Giveaway: Organizers from Staples!{Giveaway Over}


Staples is  generously giving 3 readers some cool ways to keep organized!!

2 winners will win a
Day Runner Organizer/Planner

 One Winner will win a
Go Mom! Home Organizer









The Express Slim Profile Genuine Leather Day Runner Organizers are so cool. The outside is so sleek and professional. I personally love that RED one..but yeah, I do like red if you havent noticed. Inside you will find a weekly & monthly calendar, an address book and a notepad. It closes with a little magnetic snap! The retail value is $39!

The Go Mom! Home Organizers are sooo cute! You can place all your emergency documents and phone numbers on one page. Another page has a place where you can enter all your fav take out restaurants are. You can tear out a recipe in a magazine and toss it in the folder section of the Meal Minder. You can store your appliance instruction booklets in here as well as write in all the important serial numbers on that page as well. Plus much much more!! It has basically a place for everything. I sooo need one of these.

Thanks so much Staples for giving these awesome prizes away!!!

To Enter this Giveaway share in a comment below how you organize your food or toiletries. Are you the type that just shoves it all in a cupboard when you get home because shopping was exhausing, or do you get home and place everything carefully in its proper place, rotating as necessary. If you buy in bulk where do you store the masses or your items?  

Example: I have my pantry pretty well organized into sections. So when I get home its pretty easy to find the right place for it. However I do buy stuff in bulk. I have taken over the guest room closet in my house and filled it full of food! My garage holds any toilet paper that doesnt fit under my sink . For all my toiletries I store them like this here.  

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  1. Teresa Stracener says:

    Signed up for email updates!!!

  2. Teresa Stracener says:

    I am an organizing maniac!! I have everything under all sinks organized by category, as well as in my pantry. I like to buy in bulk, but at the moment we are living with my parents, and that is not a real possibility.

  3. I converted a coat closet into a pantry. I have shelves in a “u” shape around the inside. I also purchased shelves that are hung on the back of the door for extra storage and have wire baskets that are slid underneath teh sehelves for the kids lunch items. All the bathroom products are stored in the linen closet and what doen’t fit in there is stored in the garage. I don’t usually buy in bulk (unless it non perishable products)because our family is small and not being able to use all of something means it usually goes to waste.

  4. I have a very large laundry room and have added shelves for my jars, cans and boxed items. I have also added large tupperware rolling drawers for my craft items and other misc things. I have shelves in the garage for my toilitry and paper products and tupperware drawers in my bathroom for pathroom items (soap, deoderant, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc…)Staying organized is the only way I roll.

  5. I store extra food/cereals in my garage cupboards – toilet paper under all 3 sinks, and toiletries (extras) in a hanging rack in my closet. I REALLY want to organize my pantry and completely re-do it – I want to take everything out and start over but it’s going to be time-consuming. It’s pretty narrow, but deep, so there doesn’t seem to be an obvious answer to finding things easier…something is always buried!! I need to buy more storage containers and label, label, label! I got a couple plastic baskets so far for oatmeal packets – from last sale – and another one for granola bars!! Can’t wait to stock up again!!

  6. I am lucky to finally have a huge walk-in pantry, and I put my groceries away right away when I get home. Everything is arranged by categories. I am new to stockpiling, so I haven’t had to worry about enough room for everything I buy yet. 🙁

  7. Lorraine Murphy says:

    Signed up for your emails and became a fan on facebook.

    My stockpile is beginning to take over the garage. I like to have things neatly organized and have just asked my husband to build me a pantry in a spare closet that we have. I keep all toiletries in the linen cupboard in bins.

  8. You could say I am somewhat of an organized freak. :0 When I get home from shopping I write down everything I bought and put it in my computer ( I have an inventory list-that way I know how much I have of everything) then I go and put it away. Of course everything gets rotated and is put in their place.

  9. I organized by category and all the can MUST be facing forward. TIP: the dollar store has great rubber coated wired shelves that fit over can take take advantage of vertical height! YAY!

  10. ALREADY Subscribed…extra entry! WOOHOO!

  11. Renee Dahlgren says:

    I love to organize and when I come home from the store I make sure the cupboards are really organized. Then, my dear husband “can’t find” something (mostly because he doesn’t look very hard) and he tears everything apart. It’s a vicious cycle we go through.

  12. I am sigend up for email.

  13. I am very organized. I take the time to put my items away where they belong. I have a big pantry so I don’t really need any other place to put anything.

  14. We have been blessed with 2 rather large pantries. The first is right off our kitchen and the second is downstairs, meant for a cold storage. It took us a while to get it well organized, but we finally have a good system. For the bulk items I use old yogurt, sour cream, peanut butter, pickle or margarine tubs/jars. I’m too cheap to buy new tubs (even though they may look nice). Plus, I’m recycling. I place a nice label or write right on the container identifying the new stuff inside. I even do this for the spices I buy in bulk. I do buy larger containers (only on sale) for hard wheat and beans. That way I can get to them easier, but they are covered so mice don’t get into them. For toiletries, I usually open the bag and devote one of the lower drawyers in our vanity to just toilet paper. That way they are handy to get to.

