Giveaway : Shelf Reliance Cansolidator Pantry{Giveaway Over}


I am so excited about this final giveaway for my Blog Birthday Celebration!   

Shelf Reliance is giving away to one lucky winner a

Cansolidator Pantry!!

What exactly is Shelf Reliance? Its a company that specializes in the most perfect organizers for food storage, emergency prepardness, and emergency kits.  The Cansolidator Pantry {pictured above}  is so perfect for us couponers who buy in bulk and need a place to store our goods.  I know a few people who have this product and I’m totally jealous.

I’m still storing my bulk items in the guest room closet. But not for long…I hope to get a few of these Cansolidators and put all my canned goods inside.  Its such a great way to rotate your food too! Plus it can hold up to 40 cans..and is totally adjustable, expandable,  and stackable.

They have lots of other types of shelving units you can buy at like this Harvest Pantry below. I like this one.. I like it a lot. I will be dreaming about having this in my garage some day..

If you want to keep up with all of  Shelf Reliances  networks  and updates can see them on their Blog,  Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can buy their products at or at Costco and Walmart! I heard from my friend that you can get the cansolidators at our local Costco for $22.99! What a steal of a deal.

 To Enter this Giveaway  In honor of Valentines Day {the day of loooove} coming up..I thought I would ask you about your first date. Was it the most perfectly wonderful day ever ..or was it the date from  you-know-where? What do you remember most about that special first date?   

Example: My first date was out to a school formal dance. I didnt have a nice fancy dress to wear so a neighbor of mine lent me this lacy white dress..and I actually thought it was pretty. (little did I know it was actually her wedding dress..*looking back now I think I could die..*) We went out to dinner and I was so nervous that I just ordered like a small dinner salad – the teeny ones, and a water. My date was like..what you’re not hungry? And I said… no not really, even though I really was.  And the date went on. It was fun..but really uncomforable and nerve wrecking for me.

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  1. best date of my life. we’re married now!

  2. My first date was fantastic! We are married now! My husband took me to the fair! we had so much fun! We shared an elephant ear then got on the Ferris wheel! It is still our yearly tradition to go to the fair on a date night 🙂

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  5. I also already get your e-mail updates 🙂 They come straight to my phone!
    Thank you for all of the great giveaways this week!

  6. My first date was to my homecoming dance. It was also my first kiss, and the first date with my husband, the love of my life!

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  9. Melissa M says:

    I just signed up for the Shelf Reliances email newsletter.

  10. Melissa M says:

    Our first date was great – we talked for hours and closed down the restaurant! I feel like I have known him my entire life. We have been married for 6.5 years. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband!

  11. Melissa M says:

    I became a fan of Fistful of Coupons on Facebook and a made a post about your website on my profile. Thanks for all you do – it is much appreciated!

  12. Melissa G says:

    My first date with my husband he was 2 hours late!

  13. Melissa G says:

    I am a fan on facebook!

  14. Melissa G says:

    I subscribe through google reader.

  15. My first date was roller skating at the rec hall

  16. My first date was to a Freshman Winter dance with a boy I didn’t even like. I wasn’t 16 yet, and my parents threw a fit–but hey–I told the boy “yes,” and didn’t want to disappoint. His parents drove us around (cute, huh?), and we went to Chilis for dinner. I spotted 2 of my girl friends who were going to the dance dutch, and asked them to come eat dinner with us–to make it bearable. Went to the dance–and wished I was dancing with another boy the entire time. The boy I was with really liked me, and insisted we dance the last song of the night (Celine Dion’s “Coming Back to Me Now”), which is a beautiful song, but UNBEARABLY long when you want the night to end! 🙂
    .-= Alisa´s last blog ..Americasmart =-.

  17. My first date was with a boy I’d already been “going out” with for a few weeks. It was a horror movie that was terrible, and when he leaned in to kiss me I felt like I was going to throw up. Not a good date! I don’t think we stayed together much longer after that!

  18. I subscribe to the email feed.

  19. first date was to a school dance, I was the driver and I had only had my licence for two days. After two close calls, my older date drove us all home. I was terrified!

  20. Cray Hall says:

    I don’t recall my first date but remember my first date w/DH. We went canoeing & I remember thinking he was very easy going. Just goes to show you should never rely on first impressions. We’ll celebrate our 20th anniversary this Halloween.

  21. I am a fan on facebook!

  22. My first date was fantastic! It was impromptu, involved ice cream and led to years of happiness in marriage. We just celebrated our 13th anniversary, 🙂

  23. I am a fan on Facebook!

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  25. My first date was supposed to be a double date, which turned into me and my date with his dateless friend. It was a little awkward!

  26. I don’t remember my first date! With my hubby, was at a ski swap.

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  30. Teresa Stracener says:

    Wow that’s a tough one. I don’t think I ever really went on a date. Sorry!!

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  33. My first date I had dinner at his house with his entire family. I was no nervous, and incredibly shy! Dinner was great–his mom’s stroganoff. Part way through the meal, I had just taken a bite when I felt a sneeze coming on. I chewed as fast as I could, with no luck. I sneezed my food all over my date who was sitting across from me. (To this day I don’t know why I didn’t grab a napkin!!) After that, I stayed out of the dating pool for a while.

  34. Wow I don’t remember my first date. I do remember my 1st date with my husband. We went out to Applebee’s and then we went to a movie. After that we went to a couple of bars and ended up at his place. We spent the night talking and had a great time.

  35. I don’t remember my actual first date, but my first date with my husband was supposed to be to the Tim McGraw concert (my sister had free tickets). But during the two weeks between asking him out (yes, I asked him) and the concert, we went miniature golfing for the first date, which he asked me to 🙂 We’re now expecting in May!

  36. I already subscribe to the email updates.
    .-= Amber´s last blog ..Callie and Andrew =-.

  37. My first date was pretty hysterical. It was on my 16th birthday. I fell down the stairs at his house, got hit in the face playing volleyball, and blanked out the rest of the embarrassments on the date.
    .-= Lisita´s last blog ..Chocolate Cheerios =-.

  38. I’m signed up for shelf reliances newsletter.
    .-= Lisita´s last blog ..Chocolate Cheerios =-.

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    .-= Lisita´s last blog ..Chocolate Cheerios =-.

  40. My first date with my husband was to an Italian hole-in-the-wall restaurant in a little tiny town. It was a very uncomfortable date after dinner… he was falling asleep while we were talking. The date ended short, and I was sure he didn’t like me.

  41. I am already subscribed to your e-mails.

  42. I don’t remember my very first date, but do remember my first date with the hubs. We went to see Legends of the Fall in the theater. A bunch of friends met us there and sat behind us. Just when things were getting ‘good’ the friends started singing ‘sha lalalalala don’t be shy…you gotta kiss the girl’. So embarrassing!

  43. I am a fan on facebook! 🙂

  44. I signed up for Self Reliance email!

  45. My first date was with one of my good guy friends. But we actually went out on a group date and it was before Home Coming. We all had an awesome time, went out to eat first and then to the dance and partied there all night. It was awesome.

