Giveaway: Salon Hair Care Products $130 Value!(Over Now)

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Yes, its true that many of us couponers out there get a lot of free shampoo, conditioner and styling products for FREE…but getting the professional kinds for free?  That is a rarity. So that is what I am giving away today. My sister in law worked in a professional Salon and said that these items are all very popular with a lot of people! I have included a vast array of fun things for you to try out if you win.

I have TWO Professional Hair Care Gift Set Combos for 2 lucky readers to win.

Together they have a retail value of $130!!

One winner will win this set of goodies
($75 retail value):

Included is
RedKen Real Control Shampoo & Conditioners 500ml
Curly Sexy Hair Curling Creme 5.1 fl oz
Short Sexy Hair Play Dirty Dry Wax
Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Volumizing Gel 8.5 fl oz
Healthy Sexy Hair soy Renewal nourishing styling treatment 4.2 fl oz

And one other winner will win this set  ($55 value):
RedKin Real Control Shampoo 10.1 oz
Redken Real Control Conditioner 8.5 oz
Redken Real Control Intense Renewal super moisturizing mask 1.7 oz
Artec Texture Line Texture Hair Spray 2.25 oz
Pureology SuperSmooth Smoothing Elixir .5 oz
Pureology DryShine Hair Styler 7 grams
Hemp Organics Color Hold Texturizing Glaze .85 oz

Wouldnt you like to be the winner of these cool products? The winners will have extra soft & smooth gorgeous hair to flaunt at us and the rest of us will all be left at home with our free Herbal Essence shampoos wiping away a tear. Hee hee.

 Here is how to enter in this giveaway:

Just leave comment  telling me what your worst hairstyle ever was (that you regretted). Did you have a mullet? Bad Perm? Your mom did something to  your hair you cannot get out of your mind? Try a box kit and failed miserably?

For Example:I once thought it would be cool to dye my hair red with a box kit at home. Big mistake. Horrible. It turned out like strangely burgandy/pinky/wine colored. So I went to the salon to get it out, and they could only fix it by stripping the color out. Then I had the most WHITE BLOND AWFUL hair you have ever seen… It took me a few months to be able to get it fixed right that time. Now I avoid box kits like the plague.”

Limit one entry per person. This giveaway will end on January 31st at the stroke of midnight PST. I will pick a winner using This giveaway is open to all US and Canadian Residents.

Make sure and check back everyday this week as we are having more fantastic GIVEAWAYS posted daily in honor of my Birthday Celebration!!

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  1. My worst hair cut ever was when I decided to let my good friend perm and cut my hair cause, well she was in beauty school which equals free new hair do for me and practice for her! I really didn’t think this through at all. lol I was supposed to be a simple trim and a body wave that ended up being the MOST uneven, very short, poodle perm EVER!!! She never acted like she had cut too much off, just said the perm would relax after a few washes. Needless to say I rushed in the next day to have it fixed by a professional and she ended of not becoming a hair stylist after all. hmmmm I wonder why?!

  2. kenleybug says:

    I think my worst hairstyle was cut into a bob with the underneath shaved then permed really tight. Next I wanted my hair to be blond, so my mom and I went to the store and bought some color. When we were done I would describe the color as Ronald McDonald Orange!!! We then had to darken it so I ended up with a dark redish brown. So much for the blond!

  3. My hair was awful from about fifth grade to sophomore year. That’s FIVE years of hundreds of bad hair days. Sophomore year, someone finally introduced me to mousse. I have naturally curly red hair. I had a horrible triangle head haircut for a long time. No matter the length, it was a triangle. Thank goodness for mousse! My hairstyle hasn’t changed much since high school either. I think it might be about time to experiment…..maybe. =)
    I love your blog!
    .-= NaDell´s last blog ..Finished Apron =-.

  4. Michelle S says:

    In my pre-teen yrs – the time when you’re leaving Elem. School and going to Middle School, I decided I wanted a short bob haircut that was all the rage. My hairdresser just happened to be my mom’s best friend. So here I am in her chair and she’s chopping and talking w/my mom (neither of which were really paying attention!!!). I ended up w/this really short boyish haircut. NOT pretty on a very tall, gangly kid (I was two heads taller than everyone else) w/naturally curly hair. Needless to say, it took 3 yrs to grow it back out. Going through that inbetween stage was awful.

  5. My worst was a bad perm in the 80’s. Instead of ringlet curls it was a poof of crazy frizz. Horrible!

  6. I have naturally curly hair. When I was younger, I had it cut very short. Well, when curly hair gets short, it gets even curlier!! I looked like a poodle! As a young teenage girl, it was horrible!! Thank goodness they have more products available for curly hair now!

  7. My worst hair cut was when it was cut short and permed on the top–I had a frizz head!

  8. OH, you had to ask!! I had TERRIBLE hair in 7th-8th grade. It was the 80’s of course and so yes the mullet was the style. But I had a perm on top and then these stringy hairs in the back that weren’t permed. This is the kicker, my daughter loves the curl her hair all over and I have suggested a perm along with serveral other people but she says, “No way!! I don’t want to look like my mom!!” Thank goodness mullets and perms aren’t in any more!!

  9. Terrible french poodle sylte perm for my senior pictures that is etche din my mind for eternity and verified in a book for hundreds to view.
    .-= Angie´s last blog ..FACIAL COUPONS =-.

  10. Mine was a poddle style perm that I got, from my mother, when I was in the 4th grade. She even permed my bangs. So NOT cute.

  11. My worst hairstyle? Going blonde. Oh not just California blond but platinum blond! My natural hair color is pitch black so after it was all said and done I did get my platinum hair but my hair was damaged so severely that it was straw. Too make matters worse I still had orange spots and within a week my lovely black roots were showing. High maintenance for that hair style which wasn’t for me.

  12. My mom is a hairdresser, so you would think that I had great styles growing up, but NO!!! In 6th grade my mom gave me the lopsided hair cut – shaved short on one side and long on the other – still makes me cringe just thinking about it. I wish I could say it never happened, but I have family photos to prove it! My husband still gets a laugh out of it! My mom also gave me a mullett when I was a junior in high school – I wanted the same style that ‘Kelli’ from 90210 had – not even close!

  13. The year after I graduated from high school my (ex) boyfriend and I were bored so I decided to do an at home dye kit… and I needed help so I enlisted him to dye the hair. My hair is naturally light brown and I went with a pretty dark brown dye. It didn’t hold everywhere in my hair AND everywhere else it dyed black instead of brown, so I had patches of light brown hair with an all-over black color. It was AWFUL. It was supposed to be semi-permanent so I waited a month and of course it didn’t wash out… so my mom tried to fix it and I ended up having semi normal hair until it all grew out. I never did an at home dye again!

  14. angeline saby says:

    my worst hairdo was wen i had a fro when i was in elemantary school i hated that thing and to brush it too now i know how my kids feel lol.they dont have fros but very thick hair.

  15. Being the DIYer in am, my girlfriends and I thought we were cool enough to do box perms out senior year…YEAH….I looked like a poodle and wore my hair in a pony for 6 months till it grew out! I have since learned to embrace my stick straight hair and love it the way God made it! LOL! Crossing finger!

  16. I had long straight hair in high school but junior year I got bored and decided it was time for a change so I got a perm. I instantly hated it so my sister who was a freshman in college decided she could straighten it herself. (She may have been the one to perm it actually–can’t remember.) After perming and straightening it within a week’s time it was so fried it looked awful. But I couldn’t stomach cutting it so I wore it that way for quite a while.

  17. Oh Dear – from age 8 – 12 my mother insisted on perming my bangs. No joke, just the bangs. It was horrible, but when you add to it that I have naturally very red hair that is incredibly thick that she wouldn’t allow me to cut, and tons of freckles, I was a walking disaster.

    The permed bangs were in tight spirals that stood up most of the time, making me look like I had been electrocuted, especialyl whe she insisted on french braiding all but the bangs in two braids down my head.

    Now add the frequent use of stretchy pants (with stirrups) and oversized sweatshirts to the mix and my gradeschool years were a real sight.

  18. I was given a bad perm when I was 13 years old! She even permed my Bangs!!! For a early teenager, this was humiliating! To this day, the curly kink is still in my hair. Ugh!

  19. I had the worst perm my freshman year of college. It was huge and I looked somewhat similar to a poodle. Not what you need during your already nervous, meet all new people time! It’s been 20 years and I’ve never had another perm.

  20. Elizabeth Pyle says:

    When I was in college I didn’t spend money on getting a hair cut very often – this was in the late seventies and my naturally curly grew so long I had quite a large “afro” style….past when it was cool to have one.

  21. My worst hair style was in middle school when I was dieing to have super short curly hair. I always loved ringlets, but I wanted my hair to be about 2 inches long too. So my grandma (former-beautician) permed my hair into the tiniest ringlets and cut it all off right around my head. She thought the finished product looked just like I had envisioned, proudly showed me the mirror and all I saw was Cory Matthews from the early series of Boy Meets World. It was a disaster! We had to go to church that afternoon and I felt like I would die. I begged my mom not to go, but she tried to encourage me that it really looked cute. So, I sat in the corner of our bench at church doing my best to not look at anyone, figuring if I couldn’t see them they couldn’t see me.

  22. Oh I have a couple of them. A perm from a beauty school back in the early 80’s. Let’s just say a poodle had NOTHING on me!! Mom straightened it the next day by combing perm solution through. Within 2 weeks my long, layered hair do was cut short as it was all fried and frizzy!! Second one was a home hair color, husband actually got scared when I walked into the room. We’re not just talking blond, it was a yellow blond and one of those yellows that only babies can make in their diapers!! Wore a hat to work the whole next day and spent almost double having it fixed, but at least the hair survived thanks to many hot oil treatments over the next month!! Now the coloring and perms (which I haven’t had in years) are done by a professional and the price is worth it.

  23. My worst style? I had long, very fine and straight hair. I needed a cut, so I used a coupon I had to the beauty school in our town. Well apparently I didn’t communicate to the gal very well, because what I wanted was a trim about to my arm pits. This poor gal could not get it even so she just kept “fixing” it. By the time I walked out of there it was to my ears practically. I cried for weeks! I have never stepped foot in a learning beauty school since:(

  24. My worst hair mistake was perming my bangs in high school. I looked like I had a poodle sitting on top of my head. What was I thinking?

  25. It’s hard to pick the worst, as there were a few I am not proud of. I sported the orphan Annie look for a few years, courtesy of my grandma’s home perm talents. Then, as it grew out, I graduated to the ear-to-ear bang look with a long mullet in the back. Why didn’t anyone tell me this was so ugly??? Live and learn, I guess.

  26. Heather W says:

    I saw a really cute hair cut on my cousin and wanted to cut my hair just like it. I went to the stylist and tried to explain the cut. She wasn’t quite sure, but she tried anyway. It turned out ridiculously bad. I had a presentation the next day and couldn’t get it fixed before then. It was horrifying.

  27. Jamie Eder says:

    My mom had my hair in a curly perm and mullet, I look back at pictures and just cover my eyes!

  28. Jennifer Cleaver says:

    One time I got this layered hair cut–but the layers were really choppy and not even. IT was awful. But it was pretty short, so there wasn’t much I could do except wait until it grew out.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Your site is great!

  29. I worked at a TV station in town and one of the sales people had told a local salon she could find a hair model for their upcoming hair show. That was apparently me. “Don’t worry they won’t cut much, don’t worry they won’t do anything you don’t want”. I sat down in the chair, in front of about 30 people and a lady from LA with pink hair herself, made one big cut to the back of my hair and that was that. I came away from that hair show with my hair shaved up the back, one side of my hair was short short and the other side was long, and I had, count them, 5 tails…some in the back some on the side! Never let a lady with pink hair give you a hair cut!