  15. I think my pantry is pretty organized. . . my husband disagrees. I think the issue is that I know exactly where everything is because I put it all away. Maybe he needs to start helping me!
    .-= kacey hamilton´s last blog ..Birthday Party #2 =-.

  16. I have a big pantry in my kitchen, it’s just a matter of keeping it organized. I like buying in bulk when I can, especially the things my family goes through quickly. I like knowing I never have to be without something.

  17. Our pantry is sort of organized, not really we usually just randomly place it somewhere and then we later forget where we put it. lol!

  18. I signed up for e-mail.

  19. I have my 9 year old organize my groceries for me. I will usually put away all the cold stuff and she takes pride in organizing the pantry. She does an amazing job and it becoming more and more difficult as I subscribe to this idea of stock piling when the sale is on. Praise God for this “difficulty”. We are surely blessed.

  20. I have you added on facebook too!

  21. The honest truth is I am a pretty good shopper. I am not so great with organizing. All my stuff gets put away but my kids like to help by reorganizing things in with a code I have yet to crack. So the cans are generally a search and rescue mission. The other cupboards are organized by type of food for my easy reach. My bathroom is organized…cause the children do not enter :). The childrens bathroom is stocked with bare minimum of stuff…cause kids get into things. It works, however I could do better I know.

  22. I have a closet pantry near my kitchen and I got a metal rack from Costco and have that in there so my dry goods, canned items and cereal are in that closet and I rotate items as I bring them home. I’ve had to throw out a few items because of not rotating and that has motivated me to just quickly do it when I bring home a new batch of something (cereal, etc).

  23. I have a pantry and several cabinets in the laundry room and for those items that I want to limit my boys from I store in my closet. So far I have plenty of room I have only been using coupons for a month. Thanks to your class, I cant believe I didn’t do this sooner. Thanks

  24. I am adding you to my facebook.

  25. Already signed up for your emails.

  26. My kitchen pantry makes it easy to stay organized. Like items together, everything facing forward with room in the back to put newly purchased items. And my kids still have a hard time finding things! But I know exactly where everything is.

    ps that red organizer has my name on it.

  27. I HAVE to organize or it drives me nuts! I have boxes, cans, and jars lined up on shelves. Toiletries are lines or stacked in the bathroom cupboards!

  28. Wow! I love the idea of having an inventory of everything you have! My stash really isn’t organized well. I try to put like things together, but then there’s not enough room. I’m having a tough time with organizing so I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s comments!

  29. My linen closet has 2 shelves dedicated to my toiletries. I have bins side by side full of toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and shampoo (shaving stuff also). Out in my garage I have a two door pantry organized by catagory with our extra food and a 4 shelf unit where I store my canned goods, beverages and toilet paper and paper towels. Our house is so small with limited storage space so I have to store a lot out in my garage.

  30. I already subscribed to your email newsletter. 🙂

  31. I have an entire room in my basement that is a storage room for extra food stuff and home canned stuff

  32. Liza Lindsay says:

    The pantry in the kitchen is organized – at least I’m able to find things when I need them but somehow my kids can never find what they are looking for. As for toiletries, I keep them in the laundry room since it’s big enough to store all of that kind of stuff. Plus, I’m new to the buying in bulk so I haven’t ran out of room. My biggest headache to try an organize is the home office!

  33. I’m very OCD so I neatly organize everything in my pantry when I bring it home. I know, I know.

  34. I tend to just throw things in whatever room they go in when I get back from the store, then organize them later. However, with a 17 month old and 27 month old, things dont stay put long!

  35. When I get home from grocery shopping, it is usually pretty late at night, since I like to go when the kids are in bed. I put away the perishibles that night then everything else waits to get put in it’s place in the morning. I have basic sections of the pantry for things, but it is not very organized (i.e. baking stuff, pasta, soup, etc.).

  36. I have your button on my blog’s sidebar.
    .-= Christy Bartlett´s last blog ..Sunbeam Sadness =-.

  37. I am subscribed to your email feed.

  38. I have most of my food storage in the basement due to a very small kitchen. I have all like items next to each other. I need to be better about rotating food. On most toiletries I put dates on them on when I purchased them. That way I can tell how long it is taking me to use them up.

  39. I am a fan on facebook.

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  41. I just became a Fan on Face Book.

  42. I am just getting started with the whole coupon thing. However, it is already paying off. I have fully stocked every shelf in my kitchen, filled my broom closet turned canned good pantry, and have started stacking tp and paper towels in the coat closet in my living room. I also have a shelf in my linen closet upstairs just for toiletries.

  43. I just shove it… though I do have designated shelves for different categories. (cereal, rice/pasta, cans, etc.)
    .-= Katrina´s last blog ..Cloth Diapering =-.

  44. I am a subscriber! =)
    .-= Katrina´s last blog ..Cloth Diapering =-.

  45. I do all of the meal planning, list making, and shopping so when I get home I hand the bags over to my husband and he tackles the organizing of the pantry 🙂 When we buy things in bulk we store them in the laundry room and in random closets..

  46. I currently subscribe

  47. I became a FB fan!

  48. We have great built-in cabinets in our basement. We organize all of our stockpile there with separate cabinets for food, cleaning supplies, paper goods and health/beauty. I love it.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Rite-Aid 101 =-.

