Harley Style Wild Child Motorcycle – Black $86.69  (was $149.99)

Lionel Mega Tracks – Corkscrew Chaos Red Engine $49.99 (was $99.99)


Mega Bloks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer Hideout Construction Set $35.00 (Was $69.99)

Alex Toys Artist Studio Draw Like a Pro $21.91 (was $53.00)

c-1 SGR by Schecter Beginner Electric Guitar $99.99 (was $199.99)


LEGO Friends Pop Star Limo Set $30.89 (was $69.99)

Razor Black Label R-Tec Kick Scooter $67.02 (was $119.99)

Madame Alexander Steam Punk Glinda Doll $71.58 (was 214.99)

WOW Flip N’ Tip Fred – Town (6 Piece Set) $49.99 (was $59.99)

Teamson Kids – Fancy Castle Wooden Doll House $93.99 (Was $199.99)


LEGO Star Wars Battle on Takodana $39.73 (Was $59.99)

Little Live Pets S3 CleverKeet $30.65 (was $59.99)


Schwinn Boys’ 12-Inch Grit Bike, Orange $68.00 (Was $96.04)

GoldieBlox and the Builder’s Survival Kit $32.90 (Was $59.99)

Thames and Kosmos Wind Power 2.0 $28.99 (was $49.95)


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railways Steamworks  Lift and Repair Train Set $33.42 (was $54.99)




The Man From Snowy River $3.99 (Was $4.99)

Family Favorite Treasures 3-Movie Collection -The Cat in the Hat, Beethoven, Babe $4.99

The Flight Before Christmas $4.88 (Was $5.99)


Mom’s Night Out $5.00 (Was $8.57)

The Secret of NIMH $3.99 (Was $9.98)

Charlotte’s Web $4.99 (Was $12.97)

Sing-Along Songs – You Can Fly! $4.99 (was $6.25)


That Darn Cat $4.99

An American Tail 2-Movie Fun Pack $4.99

Curious George $5.00 (was $14.98)

The Reef $3.74 (was $5.00)


Ferngully – The Last Rainforest $3.99 (Was $5.09)

The Chronicles of Narnia $3.99 (was $5.00)

Crown for Christmas $5.31 (Was $9.95)

The Happy Elf $5.00 (Was $5.84)


The Garbage Pail Kids Movie $3.99 (was $14.99)

Because of Winn-Dixie $3.99 (Was $6.59)

Tom & Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale $4.98 (was $6.99)

Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas $5.00 (Was $6.99)


Ramona & Beezus $3.99 (Was $6.88)

Ender’s Game $5.00 (was $14.98)

The Black Stallion $3.99 (was $9.98)

Wild Kratts: A Creature Christmas $3.99 (was $6.99)


Jack Frost $5.00 (Was $8.40)

The Christmas Pageant $3.99 (Was $6.95)

Disney’s Little Einstein’s – Team up for Adventure $4.99 (was $6.25)

Fred Claus  $4.99 (was $14.96)


One Christmas $4.55 (Was $6.95)

Love Begins $3.99 (Was $5.99)

Maya The Bee Movie $4.74 (Was $6.95)

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit $4.99 (was $9.35)


Flubber $5.00 (Was $14.99)

Eragon $3.99 (Was $8.00)

Christmas Detour $5.24 (Was $9.95)

Merry Madagascar $3.99 (Was $7.99)


The Game Plan $4.99

Kung Fu Panda Holiday $3.74 (Was $7.92)

The Princess Bride $3.99 (Was $7.50)

Tom & Jerry’s Greatest Chases $4.00 (was $9.97)


Dolphin Tale $4.00 (Was $5.97)

Shrek the Third $4.98

Adventures in Zambezia $3.74 (was $9.99)


Rio 2 Blu-Ray $4.99 (Was $14.99)

Thomas & Friends: The Christmas Engines $3.99 (was $9.09)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs $4.99 (was $9.99)


Strawberry Shortcake Glimmerberry Ball Movie $3.99 (Was $5.04)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix $4.60

Animal Friends 8-Movie Collection $3.99 (was $5.00)


Fairfield Road $5.00 (Was $14.93)

Tom & Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale $4.98 (was $6.99)

Rugrats the Movie $3.74 (was $4.99)


