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I have been able to get  alot of free lotions throughout my couponing adventures. And I need lotion. Like every day. I have a little bit of excema and if I dont apply, I get dry.  I’m sure living out here in the dry desert heat of Eastern WA doesn’t help my parched skin either, but still I search for something that’s going to lock in the moisture without making me feel like a grease ball.   So, when Skin MD Natural sent me a bottle of their Shielding Lotion to test out I was more than happy to be a guinea pig. The claims that make this lotion unique really interested me:

“Our product is made in the US and is specially formulated using high quality natural ingredients making it over 90% all natural with all ingredients being of food grade and on the FDA’s most safe list. It is free of harmful fragrances, parabens, and colorants making it hypoallergenic. We don’t participate in animal testing nor does the lotion contain any animal products.

A shielding lotion is unlike any other conventional, artificial moisturizers because it works with the skin to naturally moisturize and heal. Most conventional, artificial moisturizers only add moisture to the surface of the skin, but do little to repair the skin’s natural barrier against moisture robbing irritants. Skin MD Natural breaks the dry skin cycle by working to help restore skin’s natural protective abilities by bonding to the outer layer of skin, strengthening skins natural barrier against toxins and irritants that can dry the skin, while locking in the skin’s natural oils.”

My Findings: the lotion is really nice and lightweight. I liked the idea of it shielding my skin too. I used it on my face, where I normally have a little excema. It was great!  Plus I used it on my feet.  Just after 4 applications on my heels it felt like I just came home from a pedicure (I have only had like 2 in my whole existence..and they were worth every penny….I’m just sayin….) Anyways, my feet are so much softer!  Perhaps now I could beg my husband to rub them without him running away in fear.

Buy it: For about $18 you can get a 4 oz. bottle of Skin MD Naturals Shielding Lotion. I know, the price is a little high, BUT if you suffer from ezcema, rosacea, or another skin disorder, I would say it’s absolutely worth it! Plus, Skin MD offers a Guarantee and you can order samples for just the cost of S&H.

Here is how to enter in this giveaway:

Leave a comment describing what New Years Resolutions you made this January and broke already or which New Years Resolutions did you make and you have kept?

Example: One of my new years resolutions was NO FAST FOOD for a month. I made it 2 weeks.

Limit one entry per person. This giveaway will end on Feb 2nd at the stroke of midnight PST. I will pick a winner using This giveaway is open to US residents only.

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  1. Well, I decided NOT to make any resolutions this year but it’s worked out well! I’m more active now than I was last year and have been eating healthier too! So I guess I can say that I kept mine!!

  2. Lorraine Murphy says:

    I made the New Years resolution to shed some baby weight, an so far I have lost 11lbs.

  3. Renee Dahlgren says:

    My New Years Resolution was just to be healthier – a very general resolution. I’ve done pretty well – I’ve been exercising five times a week and eating more fruits/veggies. However, I still eat too many carbs and junk food – just taking it one step at a time!

  4. I broke my resolution it was eating healthier now I want to save money!!

  5. I was going to get back to keeping my “points” for weight watchers. I haven’t made it a whole day yet. I start off the morning with such good intentions! I am crossing my fingers for this giveaway. My daughter and I could really use this lotion!
    .-= kacey hamilton´s last blog ..Birthday Party #2 =-.

  6. I added lifting weights to my work out regimen for my resolution. I’ve even stuck to the 5 day a week plan, amazing!

  7. Teresa Stracener says:

    My New Year’s Resolution was to lose 20 lbs. Not a real exciting one, but I am still truckin’ away at it. Wish me luck!!!

  8. Still exercising and its Jan 27. I’d love to try the lotion!

  9. My New Year’s resolution was to work out every day and that lasted about 4 days. Taking care of 3 kids age 13 to 5 just takes all the time out of the day but i’m not giving up. One Resolution that I am keeping is to become more organized. I am working on it a little at a time. I finally put away all my Christmas stuff and sold a treadmill (old one) from our garage to make room for hopefully our car.

  10. My New Years resolution was to keep my house cleaner. And I have been able to do it thanks to your cleaning schedual that you posted! Thanks!

  11. Liza Lindsay says:

    I’m trying to save money on the groceries and on as much of the other stuff that I can. I’m new to using coupons and trying to find the best deal out there but I’m hanging in there and of course this website makes it so much easier for me.

  12. I resolved to not make any resolutions as I don’t keep them

  13. My New Year’s resolution was to not make one so I wouldn’t be disappointed at myself. I was sucessful.

  14. My New Years resolution is spend my evening time doing things with my family. After work and an hour commute, sometimes I’m just exhausted and want to veg out in front of the TV. Now we play a game one night or talk while we do chores together.

  15. One of my new years resolutions was to drink less pepsi…I broke that alredy.

  16. i made a resolution to let things roll of my shoulders, that has already been broken

  17. My is to make it to church on time. Yep haven’t made it yet. Hopefully this sunday will be the lucky day. 🙂

  18. My New Years resolution was to write in my journal, 1 service that I did for someone else and 3 things that I was grateful for that day. I’ve kept it up so far, but have had to write down several days worth at a time.