  30. Holly Rader says:

    My worst haircut was when I was about 8. My mom made me keep my hair super long all the way down my back. To make it worse, she made me get a perm. It was awful.

  31. My worst hair mistake was probably perms by my mom’s friend (who meant well). It was longer, cut all the same length, and had the tent shape going.

  32. My worst hairstyle happened right before I was to give birth to my second child. I really wanted something different, I had the same long hair for years. The stylist talked me into cutting the back very short (almost shaved) and leaving the sides and front long. I hated it! Everytime I look at the pictures of me and my new baby I think of that horrible hair cut.

  33. The worst haircut I ever got was when I decided to cut off all the hair that was colored and processed in order to “make a fresh start.” What I didn’t realize was how short it would be or that I would have no idea how to style it. I had it cut in various layers (first mistake) but only on the sides (dont’ even have an excuse for that one). I ended up looking like every morning I electrocuted myself before going out in public.

  34. Lisa Sessions says:

    My worst hair cut was when the stylist insisted on trying something new on me. I was young, shy and should have protested. Instead, I went home crying with an unflattering bob style cut that made my round face look huge.

  35. My ultimate hair fiasco happened when I was in junior high. I had a huge crush on this great guy and was sure that if I had layered hair I would be irresistable. I emphatically pestered my mom for a week begging for a trip to the beauty shop…She did not feel my pain. My friend did.
    We were at my house after school and I explained my hair-plight to her in great detail. She lamented with me and whole heartedly agreed that layers were the way to go. Happily, for me?, she knew how to cut layers exactly. Apparently, her sister was in beauty school. Cool!

    I ended up with bowl cuts in about five different locations down the back of my head….

  36. I let my mom cut layers in my hair once. After a couple of weeks we decided I should go to a salon to get it evened up. The stylist took one look at me and said “you’ve been wearing this for how long?!” I never let my mom cut my hair again 🙂

  37. Wow–I’m so happy you’re sharing your birthday with us!

    I truthfully can’t remember any one horrible hairstyle, though I’m sure it existed. For the longest time growing up though I had really thick bangs. I grew out half of them and still had thick bangs!

  38. My worst haircut was when I was 21… It looked like the lady put a bowl on my head and cut around it!! It was on my drivers license for 5 years!!

  39. My mom was a hairstylist before she got married and had kids, so I was lucky and never had to pay for a haircut and they were always a pretty decent style. But my mom was very hesitant about coloring my hair, since most of the techniques and products didnt become popular until after she stopped working. I spent most of my high school years begging her to just try, but she wouldn’t give in. One night I was at my friends while she was coloring her hair and I decided to show my mom that hair coloring was so easy even I could do it! My friend bought two boxes of a dark auburn color, and barely used any of the second box. It looked great on her, so it would look great on me too, right? When we rinsed the color out I looked in the mirror to find a head of PINK hair. I was in tears, shampooing and rinsing like crazy hoping I could get it to fade some, while my friend was rolling on the floor laughing at me. I was so mad, and I didnt want to admit to my mom that she was right to never use a store-bought hair coloring kit, that I refused to ask her to help me fix it and instead walked around with pink-tinted hair for a couple of months.

  40. I had really short hair and decided to get a perm. It looked horrible.

  41. When I was seven and my sister was ten, my mother got it into her head to put our hair into hot rollers for school pictures. She had never done this before, and we had to sleep with them in. We both had extremely fine hair and in the morning, we looked awful. We hadn’t slept, it was the middle of the winter so we were pale, and our hair…the curls were floppy and huge, then she tried to comb it out, so it turned into piles of frizz on our heads. It was too late to do anything about it so we had to go to school like that AND get our pictures taken! Today we laugh about it, but we were mortified as kids.

  42. In 8th grade I had a permed mullet, girl style. Sad as it was, I had rockin hair in the day.
    The worst experience was I went in for a trim and the girl talked me into cutting my hair to my below my shoulders. I walked out with an a line bob. 14 inches of hair gone! I wanted to kick that girl.

  43. I had a bad perm as a pre-teen, my grandma did it. I normaly have very straight hair. This perm was a very tight curl bangs and all. I looked like a poodle.

  44. The worst hair cut I ever had was 6. I did not like the hair cut my mother gave me so I tried to fix it and I cut a huge chunk out my bangs. I had class pictures the next day and two days before that I hit a tree with my bike. We still have the picture today and it is priceless. In the picture I am missing teeth, have jacked up hair, holes in my pants and scrapes all over my arms. I guess I dressed myself that day w/o telling my mother it was picture day! We still laugh about it.

  45. Um, can the entire decade of the eighties count? Started with a hideous Dorothy Hamil bob, and evolved in to crunchy moussed-out perm with gigantic aerosoled-to-death bangs.
    .-= Shauna´s last blog ..Halloween ’09 =-.

  46. My worst haircut:

    When I was 11 I wanted my mom to cut my hair so that the sides would feather, instead she totally cut my side short to my ears and left the rest long, then on top of that she gave me a tight perm. I looked life a deranged puddle!

  47. I have had so many bad haircuts over the years. But, most recently I had to have a bad haircut idea fixed when my A-line cut got too long in front and I began to look like I had long wings. My husband and I called it a reverse mullet (party in the front, business in the back)!

  48. I was in the 5th grade and my mom decided that a perm would look really cute on me. She took me to a barber shop (yes, a barber shop!) to get it the day before picture day at school! they used the smallest rollers possible. I remember looking at my reflection in the car window and being horrified!!! My older sister could not stop laughing ( and still laughs about it 20 years later!). She nicknamed me poodle because that’s exactly how I looked!!!

  49. In 4th grade my mom had my hair cut very short a couple of days before school pictures. To this day she still has the picture but thank heavens she has it in a box. It is horrible!!

  50. My worst hair was actually when I was a pre-teen. My mother decided to perm my hair, which almost already resembled a mullet.. lots of bangs. My hair is pretty fine, so I ended up looking like a poodle, so very humiliating!! But then again, something to look back and laugh about. 🙂

  51. I was in the 4th grade and really wanted my hair permed. I wanted waves, but by the time the lady was done, my hair was full of tight curls.

    I left the salon crying…..

  52. My entire childhood is filled with bad hair cuts, one sided perms (other side didn’t take) and lets not forget SUN-IN orange, at least it matched the color of my rabbit coat. Now I’ve made the fatal error of @ 45 letting my hair grow out long enough to one told me that I would actually enjoy being able to just pony up & go. Now I feel like I’m running from Locks of Love.

  53. I wanted a spiral perm so bad when I was in high school – saved up my $$ and made the appt… I felt something wasn’t right when she was rolling it and I couldn’t feel my head anymore, because they were soooooo tight. When she unrolled the rods and tossed them in the sink I kept noticing a lot of LONG pieces of my hair still attached to the rods. She just kept saying a little breakage was normal…(it wasn’t a little – there were CHUNKS!) All was well until I went to put my hair up in a ponytail for volleyball practice that night to notice the spikes of 1-2″ hair all over my head. I just cried and cried! I had to use my brothers super sticky gel stuff to get them to lay flat for months, it was horrible. No perms for me since!

  54. had to be the yr my Mom cut my bangs,she used tape to keep it straight only, she stuck the tape to my hair that was attatched to my head! OUCH!! & then the bangs were crooked! & the day before school pictures!

  55. Sadie Murphy says:

    My worst hairstyle is the one I have been living with my entire life. It was cute when I was a kid, with naturally curly hair. As I neared my teenage years, my hair just became a big ball of pouf.

    My hair is so curly and frizzy, that I look like bozo the clown. Every morning, I have to use flat iron product and straighten my hair.

    I have to keep an extra flat iron at work, because my hair does unbelievably wild things on it’s own. My hair really has a mind of it’s own. I have a sincere appreciation for all hair products that help tame my wild beast!

  56. When I was about 9 I had wanted a perm so my mom took me to the stylist. Who told my mom that my hair was too fine for a perm and I should wait a couple years before getting one. Well my mom figured she could do it at home. so we got a kit and my mom attempted to perm my hair. Well it worked, sort of, I had a strip about 2 inches wide down the middle back of my head that wouldn’t take the perm. The stylist tried to fix it with not much luck. So I was stuck with half straight half curly hair for a bit.

  57. I’ve always had BIG curly hair. As is didn’t run in my mom’s side of the family-she didn’t know what to do with it. In middle school I tried to “Tame the Beast” by shaving off half of my hair (underneath)! It actually helped…until the undergrowth started poking through my curls! As if being a middle school girl wasn’t hard enough. I went from “Mushroom Head” to “PorkeyPine” 🙁

  58. When I was just out of high school I went in to get a cute, flippy kind of cut. I brought in a picture with me and the hairstylist said, “No problem.” So she starts cutting away and at one point says to me, “I’m just going to modernize this a little. It’s kind of a grandma cut.” A few minutes later I realize that she has cut my hair WAY too short to accomplish the look I wanted and by the time she was completely done I had BOY hair! It was so short I couldn’t do anything with it. She might as well have shaved it all off. And to top it all off, it was the first time I ever had highlights put in my hair. But by the time she was all done, it was too short to even see the highlights. And I still had to pay for them! Definitely my worst haircut ever.

  59. Diane Crawford says:

    Karrie-congrats on you 1st anniversay!

    About 1982 after finding out my ex–husband was cheating on me, I wanted to do something that would shock the heck out of him. I cut my hair just like Rod Stewart’s!!! Worse than any mullet out there. My hair literally stuck straight up (about an inch long) while the rest was past shoulder length! What did I do about it? Nothing, had to let it grow out the old fashioned way. Have I cut my hair since as an act of revenge….not on your life. Married 20 years to a man who says “honey, if you like it, I like it!”

  60. In grade school, I always had the same hairstyle. Year after year after year. We went to visit my grandma in the hospital and I fell in love with a nurses hairstyle. So, my mom took me to get it cut. It was exactly what I wanted, but looking back now…well a flat-top mullet probably wasn’t the best idea. 🙂 NO JOKE! I looked like Joe Dirt’s sister.

  61. I grew up in a conservative home and so I was unable to curl my hair. Of course I just wished I could get a perm like the other girls so when I turned 18 and on my own I went and got a perm. I had fairly long hair so it was expensive and took foreeever. When all said and done I almost cried. It was really tight curls and did not compliment my face at all. I hated it so much that immediately leaving the salon I went asking for a straightening product or something with no luck. I lived with a bad hair day until my perm grew out and I will probably never ever get a perm again.

  62. Randi Bonnell says:

    In high school I used sun-in to streak the front of my hair, which was ok for the time. Then in college I decided it would be fun to try a boxed highlight kit since I had never really dyed my hair before. Well, the leftover sun-in and the dye did not mix well and it came out a frizzy mess! After washing it about 10 times it settled down a little, but i had to just let it grow (and fall!) out. It was about 6 years before I ever dyed it again, but this time I left it to a professional!

  63. It was the summer between seventh and eighth grade. I had previously put sun in in my hair. My red highlights really made my hair look like straw. When my hair started to grow out I did the hold the hair on the side of my face out, hair spray and blow dry! I thought it looked so cool, dark underneath and light on top. Well the day before school started my mom decided she did not like the straw colored hair. She said she was just going to trim it. Basically she cut every last piece of straw colored hair leaving me very short and ragged. Needless to say, I was now a plump teenager with very short unstylable hair, and it was my first day of the eieighth grade. Ahhhhh! Horrible memory!