  49. My father-in-law built shelves in my under the stairs storage. It is packed with food. I love it. I’m going to have to get creative soon. I need more space!!

  50. I am subscribed to receive e-mail updates.

  51. I pretty much am organized like you.

  52. I get the email

  53. I am so not organized… so my husband is building me a pantry so that I have the space I need to organize it. I think I might even get a label maker when its done!!

  54. I am pretty organized, everything has a general place. But, sometimes things just get thrown around when I’m in a hurry. I could definately stand to be a little bit more organized.

  55. My pantry is kind of organized. Every so often I have to pull everything out and start over. I store my excess in the garage but would love to find another place because last year we had a mouse in there. EWWW YUK!!!! I have the toiletries EVERYWHERE! 🙂
    .-= Misty´s last blog ..Montessori skills in a jar =-.

  56. “Signed up for Email updates”
    .-= Misty´s last blog ..Montessori skills in a jar =-.

  57. I’m a facebook fan!
    .-= Misty´s last blog ..Montessori skills in a jar =-.

  58. I totally suck at organizing, but am getting better. i crack up every time someone stops me in the grocery store to tell me how organized I am by my coupon book 🙂 Because my house is opposite. I have deodorant in every room but I am slowing taking hold of it
    .-= amber bustanoby´s last blog ..Post Money Maker at Albertsons! =-.

  59. I subscribe 🙂 and I love it!
    .-= amber bustanoby´s last blog ..Post Money Maker at Albertsons! =-.

  60. Kristy Needham says:

    I have my pantry organized into sections and put things with their group in the pantry. I store extras on rubbermaid storage shelves in the garage.

  61. I have a large walk-in pantry and it is full!!! I have everything separated: canned foods, soups, pizza items, pasta items, etc….I have lots of space so all my bulk items go on the floor beneath the first shelf! I have lots of drawers for toothpaste and all those fun items!

  62. I first put in on to counter to show my husband only my greatest finds and then I put them away!!

  63. My cupboards are set up by groups. Vegetables in one place, Spaghetti sauce and noodles together, baking needs, and so forth. Even my refrigerator and freezer are organized accordingly. I even have a place to store my bread items, bread box.

  64. I subscribe.

  65. I am a facebook fan/friend.

  66. I have your button on my blog.

  67. I go one step further and organize my groceries when I put them on the conveyor belt, that way as I am unloading them in the house they are organized by where they go in the house and I put them there.

  68. Stacey Ladisa says:

    I have a root cellar where I keep everything! There was shelves when I moved in. Yea me!

  69. We have gorilla racks that I use to orginize my food storage. The tolietries and laundry soaps and such have their own shelf and the shampoos and such I have a rubbermaid organzer

  70. I purchased a small wall cabinet for the bathroom to store toilet paper. As for the kitchen stuff, everything is neatly put in it’s place. Right now I don’t have room to buy more then I need. Once we get the storage room off the kitchen cleaned put, shelves will go in and we will have a appox 8×8 room for a pantry

  71. Maybe another New Year’s resolution? We have very little cupboard space and no pantry, so we’re not able to do bulk as much as I would like. Everything gets put into their respective cupboard as soon as I get home. Cans and pasta in one place, granola and cereal in another, and baking supplies/spices in a third.

  72. Signed up for email updates

  73. Sadie Murphy says:

    I signed up for your email updates. Also, I am pretty much a throw it in the kitchen, but I remember where I put everything.

  74. Whitney Ditmore says:

    I use my pantry like grocery shelves. I rotate my stock and keep most things on hand. I store my oatmeal, packet spices, and little things in bins on the bottom shelf. I keep all my cereal, rice, popcorn and snacks on the top shelf. I keep my toilet paper in the utility room on a shelf with the washing powder and other toiletries. I used to be one of those who just stuffed it all on the shelf but I have noticed I save more money if I take the time to put things away nicely and organize. It is amazing to me how much money you can save by taking time.. whether it be clipping coupons, being organized, eating BEFORE grocery shopping..etc.

  75. Most of my stuff is shoved where ever it will fit! But one of my new Years resolutions is to get organized, however I’ve been putting it off!

  76. I am a total throw it in the cuboard person. We recently got some stacking bins that are small enough for the pantry and they were cheap at walmart. They are perfect for packets and bars.

  77. Traci Bedard says:

    I am pretty organized for the most part – everything has it’s place and the toiletries/items we use the most are within easy reach. The items we tend to use a lot of (toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, shampoo, and soap) are the things I tend to stock up on. Since we don’t have a whole lot of extra room, when something is a really good price, I will get 2-4 of, and while one remains within reach, the extra will go in a bin below the shelves.

  78. I have a closet in my bathroom (that I refer to as my “mini Costco) that has shelves in it. Then on those shelves, I’ve put clear plastic containers that are labeled – face products, lotions, hair products, etc. It’s all organized and looks amazing! It’s something I’m really proud of and all my friends are jealous! Ha!