Love’s Everlasting Courage $3.99 (Was $5.99)

The Lorax $5.00 (was $14.98)

The Night Before Christmas $4.83 (was $6.95)


Roald Dahl’s The BFG $3.99 (was $9.99)

A Snow Globe Christmas $5.00 (was $14.93)

Arthur Christmas $3.99 (was $8.79)


Barney & Friends: Very Merry Christmas $5.00 (was $8.99)

Frosty’s Winter Wonderland: Deluxe Edition $5.00 (was $12.11)


Thomas & Friends: Santa’s Little Engine $5.00 (was $9.24)

Angry Birds Toons, Season 1, Vol. 1 $5.00 (was $7.50)

Jack Frost / National  Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure $5.00 (was $12.97)


Hugo/ Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory on Blu-Ray $5.00 (Was $9.98)

Daddy Day Care $5.00 (was $7.99)

Love’s Abiding Joy $3.99 (was $5.99)


Strawberry Shortcake: Jammin’ With Cherry Jam $3.99 (Was $6.59)

The Smurfs Christmas Carol $4.50 (was $6.99)


Love’s Christmas Journey $5.00 (Was $6.98)

Lost in the Barrens $4.25 (was $6.99)

Inkheart & The Golden Compass $4.75 (Was $6.99)

Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses $5.09 (was $9.99)



Stanley Pocket Knife with Rotating Blade $2.99 (was $6.58) *Add-on item

Gerber Shard Keychain Tool $4.33 (Was $7.16

Stanley 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver $2.99 (was $4.96)


USB Micro Phone Fan for Android of iPhone $4.99 (was $7.99)

My Little Pony Red Applique Stocking, 19-Inch $7.93 (Was $19.20)

Black Seamless Skull Face Tube Mask (Pack of 2) $5.99 (was $20.99)


Hand Held Scalp Head Massager -Pack of 2 $1.92

Simonaggion 2 Piece Toddlers Fun Animal Flatware Set, Pig $3.99 (was $14.99) *Add-on item

PUT ME DOWN Decal Toilet Bathroom Seat Vinyl Sticker $1.79 (was $5.95)


Emoji Poo Shape Pillow $3.72 + $1.00 shipping

Columbia River Knife & Tools Eat N Tool, Black $3.88 (Was $5.88)

Nite Ize S-Biner Plastic Size-2 Double-Gated Carabiner, Transparent Orange $.98 (was $2.00)


Small Survival Tool 2-Pack, Silver $1.75 *Free Shipping

A Christmas Carol Book $2.32

Stack-On 10 Compartment Storage Organizer with Removable Dividers, Red $2.48 (Was $7.77 ) *add-on item


Stalwart Realistic Rock Outdoor Key Holder $5.15 (Was $14.99)

Repel 100 Insect Repellent, 1 oz Pump Spray, 1 Bottle $4.19 (was $6.96)

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm, Cherry Me $2.56 (was $2.68) *Add-on item


Bundle Monster Wall Deco DIY Paper Photo Frame with Clothespins and Stickers $3.45(was $6.15)

SABRE 3-in-1 Pepper Spray $6.68 (was $11.99)

e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleaner $2.25 (was $6.00)


Duck Brand Printed Duct Tape, Realtree Camoflage $3.79 (was $5.30) *Add-on item

All-Weather 2-in-1 Fire Starter & Magnesium Fuel Bar $3.96 (was $6.99) *Add-on item


Note: Amazon prices to change fast, so if you want something at the lowest price buy it fast. I don’t like pressuring you..but  I have missed out on a deal or two by waiting too long. Literally Amazon prices can change within a few minutes.

The majority of all these Amazon deals will give you FREE SHIPPING when you spend $35 or more (it’s called Super Saver shipping and takes 5-7 days to get to you.)  But you can also try out Amazon Prime for FREE for 30 days (perfect for this holiday season…) which will give you FREE 2 Day shipping on all Amazon Prime items.  As an Amazon Prime member I get free 2 day shipping on the majority of the items on Amazon as well as free instant videos, movies and ebooks. It’s just $99/year to be a member, which is only around $8.25 each month to have all these freebies and 2 day shipping. Click here to try it out for FREE for 30 days.

*Disclaimer – This post contains affiliate links.

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