  64. Renee Dahlgren says:

    My worst hair experience was just a few years ago – in my late 20’s! My old stylist had moved so I found a new one and the first time showed her a picture of what I wanted – a pretty simple cut that I had gotten several times before (the picture was actually of ME – not some celebrity). Well, when she got done, my hair was about six inches shorter than the photo, layered so severely that it was sticking out all over my head and just looked terrible. She had kept me turned away from the mirror the entire time so I had no idea. Despite that fact that I was 29, I started crying and ran out after paying her. I called the owner later and complained, but he didn’t really seem to care. I’ve never been back to that stylist OR that salon ever again.

  65. besides my wasp out front bangs as a kid in college I tried to go way dark with a box kit and ended up looking like pumpkin spice!! It wasn’t even cute pippi longstocking red it was so UGLY!! I had to live with it till they could fit me in at the salon.

  66. Louise Perkins says:

    When I was in elem. school I always wanted long hair with a perm (80’s hair). My mom took it upon herself to let me know that I couldn’t or wouldn’t take care of it. So she would cut it into a pixie style…that was far from the long curly hair I wanted to badly!

  67. My worst experience was when I was going into Jr. High. My mother convinced me that it would be so much better to cut off my long hair and have a cute short haircut for the summer. After all if I didn’t like it she said, it would grow back in time for the start of school. I followed her advice and had it cut short. Only it was so short I looked like a boy. Imagine the devastation of starting Jr. High School (which is torture anyway) looking like a boy. I love my mom very much but learned to not take advice on getting my hair cut anymore and also learned that as much as you’d like it to grow back over a summer, it doesn’t. I now have long hair down to the middle of my back and won’t be cutting it anytime soon. 🙂 Ironically my mom was trying to convince me to cut it again. (at 35yrs old)

  68. I have a cowlick on the left side of my bangs, so the person always cuts my bangs on that side too short and I have lopsided bangs for a few weeks…it is so annoying!

  69. When I was younger I went for the perm, but to make it that much more “awesome” I would tease my bangs up to the ceiling and hairspray until they didn’t move and then place three ringlet curls on each side of my head…..oh how my family still makes fun of me!

  70. So I had just moved to a new area and just picked the closest salon to my house to get my hair done. Well, let’s just say that my hair is naturally blond, and I came home with “GRAY” hightlights and bangs cut way too short (above my eyebrows)! My two year old ran to the door when I got home to give me a hug, she touched my bangs and reached back for my husband. My husbands only comment was, “I don’t care if tomorrow’s Sunday, you’ve got to get that fixed”. And that is just what a did the next day.

  71. It was my sophomore year; Coyote Ugly (the movie) came out. I was a closet singer, and since I had long blonde hair I was determined to look just like Violet. After much begging from my mother, not to perm my hair cause it would ruin it; I saved my babysitting money and off to the salon I went. Even the hairdresser told me not to do it. But at 15 years old, when an adult tells you not to, it makes you want to do it even more. Needless to say, I looked nothing like Violet. I had such thin hair; it took pounds of styling products to even look like I had a perm (the two memorable days it was curly and not frizzy). My mom was victorious in her ever-so famous “I told you so” and I was shamed in wearing ponytails, for over a year until it grew out.

  72. I was 23 and living in Corvallis while my husband went to school. I wanted a cut with layers. Well, I didn’t realize that she would start with layers at the top of my had and make my full thick hair look like a mullet. It was horrible. I got it fixed, by chopping the “tail” off and then I had a really crazy short bob! To this day, I wish I had a picture. At the time, it was way to traumatizing to even think about it!

  73. Anna Stoker says:

    I was in middle school and my mom had my hair cut really short with layers then she permed it. Oh my gosh it was the worst thing imaginable.

  74. I neglected to get my hair cut before I went on vacation. I had been trying to grow out my extremly short hair cut, so my hair was already pretty awkward. I went into a nice looking salon that claimed to have done the hair for the democratic national convention, which had just left town. I went in with high hopes and left looking like a cockatoo. Can’t quite picture it? Good. I went straight to the mall and bought a headband.

  75. BAD perm? I had one, at least!

  76. Wow, my bad hair moment actually lasted several years unfortunately!! Had to be the “wings” my sister and I had during middle school, you know the “Farrah” look that so many of us had! Yikes! Still hard to look at those pictures……

  77. It is when I was little. My aunt would give me home perms to make me look like Annie. I hated the short hair and the curly. My mother and her thought it looked great.

  78. I once let a friend who was in beauty school cut my hair. She butchered me! It was so short in the back it came to my neckline and in the front it was longer. But this was before Victoria Beckham made the A-line fashionable. The next day my sister helped me even it out a bit, but I looked like a boy for a few months.

  79. Looking back it seems I had many “bad Hair” moments. But in my defense, they were all in style at the time. But I remember getting a perm once, hours before a family picture. I don’t know what I was thinking, but that fresh perm was captured in our family portrait for all to see.

  80. Brown hair and Sun-in! They just don’t mix, though I was convinced it would. I had terrible orange, frizzy hair for months!

  81. two words: Home perm.

    I begged my mom for it, then regretted it the next day. I ended up straightening it every day until it grew out. haha.
    .-= Katrina´s last blog ..Cloth Diapering =-.

  82. on my mission my companion tried to highlight my hair. All the highlights were right on top of my head and we left them in way too long and it looked like my head got peed on. Then I tried to dye it on top of that to fix it and my hair was copper. Bright, practically fluorescent copper. luckily my crappy hairdo did not thwart the work.

  83. Kristy Needham says:

    I had just had my first baby 8 weeks ago and needed a shorter but because he was constantly pulling it. Half way through my haircut she said “oh I took too long now I have to hurry because someone else is waiting” I left the salon in tears because she had used a razor to cut my mid back length hair to resemble a nice 80’s mullet style. It took two years to grow out and people are still talking about that haircut.

  84. I would also have to go with the perm…my mom thought our hair looked best curly and poofy so for most of my “tween” years I was permed and “ratted.” Shudder!
    .-= Stephanie Y.´s last blog ..Homemade Gift Ideas for Teenage Boy =-.

  85. For many years when I was in Elementary and Middle school all my school pictures show me with this super ugly mushroom hair cut. I was flat on top and flared out on the sides, then rounded down and under. The best was when I even got a perm with that haircut!

    Even better, my husbands pictures of when he was in middle school, show him with a…. yup, you guessed it… a perm and wearing MC Hammer pants!!!

  86. I was all of 17 years old when my mother decided that my hair was looking drab and lifeless…(I had naturally curly hair – what is drab about that?) She convinced me that for an upcoming trip I need a trim and more curls…so I got cut and a loose perm. I came out looking like I’d lost 4 inches of hair…but it was a manageable bobb. Two days later, I flew to Florida on my way to Honduras. Floridas humidity shrunk my hair by 1″ with little effort. I began to freak out. I tugged at the curls that now bumped less along my neck and more around my jaw. As soon as possible I washed the hair…hoping beyond hope that my curls would relax. Nope. We then flew to Honduras. To my horror, as we landed the humidity was so thick, my curls pulled up and twisted themselves into corkscrews so tight that pulling on them, blow drying them or pulling them into rubberbands had little affect. I spent the week in Honduras, avoiding mirrors – sheepishly trying to act as though it was the hair I dreamed up.

    This is the memory of hair I hate the most.

  87. Cheryl Vanvalkenburg says:

    When I was about 14, my friend and I bleached our hair. We left the product on too long which stripped all the color out of it. We then bought a box of brown coloring to add the color back in. This caused a chemical reaction which turned our hair green. Atleast there was two of us.

  88. After the birth of my third child I went and got my hair cut short, due to her pulling and tugging on it all the time. I had long hair down to the middle of my back all one length and it looked good and was perfect. It was a huge mistake of cutting really short, chin length. It has never been the same since. I do not think I will ever get it back that way. It not too often I have a good hair day.

  89. Kelly Cobb says:

    The worst hairstyle,if you could call it that, was when I was in Junior High. I had shoulder length hair and got a really tight perm. We obviously did not know what we were doing. It made my hair so short and kinky. I hated it and cried so my mom decided to try to cut it off and the end result was even worse. I lookedlike raggedy ann with curly red hair. I will never ever perm my hair again because of that experience!

  90. I decided I wanted to get my hair cut short. I was visiting my aunt and went to a place that looked nice. As the lady was cutting my hair she was leaving it longer over my ears. I asked her to cut it around my ears. BIG MISTAKE. She finished cutting my hair and then styled it like the 70 year old women that were also there. I went home and looked in the mirror and thought, “I look like a boy. A boy with boobs.” First time ever that I cried over a haircut.

  91. Well, I lost my hair due to medication a few years ago so now I just roll with it – it does grow back! I just have fun with it now.

  92. I was in 9th grade and wanted to get layers in my hair (Just the ones right in the front) like all the other girls were doing in high school. I went and told the gal at the hair salon what I wanted, but failed to inform her that I didn’t want my WHOLE head layered. Well, that is what happened and it was really short! Of course my life was ruined and I thought I wouldn’t live to see another day…. yet here I am!!!

  93. My Worst hair was a short cut with a curly perm. I had just had a baby and needed a new look. It was a really bad look and I though my hair resembled a brillo pad. Yuck!

  94. My Sophmore year of College I let my roomate cut my hair with regular kitchen scissors the day BEFORE she started beauty school. Let’s just say it took her hours to cut it and it wasn’t the best cut I had ever had. I ended up having to go to the salon not long after to get it fixed anyway, so I should have just went there in the first place!!

  95. jessica beeton says:

    When my brother was twelve he consented to let our older sister cute his hair before church. I was in the living room when I heard “oops” followed by laughter. I ran into to the kitchen and found my sister laughing and my brother wondering what had happened. she had cut his hair so close to his scalp the only thing to be done was to shave his head. But there was no time before church so he had to go to church with patchy hair. He was thoroughly embarrassed. Needless to say he never let her cut his again.

  96. When I was younger, my Aunt used to always highlight my hair for me. One night I was spending the night at my best friend’s house when we were bored and needed something to do. So, we decided to highlight my hair! Watching my Aunt highlight my hair through a cap, time after time, seemed easy enough to copy. We attempted to do blonde and red highlights. When we were all done, and my hair was dry, I had pink roots, a blonde section in the middle, with light purple ends. I guess the cap wasn’t pulled on tight enough and color leaked through. Yikes!

  97. One year me and some high school friends thought we would use a washout die to show our spirt for a football game. The box said it would come out in 10 washing. Studpid me thought if I washed my hair 10 times it would be out. Ha Ha the joke was on me. I had stripped my hair green and yellow and it did not come out in 10 washes. It was more like 3 weeks of green and yellow hair. Needless to say I wore hats and a combover for that horrible mistake. Not pretty.

  98. When I was little I had a “page boy” hair cut for years because my dad loved it!

  99. The absolute worst hair time for me was in Junior High – Like that wasn’t hard by itself – I had a spiral perm – with bangs but I looked like a poodle!! It was NOT the soft ringlets that I had seen in the magazine at all – super tight and curly – so awful! Of course it stayed forever!! When it finally relaxed and looked normal awhile later I attemped my first haircolor job solo…since all the blonds could lighten their hair with lemon juice/peroxide (think Sun-In) I figured why can’t I?? Of course my hair is dark brown. I used nearly 2 bottles of PURE peroxide – what a deal I thought – even way back then – 2 bottles for like $1 – HUGE MISTAKE!! My hair was flaming orange!! This started the horrible downward spiral of haircolor adventures…I tried brown, light brown, burgundy – you name it! Every color I tried – box of course – was permanent yet they washed out in no time flat becuase my hair was so damaged from the peroxide!! 🙁 It took so many years to get rid of all the peroxide damaged hair since my hair was SO LONG – to my waist – and for whatever reason I kept it long and waited it out…??! Now that I’m happy with my color I’m getting gray hair and actually need to color…oh well!! Live and learn!