  19. I did not officially make one this year. But I have already used the elliptical more and am working hard on being a better “housewife” instead of a computer junkie 🙂
    .-= Misty´s last blog ..Montessori skills in a jar =-.

  20. Mine was to only put coupons and two dishtowels in top drawer in kitchen. So far there are 17 coupons thanks to you and the towels may have to be moved soon! haha 🙂 saving money is just smart and fun!!

  21. Mine is to try to read my Bible everyday. Well, I have missed a few days but I get right back into it the following day!
    .-= Kristin´s last blog ..Favorite "Toy" =-.

  22. Michele Thornton says:

    I am going to lose weight by eating better and exercising on the Wii. Missed a few days, but love doing the Wii.

  23. One of my goals was to visit my church’s temple twice a month. I’ve already made it there twice this month and I’m very proud that I’m off to a good start.
    .-= Lisita´s last blog ..Chocolate Cheerios =-.

  24. I made a goal to eat less fast food, didn’t last long, with kids and errands just always the easy way.

  25. My resolution was to save money! And fistful is helping with that. We’re doing good so far, but will do better when our 10-month old turns 1 and we can stop buying formula. 🙂

  26. Whitney Ditmore says:

    My goal was to be able to jog for an entire 20 minutes. I have kept this as my goal and have made it to a full 10 minutes!! I have lost some weight.. I am so proud of myself. I workout everyday and for the first time in my life signed up to do a 5k. WOW! I definately made this year MY YEAR!

  27. I am training for a marathon to help shed my baby weight! So far 12lbs

  28. Mine is to get to bed earlier. I have been a night owl for as long as I can remember, but I hate that I miss out on part of the day. I was doing good for a couple weeks as well, but broke it in the last couple days. I have a baby on the way though, so i will have to get back on track for her sake – I I think she will be the motivation I need.

  29. My New Years resolution was to start out with 10 push ups every day…need to get the arms in shape. I have made it 1 week so far.

  30. Myaela Cress says:

    My new years resolution was to go to all my classes for the rest of the year (I’ve only got 2 quarters of school left). I made it about 3 weeks.

  31. I purposefully didn’t make any resolutions! I had a baby 4 months ago, and I’m just trying to take it easy on myself and not get too hung up on how much isn’t getting done now. At least that’s my plan until my baby is 1 year old!

  32. Mine was to be more punctual and on time…so far…no good!!! At least I have 11 more months!

  33. I didn’t really make any this year. I am trying to eat healthier, but I have been doing this for a while.

  34. My New Years Resolution is to cut my grocery bill in half. Thanks so much for the help!
    .-= Valerie smith´s last blog ..Ikenswa St. Park =-.

  35. My New Year’s Resolution was to excerise 5-6 days a week before everyone gets up – I get up at 5am (more like 5:20) to excerise. Started good, but slipped a bit hopefully I will get on track. I have be doing good haveing some me time – where I do whatever I want and don’t feel gulity there are other things I should do.

  36. My resolution is to live life more fully….laugh more, enjoy my time with my family, play the piano more often, etc.

  37. I made a resolution to work out regularly… I’ve worked out twice. Well 3 times if you count human fooseball as a workout. But you are attached to a pole for that game so how much exercise can you really get from it?

  38. to eat healthier……broken already

  39. Honestly, I didn’t really make any this year as each day I just strive to do better than the day before.

  40. My new years reseloution was to stop dying my hair and so far i have made it since June 2009!!!

  41. My New Year’s resolution is to spend more quality time with my kids. They grow up so fast and I feel like the time is flying by! We always eat dinner together and have made an effort to really talk about their days. We always talk about their Hi and their Low points. It helps to keep communications open and helps them out to talk if they are struggling with anything.

  42. I love to organize and write things down. Most of my dry goods go in the pantry. But, I do have a separate cupboard for baking ingredients and one for spices. They are right by the oven for easier access. I should probably take some time and clean them out LOL!

  43. I signed up for email updates. My garage is handy for storing all of my bulk goods (paper towels, ziploc bags, extra bottled water….

  44. My resolutions are more like goals for the entire year, so I don’t feel like a failure for not keeping it as long as it gets done sometime! One of them is to read the Old Testament–I’m in Exodus!

  45. Jenn Cady says:

    I tried to keep my New Year’s resolution simple – drink more water. I have been successful at work (not so much at home). I would rule this resolution bent, but not completely broken!

  46. Anna Stoker says:

    My New Year’s resolution was to get back on my exercising program. Well, it’s Jan. 28 and I still haven’t done it. Someone kick my lazy butt!

  47. No New Year’s Resolutions for me. I’m focused on finding a job, so I wasn’t up to adding to that challenge.

  48. I almost never make new year resolutions! It’s the truth. I don’t need excuses to have goals. I make them all year long!