  46. I updated my FB status.

  47. My first date was amazing. It was a group date. The guys had rented a limo and we drove for 30 miiles to an Olive Garden and then back to go to a school dance. Lots of fun 🙂

  48. My first date was probably to a dance in High school, not quite sure. My first date with my husband was a blind date and we met at outback. It was my first blind date and last! We hit it off and have been together ever since!

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  51. My Husband was the first guy to ever take me on a real date. I was excited and nervous! We went to Billy McHales resturaunt and I ordered a teriyaki chicken burger. UBER messy to eat!!! What was I thinking??? We still laugh about it today.

  52. My first date was to see the Beach Boys play on the 4th of July in Washington, DC. I’m pretty sure we were the youngest people there, and we had terrible seats. We ended up leaving and sitting in a pizza joint for a few hours instead, and then got a flat tire on the 3 hour drive home. That poor guy just had the worst luck!

  53. I updated my status on facebook!

  54. On our first date, Jeremy’s car broke down on the freeway. This was before cell phones so we had to walk for help. Some German foreign exchange students stopped and picked us up. They then drove us back to where my car was parked. We actually had a great time with all of this!

  55. I am signed up for emails updates.

  56. Signed up for Shelf Reliance’s newsletter. Their products look soo cool…I need to get several of their items!

  57. I’m a fan!

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  59. My first date with my husband is laughable for sure. He had wanted to take me to Skipper’s in Pasco…which is closed now! But, not for romance. He was craving it!

    To make a long story short. The cashier was difficult is every sense of the word. It was raining outside, and inside too!

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  66. My first date was with a really sweet boy that went to the same church with me. We doubled with his best friend. We went to a movie and then out for milkshakes at McDonalds. I was too shy to tell my date that I wasn’t (and am still not) a fan of milkshakes so it took me forever to get it down. The whole date wasn’t anything unusual but it was a really good first date since I was treatly wonderfully, my date was a perfect gentleman, and it was fun! I just wish all the dates after that with other guys could have been as nice!
    .-= leslie´s last blog ..Frugal Friday – use your fabric scraps for gifts or items to sell =-.

  67. My first date was a girls choice dance. We had dinner at my house and I accidentally burned the steaks. Oops.

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    .-= leslie´s last blog ..Frugal Friday – use your fabric scraps for gifts or items to sell =-.

  69. My first date was with my neighbor, he was always so helpful to my dad around the house and he was older than me. He took me to a really nice restaurant, I don’t even know what I ordered but I’m sure I ate well and then to the dance, it was a little weird because I had known him forever and found out that night that he really liked me. Unfortunately I only sort of liked him and mainly because my parents did. I spent the rest of the year avoiding him when I could.

  70. I signed up for your email updates! Can you tell I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want one?!!! They look awesome!
    .-= leslie´s last blog ..Frugal Friday – use your fabric scraps for gifts or items to sell =-.

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    .-= leslie´s last blog ..Frugal Friday – use your fabric scraps for gifts or items to sell =-.

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  74. Honestly, I don’t even remember my first date. Must have been a killer, right? But the first date with my husband was rafting in Jackson Hole, WY- definitely memorable!
    .-= heather´s last blog ..It’s ALWAYS about perspective, isn’t it? =-.

  75. My first official date on my 16th birthday. My date was arranged by my parents as part of my birthday- so I paid for dinner with a gift card they gave me. The guy had sort of been a boyfriend I had from school.
    After dinner we broke-up. Very sad.

  76. I don’t really remember my first date except that it was with my best friend’s older brother. I don’t remember what we did at all, I just remember the thrill and the slight awkwardness since he was her brother and I had known him since I was 10.

  77. I’m signed up for your emails

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  80. My first date was prom. I went with a boy I really wasn’t interested in, and I’m pretty sure we wasn’t interested in me either. He didn’t want to dance, talk, or do anything social. Thankfully we went with a group of friends so I had people to socialize with. Isn’t being 15 fun?

  81. I signed up for Shelf Reliances email newsletter, though I used a different email address so if you’re actually checking up on me, it’s under a different one 🙂

  82. Picked up by his parents, went to see a movie, They picked us up, took me home. Pretty normal date, besides we couldn’t drive yet!

  83. I don’t remember my first date 🙁 I can’t even remember who my first date was with! How sad! My first date with my husband was to 8th street Winery in Boise. It was the first time either of us had been there and it became ‘our’ restaurant. Like many downtown Boise restaurants it closed last year 🙁

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  87. My first date we took my husband’s cousin with us to the fair. He had just broken his foot and we got to push him around the fair in a wheelchair, which was great for me when the guys wanted to ride the rides and I didnt…. I had a chair to sit on and rest. 🙂 It was fun though. We went to a Mark Wills concert there and all got sick on the rides. 🙂

  88. I am a FB fan

  89. I am an email subscriber too

  90. My first date, awkward. I just wasn’t very social and always felt awkward in those situations.

  91. I signed up for their newsletter. These would be great in my new pantry!

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  94. Renee Dahlgren says:

    My first date was pretty normal – dinner and a movie – nothing traumatizing or funny happened. Years later I found out that the guy now “plays for the other team” though!

  95. Renee Dahlgren says:

    I’m already a subscriber! 🙂

  96. I’m a fan on facebook!

  97. My first date with my husband was super simple, I think we even ate at McDonald’s! OOOh big spender he was! But I still love him to death!

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  99. I am a FB fan!!!!

  100. I’ve always wanted one of these!

    My first date I went jetskiing with a guy and his whole family. He really liked to take girls on their first date, so he made a point to tell me this was a date. It was a lot of fun since I’d never been jetskiing. The guy and I were friends but that’s it.

  101. My first dating was generally in groups and the guys were friends and so nothing really stands out to me. So weird that I don’t remember which was my first! ugh.

  102. I’m a subscriber.

  103. Actually I am still waiting for my first date – still waiting for the right guys. In my dreams the date is wonderful! but we will see when it finally arrives. 🙂

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  105. My first date was a group date; we went to a ranch and went on a sleigh ride and had dinner. It was fun. I didn’t like or dislike the boy that I was with so it was fun.

  106. My first date was the night after I turned 16. A boy that I liked took me out to dinner and then to the park to play night games with friends. It was very fun!

  107. My first real date was when in middle school. A boy had asked me out and I was so not interested. Well my bestfriend to my mom, and she wasn not happy at all. She told me that you should give everyone a chance. I was mordified. So ultimatly I consented and went out with him, it was ok we went to a movie TITANIC, however I tried to make out with me the whole time…yuck…not that kind of girl…so end the end my first day was ok cause I saw Titanic but I could have done with out the boy. 🙂

  108. I added your button to my blog! Pick me! Pick me!!!

  109. So my first date was on my 16th birthday when I was allowed to date. And I went out to eat at my favorite resturant at the time, Olive Garden. We went to the movies afterwards(I don’t remember which one) It was a good time with a good guy friend.