  100. I enjoyed reading about everyone else’s bad hair experiences. I am totally with the person who said they had bad hair cuts all while they were young. What was my mom thinking? You can’t cut a girls thick, wavy hair short when you don’t know what you are doing!! I have a vivid picture in my mind, of just a hair cut from when I was about 10 years old. If I had the picture, i would post it, so everyone could see and laugh! But for now it just remains a bad memory from my childhood!

  101. when i was in 6th grade my mom took me to the local beauty school for my haircut. she always went there and thought it would be fine. well i wanted my bangs trimmed and my long hair to have that cute horseshoe curve to it. omg….the gal butchered my hair soooo bad. weird chunks of my bangs were cut to half ways back on the top of my head and they were cut too the middle of my forehead. when she cut the back which was down passed the middle of the back hair was chunked up so bad that when my mom took me to the salon to get it fixed they had to cut it up to just above my shoulders to even it out. my mom tried to rectify my loosing so much hair that she said i could get a perm…well only parts of my hair took to the perm…like only the midddle….not the hair from scalp to about two inches out and not the ends for about two inches up. so she cut my hair up to my chin to eliminate the lower portion that didnt take. i went around with this super short hair that looked like i was growing out a perm for months. oh…i was so upset about loosing my looong hair. in the midst of puberty i cried for soo long.

  102. In high school, it was getting popular to do “chunky” highlights. For example, you would have blond hair and do more noticeable highlights in brown, red, etc. Anyway, I thought I would be adventurous and dye my usually pretty light blond hair with small brown highlights with a more chunky look. I went to a beauty school (all that my high school earnings could afford) and told the cosmetologist student I wanted blond and brown “chunky” highlights. Unfortunately, I picked a dark brown color and when the student was finished, I had a striped head of alternating big dark brown and then bleach blond highlights. I looked like a zebra! When I got home I showed my friends they said I looked like “Storm” from X-men. Since I was to cheap to get it redone, I kept the hairstyle for months….embarrassing!

  103. My natural color is one shade under black. Well, when I was in high school I thought it would be a good idea to bleach my hair “blond”. BAD idea! Especially for one to do on their own! I bought the box of bleach and got started. Well, as you can imagine, with hair as dark as mine it took quite a while to fade the color. It finally faded and I rinsed my hair out. To my horror, my hair turned into silly string consistency!!! I ended up having to cut my now orange hair very short! I started with almost black hair down to my butt and ended with orange hair above my shoulders! Needless to say I never tried bleaching my hair again!

  104. Can you believe ’80’s hair do’s are back? I can’t – especially considering I cut my hair a few months ago to match a cute magazine gal’s – whose hair apparently was reminiscent of the ’80’s. When I went to my parent’s house, my brother who is 10 years older than me said, “WHOA! Hello Olivia Newton John!” She was beautiful in Grease, but in the ’80’s, her hair was a glorified mullet….and so was mine. Now it is in nasty transition. Bleh. Fortunately I can pin it back and make a mini ponytail….every day.

  105. My worst hair was in elementary. It was the style to have very tall, very ratted, full of hairspray bangs. Not pretty pictures.

  106. > I couldn’t afford to go to the salon to get my hair colored a very pretty red color that I had seen on some women, so I thought, I can do this. I got a box color and did it at home. Well, my hair even as short as it was at the time is like horse hair. It takes perms and color very well…….only in certain spots because its also very dry. So I had to work early the next day and this was late at night when I did this. The stores weren’t open when I was done, and there was no way possible to have enough time to re-do it by work. I worked at a bank where my manager didn’t like it when we weren’t professional looking. Then I walk in, looking like Ronald McDonald in spotches. I couldn’t even wear a hat! It was a good laugh for the customers, and I even think I saw the manager chuckle after her horrified look, and I stopped her before saying anything, saying “I’m getting if fixed right after work.” Needless to say, I had to get it fixed by a salon and they did a good job fixing it.
    > Amy Skomski

  107. noelle chavarin says:

    My worst hair style was in 3rd grade and i had short hair with a very tight perm. it was nasty for sure.

  108. My worst hair-do is when I was younger my Mom gave cut my hair up to my shoulders and gave me a really tight perm. I looked like a poodle!

  109. Emily Daves says:

    At the age of 13 I decided to use a temporary red hair color – the kind that washes out in 10 washes…problem was – while the color was sitting on my head I decided to read the box which read “DO NOT use on light blond hair” AHH! I started washing the color out as quick as I could, but to no avail. It only made matters worse, I sported a nice shade of orange hair a mojority of the summer. On the high side, I didn’t let it slow me down. I bought a tiger print bikini and sported my new DO with confidence.

  110. Sharon Riggs says:

    My sister was in beauty school and I went down for my 1st haircut. Yes, I walked out with a mullet, for my senior year of highschool! She was devastated and I was too. I was able to pull thing in a way that covered up the fact that I looked like a mullettman and get it fixed. However, I still go to my sister and haven’t had a bad experience since.

  111. I had a ‘tail’, yes a tail of hair that trickled down my neck. It was about 2-3 inches long. Yuck! What the heck was I (and my parents) thinking?

  112. In the fifth grade I had really short permed hair – much like Ronald McDonald’s. EEK!

  113. This is hilarious because I was just talking about this to someone last night. Grade 8. Just before graduation. My sister (an aspiring hairstylist at the time) cut my hair into a mullet!!! Yes!! It was horrid!!

  114. When I was in high school I wanted to stand out and do something different. I found a picture of Halle Berry with her hair cut short and thought it was really cute, so I decided to cut my hair from about 12 inches long to about 1 1/2 inches long. First of all, I am not black and neither is my hair, so needless to say, I didn’t look like Halle Berry. I looked more like a boy. Ha!

  115. I’ve never had a truly bad thing with my hair, but I’d had in so long when I was a kid (could sit on it), and in 3rd grade got it cut to my shoulders and hated it. I never had it short again until a few years ago (18 years after my 3rd grade experience).

  116. In high school, I tried to cut my hair myself. I cut my bangs toooo short, and yes, it did look like a mullet!

  117. My worst haircut was the ‘Dorothy Hammell’ bowl cut. It looked exactly like they placed a bowl on my head and followed the line. The worst part was that I have school pictures to remind me of it.

  118. My worst hair style came about because of a home made beauty treatment I read about in a book. To stregthen your hair, it said to beat some egg whites and apply to your dry hair – cover with a platic bag and wrap with towel. Let this set for 20 or 30 min (don’t remember how long). Then rinse. It didn’t say to rinse with cool water so I didn’t. The warm water I used to rinse my hair with cooked the egg whites and I ended up with little clumps of egg white hanging all over, clinging to the the strands of my hair. They ended up kinda’ rubbery and don’t brush or comb out very well. I just wanted to cry!! My best friend came over and we spent the evening basically hand picking it out of my hair. My husband came home and just cracked up. For the next week, I would still find pieces of the egg white in my hair everyy morning when I would style my hair for work.

  119. Mary Claybrook says:

    In high school I let my little sister and her friend put highlights in my hair.. they turned out bright yellow… ick! Since then I’ve only let professionals touch my hair!

  120. I had my hair cut super short- like a boys. I loved it at the time but now I don’t know what I was thinking.
    .-= Kelsey´s last blog ..Good News! =-.

  121. When I was in high school I went through a “punk rock” phase. I decided to dye my hair a dark blue color. First I had to bleach it since I have dark hair. After putting the blue dye in, it turned out looking sea foam bluish green. And the bleach totally fried my hair, which was short at the time, so it was all poofy and frizzy. I looked like Smurfette after sticking her finger in a socket. For some reason or another, I couldn’t do anything about until later the next day so I walked around that day with a bandana on my head.

  122. My Mom always kept my hair short all through my highschool years and I was not happy about it. 🙁 On one of the trips to the salon, my Mom requested they take a little more off ( My guess is because she didn’t want to have to bring me back so soon for another haircut? Or she was punishing me cause I tried to dye my eybrows to match my hair and they came out orange 🙁 ) and they did just that!! I was devistated on how short it was and to make matters worst, we stopped off a the local mini mart and she ran into an old friend and they asked, “Oh is this your son? My how he has grown!!” I very politely said I am her daughter but with an evil glare at my mother ha ha!! Needless to say I was able to grow my hair out after that 🙂

  123. I went to get my hair cut at a little whole in the wall place because they were cheep and I could just walk in. Lets just say no wonder they are cheep! I had a picture and everything for the lady to look at. She cut it short alright and made the sides way too short (when I was going for the A frame thing)So totaly opposite that what I wanted. I hated it and felt like an shaggy boy with a bad cut. Hated it!

  124. I accidently dyed my hair purple once. not good !
    .-= steph´s last blog ..Giveaway Link Up ! =-.

  125. When I was in 10th grade I wanted to have black hair. I thought my plain brown color was too drab. So I colored it myself. Wow what a disaster!! I needed to do something before my mom got home so I grab the clorox bottle (isn’t it suppose to make things whiter) and poured it over my hair. Needles to say it did nothing to change the color, my hair smelled for a week and because of the damage it caused to my hair the beauty parlor would not touch it for a month.

  126. Christy F. says:

    My worst do was when I was probably in middle school. I have naturally curly hair and for some reason my mom decided I still needed to have it permed (because it just isn’t curly enough as is!) and I even had the bangs permed! Awful…I looked like a deranged poodle! To make it worse, we went on vacation and the girl who did the perm didn’t wash all the fixer out…so the first plunge in the pool landed me with GREEN hair! Since we were on vacation, I had to stick it out until we got home to go back the the stylist to fix it! As if middle school age isn’t awkward enough to have a poodle-coif with green tint. I still have nightmares!

  127. My mom had my aunt perm my hair all the time up until 7th grade….then that Halloween some friends and I sprayed our hair pink, not knowing that it wouldn’t wash out of permed hair very quickly. I had faded pink hair for weeks. It was then I finally refused to get another perm.

  128. I have to go with the perm, (I had no clue what to do with) that I wore for five years early in my marriage. It hurts to even think about it!
    .-= Jane´s last blog ..The Most Dramatic Episode Ever! =-.

  129. My mom would perm my hair with blue perm rods( very small) It was so curly for about a year.

  130. Every day is a bad hair day for me. I’ve been blessed with nice and poodle like poofy hair that does not respond to anything from the store. And well as you said you can’t get professional stuff for free so I’m not sure it would work but I would love to try. Here’s and example of my hair. When it air dries it expands about 2 inches on each side with a funky wave to go with it. If I straighten it it frizzes and it looks like I have alfalfa hair everywhere. If I blow dry it straight it frizzes and regains the funky wave half way through the day. If I blow dry it in general well I’m back to looking like a poofy poodle. If I put anything in it my hair get’s greasy. My hair rejects any type of curl. Whether it’s done by a salon or at home so scrunching is out of the question. Need I say more?

  131. I was a gymnast growing up and we all wanted to look like Mary Lou Retton and Pheobe Mills. So. . .me and all my red, naturally curly hair got a mushroom cut. Unfortunately my wavy long hair went crazy curly when it was cut so short. The thing that really topped off my look was the Sally Jessie Rafael glasses I sported. Gotta love the early 90’s!

  132. I let my mom perm my hair when I was in elementary school. Sadly, some parts of my hair “took” better than others. It was a long process growing it out again.