  79. Myaela Cress says:

    I usually come home and put food away nicely; I’ve got my pantry pretty well organized, but when it starts getting full, it doesn’t always go where it should. I have a pretty small apartment, so whatever food doesn’t fit in my pantry goes in the water heater closet or under my bed. (yay for those bedlifter blocks!)

  80. Myaela Cress says:

    I’m signed up for email updates

  81. Myaela Cress says:

    I’ve got your button on my blog!

  82. I have the steralite containers with drawers in my closet. I organize my toiletries in these.

  83. I subscribe to your daily email.

  84. Fan on facebook now.

  85. My pantry is pretty much like yours. Everyone has a certain place but I am starting to get a littl crowded and need to think of new ideas. I also date every panrty item I but (EX: 1/10 for Jan 2010) then I it is super easy to know what to use first. I also will rotate my stuff as I purchase new things.

  86. I subscribe to your emails.

  87. I organize my pantry in sections, fruit, veggies, pasta, cereal. I put all of the extras in baby’s room closet. She doesn’t need all of the shelves.
    .-= Valerie smith´s last blog ..Ikenswa St. Park =-.

  88. I subscribed to your e-mails!
    .-= Valerie smith´s last blog ..Ikenswa St. Park =-.

  89. I have a “couponing cupboard” where I store all of the toiletries I get couponing. It is nice and organized. The food kind of all goes onto my food storage shelves.

  90. I don’t really organize. I have to store my food in the laundry room since I don’t have a pantry and it just goes wherever it can fit. One of these days I need to organize.

  91. My husband has built me lots of shelves in the garage and extras in the closets. I tried to keep it organized and systematic, the only one that I haven’t figured out yet is a cupboard with mac & cheese, a george forman, and some phone books.

  92. I buy items in bulk, when on sale and when I get home I like to try to organize them somewhat; this is a bit of a challenge as we are currently in a housing transition.

  93. Melissa G says:

    I signed up for your emails!

  94. Melissa G says:

    I already recieve your updates through google reader!

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    I became a fan on facebook!

  96. Emily Daves says:

    I ran out of pantry space – so I recently put one shelve the full length above my garage doors using every stud. It now holds, clear totes of toiletries, extra canned goods, cereal and any and all snacks that I don’t want my kids to have direct access to. Long and narrow -so it works great for a quick inventory glance!
    On a seperate note, when I come across a great deal on multiple items -all of which I don’t necessarily need – the local food bank is a great place for overspill!

  97. I am a Facebook fan

  98. I am pretty organized. My pantry is organized as follows:
    Heavy bulk items, like rice and water sit in containers on the floor.
    First shelf: canned foods
    Second shelf: shoeboxes with dried beans
    Third shelf: boxed foods like potatoes, cookies, chips etc.
    Fourth shelf: cereal which goes up to the ceiling 🙂
    The door has a wire rack with Jello on top, then canned milks.
    canned fruits, spices, oatmeal and sauces.

  99. I subscribe to your email too!

  100. I already subscribe to email.

  101. Okay, I am one of those super organized perfectionists! When we built our house we built in what we call the “Costco Closet.” All of our bulk and backstock goes in there. It’s located between the garage and the kitchen for easy access. My pantry is organized by sections and my spices I keep alphabetized. People think I’m crazy for doing that but I can always find my spaces super quick. We keep a white board on the garage freezer to list what’s in there so we don’t forget about the things we can’t see!

  102. I am signed up for email and I love getting your messages! I already blabbed on about my Costco Closet, so I will tell you that I keep my clothes closet super organized too. I sort everything by type and color. I try to make my kids do this too, but in the back of my mind I keep thinking I am passing on my OCD?!? So after I organize their stuff I let it go until it’s a mess and then I start over again!

  103. Storage is a hard thing here in Vegas where all food must be in the house…and no basements exist. My husband put shelves in the closet under the stairs, and when that overflows I put things at the top of my daughter’s closet. Lately it’s been more the “shove things in because I’m exhausted” due to my pregnancy, but usually I try to organize things by type and even keep a running list of canned goods to keep track of what I really have.

  104. Anna Stoker says:

    I already subscribe, thanks!

  105. Anna Stoker says:

    already have blog button

  106. Anna Stoker says:

    updated fb status already!

  107. Anna Stoker says:

    My stuff in bulk is taking up half of my son’s closet. One entire side of my laundry room (thank goodness it’s big). My bulk stuff invades my own closet. I’m running out of room. I’ve started to stack thing on top of my cupboards in the kitchen, but they are almost full now. I could really use a garage!!!

  108. I put food that doesn’t weigh very much in the pantry, with like things together (cereal is together, boxed dinners are together, etc). I put the extras on the shelf in our garage. I put 1 or 2 of each heavy thing like syrup and canned food in my upper corner cabinet (in my kitchen). And likewise, I put the extras on the shelf in the garage. I have toilet paper in the closet of a spare bedroom, and the other toiletries I have in one of those Sterilite plastic organizers.

  109. I subscribe.

  110. I just became a fan on Facebook.

  111. I’m pretty good about organizing all my “extras” in the garage but once I bring a new box of cereal, can of soup, etc, into the house it seems to all get jumbled up in the pantry so I have to go through that once a month or so.