  110. My first date was to this formal ball. My date was late so he met us at the restraunt. Lame! Same as you I ordered a little salad. The ball was fun but my friend kept dancing with my date so I got stuck with hers. Now I would have been happy with the trade but not so much at the time. I got a pretty dress out of it and avoided the boy for awhile.

  111. My first date was also a formal dance. I had a big group of girl and guy friends so the guys all just decided who they were going to ask but it was really just a big group outing. I also ordered the salad but the place they took us for dinner had HUGE salads!! They told us later they knew we’d all have salads so they went to the place were we’d get dinners as big as theirs!!

  112. My first date was to go play mini golf. We went with a group of five couples. We were all friends so it was pretty relaxed. I was 14 at the time and a freshman in high school. I remember laughing a lot and it being tons of fun. Hmm wonder where they all are now?

  113. I get your email.

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  115. did the facebook thing.

  116. I get shelf reliance’s email. I love these things and so want some!!!

  117. Your button is on my blog.

  118. I updated my facebook status.

  119. I signed up for Shelf Reliances email newsletter! I might sign my husband up too, as a not so subtle hint, this has been on my wish list for quite some time!!

  120. My first date was not worth remembering!

    Love the storage shelves…

  121. Already on your email list! =)

  122. I bought the plastic ones from Costco and ended up returning it to Costco because it shifted in the cabinet too much and was way too much of a hassle. One even broke from the weight of the cans.

    Now the big one I would LOVE, LOVE to have because it’s made of metal and can be kept in a closet or the garage just like my other metal shelving.

  123. My first date was to homecoming. We couldn’t drive yet but my dad dressed up in a tux and took a group of us in his friend’s limo. That was the best! I’ll always remember that.

  124. My first date? gosh, I think it was to a fast food restaurant. Nothing special. We had been waiting until I turned 16 and could officially “date” =)
    .-= Katrina´s last blog ..Cloth Diapering =-.

  125. Hubby and I were counselors together at a YMCA Camp. I was the wrangler, and he wanted to learn to ride… Would love the Shelf Reliance!!

  126. My first date was to a prom in a different town. We went snowmobiling during the day and I got soooo sunburned! Not the best photo time but it was really fun anyway.

  127. I subscribe!

  128. My first date was when I turned “16” my mom and dad double dated with us and took us to dinner. It was a fun time and good memory.

  129. I subscribe to the shelf reliance newsletter

  130. Oh boy…Prom. I was stoked because I was going with some of the popular Seniors at my school and I was a lowly Sophomore. We went to the local university so that one of the kids could work on a paper. Suddenly the other Sophomores weren’t looking so bad…he made it up to me by taking me out for an amazing dinner and of course the dance.

  131. Our first date, if you can call it that was at Skate world. We were just kids but now have been married for over 16 years!

  132. I am a Facebook fan.

  133. My first date was to an icecream shop. It lasted a 1/2 hour. It was kind of dumb. Okay really dumb.

  134. I am a e-mail reader!
    .-= Sonja´s last blog ..Free Sample of FIber One =-.

  135. My first date ever? Hmm…I’m not even sure I remember that far back ;0

    I had boyfriends before I could date–ooops! But anyway, the 1st I can remember is going to the movies and not seeing a bit of the movie..too much making out.
    .-= Cherylene McDermott´s last blog ..Napkins =-.

  136. I sign up for goodle reader email updates.
    .-= Cherylene McDermott´s last blog ..Napkins =-.

  137. already am a facebook fan and I updated my status.
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  139. My first date was kind of a sweet and shy memory. I was shy at that time and didn’t know where to put my hands. When we were at a restaurant, he bumped into his friend and was teased. But we had fun and the relationship lasted for a while.

  140. Kristy Needham says:

    My first date was to the movies and I remember we went as a group so of course us girls all giggled and stayed together while the boys were kind of left on their own. Looking back it was very nervous time trying to be bigger than we were.

  141. Kristy Needham says:

    I signed up for the newsletter

  142. Stephanie says:

    Man, I hope I win this one. My first real date – where I got asked out – was at college. A boy called and asked me to a musical thing at school – fulfilled FA100 requirements. I went. 10 days later he was engaged… to another girl.

  143. I am already signed up for your newsletter.

  144. I just put “Fistful of has lots of great Giveaways going on her website this week. Go on over and enter!!” as my status on Facebook.

  145. First date? Hmmmmm. With my husband, my first date was a blind date. My friends took me to a wedding and introduced us there. I guess you could say it was nice, but actually it was uncomfortable because it was a wedding.

  146. This is going to sound really weird, but my oldest brother took me on my first date. It was just for fun because he wanted to something nice for me. My actual first date (You know. Those kind with boys you’re not related to.) was with this guy from school. It was okay (haha). We went mini-golfing and watched a movie at a friend’s house.

    I’m a fan on Facebook and I signed up for the Shelf Reliance newsletter.
    .-= Jenny´s last blog ..A Walk in the Park =-.

  147. Darla Kitsmiller says:

    I think my first date was to the movies. I don’t really remember – must not have been too special for me! 😉 I know we were not quite 16 and so he and his mom had to pick me up and drop me off.

  148. Darla Kitsmiller says:

    I receive your email updates!

  149. Patricia Conrad says:

    My first date was a picnic and then we hiked up to Timp Cave and did the cave tour. Not too bad. I didn’t know the couple that we doubled with though so that was ackward for me.

  150. Darla Kitsmiller says:

    I am a facebook fan and updated my status telling about your giveaways!

  151. Josette Julio says:

    My first date was so cute. I was 16 and a guy I worked with, and went to high school with asked me out. We went out to dinner and then afterwards got ice and went to a park to eat them. On the way to the park he got pulled over by a police officer he was so nervous on the date that he wasnt driving at his best and the officer thought he was drinking. Anyways he was so imbarrased. We ended up dated for 3 years after that.

  152. Josette Julio says:

    I receive email updates!

  153. Josette Julio says:

    I signed up for shelf reliance email updates

  154. Josette Julio says:

    Ive been a friend on Facebook.

  155. My first date was a double date on valentines day. We went and had a nice dinner and went to a movie. It was very sweet since the guy i was with and i were just barely starting our relationship. We spent the whole night laughing and having a good time with our friends. We took a drive up the mountain and just enjoyed the views and the adventure. The greatest thing about it all, that guy and I are now engaged with a baby!! And i love him with every beat of my heart!!

  156. My first date? Hmmm… I don’t recall ever having a real “FIRST DATE” experience since I was rather wild when I was young and went out with lots of different guys. HOWEVER, fast forward to my first meeting with my NOW husband… We first met on the 4th of July. He came to my house (we’d talked on the phone a few times) and we hung out. I *knew* he was the guy for me. 6 months later we were married and now we have 4 little ones together.

  157. Also facebook “FAN”NED you and signed up for your email newsletters!

  158. Josette Julio says:

    Blog button!