  133. funny this should be one of your giveaway requirements so soon after my disaster hair experience! no joke. just posted yesterday about it on my blog. you can hop on over via link below, or keep reading.
    hormonal surge last friday morning at 1am. lopped it ALL off. by myself, with any old scissors i could find. terrible. husband did what he could to level it out, though he’s a construction worker and his grumbled sentiments were “i can’t believe you’re making me do this. i don’t even have a level.” bless his kind heart. he left money for me to call in a professional. called a new salon “muse” in downtown kennewick. wendy came in on her day off & fixed my cut beautifully. and really understood what i meant when i told her the stipulation was that i could not look like the mother of a 12 year old, since i am one. she said she never would have guessed, and had figured i was in my early 20’s. she should be sainted. turned out lovely, she even toned my hair color a bit. perfectly rescued ending to a perfectly heinous 1am friday morning catastrophe.
    .-= krromm´s last blog ..Once Again, Bring On the Conference & Cocoa! =-.

  134. Janelle Archey says:

    Where to start. I cut my own hair as a kid, hiding the hair under my brother’s bed, thinking if no one saw the cut hair they would never know. Then from 2nd grade until about 5th grade, my mom gave both my sister and I at-home perms so we looked like poodles. Then it was the over-gelled phase until I was in high school. After a few good years, I had it all hacked off to look like a cute picture I found in a magazine. Looked nothing like the picture. Instead I got boy-short hair until it finally grew out!

  135. My worst hairstyle ever was when I had a triangle haircut. I didn’t know my hair was curly so I kept getting these awful cute that made the bottom one big poof and the top totally flat….ugh!

  136. christa westbrook says:

    My worst hair would have to be the big 80’s bangs! Wow! Can anyone say hairspray?!!

  137. My worst haircut was just a few months ago. I decided I couldn’t wait and couldn’ afford a haircut so I did it myself. Big mistake! It looked like a giant mushroom since there were no layers. I paid $30 for a fabulous hair cut recenly just to fix the darn thing. And, yes, I’m almost 35 and did this to myself 🙂
    .-= Cherylene McDermott´s last blog ..Napkins =-.

  138. I must say that I have been blessed with pretty descent hair. When I was in high school people would always ask me what products I used on my hair to get it so strait and silky and shiny. I would tell them that I used Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner and then I didn’t have time to blow-dry my hair so I just left with my hair pretty much soaking wet (because it was true!). I kind of went through a crisis when I was in college and had a friend/hair stylist and cutter chop off my hair and highlight it and it looked amazing! Everyone, including complete strangers commented on my hair. Well, that was during one of my summer breaks in between semesters. When I went back to school that fall I needed my hair to be redone and went to some place in the small town. The lady used a bright dark strawberry color for the red highlights and a really light blond for the blond highlights (it should be noted I am naturally a dark brunette). Anyways, the bright dark pink strawberry color made me look like a punk-rocker slash skater girl. For those of you who don’t know me I am so not like either of those. My Organic Chemistry teacher gave me a weird look when he saw my hair. Also, some Physics teacher was really rude to me about it. My own physics professor apologized to me the next day for his rude comments.

  139. Ive had several years of bad hair! My experience stated in the 4th grade with the worst perm I had ever seen! I have never had my hair permed again! My hair being Long (down to my midback) and slightly wavy went so curly and frizzy with the perm that it looked as though i had stuck my finger in a light socket. That year started an entire stream of bad hair style, one which stuck around for a while was the 70’s fethered bangs. (Mind you, this was in 1997). I used way too much hair spray back then, way too much heat on my hair, and desperatly should have gone to a hair stylist for style tips. My hair now is much better, it still has its wave, but with proper styling i can wear it curly or straight.

  140. My family and I had to move back home with my parents until we found a new place to live with a job transfer. I had not been around for awhile and I really needed my haircut. I asked around on who was good and everyone agreed that this lady was really good. So I booked the appointment and was so glad to get my haircut. She cut it and I paid an outrageous $50.00 for the cut. I went home thinking my hair was good. I was in the kitchen talking to my mother and my aunt walks in and says,”What happened to your hair?” “Did your son get the scissors and cut your hair?” I said, “NO, I just got it cut, Doesn’t it look great?” She said, “Not really, one side is way longer than the other.” I went and looked and it was, and more than just a little. I cried and then I got mad. I called up the hair stylist and complained. I said, “for $50.00, I should get an even haircut! She refunded my money and then I made an appointment at my old hair stylist. She lives 2 1/2 hours away from me, but she is the only one I trust and I get a great haircut and color everytime.

  141. I’d have to say my worst hair experience was in college. I wanted to get blonde highlights in my hair, and was very hesitant to do an at-home kit. My roommate assured me she’d done it many times, and it always turned out great…….so she went to work. As she was doing the finishing the final rinse, she began to gasp…the blonde turned out to be more of a copperish, orangish horrible color. Rather than go to a salon…….we went to the local beauty supply store, asked the consultant for her suggestions, and left with a bottle of something that was supposed to blend/mellow it out. It blended all right…..clear through the rest of my hair!! I wore a hat for the rest of the day & ended up at the salon the next day! 🙂

  142. The lovely “Shag” haircut – was the worst!

  143. My mom kept my hair pretty short when I was little. It probably was due to my sensitive head and my hatred for French braids. I still have nightmares of sitting in church wearing a neck restricting pioneer girl dress and tight French braids. {shudder} When I was eight years old though, she let me choose the style. Yes! My inspiration? My Idol? Cindy Lauper! I loved Cindy Lauper, she was so punky and cool. If I could’ve had orange (or pink, I loved Jem too) hair with it shaved on one side I so would have! I found something that to my young eyes looked pretty punk rock. It was in one of the hairstyle books, it was a girl in a tough looking acid wash jean jacket…nice. She had spiky hair on top and longer hair in the back. PERFECT!!! Oh man, I thought I was going to look so COOL! I had that haircut for about two years. I think my mom relented on me getting to have long hair though. I visited Fantastic Sam’s much less frequently after that style.

    Years later, when I was newly engaged, I went with my future husband to get his haircut. While we were waiting for his turn, I found an old hairstyle book tucked away. I looked intently through, laughing at the old hairstyles that were so awesome in the 80’s. Then what did I come upon? Oh ya, it was the same spiky haired jean jacket kid that I loved way back when. I told Jeff that it was my haircut of choice and how cool I was. Upon further inspection, I realized that it was really a mullet, just jazzed up on top. Not only that…it was really a boy in the picture, not a girl. Yes, I was getting and wearing, with pride mind you, a boys haircut…nay, a boys mullet.

    I asked my mom, “Why on Earth would you let me do that? It was a boys haircut! Why?”
    Her response, “It just made you so happy and you were so excited, I didn’t have the heart to tell you.”

    Thanks Mom. : )

    I have a bunch more hair stories, but we’re only allowed one entry. I’m hoping in my next life my hair will be fabulous, until then I’ve got great stories.

  144. My mother was quite fond of giving me home perms! From the time I was 10-12 I looked like a poodle! not real wonderful for a budding young lady’s self esteem…lol, that which doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger!
    .-= Andrea´s last blog ..Weekend Excursions and Swaps in Progress =-.

  145. i wanted blonde hair so i bought the sun in product. you just spray it on and the sun will lighten your hair for you. it never went blonde more of a copper color. I then bought a box color and tried to go back to my original color but it went red. Had to grow it out and then went to the salaon to get it fixed. Will never dye my own hair again…..

  146. I can’t remember an exact horrible outcome, but I can remember a horrible process. I went and had my hair done at a beauty school. It was for a perm. Let’s say that after 5 hours I was a little tired of sitting. I don’t remember if it was good or bad after all that time.

  147. When my son was born, 30 years ago, all the rage for hair styles were afro’s. All my life, my Mom had given me perms because my hair was so fine and would not hold a curl otherwise. Well, I decided that I wanted one of those ‘fro hair styles. BIG mistake!! I looked like I had put ALL my fingers in the socket! This had to be the worst hair style ever.

  148. So, I was living several states away from home. And, for the first time I needed my hair cut and my mother wasn’t around. She isn’t a stylist or anything but my mom always did a good job. Well, I had this roommate who thought she should work in a salon. I however did not realize that she had no experience cutting hair. So, I asked her to just trim it. Just an inch or two-straight across. Nothing fancy. Well, after she was done, I went into the bathroom to look and she had cut me the most hideous bangs!!! I couldn’t believe it. I was so upset. A few weeks later I couldn’t stand it anymore so I got a $60 hair cut-I could have died paying that much, but at least my hair looked better and I knew that I could trust them.

  149. first off, i’m a guy. that being said, here’s the back story to my tale:

    in 7th grade, i decided that it’d be cool to have a mohawk. my hair was already shoulder length so i figured “what the hey. let’s give it a shot.” i went in to the salon and had the stylist clipper all of the hair on my head to the skin except a patch that was about 1 1/2 or 2 inches wide on top and only about 3 1/2 inches front to back. i failed to mention to her that this was to be a mohawk, so she shaved the back of my head completely. so now what hair i did have was still shoulder length, but there wasn’t much of it, so it was REALLY thin when it was down.

    at this point, i paid the lady and i went home to spike up my mohawk. no one told me anything about how to properly put up a ‘hawk. i tried gobs and gobs of gel, hairspray, pomade… you name it, i tried it. i could not get it to stand up. all i succeeded in doing was loading my hair up with product and making a huge, sticky, painful to clean mess on my head. so now i had some super-nasty ultra-thin hair, but i refused to finish shaving it off.

    the final straw came on the last day of school when i tried to spike it once again. and this is my bad-hair tale:

    my mom did some research on mohawks and decided that egg whites and hairspray were the best options for standing up a mohawk. so we made a cardboard cutout of my head and i layed on my side. mom spread my hair out over the wax paper covered cardboard and began applying eggwhites. then came the blowdryer. it half-baked the egg whites in my hair, but it wouldn’t quite stand up yet. half a bottle of hairspray and half an hour later and still no luck. now i had no mohawk and no time to clean the crap out of it. the base did harden enough to stand up though, so i had to spend the last day of 7th grade with half a mohawk that was half stood up. it looked like free willy’s dorsal fin, but on my head, and smelling of cooked eggs and joico hairspray. i shaved my head after i got home and cleaned up that day.

  150. Heather Garland says:

    My worst hairstyle EVER was a very short,short haircut I had in grade school with a very tightly curled perm 🙁 I looked like a poodle….or a fuzzy q-tip. Whenever I look back at pictures from that time I cringe! Please enter me in your fabulous giveaway! Thank you!

  151. Brooke Davis says:

    My mother had my hair cut when I was in fifth grade into a full on permed red-head mullet. It was hot especially with the 80’s gold sweater dress. Think bangs half way back on my head in tiny curls, and pasty, freckled face…HOT!

  152. Without a doubt, the blown out half-mullet/half-Farrah Fawcett ‘do I had in the sixth grade. Not bad if I were about 10 years older, but this was about 1990 when it really wasn’t cool any more. The photos are more than I can take… as if 6th grade wasn’t bad enough!

  153. Hi again, My worst haircut was when I was going to in Highschool. As a kind gesture my big sister decided to make an appointment for me to have my hair done with her stylists. I was sooo excited. I wanted a perm like no other. So I was talking to the styliest and she made it sound so wonderful. I continued through all the tourter for three hours. By the time I was done I was excited, it looked soooo good after she washed it. perfect ringlets…but then out came the blow dryer….ELECTRAFING….my hair was a frizzy mess. I never went down again. Everytime it dried it stood out by 2 feet on each side. I ended up cutting off. It was a waste of time and money. I have not had a perm since. 🙂

  154. I had the triangular do. I have ultra curly hair and when it gets to a certain length (if not layered) I have been told that it resembles that of Lady Gaga. Crazy, big and triangular!