  112. I updated my fb status

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  114. I am an email subscriber

  115. I usually try to put the older products in front so I can use them up first. I have separate shelves for my vegetables, soups, ect. I put all my breakfast stuff together….cereals, oatmeals, pancake mixes, ect.

  116. I organize my food in an extra under the stairs storage closet.

  117. I am a subscriber.

  118. My food storage isn’t organized at all. It is a mess and needs to be clean. Maybe you can give me some tips??
    .-= Bethany´s last blog ..Happy 6th Birthday Morgan =-.

  119. I consider myself pretty organized, but after reading some of the comments, I’m that organized. I have purchased plastic drawers and wood shelving to keep organized. The shelving in my pantry is spaced kinda high so by adding the wood shelving I extra space for stacking canned goods. I just started using coupons and I enjoy seeing my food storage increase little by little.

    Thanks for your website!

  120. I have all my heavy stuff on the bottom-juices, pop, and sugar(I have alot)
    next shelf has- all the canned veggies and fruits, soups, tomato sauce
    next shelf- boxed food (potatos, pasta, ect)
    next shelf- condiments, and baking stuff
    top shelf- crackers, granola bars, and breakfast stuff(oatmeal, poptarts)
    I alphabetize all my spices
    I have all my cereal stacked in my huge laundry room on top of the cabinets
    I have all my tp & paper towels in the bathroom linen closet on the bottom.
    I even bought a 9 cube organizer with fabric cubes for all my smaller toiletries

  121. I already subscribe

  122. Updated facebook profile to say happy b day

  123. i organize the pantry by like items. On the shelf that is eye level to the kids I keep two bins. One labeled after school snacks (for that day) and one labeled anytime snacks that are filled with fruit, veggie packs, “healthy foods” that they can have right up to dinner with the “mom can i have…” all day long – that gets to be a lot when four kids are asking for snacks all evening. On the upper most shelf I keep the items that are used for the weeks meals – that way no one is afraid to dive into a “recipe item” and that way I don’t find I have nearly completed putting the meal together and I am missing an item. compulsive? likely. Effective? Yup!

  124. Hahaha! How I organize totally depends on the day. Generally speaking though…..
    toiletries are arranges in my linen closet by type of product, and I am proud to say that it remains well organized! My groceries are mostly stored in my INSULTED garage that my AMAZING husband did for me. All cereals together, all granola bars together, etc, just as you would expect. My kitchen pantry’s organization system though? It does not exist.

  125. i m a fan via facebook! Updated my status for you and everything! 🙂

  126. I follow and get your email updates 🙂

  127. kenleybug says:

    I have just started on this coupon buzz so I don’t have everything very organized yet. Though I did use the bit on your site about using a door shoe rack to organize my junk draw, I love it!

  128. I buy in bulk, and have a cabinet in my hallway that serves as a staging point for the things that are not in use. Other than that… I’m terrible, but have no real pantry space.

  129. I already subscribe to your e-mail updates. 🙂

  130. I just try to organize it the best I can in my cabinent. My husband is out of town most of the time with work and my kids are to little to mess up the higher cabinets so far! So I am pretty much in charge of the organizing and knowing what is up there. We do buy for Costco and store some of it in the garage and the rest in our laundry room cubords!

  131. I subscribe to your email feeds!

  132. I am also a fan on Facebook!

  133. My pantry in not in any particular order, however it is all stacked together with like items. Soups may be next to pickles but I still know where it all is. As for my other stuff, toliet paper, and such just sort of goes in a closet i have…not organized at all 🙂

  134. Cray Hall says:

    My pantry runneth over, my cabinets are exploding and the drawers won’t close.
    LIFE is GOOD 🙂

  135. The pantry is an unorganized mess, but my closet is where I store the overflow and bathroom/toiletry items. All the body washes and lotions are lined up just so, taller in the back and shorter in the front. Any crackers/cereal is neatly stacked so i can find it easily. My daughter loves to go in there and get new boxes of food. Funny girl!
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Heluva Good Facebook Freebie! =-.

  136. Patricia Conrad says:

    My space is limited so I have stuff under my bed, on the shelf in my small coat closet and I do have a large tote with snack stuff that I hide from my kids so everthing isn’t gone the day after I get it.

  137. Patricia Conrad says:

    Signed up for e-mail updates.

  138. I just started using coupons so I don’t have a big stockpile yet. But I do have my pantry split into sections so it’s easier to find the item I want or to know if we are out or not. TP is stored in the linen closet (small holders in the bathroom that one of the kids has as a chore to restock as needed), cleaners are all up high in the laundry room. Everything has a home!

  139. I love the buying part but late the organizing part. Luckily, my hubby helps the organization. We organize the pantry into five sections and leave the bulk in the basement, also organized in categories. DH cannot stand things being everywhere 🙂

  140. I subscribe to your emails!

  141. We don’t have a very big pantry in the house, so we just keep the essentials in the house and out in the garage we keep everything else. We will be getting some shelves from lowes soon to put up in our bonus room off the garage. I can’t wait to get them so I can organize all the food I have been buying with my coupons!