  159. My first date was two day after I turned 16 to a semi-floral girl ask guy dance. I was so nervous. My mom made my dress, and it turned out great she even made my date’s tye to match (I am the only girl). I do not remember much except that all my dates to follow were not as ackward as that first date, except one, and it is a whole other story! LOL!

  160. Already a friend on facebook.

  161. I can’t remember my very first date, but I do remember my first date with a boy I actually liked. We hiked up to some waterfalls. We had to cross a stream and I tripped and fell in. It wasn’t deep but I was really wet (I literally sat down in the water). After we went to a pizza place and the AC was blowing at hurricane force, and I was freezing to death because I was still wet. Boy ended up being a super jerk, but it was a decent date….I guess.

  162. I’m already a subscriber.

  163. My first date turned out to be great, but I didn’t think it was going to since I asked him out and when I called he couldn’t remember who I was! But he said yes and we had a good time.

  164. My first date was wonderful. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Went on a double date with one of my best friends and her boyfriend and a boy that I had liked for a very long time. We had a nice dinner and watched a movie. I never wanted to night to end.

  165. I am already a subscriber! Love your site!

  166. I was already signed up for Shelf Reliance updates. 🙂

  167. Updated my Facebook status!

  168. Blog button previously added. I LOVE Shelf Reliance.

  169. My first date was very similar to yours. It was a school formal dance and my dress was an old wedding dress as well. The only difference was that I actually picked mine out at a thrift store. I don’t know, at the time I thought it was pretty cute, kind of vintage, but looking back now, I’m not so sure about that. Anyway, the rest of the date turned out o.k. but I was pretty nervous about the whole thing!

  170. My first real date was with my friend and her two cousins to her high school’s Homecoming. I didn’t know the cousins, or anyone at her highschool, it wasn’t very fun.

  171. I went on a double date with a friend and broke a bed at fred meyers!

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  175. Patricia Conrad says:

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  176. What a great giveaway! My first date was with a guy I did gymnastics with. We went to a concert. Some country guy, I don’t remember who. When I think back to this particular boyfriend, I think it was a little weird how much we looked alike. Red hair, freckles, short, buff, gymnast bodies. Yikes, was I trying to date myself?!
    .-= kacey hamilton´s last blog ..Birthday Party #2 =-.

  177. Michelle Ranisate says:

    My first date with my husband was to a Seattle Mariners’ baseball game with his entire army platoon! The platoon recieved free tickets and he asked me if I’d go to a ball game. Although I did not know the entire unit would be there when he asked. We drove to Safeco Field and found our seats…right next to his platoon sargeant! I had such a great time talking sports with his platoon sargeant that I barely talked to him the entire game! We still joke about that date! It was crazy sitting in the middle of 100+ soldiers cheering, having fun and rooting for the home team! We were married 3.5 months later!

  178. First date with hub…skiing!

  179. My first real “date” was to a movie with a boy from band class. He played the saxaphone. I don’t remember what the movie was, or what I wore … it was a loooong time ago! He got really brave and held my hand during the movie, and we had a goodnight kiss too.

  180. I have subscribeed to your feed earlier this week when these great giveaways started. Thanks for putting out so many wonderful goodies for us!

  181. My first date, was tagging along in the back seat of the car with my older sister, on her date. I was with my beau,who was much younger than me, and all he wanted to do was kiss. I felt like I was a bowl of milk for a kitten as he continued to attack me with his lips… it was awful, and my sister thought it was “so cute”.

  182. Michele Valeson says:

    My very first date was to a school dance. With a guy I did not really know. I did not want to go to dinner so I told him I had just had my braces tightened and my mouth was to sore to eat. We went to the dance and I honestly dont recall anything about it. Our pictures did not turn out so I dont even have that to look back on. funny looking back on it now~

  183. My first date with my husband was very messy. We went for a walk on the waterfront and I stepped in a mudpuddle and had to go home and change my shoes and pants. After a lovely evening we stopped for nacho’s at 7-11 on the way home and they tipped on my jeans while driving. Needless to say we still joke about the pants changes and 2 pairs of shoes.

  184. Michele Valeson says:

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  187. have you on my blog.

  188. My memory is failing, but I so wish I could forget about the one where he took me to the fair and I lost my lunch on the Octopus ride. That put a quick end to the date! He was a good sport, though and laughed with me as he drove me home with all the windows rolled down. I guess it is kind of funny, looking back. Haha!

  189. I updated my FB status! Thanks!

  190. My first date with my husband was after we had been writing/emailing for over 3 months – we met in person at a restaurant that I had a coupon to and I paid and ended up eating part of his fries too! Must have been nervous – it was great though! We’ve been married 12 years now!

  191. my first date was with my husband (he was my high school sweetheart). I was too afraid of ordering something expensive, so I ordered cheese fries. that’s all. just the fries.
    .-= Tracy´s last blog ..Our little Isaac’s photo session =-.

  192. my first date was senior prom. a friend asked the guy for me (behind my back, well actually talked to his mom about it), since i wasn’t planning on going. had a great time. ate at p.f. changs, danced and ice blocked at a golf course where we almost got caught by the cops

  193. added you as a favorite on fb
    .-= Tracy´s last blog ..Our little Isaac’s photo session =-.

  194. My first date was to the motorcycle races. The guy was an acquaintance and very polite. The races were fun, but so loud we could hardly hear each other. We never actually went on another date, but it was a pleasant evening.

  195. The first date with my husband was in the movie Stepmom. I cried through the movie, but I still ended up with him!!

  196. I get email updates!

  197. On my very first date, we were going to go to a movie, and when he showed up at the door, my dad met him wearing a holstered 357! It was all in good fun (for my dad), my date wasn’t really keen on it at first, but saw the humor in it later. Much, much later!

  198. Updated facebook status with “Fistful of has lots of great Giveaways going on her website this week. Go on over and enter.”

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  200. My first date must not have been memorable because I don’t remember it or is it that I don’t remember ever dating anyone other than my husband and that first date was great. Anyway, I would really like to win the consolidator. We have several in our pantry but having more would be great, especially if it’s free.

  201. My first date!!! Yikes! I think it was to an 8th grade dance but it could have been skating at the roller rink. Wow what a long time ago and I can tell you one thing for sure my baby girl will NOT be going on any dates anywhere in the 8th grade or 9th or…:)
    .-= Misty´s last blog ..A trip around the blog world =-.

  202. I get email updates!
    .-= Misty´s last blog ..A trip around the blog world =-.

  203. My first date–wow! Like a previous comment–it was so memorable that I forgot it. But, my prom date was a disaster. My date was so uncomfortable around me (he had asked me to be his steady a few days before, and as I was heading off to college, I said no) that he spent the whole dance outside talking w/ his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend. I sat at a linen-table-clothed table all night, watching everyone dance!

  204. My first date was interesting. My friends pressured me into actually asking someone, then I was so shy, I think I only said about two sentences to him the whole night.

  205. Hm……my first date. Like a few of the comments above…..very memorable (haha). I do remember watching a movie he’d been telling me about for some time.