  155. I purchased a promotional package deal from a salon and was so excited about the money I had saved. I went in and decided to have my hair permed. I informed the stylist that my hair was colored and that he would need to use a perm solution for colored hair. I let him go to it and after he finished I thought it was great. I asked him not to dry it I’ve had problems with perms before that were blow dried. About 30 minutes later as it starts to dry it keeps getting bigger and bigger. I finally realize that something wasn’t right. I call the salon and find out that he never used the colored hair perm solution. Needless to say I looked like a blond poodle for months. The worst part was that I am naturally a brunette and had to let this grow out before I could cut it because if I had dyed it again my hair may have fallen out. I also had to use at least a bottle of styling gel a week plus other products to keep that mess somewhat under control. So a great deal turned into a costly mess once it was all said and done.

  156. I was in 4th grade and have naturally curly hair. Not too curly, but enough that I have to blow dry it out if I want it straight. Well, in 4th grade, I got a mullet and went to school the next day and everybody loved it! I loved it too, isn’t that crazy? Well, my mom did not want to have to blow dry it out everyday, so the next day I had to get a perm. It was awful. Tight curls everywhere in the shape of a mullet. Yuck!

  157. Once my mom took me to the Hairmasters that was over by Safeway in Kennewick when I was 10. I wanted to be a cool kid so I asked my mom to wait for me. I went in asking for shoulder length hair with layers. Of course I looked NOTHING like that, I look like GARTH of WAYNES WORLD! My hair was huge and ratty. I kindly paid and tipped the lady and went out the door. I cried the whole way to the truck. My mom keep her face concerned and asked, “what is wrong”, I said sobbing, I look like Garth. She choked down her laughter and said it will be okay. Needless to say my mom came in EVERYTIME after that:)

  158. The worst hair mistake I ever made was in 12th Grade. I should have been old enough to know better, but I thought it would be great to get a perm with really tight, tiny curls. My hair was really long and the result was a terrible, frizzy mess. After enduring my whole senior year with terrible hair, I straightened it myself and that did the trick!

  159. One time after highlights I wanted to go back to my dark brown natural haircolor. I used a box of dark brown color and it turned my hair a nasty black shade that made me look like a witch with my pale skin. I found a bottle of no-name hotel shampoo, drenched my hair with it, and sat in the bathtub until purple goo dripped off of my head. I have not used a permanent dye since 🙂

  160. 7th grade side pony tail that I actually wore for school pictures. NICE!

  161. I have dark brunette hair. I never really thought there was anything wrong with it (which I know there isn’t) but for a time I thought being blonde would be fun and that my husband would like it more. Three things that stopped me in my “blonde” quest: 1. I am cheap (probably why I love your coupon tips so much). 2. My hair is too dark with too much red in it. 3. My hair grows faster than sea weed, which means lots of up keep on roots. After I had a friend use blonde dye in my hair, I had bright strawberry blonde/orange hair. It was a nice brassy color. It looked horrible with my olive skin tone. My husband was distraught. The next day I dyed it back. This experience taught me that I am not meant to be a blonde (although I have plenty of blonde moments). If I ever get the urge to go blonde again, I’ll just buy a wig.

  162. I was in my late 20’s had just had a baby and wanted a new hairstyle to look better. That was a big back fire. I went in an asked for a nice layer cut and perm, something along the lines of a Farrah Fawcett cut. What a mess, I had a cut that was only one layer, and the perm fell out with in a week or so. Never again. It takes a lot to get me in to a salon still till this day.

  163. Marciela Sabala says:

    I really never put chemicals in my hair until I was in my late 20’s, I seen my mom and sisters dye their hair and living with their experiences was enough to scare me. Well be “older and wiser” I decided to get a perm, I had at the time very long, thick hair, and I wanted to keep the length. I asked the hairdresser not to cut my hair just perm it. This was a week before I was going to baptize my daughter and I had foreseen myself with long wavey locks, controllable hair. But my hair didn’t turn out that way, I looked like BOZO with psycho hair, because my hair is so thick and not layered, it just stood there on my head like a big fluffy pillow! I had her cut it but it just looked like a smaller fluffy pillow! To this day I have never permed my hair. I’m older now and I’m just learning how to control it, I thank my mothers genes that I have thick hair!

  164. With curly hair, there is always some hair disaster on the horizon. The worst was when I went to a cheap hair cut place and the girl chopped and razered my hair while it was wet. You can only imagine what it looked like when it dried and the curl tightened up. UGH.
    .-= heather´s last blog ..So Says I: Brynners Edition =-.

  165. It was the summer before my freshman year in high school and the trend was to shave your sideburns and stop around the top of your ear. One day I attempted to do this by myself. One side was always longer than the other, so I continued to trim them. I eventually stopped when I had shaved off all the hair in front of my ear and the hair about an ½ inch above my ear. I had long hair at the time and when my mom saw it…. She freaked out. She took me down to her friends “Barber” shop. When I questioned her about a barber shop, she reassured me that they cut ladies hair, too. Reluctantly, I went in. My mom told the barber to “Even it out”.

    I told the barber I wouldn’t mind it a little shorter. I wasn’t facing the mirror when I was getting my “trim”. When I was turned around I saw that I was shaved all the way around my head. I gasped. My long hair was still piled on top of my head and I tried to get the barber to just leave it alone so it could cover my shaved head. I wanted to hide it. They didn’t want to do that or didn’t understand what I was talking about. Frustrated I told them “Just finish it”.

    I walked out of the barber that day with no long hair. I had been buzzed. All my hair was about ½ inch long. It was horrible! It took my whole high school experience to grow it out so I could style it again.

    …… short hair? Never again!

  166. My worst haircut was sadly done by me! In 6th grade, I chopped my bangs too short and there was school pictures the next day. Fun times.

  167. Vicki Wurgler says:

    my Mother permed my hair when I was in junior high – the curls were so tight-they just stuck out. she even let me stay home the day after I looked so bad

  168. Teresa Stracener says:

    What a fun giveaway!! This would be great for my hair!!

  169. I have learned my lesson when it comes to saving money on haircuts. I went to a discount haircutting place that shall remain nameless. I wanted an a-line cut. BIG MISTAKE. I ended up with a blunt cut in the front and a few layers in the back. I was horrible. My sister who doesn’t cut hair fixed it and it actually looked better. I got a haircut at a reputable salon a few months later. I told the girl that I’d gotten a really bad cut. As she was combing through my hair checking it out she kept muttering under her breath, “What the hell? What the hell?” It was awesome.

  170. Tawnya Simpson says:

    One time I got a layered haircut at a salon where the stylist just ripped my hair with the scissors. The only thing to do was let it grow out and stay away from the camera. I wore a lot of ponytails for a long long time.

  171. My mom used to do my hair with the one big curl in the front for bangs, then the “wave” over top of it, blown to one side with hairspray. For the sides, the thought it would be pretty to blow those out and cake on the hairspray, so it looked like I had “dumbo” ears …I don’t think I’m giving this thing was bad!Gotta love the late 80’s/early 90’s!
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..March of Dimes Gala 2010 =-.

  172. In 2004, I went to Walmart to get my hair highlighted for my sister’s wedding. For some reason, it didn’t turn out and then the lady tried to strip the color, leaving my hair ORANGE. Needless to say, I went to a professional and she highlighted my hair again using several different colors to hide the orange. It definitely helped although my hair had never been that color before and probably never will be again!
    .-= Kristin´s last blog ..Favorite "Toy" =-.

  173. Jennifer S says:

    Worst hair moment…5th grade, my mom and aunt decided they would give my short, layered hair a home perm just 2 days before school pictures were scheduled…it was a horrible, frizzy mess. I still remember how embarassed I was going to school for the first few weeks after the perm until the curls relaxed a bit. And that picture remains the worst photo of me yet!

  174. After having my little boy my hair was falling out like crazy and it was super long. I have long stringy curly but going straight hair. So I decided to have my husband just cut it straight across. Bad idea he has never had long hair and was not too good at it! Luckily I went the next day and had it fixed!

  175. My worst hair cut was when I cut my hair a little above my chin. I didn’t seem to matter what I did I looked like a muffin top!! I hated it so bad and just had to wait until it grew which seemed to take FOREVER!! Nothing shorter than shouler length for me!

  176. Back in 01 there was this cute cut that I wanted to try out. It was about shoulder length, layered, nothing extraordinary. Just different from my usual “just cut it across and keep it long” style. Mind you that I was getting this done at one of those “$6.99” places.
    Being naive about hair and such I was also interested in thinning out my hair thinking that it would be easier to maintain.
    Oh boy was I EVER wrong!! By the time I left the seat I had ended up with a butchered cut that left me looking like I was sporting a mullet. I pretty much looked like the Brady Bunch mom (at 19!!) and one side of my hair was thicker than the other. Basically an uneven Brady Bunch momish mullet!!!! I cried for 2 weeks and refused to leave the house without a beanie. When it was long enough I would put it into pigtails so no one would notice the awfulness. When I finally went in to have another stylist fix the uneveness she asked why I would ever fathom going to a “$6.99” place!! Yikes!
    Since then I have been so skeptical about who I have touch my hair as I would never want to experience that nightmare ever again.

  177. I can beat all those mullets!!! I actually thought it would be cool to shave the sides of my hair (my “side burns”) and even tried to shave lines in them so they looked really cool with my hair up in a pony-tail for softball games! I was in the 6th grade!! It took SOOO long for my sides to grow back in and even to this day I have little “baby hairs” that are only 5 inches long that never fully grew back! HUGE MISTAKE!!!

  178. Okay, I can’t even come close to some of these stories, but I did have the 6th grade perm and the bowl cut as a little girl. I like to blame both of those on my mother since I was still a minor though! 🙂

  179. When I was 8 I went through a faze where I hated to brush my hair. I walked around all the time with a snarly head of hair! Needless to say, my mother got tired of nagging at me to brush my hair. One day, in a frustrated huff, she cut it off! It ended up an uneven looking bowl cut. (She usually did a good job on haircuts, but was a bit overwrought that day!!!) She took me to JCPenney’s salon to get it “fixed”. I had to suffer through boy hair until it grew out!

  180. I have straight hair and thought it would be fun to have curls so my mom took me to get a perm. I looked like Orphan Annie when it was done. I hated it.

  181. One week before my sisters wedding, I decided I missed the strawberry blonde days of my youth and bought a festive auburn box color kit. My hair was already short and sassy and it was the middle of summer. The end result was, well, – a shocking, red Q-tip look. I washed and washed and washed it, since I knew my sister would be mortified with me in her wedding pictures. The final product was not quite as embarassing as I thought it would be, but let’s just say that I got several double takes at the “screaming, red” dye job on the bridesmaid in the reception line.

  182. When I was in 5th grade my mother decided to perm my hair, including my bangs. After it was complete the curls were so tight that I looked like a poodle. Whats worse is that a few days later, for whatever reason, the top layer of perm completely relaxed and went straight. So I spend at least 2 weeks walking around with quite possibly the strangest looking hair in the universe…tight curls underneath straight hair with super spiraled bangs to boot! I must have washed my hair 3 times per day for a month to get it to completely relax! That was my first and only perm!

  183. Well, up until I was in the fourth grade my mother pretty much picked my hairstyle…which was probably a good idea. So, that year I begged her to let me do what I wanted and she finally agreed. Well, I wanted a perm really bad so I got a hair cut just below the shoulder with bangs. Then a perm…really permed bangs! Then to top it off I didn’t use any styling products so I just had this huge puffy head. I apparently liked it though…my school pic that year is pretty sweet.