  142. I get email up dates already! Thanks!!

  143. Apryl Sherf says:

    I am very picky now about my cupboards after seeing how you organize things! Peaches line up with peaches, green beans with green beans! I have a ton of cupboard space and a somewhat small pantry, but I make it work. Its very satisfying to be able to open the cupboards and see everything even if I have multiple I know exactly what I have and how much!

  144. Apryl Sherf says:

    I am already signed up to get emails and updates.

  145. Apryl Sherf says:

    I am also already a fan on Facebook of course!!

  146. I am a fan on facebook

  147. I subscribe

  148. All the toiletries go under the sink in the bathroom in baskets and all the laundry soaps go in the laundry room on one shelf and all the canned goods are together on the cereal is in the hall closet. I basically put it where I can fit it.

  149. I need more storage space!!! I just filled the shelves above my washer and dryer with toiletries and dish soap because the shelves are too short for laundry soap and I needed room for all my good deals!!
    .-= connie´s last blog ..Update on Quaker Sale at Albertsons =-.

  150. I’m a fan on facebook!!
    .-= connie´s last blog ..Update on Quaker Sale at Albertsons =-.

  151. My motherin law is an organizing whiz. She taught me to organize my food/kitchen in the areas where you are going to use the items. She even has a sandwich drawer that includes pb., honey, bread, and butter knives.

  152. Kelsey Short says:

    I have two areas where i put food, in my cupboards and around the corner on my shelf’s- that where bigger things goes My toiletries, i just place in the bathroom and hall closet!

  153. My big cupbaord has shelves for the items we stock most like tomato sauce, soup, beans, etc. I also have a bin for noodles that I buy in bulk. I keep a box in my laundry room for soap, razors, shampoo, etc that we don’t need yet, since we don’t have a lot of space to store things! 🙂

    We have a walk-in pantry that I stack cereal boxes, and chips on, always by like kinds. Potatoes go on the floor of the walk-in since they carry dirt!

    I put stuff where I can fit it, and try to make it logical so I don’t forget about it!

  154. I subscribe! 🙂

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  158. I have all my toiletries in the bathroom closet in boxes which came with the package of 9 water bottles we bought at Costco several months ago. I’m getting to the point where I need to re-think, thanks to couponing!

  159. I subscribed!

  160. Heather D. says:

    I have a cupboard in the hallway that has soaps in a box, shampoos and conditioners in one area, medicine/etc in another. In my bathroom I have a drawer with my makeup I use that I got on the cheap for when I run out. I have 7,000 bottles of lotion under the sink in the bathroom. In the garage I bought metal shelving unit where I put cereals, pasta, soda, etc. Then I bought a cabinet with shelves and drawers (both at a garage sale) that I put my canned goods and fruit snacky items in. Needless to say, it looks like a drug store in my hallway, and a grocery store in my garage. When it gets too full I lay off buying for awhile.

  161. Heather D. says:

    I subscribe.

  162. Heather D. says:

    I am a FB fan.

  163. Nicki Davis says:

    I like to use my extra large pantry to organize all my food storage.

  164. Nicki Davis says:

    I subscribed!

  165. I hate putting groceries away. I do have a long term food storage room in the basement that is somewhat organized.

  166. Love this giveaway. My food goes into cupboards and in certain areas. Extras go in the areas I can find. Sometimes I have to shift things, but I find the area I can.

  167. Josette Julio says:

    I have a nice sized pantry but it is not organized very well. I try when i get home to rotate and put everything away but sometimes that doesnt work. I have one drawer that I use to store any of my freebie/cheap tolietries. I started getting some wire stackable shelves from goodwill but havent come across any lately.

  168. Elizabeth Pyle says:

    I subscribe and I have big shelves in my garage that hold my large bulk items like toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

  169. I put everything in its place when I get home. Most of my bargain hunting is for non food items (dietary restrictions require us to order most of our food!) So right away toiletries get put under the bathroom sinks, all paper products/diapers are stashed in the garage and any bargain christmas/birthday gifts are tucked away in the office closet. I keep a basket in my linen closet for items to be donated, like extra diapers for the womens shelter, or extra socks to veterans outreach. Everything is accessable and easy to find that way!

  170. I’m in the middle, I put stuff away, but alot of the away is stuffed in together 🙂

  171. I’m getting your feed at my email!

  172. i am not super organized but i usually have my food items organized.

  173. i have started putting each of the same items stacked in rows behind each other so when i open the cabinet i know what each row has by the first item i can see.

  174. I organize some stuff–but sometimes I am just lazy and shove it all in there!

  175. Organizing my food pantry is pretty easy. I use “milk crates” ($5 @ Target and Walmart, typically $2.50 when on clearance after Back-To-School sales) for large items like cereal. I use in the cabinets the small clear CD crates ($1 at the dollar store) for small items like spice packets or sauce packets. In very LARGE containers ($15 with lid from Cash & Carry) I split my 50 lb bag of bread flour in two. I use other containers for the sugar (I buy in bulk), salt and baking soda. One day I’ll take a pic and post it on my blog but not until I get the kitchen re-painted since it’s pretty dated. lol

  176. Signed up for Email updates. 🙂

  177. And your button is on my blog. 🙂

  178. Yup, a fan of yours on facebook. 🙂 Tri-Cities Freebies is my Facebook name.

  179. I have my pantry organized in sections and try to rotate it.

  180. Facebook friend

  181. Button is on the blog!

  182. I subscribe and I am a FB fan..

  183. I dont really have a pantry but we have plastic shelving in our garage (just had to buy more shelves;) As soon as I get home I write the expiration date in black marker so it is easily visible. Then it all gets put in its place!