  206. My first date was going to the movies with this guy and his brother, who could not get a date to double. Whatever. He also ended up being the first date after my mission (and I served in the same mission he did, 2 years after him) and we went to his grandmas house and chatted with his mom all night b/c she was in town. snooze.
    .-= Paula´s last blog ..Homeschool: the beginning =-.

  207. I have the harvester in my laundry room and I LOVE IT!!! our house is so tiny, but I have way more food than I’d be able to fit in my cupboards. I would love this little one to go in my fridge and hold my soda cans! I already subscribe to their newsletter.
    .-= Paula´s last blog ..Homeschool: the beginning =-.

  208. My first date was really nice he picked me up in his car and then took me out to dinner and a movie I was 15 so I thought I was just a princess cause he opened my door for me and brought me flowers. It was great.

  209. I already subscribed.

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  212. My 1st date a guy took me 4-wheeling & I was so nervous cause I had a huge crush on the guy that I don’t think I said more than 2 words. Needless to say there was no second date 🙁
    .-= Colette´s last blog ..Dodge Ball =-.

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  215. Our first date we made cookies to give to an elderly friend. It was just fun being together!

    Ohhh! I love these… I’ve been looking at them a while!

  216. Lorraine Murphy says:

    My first date consisted of a bag of fish and chips shared in the pouring rain and a quick smooch to which he proclaimed “your lips are all greasy”!!

  217. Lorraine Murphy says:

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  219. My first date was a school event in 9th grade. We were each dropped off by our parents. It was awkward, but fun. There was never a second date, but we were good friends through high school.

  220. My first date was for pizza at the pizza parlor down the street from our houses since neither one of us drove (we were in 10th grade)so we walked there. I was afraid to eat anything for fear of slopping it on myself, stinking up my breath or having something stuck in my teeth all night. I spent the dinner drinking a soda and playing with my napkin.
    .-= shel´s last blog ..Here’s the Skinny from The Divine Miss Mommy =-.

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  225. kenleybug says:

    OUr frst date was to go see the movie “First Kid”. My husband had a 4 year old daughter that we took with us, yes, we took her on our first date =o) Now she is 18 and doesn’t even remember the movie.

  226. My first date was high school homecoming. It was fun. I went with a nice boy and it was really laid back. I wore my cousin old prom dress!

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  230. First date was to the farm implement light parade in Sunnyside! He says it
    was a test to see if I was the kind of girl who would be up for anything, including freezing cold temperatures and stinky diesel parades. Turns out I was!

  231. I don’t remember my actual first real date. But my first date 23 years ago with my now husband, we went to a Journey concert. He wasn’t my first choice for a date, but the guy I invited didn’t respond, so at the last minute I asked Bob (we were just friends) if he wanted to go. The rest is history.

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  234. MY first date was to a high school formal dance. My date and I were both a bundle of nerves. Would love to have this for my pantry. I am actually organizing my pantry today!

  235. My first date with my husband was PERFECT. We read children’s books and Barnes and Noble. That’s when I knew he was the guy for me!

  236. My first date was a blind date. It was to a high school formal dance. he was from another town. a couple days before the date my mom called him and pretended she was me. I was SOOOOO EMBARRASSED! Luckily he forgave us and we had a great date!

  237. I am a subscriber

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  239. Nicki Davis says:

    My first date was with my High school sweetheart, which I married to now 😉 We went to a high school dance together.

  240. Unfortunately, I don’t remember my first date. However, I remember that one day at school my name was called on the loud speaker to come down to the office. In the office waiting for me was a rose with a note attached to it. A young man from our rival high school was asking me out. I was thrilled. I remember we went on a picnic in Downtown Portland. Very nice.

  241. Hmmm…first date was a long time ago! Think it was the High School Homecoming dance with my friends brother. Real exciting! Would love the shelf reliance prize, now THAT would be exciting!!

  242. I remember my first date was at a go cart/arcade. We rode go carts and played arcade games afterward. I really don’t remember much about food and I don’t even remember if we kissed. I don’t recall being nervous but remember having a good time!
    .-= Anne Loyd´s last blog ..Nesting with the Lettered Cottage =-.

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  246. Apryl Sherf says:

    My first date was Valentines Day 18 years ago. I was finally asked out by the guy I had a crush on. Poor guy spilled water all over and I wanted to die for him! But we are still friends to this day!

  247. Apryl Sherf says:

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  252. Rachel Quebedeaux says:

    my first real date was with my now husband. He took me to a movie (that was horrible..a friend of mine suggested it) and then a walk in the country. it was perfect

  253. Rachel Quebedeaux says:

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  255. Masquerade ball. Girl ask guy. I asked a particular guy because my friend suggested it (I think she liked him and wanted him in our group for the date…but he was cute, so I agreed). He didn’t talk much and didn’t appear to be having a very good time…A few days later his sister was talking about (and laughing) about her brother’s worst date EVER (I really don’t think she knew I was his date!…she was talking to another girl behind me and I over heard them)…SO, he had a wedgie the entire time! the costume I gave him to wear was too small and he hated the whole thing! How AWFUL! He could have told me!! and we could have worn different costumes! I didn’t particularly like the costumes either! Arg!

  256. My first date was with my husband!!!! We went to an Italian resturant called Johnny Corino’s! It was the perfect way to start out our relationship! He was my first boyfriend and I was his first girlfriend as well!

  257. I’m a fan on facebook!!
    .-= connie´s last blog ..Update on Quaker Sale at Albertsons =-.

  258. I just became a fan on facebook. 🙂

  259. Don’t remember the very first date, but one memorable one, I spend the whole the day getting all dolled up – hair, nails, dress, you name it. We met at a coffee shop, and he was in shorts and a T-shirt – so much for all that work! We decided to go to dinner, but I was so jazzed up on coffee and nerves, didn’t eat a thing. The whole experience was so much work, I never called him again!

  260. I don’t remember my exact first date. I am sure it was a school formal. I just remember that the guy that I REALLY wanted to go out with didn’t ask me out until atleast a year or so later. School formals were fun but always kind of stressful for me 🙂

  261. I get your emails!
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  265. It was prom- not that exciting.

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  267. I can’t remember my first date..several others good and bad but not the first. My first date with my husband was suppose to be a group date to go see BYU Young Ambassadors. Everyone backed out and so we took my two little sisters and their friend. The fact he stuck around after that date meant he was a keeper. lol

  268. I signed up the newsletter.

  269. first date was on my 16th birthday. We went 4 wheeling and then to a football game. Great fun!

  270. Facebook follower 😀

  271. Anne Henriksen says:

    I don’t have a strong memory of a first date. I just hung out with a bunch of friends through high school. Nothing serious.