  184. A few years ago I was looking for a new hairstylist. I found a gal in the Portland area. I showed her a picture of an actress with dark blonde hair with some light blonde highlights. When she was done my hair looked yellow-blonde all over and to top it off, she even highlighted my eyebrows. I had to live with it for a while because I spent $75 to get it done and I wasn’t going to pay other $75 to get it fixed by someon else.

  185. sherry elvik says:

    The last time I dyed my hair, I got compared to the color of my car (burgandy), the pews in the church and everything that some what was burgandy! I have not dyed it since.

  186. Georgiana O. says:

    WOW, well I have more than one bad hair experience. We’ll start with the perm my Mom gave me and burned a chunk of hair on the back of my head that fell out. Then when I was older I decided to color my own hair and OMG, it turned out tinted GREEN! I had to call into work and schedule a same day hair appointment to get it fixed. What started out as a $6 color turned out to be around $100. I no longer get perms or would allow my Mom to give me one and I most definitely do not color my own hair! LOL

  187. My worst haircut was very recently. I stopped into the hair salon without an appointment and of course I got a rookie who butchered my hair. I’m still wearing a short ponytail.

  188. My worst hairstyle was a really short haircut. Some people even thought I was a boy from the back LoL. Well, since then I still sometimes keep short hair style but never that short ever. I also had a really bad perm, which made me look like 10 years older. After having two kids, now I keep my hair straight and simple, so much easier to take care of.

  189. I think the worst haircut was when I was little and my mom would cut my bangs for me. Needless to say she didn’t have the most steady hand and she forgot that when the bangs dried they would be shorter…..I ended up with bangs that went from a 1/2 inch to an 1 1/2 in length. Add to it the fact that I had permed hair and large glasses….it was a very “hot” look.

  190. Patricia Conrad says:

    I dyed my hair brown and then decided I wanted to be blonde again. Instead of doing highlights or a frost, I did a full head bleach and ended up looking like an albino.

  191. I have the straightest hair so every day is a challenge

  192. Beth Maxson says:

    My worse hair nightmare by far was when I was in the first grade. I had begged my mom for months to please let me get my hair permed. I had hair to about my ears with a little bit of natural red. Finally, she gave in and I wish she hadn’t!! I looked like little orphan Annie but with not as many freckles. Thank God hair grows!

  193. Myaela Cress says:

    My worst hair mistake was when I cut it short about 2 years ago. Ugh…so not cute. And it took way more time for me to style when it was short than it did to put in a ponytail when it was long. So much for rolling out of bed in the morning and heading to school.

  194. When I was in fourth grade my mom had my hair cut and permed. It was totally the mullet thing. Everyone loved it but me. I still shudder at the thought.

  195. I can’t believe others had this same haircut?! But when I was in the 8th grade I had one side of my head shaved really short and left the other side long to just above shoulder. I then permed that side for a half poodle doo! Don’t know what I was thinking?!? I thought it was super cool at the time! My parents were cringing. They have later said, “well if that’s the worst thing you ever did . . .”

  196. I just HAD to have a tight perm! Wel I got my wish so on my way home from my aunts house (she was nice enought to give me the perm) I bought a big can of Guiness (to help me forget what I looked like) and an industrial sized bottle of Pert Plus (my stepmom owns her own styling shop in Oregon and told me Pert Plus would strip that perm out) well it worked a little – not nearly enought, the next Monday at work I got a new nickname by all the construction guys and it is a little ex rated so I won’t share online. It has been over 10 years now and I still have the nickname:(

  197. i hope this still counts as an entry. my worst story is i highlighted a friends hair right before prom…and my poor friend was on the court 🙁 she had brown hair (originally) and it came out all striped and crazy.

  198. I guess my worst haircut was shortly after I cracked my head open and had staples in my head. I went to a beauty school and asked for the most experienced gal they had. I think she was just there the longest because she kept flunking the course, because she was terrible. I told her to just be a little careful in the back because I had staples in my head which totally freaked her out. When she went to wash my hair she didn’t want to touch anything and only washed the front and then she cut my bangs way too short and uneven and wouldn’t hardly touch the back of my head, so she made all her cutting in the front. Needless to say I had to go to someone else and fix the horrible mess of a cut she gave me. I learned my lesson and pay a little more for a good haircut and avoid those girls in beauty school who have been there a LONG time!!

  199. My hair has always been VERY straight so one year I wanted it to look special for Christmas so my mom spent about 2 hours putting it up into small pin-curls. I let it dry and took it out right before going to Christmas mass and I looked like Bozo the clown. I have really thick hair and all those curls made it huge! I didn’t have time to wash it out before church so I had to go like that–but believe me it got washed as soon as I got home!

  200. Probably my worst hair stage was right after I had my first daughter. I have always had long hair and decided to cut it really short. It just didn’t look good! I have always had straight hair as well and it got this weird wave after I had her so it made it 10 times worse with short hair and still having baby weight. It just wasen’t cute!

  201. When I was in 5th grade my mom had this “brilliant idea” to perm my bangs so that they would always stay curled. My best friend and her mom came over and we permed our bangs…just our bangs…bad idea! They were just a frizzy mess all the time! One good thing-we look back and laugh at it now.

  202. I look back to my grade school pics and I always had the feathered bangs until 6 grade where I was going my bangs out! Wow not a pretty pic. I might just remove that one from my scrapbook!

  203. Well, I can’t blame myself or the hairdresser, I blame my mother! I have naturally curly hair but good ‘ole mom thought it’d be GREAT to get a perm. Worst.idea.Ever! I had a concert the night after, and I wished I could have worn a hat. Needless today, it was traumatic!

  204. Worst haircut was a bob haircut at 20, I looked like I was 5 for months!

  205. My mom gave me a perm at about age 5, I looked like Annie. It was awful at the time, I remember being in tears! My hair was already naturally curly and this just made it worse!

  206. My worst haircut was my last haircut. The hairdresser that I was seeing went on maternity leave. I made an appointment with another stylist in the salon. She was supposed to trim my really cute pixie, instead she gave me a MOW HAWK / crew cut!!! Eek! Not a good look! My family first was shocked, then they haven’t been able to stop laughing. I cannot wait until it grows out!

  207. I used to cut my own hair (well, not going to lie, i STILL do most of the time)… one time i had made my hair pretty unfortunately uneven and ended up having to cut all my hair off… old school mia farrow style, except terrible and sticking up all over!

  208. In 6th grade, I was trying to grow out my hair except it would give my mother fits when it was in my eyes. She kept insisting I clip it back or she was going to cut it. I wouldn’t listen so one morning she grabbed a pair of pinking shears and cut my bangs..they were so short and uneven I was mortified. After that, I listened when she told me to clip my hair out of my eyes even though it was a long time before that ever happened doesn’t seem to grow that fast when you’re a kid.
    .-= shel´s last blog ..Here’s the Skinny from The Divine Miss Mommy =-.

  209. Worst Hair Do Ever-

    The “Q-Tip”


    Thanks mom. Wait, no thanks…
    .-= Celeste´s last blog ..Freebie Albert! $5 Gift Card to Babies R Us! =-.

  210. Yep Bad Perm. I had the frizzy poodle perm that would scare you away. For some reason I thought it was cool. To top it all off I hair sprayed my bangs a mile high and they called me the shinny mountain in middle school!
    .-= amber bustanoby´s last blog ..Albertsons Double Deals =-.

  211. I used to get perms all the time in high school and my mom would give them all to me. i LOVED them then but looking back at the pictures now….wasn’t as good as I thought it was!!!

  212. Rebecca Janosky says:

    I remember when I was little, I my mom would cut my bangs. I have a HUGE cowlick and there would always be a spot that was shorter. That’s not the worst though! Once she cut my bangs straight across (not like the cute little styles you see today). I had two little points where my bangs ended on both sides of my head! It was HORRIBLE!

  213. I was born (many years ago) wtih natural curly hair but that wasn’t good enough for my mom. Her friend had just bought a new perm machine – yes, machine – one of those nightmares with wires and clips. Being typical moms, they decided to try it out on the kids first. So I got fried and burned with only a couple of fresh raspberries and Mom’s apologies for being one of their guinea pigs. Fortunately it grew back OK after drying up, crinkling and leaving little fuzzy deposits in the sink.

  214. Kelsey Short says:

    I had a bad perm in high school, as well as a bad box kit hair dye! It was meant to be a dark brown with red, and it turned orange~! Woops!

  215. Short hair cut in red….its just hair right? it’ll grow out? SLOWLY!

    I let my mother in law talk me into a short haircut, it wasn’t that bad, but I also had it dyed red, and it looked good at the time of the cut.

    But the stylist wasn’t very good because a week later it looked like I had chopped my own hair off and it was shaggy, and not fixable! Worst of all, it was 3 inches long, so it took forever to grow out, and there was no way to hide or make it better until it did. a very very long year!

  216. It would have to be my first perm. I was twelve and didn’t have the skills to make it look nice. Plus, in those days, perms smelled like SKUNK!

  217. 2nd grade – no front teeth, mom put curlers in my hair at night to sleep in and then never got brushed out in the morning. VERY defined curler curls and no front teeth – it was awful!

  218. My mom started permiming my hair when I was 5! Who does that to a poor kid?! So I had short, kinky, smelly hair!

  219. Heather D. says:

    My worst hair mistake was getting my hair cut at a cheap hair place in the mall in England. I asked for long layers and ended up with the stragest cut ever. I’ve never seen it before or since. It had a long mullet in the back, was short on the sides with huge Elvis chops in the front. I think something was lost in translation.

  220. I have VERY curly hair and when I was a kid, not only did my mom not take me to professional hair stylists, but didn’t use hair care products (other than shampoo) on my hair. And as a kid, I had no clue about the world of available hair care products so I was basically a walking poofball – kind of like an extra fluffy looking poodle. seriously. When I was about 9, my mom got it into her head that a “shag” hairdo would look cool. It. Did. Not.

    I was just then a walking poofball that looked uneven with a long mullet style tail out the back. Worst hairstyle ever. That year Santa Claus even mistook me for a boy. All true.
    .-= leslie´s last blog ..beat the budget! – week 4 =-.

  221. Last year I wanted to save some money and have my neighbor color my hair….long story short after several dye jobs to get it to a light brown/blonde color my hair was actually grey! I’m still in my 30’s I don’t want grey hair! We finally made it a dark color which was a little better.

  222. 8th grade. girl mullet. permed. (to get a visual, big gap between front two teeth) thank heavens for orthadontics and not making that mistake again.

  223. Pauline Turner says:

    My worst haircut ever was in 6th grade. Short and choppy. I hated it. To this day, getting my hair cut and/or permed makes me nervous!

  224. Josette Julio says:

    I decided to color my hair using a store bought color and didnt know a difference between ash, golden etc. So I i=picked a ash brown and after I died my hair I got a lovely green tint to my hair. Only I didnt realize it had the green tint until I went to work the next day and everyone was asking what did I do to my hair. I was so embarrassed.

  225. Anne Henriksen says:

    My hairdresser tried to cover my gray, but the color took on my dark roots, but not on my blond highlights that had grown out. I had black roots and blonde hair!

  226. When I was in 2nd grade my sister who is 3 years older than me, told me she knew how to cut hair, So I believed her and let her cut my hair, she used a bowl to put over my head and cut all around it. It still haunts me to this day, I was laughed at for a long, long time.

  227. i once bought a set to frost my hair. I let my mom do it for me, and ended up with the whole top of my head blond!!!!

  228. i let my best friend cut my hair with a pair of regular scissors. she was not a hair stylist and the scissors were dull. she cut one side of my hair really short and uneven. (and this was in college, not grade school or anything). I had to go back to school and have my roommate fix my hair which consisted of cutting it up to my ears to make it even again. stupid, stupid, stupid….