  184. became a Fb fan! 🙂

  185. I have my kitchen cabinets pretty organized into sections, but they are kind of a mess within each section. I wish I had a small closet/room for a pantry!

  186. Jennifer Garcia says:

    I store my canned food in the kitchen cabinets, paper products and laundry in the laundry room. I added a few shelves in there just for that. I store all of my toiletries in my closet on a shelf unit I put in. Everything separated in baskets. And all my bulk extras go on another shelf unit I recently had to put in my closet on the other side.

  187. I subscribe

  188. I am Facebook fan!

  189. My motto is a place for everything and everything in it’s place!

  190. I’m a subscriber.

  191. I’m also a fan on facebook!

  192. I am a true organizer. My mom said I began organizing everythin as soon as I was out of the womb. I love things in an organized fashion and it drives me crazy when things are in a caos state. I even organize sometime in my sleep…ughhh. When I come home with a large amount of groceries. I empty onto the counter, leave for later then when I get a brainstorm going after I have recovered from shopping….I clean out pantry to re-organize and incorporate those new items.

  193. kenleybug says:

    I subscribed!”

  194. We have benches in the kitchen with storage space built into them which holds most of my bulk buy stuff. The benches being in the kitchen is also convenient to unload groceries straight into them. I run out of space for paper products and end up shoving items into the already full vacuum closet!

  195. I have just started frugal/coupon shopping the last 6 months and had no clue that I would be able to stockpile so much! I had my husband build extra shelves in our pantry for our “overflow” and upstairs we have a “freebie” closet with all the toiletries I have gotten for free. My kids love shopping in the freebie closet when they need something!

  196. I put newer food in the back, so I use up older food first, before it expireS!!

  197. I am just getting the hang of organization. We moved to a larger home with a lot more storage space which I thought I would never get filled. haha I usually do put everything in order and rotate it when I get home. With the exception of things that I don’t think matter, like toilet paper.

  198. My pantry is stocked like a maculate upscale housewares/ house products boutique. I’m so proud of all my stockpiles they get placed label side facing out in a neat row.. sections: candles + fragrants Toiletter paper and paper towells , cleaning supplies – window cleaners, all opurpose cleaners, pledge etc.
    im a little anal.. but it works for me!!!

    [email protected]

  199. Tricia Moreno says:

    I have a little bit of organization to my pantry but not really. I usuually just throw stuff in there and organize it later!!

  200. I’m a “shover” of the good deals. It drives me nuts that I’m like that….

  201. I just went to the container store and organized my pantry. I had to, because I’ve been able to stock up with my coupon savings! Thank you for your help and advice.

  202. Stephanie says:

    I am very organized with my pantry. All cans are lined
    up labels facing out in rows. My family will purposely
    move items around just to see how long it takes for
    me to notice and fix it! Looking into my pantry
    makes me feel very happy knowing I did not
    spend a lot of money on it, and my family is taken care

  203. I am in the process of having my husband build me a bigger space to store all my great deals! Looking for new ideas on how to orginize

  204. Signed up for emails!

  205. FB FRIEND!

  206. I am trying to be organized but I am running out of space in my home. I have grocery items out in my garage on shelves, some are upstairs on book shelves, while others are actually in my pantry! I also try to rotate my items because if I don’t my family definitely will not.

  207. I am fairly new to mega couponing. It is addicting! My girlfriend and I are constantly texting each other with our most recent deals. We have even talked about it at work and now our pastor is starting to coupon too! It is funny to hear him talk about coupons and which ones he is printing off for his family.

  208. I use a pantry and food storage in the garage area. I purchased a three section former rotating file cabinet at a yard sale and keep home canned and metal canned goods in it. You rotate it and see one wall then flip it around and see the second wall. That unit has given me 6 sides to use. I work at storing the oldest in the back and use a magic marker a lot to label things with a purchase date.
    I also use white food grade buckets for large purchases of bulk foods then just stock my storage jars in the pantry. Works for me.
    .-= The Frugal Fraulein´s last blog ..Pantry Challenge Day 31 =-.

  209. My husband built a pantry inside our garage and it is chalked full. We keep it pretty organized but at this point it is just getting dropped on the floor as there is no more room. I do date everything that comes in so I can keep it rotated.

  210. Until my husband (a few days ago) built some extra shelves for me in the basement, I stuffed everything in the pantry. Now I have everythign organized by item, which is awesome! I can see what I have and what I might need to stock up on in the near future.

  211. I am a facebook fan

  212. I am also an email subscriber

  213. I have shelves in the basement of my house for food and canning supplies and goods. I stack canned veggies/ soups/ tomato products on the cardboard trays 2 high and put the newer on the bottom and eat from the top. I also put a sterlite tub with gallon zip locks of dried fruits. I have plastic boxesw that I use for “baking”, “Snacking” and “quick fix” that slide on the shelves like drawers. I can probably go for months without shopping for anything but milk and dog food in the summer when I have a garden full of veggies and trees ripe with fruit.