  272. it was pretty bad….tried forcing himself on me. But I bit his lip when he tried to kiss me. He apologized a year later

  273. Angela T. says:

    My first date is similar to your Karrie, minus the wedding dress. That is pretty funny.
    My first date my mom helped me select a gold dress and she made me a gold short sleeve jacket to be more modest. I thought I looked gorgeous at the time, but looking back it was all wrong for me. I went with the most charming guy that kept his standards to a “T” and I completely admired him for it. We had dinner with a group of friends at my parents home… where my two younger sibling served us, and then drove off to the dance. The night was pretty perfect, except for being terribly nervous the entire time… to the point of sweat building up on the gold short sleeve jacket, that I wanted to take off, but my date would not allow it. So it kept my arms down, in turn building more sweat… not good.

  274. Angela T. says:

    I have email updates

  275. I went to the Highlands Drive Inn on my first date. The guy kissed like a fish. I never wanted to see him again!

  276. I dont know what my first date was…but my first date with my husband I remember! He came and picked me up (which I’d never had before) then took me to a movie then surprised me by wanting to take me to dinner…he opened doors for me and was really sweet!

  277. My first date was to a school dance. My date put my corsage in the freezer instead of the fridge, so it was wilted and dead when I got it. Plus at dinner he ordered milk to drink and blew bubbles in it with a straw the whole time. Cracks me up looking back on it now!

  278. My first real date was a group date. I invited a guy and we were all crazy! We went to a graveyard at night and played hide-and-seek (freaky!) and got slurpies and went to a park and had contests to see who could drink them the fastest. We all got brain freeze!

  279. I’m on your email list.

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  281. I hope to go on a date someday.

  282. My first date was a trip to the store to buy toothpaste together…I know, not that spectacular, but he was my best friend and now husband of 16 1/2 years, so…yeah.

  283. My first date was pretty horrible. He was suppose to take me to the movies and dinner. When he gets to my house to pick me up, my dad did the whole cleaning his guns and acting crazy. That was embarrassing. Then when I get in the car, I see he had a friend with him. He said he was dropping him off somewhere, but never did. And his friend was really annoying. We went to eat at a restaurant I hated. We went to the movies but none were playing for a while, so we went to a park. His friend just kept getting more and more annoying so I asked him to take me home. The worse date ever and it was my first!

  284. I am a fan on facebook.

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  287. My first date with my husband was awesome. He asked me out about a week before I was headed out of town to go to Vegas with a friend. I said yes but it would have to wait until I got home. My husband was so giddy that he called me everyday talking until the wee hours of the morning. We ended up going on our first date a couple nights before the Vegas trip. He came to pick me up and we were both grinning from ear to ear. I couldn’t even speak. I was excited. He took me to chinese and both of us could barely eat our food. I felt like I was in grade school again. Later he took me to his house and we kissed in the living room. I can still remember that moment!

  288. I signed up, thanks

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  290. My first date was a blind date with my friends brother and we had a horrible time.

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  293. OMG.. my immaculate upscale grocery pantry NEEDS THESE to be complete..
    most memorable date – my now boyfriend took me out for beer and wings to watch his fav football team PACKERS ( had to give a shout out ) at a local pub in florida.. I was vacationing he was a local… we are bow both locals : ]

    [email protected]

    i hope i win.. i hope i win.. i hope i win..

  294. Elizabeth Pyle says:

    My first date was not so good, we were both nervous and my date left his wallet in the car so he had to go run and get it when we were finished with dinner.

  295. Haha!

    My first date was with a guy in our “friends group” that we hung out with in Highschool. It was humorous. We went and saw Tomb Raider, and when he tried to open the door for me, I was rebelious and went and opened my own door (my personality at the tiem..its more controlled now). Then in the theatre when Lara croft (aka Angelina Jolie) is taking a shower he commented “thats why I like this movie” I was a bit irked, but not too bothered. Later after the date, he kept leaning over in the car so I snuck out and tried to make a getaway. He followed me to the door for a kiss, it was gross! lol

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  300. Tricia Moreno says:

    My first date w/ my husband was awesome, we played mini golf at the course by the cable bridge, and I beat him, then I got the 19th hole to win us a free game. Then we went to a movie and he held my hand for the first time at the theater!!! Awwwwwww! We celebrate 7 years in April!

  301. Tricia Moreno says:

    I updated my status on FB!!

  302. Louise Perkins says:

    My first date was when I was 16 and went to a HS dance. It was Jr/Sr Prom so it was lots of fun!

  303. Thera Rew says:

    Looking back at my husband and I’s relationship… Technically he was my first date. We would meet at our neighborhood pool and swim with a bunch of friends when we were like 9 and 10 years old. The pool closed at 10 every night and it was dark so he would always walk me home. This was like 2 extra blocks past his house. No kissing, holding hands or awkward moments. I think he was being polite. But we did have some good times running through the sprinklers trying not to get soaked and spraying them at each other. Who would have known this young gentleman would be my husband some day.

  304. Thera Rew says:

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  305. Chad Nygren says:

    My best date with my honey was when we were first dating. We went to Deception Pass and Fort Casey. We ate fried chicken on the tailgate of my pick-up truck and held hands for the first time. I kind of tricked her into holding hands.

  306. Chad Nygren says:

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  308. my first date was awesome, I felt like a princess!

  309. My first date with my hubby was unexpected! I’d known him from a few years earlier, but he was SO shy and quiet that we hardly even spoke. Now fast forward a few years and he was like a completely different and intriguing person! He joked and talked and even told the waitress it was my birthday without me knowing until they all came singing to me with a dessert! he definitely got my attention… wonder we were engaged 2 months later!

  310. Lisa Ahrendt says:

    My first date was a nightmare! He was late, the car broke down, and he “lost” his wallet and couldn’t pay for our movie tickets. Thankfully there was no second date. lol

  311. wow, look how many people want to talk about their first date!!
    I went out on the ocean rowing in a small row boat with the boy. At the end of the day he asked me to go bowling with him. I thought that odd but said yes. When I got home and told my mother she was thrilled and told me it was my first date. Dah, I was clueless and said, “no it isn’t a date, we are just going bowling”. I was a slow bloomer!
    50 years later I am still in touch with that “boy”.
    .-= The Frugal Fraulein´s last blog ..Pantry Challenge Day 31 =-.

  312. I signed up for the newsletter too…does that give me extra brownie points? I would love that storage unit. I have so many canned goods and so little space to keep them. I would show it to everyone and talk about it on my blog.
    You see I am The Frugal Fraulein and would never buy one for myself. Free is my favorite word next to ice cream.
    .-= The Frugal Fraulein´s last blog ..Pantry Challenge Day 31 =-.

  313. Oh one more thing, I am a budding Couponista! I just learned this week what a catalina coupon was. I thought it was a coupon from California.
    .-= The Frugal Fraulein´s last blog ..Pantry Challenge Day 31 =-.

  314. My first date with my husband was in November over 7 years ago now–time flies. We went out to um you know, um… lunch at Applebees, then walked in the park and talked for several hours, and ended with a coffee date to warm us up. Had to end the date cause I had arranged to go to “South Pacific” with my roommates… the whole day was amazing!