  229. I tried highlighting my hair myself at home—It was awful!! I had platinum blonde hair on top—and dark brown underneath. I went to get it fixed at the salon–and ont top of everything I had the worst haircut I’ve ever had!! I was butchered….really short–it was not a plesant summer.

  230. My worst hair was self inflicted… I was young, but not that young… old enough to remember… probably my later elementary school years, but my bangs were killing me, in my eyes, so of course I chopped them. My mom had to go out to buy the tiniest curler she could find to barely curl them under. I’m glad hair grows, but just not fast enough sometimes.

  231. When I was 11 or so, I got my hair cut to about my chin – just one straight length. My frizzy, semi-curly hair turned into a poofy mess that sort of haloed my head. I didn’t cut my hair short again for almost a decade, and when I finally did, I made sure layers were a part of the cut!

  232. cindy rivera says:

    When I was about 15 I was forced to do my confirmation, so the day of the ceremony my mom obviously wanted to get my hair did , like for all occasions in our lives new hair etc.. anyway so we go to our local hair salon.. and they have a new girl in , my mom leaves my beautiful hair in their care.. I asked for loose curls , since my hair was shoulder lengnth.. after an hour and a half. this new girl gave me curls so tight to my scalp I looked like SOPHIA from the Golden Girls.. I went into panic mode..everyone I knew would be at the church!! I was a 15 yr old girl with a 80yr old womans hairdo!!! I cried for 20 min and to top it off everyone in my fam are photo freaks! thank god my mom came in to rescue and demanded they do it all over again and charged less.. somehow I ended up with semi loose curls , but the biggest headache from all the hair pulling and yanking …from that day on I did my own hair! if not in a really good hair salon..

  233. In the fifth grade my mom gave me a super-short pixie cut and then permed the top…only the top. I looked like a backwoods-grandmother. Totally not cool for a 10 year old. I was already fighting for something other than nerd status and then I had the hairdo to prove Brett Casey made the right decision by ignoring my every elementary attempt at true love. When I got my school pictures back that year I destroyed every one of them slowly over time so my mom wouldn’t notice. Thankfully none of those beauties exist; the painful memories, however….that’s a whole other story!

  234. Oh that had to be the haircut to look like the Beatles.

  235. My worst hair style was when I shaved 1/2 of my head. I fit what I could in a pony tail and the part that didn’t fit in- I shaved. Once my hair grew in a little, my best friend shaved in a smiley face and colored it in with markers! We laugh about this now, but there’s no way I’m ever going to do that again. It took forever for my hair to grow out, but at least I can say we were always experimenting with our hair. I can’t believe I’m admitting this to you. Haha.

  236. Apryl Sherf says:

    When I was maybe 15 or 16 I wanted blue hair sooooooo bad. My grouchy father wouldnt let me, so I took matters into my own hands. My 2 sisters and I sat up all night with any kind of blue marker we could find and ‘colored’ my hair. When I would give my boyfriend a hug on lean on him, I would turn his neck blue……I was so embarrassed. Thank goodness it never rained!

  237. I once got a color that turned almost white and I was only 20!
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..4 Months Old =-.

  238. I have curly hair and tried bangs in junior high. They ended up curling up and out no matter what I did. Yikes!

  239. My worst hair experience was when I was 21. I was recently married and living in Texas to my husband in the army. The neighbor in our apt. complex suggested we get some hair color from Walmart and color each others hair. My hair is light brown and was supposed to turn a lighter color but turned out Jet Black! I didn’t leave the apt for 2 weeks…ughhh!

  240. When I was 17 I went to Americuts and asked for my hair to be like a picture (which was long hair that I had) and they cut it all off and I looked like a boy in my senior year book picture, I cried the whole way back home. I am 43 now and it still bugs me LOL

  241. I once let my friend who was going to school to cut hair do my hair. Oh no. That was a very bad idea. She started by highlighting, she messed up so tried to fix it. I ended up with bleach blond hair, it was nearly white. And my haircut! It wasn’t even straight. Needless to say it cost a ton to get it fixed. I learned my lesson and she never touched my hair again!

  242. Yeah, so I thought I’d go for a nice chestnut brown to cover my sort of strawberry blonde locks…it grabbed really hard and went jet black…talk about goth…the way to get it to come out quicker without processing it again was to shampoo multiple times with dandruff shampoo…

  243. My mom gave me a perm when i was little and it was the worst ever!! I look at pictures now and i cringe. No more perms for me!

  244. I tried to lighten my hair with sun-in remember that stuff..any ways it was orange!
    .-= Colette´s last blog ..Dodge Ball =-.

  245. My worst hairstyle was in 1988. The BIG 80’s! Everyone had big hair except for me. My hair was stick straight and fine. I tried to curl my hair to make big bangs and it just wouldnt work! I kept moussing and aqua netting it that I finally had it sticking straight up. When I turned to the side it looked like I had hit a brick wall. I still have not lived that down. They show that picture at every reunion!!

  246. When I asked the hairstylist to cut layers. All I got was one around the top of my head and the rest of my hair was down past my shoulders. Gotta love it!

  247. Bad hairstyle: 80’s ponytail to the side of my head.
    .-= crystal´s last blog ..Free Toy from Sears! =-.

  248. Oh man.. the worst hair mishap of my life is still growing out..heres how it went down:
    I decided to lighten my hair while visiting relatives in a small town..I selected the male stylist ( or so he calld himself ) because I have always had the best of luck with the opposite sex hairdressers.. anyway he bleached my naturally black elbow length hair twice… no need for a cut as my hair literaly broke and split up to my shoulders…2 yrs later ( finally brunette again ) my hair is just getting past my shoulders… *tear

  249. A bob with a perm that my mom did at home!!!!!

  250. Oh… My first time straightener burnt my hair!! I used it and it made my back hair curly after I used it. Never grew the natural hair back again since. After that, I am afraid to use straighteners. 🙁

  251. Tricia Moreno says:

    My mother gave me a short “dorothy Hammel” Hair cut when I was little! It was awful!

  252. I did the Sun In spray. Instead of blonde it turned my hair orange. Luckily 3 bottles later and lots of blowing drying and totally destroying my hair I got it to a more blonde color. I never did that again. when you have long hair, the grow out takes forever.
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Albertson’s Quaker Sale =-.

  253. Years ago I had short hair that was longer on one side & to top it off the longer side was permed !! Isn’t it fun to look at old pictures and think …. we actually thought we looked good too !!

  254. My worst hair cut was just before my senior pictures were to be taken. My friend was suppose to do a trim; didn’t end up that way though.

  255. Years ago I was desperate to get some length off the back of my hair and could not seem to figure out how to do it myself so I asked my 6 year old daughter to help me out…NOT the best idea!! That was the last time I tried that “cost saving” method of a hair cut…Ü

  256. Had my mom, a beauty school drop out, do my hair for 15+ years. This equates to 15 years of bad hair-do….Need I say more?

  257. Worst (most regretted) hairstyle would either be the perm I got in 6th grade (that I blamed for my lifelong frizzy hair afterward) or the “Shag” style I got (can’t- or don’t want to remember what grade that was!) Both were horrible!

  258. I wanted Farrah Fawcet hair and I got it! My daughter was 4 at the time and when I walked in, she clung to my Mom. It took a good 30 minutes before she knew for sure it was me. Ugh!!

  259. I had a perm when I was younger and that was really popular. I hated it though and the boy I had a crush on called me “popcorn head”. It was awful. The worst thing about a perm is YOU”RE STUCK WITH IT!!


  261. My worst hairstyle? In college we used some curlers for an activty/talent show we were in. Well, before when I’ve done this, we’ve used a comb to “tame” the tight curls. Unfortunately, this night, the comb made my curls into an afro type mess. I ended up having to call a friend of mine to come over and fix the mess, as it was literally 20 min. before I had to leave…so redoing it was out of the question. Never attempted that since!
    .-= Nicki Young´s last blog ..Sickness =-.

  262. I got a spiral perm in 6th grade because all of my friends were getting them. I had the biggest, most poofy perm that would NOT go away! I think it lasted about a year when all is said and done. It was the perm that would not end. Needless to say, class pictures were a nightmare that year. 🙂

  263. I thought it would be fun to try to dye my hair at home for the first time, save some money and not have to go sit at the salon all day. So my husband said he could help. I got the one that you put a plastic cap on your head and pull the hair through, and just do a few highlights….needless to say it turned out horrible not only did he pull too much hair through my hair turned orange!!!!!(it was suppose to be blonde) It was crazy nasty!! And it was also burned and dry and frizzy. I had to go to the salon the next day and pay $100 to get it fixed…It is funny now but back then it was not!!!! I wish I had a picture!! =)

  264. The week before my wedding I got what was supposed to be a body perm. It turned out to be a very tightly curled frizzy one! I cried every time I went past a mirror. So on the big day my mom paid for me to go to a different hairdresser and have the perm loosened. Still not great but much better!
    .-= TIffanee´s last blog ..Barbecue Meatballs =-.

  265. When I was younger my Dad took me to get my haircut and didn’t tell them I was a girl…so I had a bowl-cut

  266. I remember trying something new and having some highlights put in my hair. When I was finished it was late and because of the bad lights it looked ok. It wasn’t until I was in Seattle walking in the sunlight the next day that my husband looked at my hair and gasped, “Your hair is hot pink”. I did not realize instead of a redish color it was “HOT” pink. (how embarrasing) I was at my daughters track meet… in the face and pink in my hair. lol

  267. I got a perm in high school that turned out really frizzy. I thought I was cool, but looking back I was SO not! Not only was it frizzy, it burned the tar out of my head and a ton of hair fell out.

  268. wayyyyyy bad perm..but, the 80s were so fun that it did not matter at the time, just looks very bad looking back!

  269. I once tried to dye my hair light brown. well It turned ORANGE!

  270. When I was little my mom thought it would be great to cut my hair short (like a boy) and then perm it. Seriously Mom…. what were you thinking!

  271. Lisa Ahrendt says:

    I was fresh out of college, living in NYC. I wanted to go to a very fashionable salon in Manhattan and saved my money for several months. Finally my well-earned day at the spa arrived. Little did I know that I would walk out looking like Gozer from Ghostbusters…imagine…spiked purple hair! lol

  272. I have had a really bad perm and it took months for it to grow out.

  273. I had always wanted to highlight my hair, being 19 and on my own I decided to buy a “at home kit”. I thought I followed the directions, but wound up with very orange hair, EVERYWHERE! I had decided not to highlight but do all of my hair, and being in the ’80s there was alot of it. My boyfriend (now my husband ) had a solution, which was to go to his mom’s who was a hair dresser, for the eldery. She “tried” to darken it, which only made it a dark orange. I didn’t think it was so bad til I saw a picture of myself a couple weeks later…..WOW! It was really bad.

  274. Andrea Palmer says:

    When I was 13 I wanted to have blonde hair. I have naturally dark hair and when my girlfriends and I got finished my hair was orange and brassy looking. I was totally embarrased and vowed to never do my hair myself again!

  275. A really bad layered haircut.

  276. I don’t cut my hair too often, I like it long. But I decided once to give it a shot. So I went to a hair dresser that a friend liked and I asked for long layers. After arguing with me she insisted what I was asking for was “short layers”. Turns out she was the one who was wrong and she was the one who was suppose to know what she was talking about. I ended up with her version of “long layers” and it looked like I had puppy dog ears since the layers on top were literally on TOP of my head. For anther visual…It also looked like I had a bowl cut, but with long hair coming out from underneith the “bowl”. I’m pretty sure I only had like 1 layer if you know what I mean. It was awful. And I had to wear it in a pony tail for a month atleast. Needless to say, I dont cut my hair too often to this day. 🙂

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