  214. signed up for e-mail updates!

  215. Melissa Clark says:

    Signed up for email updates!! Thanks!!

  216. My bathroom stuff is organized in plastic bins in my cupboards. I love to organize and this rubbermaid stuff is the greatest!!!

  217. Deidra Law says:

    I am newly married and living in a small apartment while we finish up college. I have to keep all of our cupboards and closets very organized so that everything fits!

  218. Kristen J. says:

    I’m lucky in that I have tons of closet space and under counter space in my bathrooms for all our (my) toiletries! I have things pretty well organized in baskets in the closets (i’m a basket freak!), but after a few months of kids needing endless band-aids, etc. I find I need to reorganize!!

  219. My pantry is pretty well organized. Though there are days when I get home from shopping with 2 preschoolers and I just throw everything in the bottom of it to put away later. My toiletries are all in my daughter’s closet in boxes. They are organized and labeled by hair care, dental, deodorant, shaving, baby, etc. There are times when the boxes seem to overflow and the stuff is on the floor of the closet in reusable grocery bags waiting to find a place. Where do you put 8 million glucose meters? I need to donate BAD!!

  220. I get your emails!!

  221. I added your blog button!

  222. I am a fan on facebook. I noticed that both my sisters are fans already….I am a little slow:)

  223. I am pretty good at keeping the cupboards tidy. Everything has a place, and luckily I have plenty of storage in my bathroom. I’m not so good in the kitchen though. I often by in bulk and things get pushed back into the cupboard out of sight. Ahhh, someday I’ll get that organized..

  224. sarah dollar says:

    my stuff is a mess in my bathroom…but all overflow product is in labelled pull out bins or labeled boxes with lids in my closet…my secret is to throw all new purchases quickly into my closet then organize later…

  225. I too am a shover! I am trying to change my ways though!! I have more time now that I have become a SAHM!!!

  226. The way I organize in my pantry is to have smaller items like spices and seasonings in baskets. I take things like microwave popcorn and instant oatmeal out of their boxes and put them in baskets as well. I group items on shelves together that I use together, for example all the baking goods are on the same shelf.

    Extras that won’t fit into the pantry and canned goods are stored in the basement on shelves, organized by the type of product. All the veggies on one shelf, all the fruit on another, etc.

  227. I just started couponing but already know the importance of organizing and how u lay an item down might mean the difference of how many fit. I’m starting to buy organizers for my toiletries and plan on rotating my “stock”.

  228. I’m new to this and organizing my “pantry” is something I’m trying to do. I need to get my husband on board first…and that is a job in itself!

  229. Pantry is organized by food type. snack food, baking items, breakfast food, canned food, oils together, rice sides together…crazy…oooh and garage storage for bulk items like papertowels, tp and soda…too much food…too little time!

  230. We have bulk storage throughout the house. I have my flour in buckets in almost every closet. A gift drawer in the bottom part of my china cupboard…and toiletries are now under our bed. The can food I keep organized in the laundry room rotating the cans. But still not that diligent as we found some things from we first moved in the house. YIKES

  231. I have all my food organized like my very own grocery store and its pretty easy to rotate and put new items away. My toiletries and paper products are currently swallowing my laundry room whole. 🙂

  232. We`are fb friends!!!

  233. I got your button on my blog 🙂

  234. I’m not as organized as i’d like to be, but i know where everything is at. Anyone looking in my panrty would think it’s probably too chaotic, but i can find anything in an instant.

  235. With two 1 year olds, I’m happy if I get all the groceries in from the car! However when I do eventually get it all in I have a general-ish area that things go in the pantry.

  236. I would like to be better organized.

  237. I am extremely organized to point of driving my poor husband insane. I have a file accordian for my coupons and a filing system for my SS and RP inserts. I use my ads/coupons together at the store. I seriously need an organizer for my coupons/lists/ads in the store. Shopping with a husband, two GIRLS and a grandson I really need this with them my file gets sooooooo messed up

  238. signed up for you email updates

  239. also, forgot to add to previous We have extra tubs that we put toothpaste/brushes/mouth wash etc in, shampoo/conditioner/hair stylers etc, deoderants/body sprays, girly stuff in one, household stuff like cleaners/candles etc in one. We have a large pantry that we stock paper towels/napkins/plastic cups,spoons,and forks in. We have a third bathroom we put our our stocked up toilet paper in. My pantry is organized to the point where everything has its own place,facing forward, catergory types put together. One BIG reason for all this besides saving us money is that we have 2/20yr old married barely making it of course so where do you think they do their shopping:) YES my pantry so YES I NEED A BETTER ORGANIZER

  240. I’ve added your button to my blog.

  241. I like to keep all my extra food downstairs on a 5 shelf storage unit. That way its still organized but out of the way. Then when we need something it’s easy to find! Also for small food items I keep them in rubbermaid bins on the shelves.

  242. I don’t always store things right away after shopping, but I try to be very organized about it. Everything in it’s place … most used items at eye level … least used up high or near/on the floor. *Thanks* for the giveaway!

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