  315. A military ball in college! Great first date….

  316. Joanna Morin says:

    My first date with my hubbie was fun. Everything seemed to go wrong, (the ice rink was closed where we planned to go ice skating, etc) but it still turned out very fun. We watched a movie at his apt. instead and had fun.

  317. Joanna Morin says:

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  319. I am a fan on facebook

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  321. My first date with hubby was Thanksgiving Day. We had met over the internet in a chat room. At the time he was in the Navy stationed in Virginia Beach and I was a college student in Ohio. The funny thing is he was from Ohio too. Our schools were rivals. Springing my whole family on him the first time we ever met went really good, bc we are so laid back, witty, loud, boisterous, and jokesters. He fit in well, and by the end of the night was given a nickname like the rest of us had. I knew at that time I would marry him after meeting him only once. We were engaged 2 months later, and married that July. Ironic, all of our kids b-days are in July as well. What a way to celebrate an anniversary with many b-days.

  322. My first date with my hubby was at a local Mexican Restaraunt. It was a blind date, and we could find very little in common and even less to talk about. He took me home right away, and I figured I would never see him again. He called me again two weeks later, and the rest is history. We have found lots in common now, and I found out he just doesn’t like to talk as much as I do. 🙂

  323. Melissa Clark says:

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    Left my comment as a fan on Facebook!!

  325. Melissa Clark says:

    My first date with my hubby was pretty fun! We were high school sweethearts! We went to one of our schools varsity boys basketball games together officially! Then afterwards we went to the local pizza joint to hang out! Not your average first date, but it was a safe one that put me at ease and my parents too!!

  326. Melissa Clark says:

    Signed up for email updates!!

  327. Deidra Law says:

    I didn’t know I was on a date… My best friend who is male made it seemed like a group of us were hanging out. 2 of them were paired of, so I was left with the other boy who paid for my dinner. We “broke” into the BYU football stadium and played on the field. It was fun!

  328. Trying to think of my first date has made me realize how grateful I am to be married! I don’t have many fond memories of dating. It was purely awkward and uncomfortable. Definetly not romantic. My first date with my hubby, was going to a friend of his to play games.

  329. I am subscribed to your feed.

  330. Became a fan on facebook!
    .-= Terri´s last blog ..Merry Christmas…..The Book of Moon 2009 =-.

  331. Kristen J. says:

    Well, I think my very first ever real actual date was mini-golfing! I was in middle school and my date took me to play mini-golf (chaperoned by his mom of course!) and it was so much fun! But then we went back to his house and sat around for like, another 4 hours. That part was a little awkward and boring-but overall it was fun and not horrible!!

  332. Ginger Wagstaff says:

    My first date was to a Shakespear Play and the smoke machine filled the whole auditorium with smoke. We were inseparable from that date forward.

  333. Suzanne Barge says:

    My first real date didn’t get to happen the boy who just got a new car that day was coming to pick me up when he totalled the car. He ran a stop sign and it was totalled. We never ended up going out after that, my Mom wouldn’t let me get in a car with him after the wreck. lol

  334. I sadly don’t rememebr my fist date. I do with my husband. I think one of my first dates was with a guy that I didn’t really like so all these extra people went along to see Lion King with us. That made it easier!!

  335. I have your blog button!!

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  338. Went to Disney World on a double date. (Was living in Florida)

  339. I asked my hubby out on first date! Went to dinner and a show- lucky guy!

  340. I signed up for the newsletter.

  341. Went to the chalet cafe near Provo. It was super fun.

  342. Our first date was actually a blind date..YES, they DO work sometimes! I think when I opened the door we both let out a sigh of relief – we were happy with the other’s looks, I guess. 🙂 Went to dinner (where he was totally surprised that I scarfed just as much food as him…), played pool with friends (since it was my 1st time at pool, we had to get close while he instructed me! *wink,wink*), and went to his apt., where we played games with friends and he played the guitar for me. Fun-filled amazing date!

  343. signed up for your email updates!

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  346. sarah dollar says:

    FB fan – Kerrie I just can’t remember my first date…i’m getting to old…the memory is mushy!!!

  347. My first date, Hmmmm that was a long time ago, but I think I can remember a few fuzzy details. I was 12 and the guy was 13, we went to McDonald’s drive thru in his Mom’s car. His Mom drove we sat in the back seat. We shared a large french fry and a chocolate shake. It was a very short date, we drove to McD’s, went through the Drive Thru, then drove home and that was it. He lived across the street from me.

  348. I am going to talk about my first date with my husband. 4th of July was coming up and I wanted to do something with him (we worked together) and kept dropping hints that he never got. Finally I had to ask him out. We spent the whole day together going to a festival, dinner, and then fireworks. I knew that he was a keeper after we spent a whole day together and had a blast.

  349. Our first date was somewhat of a disaster…however, we went our separate ways…dated other people…and then got back in touch with each other 4 years later…dated for almost 4 years…and we have now been married for over a year! So it goes to show, that if it’s meant to be, it will be!

  350. first date with husband was a blind date and that was almost 22 years ago…love can’t be blind…now can it?

  351. I remember that my first date had a very bad odor about him. Like his clothes were mildew or something. yeah…..

  352. signed up for email updates

  353. My first date with my husband was interested. I knew he liked me and was interested but the actual date was two long weeks after I found out that he liked me. We went to the movies which was his choice— RAMBO—ok i hated it but enjoyed holding his hand during the movies.

    I would love to have this organzation system—how awesome!!! thanks for the giveaway!!!!

  354. My first date with my now husband we were seniors in high school and he took me to a movie called “Domestic Disturbance”……….how romantic, lol!!!

  355. I got 4 molars pulled that day. I had cotton shoved in my mouth for the date.

  356. I consider this my first date that actually had real meaning. After 19yrs marriage and 4 beautiful daughters I flew back home to Texas to visit all my family for 2 wks. During the first week there my husband had flowers delivered to me,my mom, and our 4yr old cause my family are still live in the boonies:) this cost a weeks wages. Then 3 days later he suprised me by flying to see me and took me to the same exact spot where he had proposed to me 19yrs earlier and had bought me a BEAUTIFUL ring and so to me this was the most awesome date ever that he remembered the spot and spent so much time putting this together

  357. I’ve added your button to my blog.

  358. Heather D. says:

    My first date was drudgery, dare I say it. The guy was sweet, brought me flowers, tried to pay for me and everything. I just totally couldn’t think of him in “that way” but was trying to go out with him “to be nice”. Some things I learned the hard way!

  359. Heather D. says:

    I subscribe.

  360. Heather D. says:

    I signed up for the shelfreliance newsletter

  361. My first date was in 8th grade (not sure what my parents were thinking). The guy was in 9th grade and didn’t have his license so his parents had to drive us. We went to get ice cream (not sure if we did anything other than that). I just remember I was so nervous and shy that I don’t think we said more than 2 words to each other during the whole time.

  362. The best first date of my life was with my husband back in 12th grade. I wanted to go to a youth group new years party, but I didn’t want to go alone. I called him up and asked him if he wanted to go with me. He said that he was spending the evening with his mom, and that he would like to but he already promised to spend it with her. I respected that, was disappointed, but was ok with it. I got off the phone, but thought or prayed rather, that he would change his mind, call me back and say he could go. Then the phone rang, and I gasped! I answered it, and it was him telling me that his mom said it was fine that we go together and they would spend another night together. I was so excited and shocked that my prayer worked! We went to the party, had a great time and really got to know each other better. Now 12 years later, we are happily married with two kids!!

  363. I was not allowed to date until the age of 16. Consequently, I did a lot of “hanging out” with groups of friends until I turned 16. My current crush just happened to be in the group that I chose to hang out with. I can’t really pinpoint my first official date after I turned 16.

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  366. I was not allowed to date until I was 16, either. But I did “go out” with a group of friends a month before I turned 16, my future husband being among them. We went to Keewaydin Park and played basketball, then grabbed a bucket of KFC and headed down to Columbia Park. We all sat on the river bank and talked and told jokes until after dark. Then he drove me & my friend home. He dropped her off first. Several minutes after we had dropped her off, he nervously reached over to hold my hand. OK, let’s be serious, it was really a date even if I wasn’t 16 yet! But, hey, we’re married with 4 kids now. So all’s well that ends well, right?!?

  367. Tina Bates says:

    I was so nervous that I chocked on my salad and he was nervous he was eating icecream and it got on his mustash and he just threw it away.

  368. For our first date my hubby taught me how to drive his stick-shift toyota pickup. Then he took me to meet his grandparents and we all went out to dinner. Such great people, it was not nervewracking at all. FUN!

  369. I signed up for the newsletter.

  370. My first date was horrible. We went to the movies and I dropped my soda on my lap. After which we went to dinner where I promptly dropped spaghetti on my plate. Needless my date was a little embarrassed to be seen by someone who looked liked they were just in a food fight!

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  374. My first date was to a high school homecoming dance. I had bought my dress on sale during the summer before starting high school. It was velvet and had shoulder pads. I also let my mother (a hair stylist in the 70’s.) do my hair. I was so nervous I had hives on my chest, and between the dress and the hair, I looked like Frankenstein’s linebacker bride! I had also gained an few pounds so when I got in the car my slit ripped a little higher. As you can imagine it was a joyous occation!!!

  375. Definitely a blah date… My parents had to drive us since he didn’t have his license yet, and we went to see the movie “The Rookie”. He bought his candy in the vending machine outside the theater, but didn’t get mine. 🙁 Didn’t end up becoming my husband — shocker, I know. 🙂

  376. Signed up for e-mail updates

  377. I signed up for the Shelf-Reliance Newsletter, I have your button on my blog and I get your daily emails and updates, Whew! My first date, hmmmmm . . . This wasn;t my first date, but it was my first “official” date with my husband. It was our Senior Prom and his girlfriend at the time was a Freshman whose parents would not let her go to prom. My husband asked me instead, just as friends, not knowing that I had a major crush on him and had been planning on stealing him away from the little Freshman. Well the date was wonderful and long story short we got married and are now living happily ever after!!!

  378. Do I need to list them all seperately? Okay then. Your button is on my blog.

  379. I get the newsletter.

  380. I get the emails.

  381. My first ‘official date’ on my 16th bday was a blind date/scavenger hunt set up by my aunt. Who I was going with was suppose to be a suprise, but that day at school I mentioned to my class I was going on a blind date that night and a guy in the class was like- “Really?! Me too!”. Yeah, he was totally my date.

    The date was a blast and I was happy that I DID know my date who my date was even though it was suppose to be a surprise.
    .-= Celeste´s last blog ..Freebie Albert! $5 Gift Card to Babies R Us! =-.

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  386. Our first date was to the traveling version of RENT. We were both too embarrassed to join in the audience participation when everyone “MOOOOOO”s

  387. My first date was a double date with my big Sister. We went with two brothers up the way to the movies and dinner.It was a BLAST.We laughed and talked and oh, it was just such a great way to step into the world of dating. I can’t wait to see who wins. Congrats and Happy Valentines ahead of time!

  388. Christy F. says:

    My first date was to a Christmas formal…I ended up with sprouts in my braces for the majority of the dinner at some vegan restaurant. Lets just say…it was terrible, but aren’t they all at that age?

  389. Christy F. says:

    I am a subscriber already! Yay!

  390. Wow…my first date was with a senior and I was only a freshman. I learned real quick why you shouldn’t date upper classman. I was so naive, and he wasn’t exactly a gentleman. Let’s say the date was cut REAL short!

  391. All I remember is that I felt so uncomfortable the whole time. And I was just so worried about doing something embarrassing.
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..Purses =-.

  392. already have your button : )

  393. updated my facebook.. AND signed up for shelf reliance newsletter

  394. Melissa N. says:

    Honestly, I can’t remember my first date! *lol* But, my first date with my husband was nice. After he came home from his first deployment we became good friends, and when we he back to his unit we kept in touh via phone and started dating. Well a month later he made the 6 hour trip back to our hometown of Texas to suprise me for Valentines Day. We spent the next three days with family and friends, dinners, and staying up all night.

  395. Alisa Mansius says:

    I honestly can’t think of what my first date was! How weird is that? I wish I would have done a better job about keeping a journal.

  396. Alisa Mansius says:

    I get your daily updates.

  397. Alisa Mansius says:

    I’m a fan of Fistfulofcoupons on Facebook.

  398. Alisa Mansius says:

    I tried to add your button but it wasn’t working. I’ll ask someone for help.

  399. My first date apparently wasn’t memorable because I don’t remember it. Lol!

  400. Alisa Mansius says:

    Okay, I finally added your button to my blog. And yes, I know I am pathetic.

  401. My first date was to Homecoming my freshman year We went with a large group and my date and I ended up not talking to each other for a while after that night!

  402. I sigbned up for their email!

  403. Tyffany Fries says:

    My first date was to a movie with a boy in High School, I was a Sophmore he was a Junior. We got to the movie (which was terrible) and the movie broke half way through! We barely knew each other and it was super uncomfortable. As we sat and waited for the movie to start (45 min. later) his best friend and girlfriend sat next to us, and carried on a great conversation with each other as we sat there in silence! Argh! Awful!

  404. My first date with my husband was unofficial (we were strictly friends at the time, neither of us had anywere to go for thanksgiving so we went to SHeri’s for lunch (neither of us like turkey) then went out to a movie. I remember thinking then that would be an odd tradition to start and as I thought of the future ,with my then friend I laughed and thought it would be to easy, 5 years later we now have somewere to go and we still dislike future but it was the easiest non date I had ever been on lots of conversation and even some fun.

  405. Faith Carpenter says:

    My first date with my husband was when we were in college and went to study together at the library after grabbing an ice cream cone. We finished our studying and then talked in the library until it closed at 2 a.m.! I knew there was something special about him if we could talk for that long and enjoy each other’s company so much!

  406. Faith Carpenter says:

    I became a fan on facebook.

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