  49. I committed to spending 30 minutes a day organizing my household but so far I’ve been blowing the 30 minutes right here–on the computer.

  50. Sandra K321 says:

    I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. Why make promises to yourself that you’re not going to keep? Or if you are going to do something, why wait until New Years?

  51. Mary Claybrook says:

    My New Years resolution was to eat healthier… but, being pregnant doesn’t help.. I think I made it 2 days before I HAD to have ice cream. lol. Maybe I’ll start again after the baby is born?! 😉

  52. oh schucks i tried to sign up for this giveaway yesterday, any who my news years res was the same…i made it 3 days! LOL

  53. New Years Resolution?? What’s that?? 🙂

  54. I started a resolution to not drink pop! I haven’t had any since the 31st!!

  55. Thera Rew says:

    My was a little weak this year. But to just be active for at least 4 days per week. I say beactive because riding bikes with the kids can be killer. HILLS!!! I have stuck to it so far. But I have not stuck to an earlier bed time, which i really need to do.

  56. I made the resolution to get in shape. So far I have done well even hired a personal trainer (with the money I’ve saved clipping coupons).

  57. I was going to do yoga 3 times a week. Hmmm.

  58. My resolution was to not wear jeans everywhere I went–still struggling with it-daily.

  59. My New Years resolution was to de-clutter my home in certain areas… though I’ve yet to get to the root of the problem!

  60. My New Years resolution was to eat healthier this year! I did pretty well for the first couple of weeks and then we went to New Orleans for a week! I didn’t do as well there, but have gotten back on track since being home!

  61. To keep a really tight budget and manage my money well. So far, so good!

  62. Vicki Wurgler says:

    my resolution was to exercise 4-5 times a week-that hasn’t happened

  63. My New Year’s resolution was more of a indulgence, I promised myself if I want a piece of chocolate I can have one a day (as long as it’s only one, max 3). I gotta admit, I’m happier and I don’t feel like I’m hurting my diet. Livin’ it up 🙂

  64. Resolution: Patience, definitely patience.

  65. Julee Heslop says:

    My New Years resolution was to be healthier. I have tried to go to the gym more than 3 times a week, so far so good. I can’t lie I didn’t set a detailed goal because I always fail. I just want to be heatlhier than last year. That means eating better as in more vegetables and fruits and less licorice and chocolate.

  66. One of my resolutions was ot work out 4 days a week, I haven’t kept it yet. I have only worked out 3 days every week since new years! So I’m a little shy every week. ARRGH!!

  67. My New Years resolution was to be healthier. I am not doing so good yet….

  68. My New Years Resolution was to eat healthier and set a good example for my family. So far I’ve done pretty well and my family is actually enjoying the new foods I’m preparing.

  69. I was going to exercise everyday. It hasn’t been everyday, but I’m still trying!

  70. noelle chavarin says:

    mine was to go to bed by 11pm or earlier, and yes it’s been broken. still going to give it my best try.!!!

  71. Mine is to lose weight. So far lost 3. I wish it was more, but with a full time job and a toddler and an infant, it is hard to find time to exercise. Still working on it and not giving up.

  72. Apryl Sherf says:

    My New Years Resolution was not to make a Resolution since I have failed every year before!

  73. I didn’t make a ‘New Year’s Resolution’, I make many goals during the year that I stay committed to. My biggest one is losing weight & exercizing regularily which I’m still committed to. I started with my goals in this area in June & I’m still going strong. I think the reason why I’ve stayed successful is that I want good health & I know that I’m getting there. If I stop doing what I’m doing then I won’t achieve the results I want which is the point anyway. Good luck to everyone getting back on track!

  74. Healthier eating and smart spending. So far, so good!

  75. I was going to exercise six days a week. I’ve been doing pretty well, but on those mega-shopping days. . . . hmmmm. That counts, right?

  76. Elizabeth Pyle says:

    I was going to exercise at least 10 minutes a day….well I DO walk my dog just about every day depending on the weather.

  77. To exercise more! If chasing after 3 kids counts, I am still at it:)

  78. mine was to lose some lbs. haven’t yet but still trying

  79. told myself i was going to stop eating the crap and sweets. who doesn’t make and brake this one??…..

  80. Didn’t make any New Year resolutions but hope to set a few spontaneous goals throughout the year.

  81. I made a resolution to eat healthier this year.. and it didn’t even last one day. And don’t remind me of the 1/2 gallon of ice cream my coworker and I polished off in the last two days… lol

  82. Lisa Ahrendt says:

    My resolution was to be more present and active with my family. I’m doing pretty good, but can’t wait for better weather so we can enjoy the outdoors together!

  83. heather fox says:

    save money

  84. My resolution was to lose weight! So original! It hasn’t happened yet but I have the whole year!

  85. Kristen J. says:

    I made a resolution to finally rid myself of the excess baby weight I’ve been lugging around the last 3 years! I joined a gym and have been a minimum of 3 days a week since the beginning of Jan. Woo hoo!

  86. This yr I have been trying to exercise more and I actually have been:) I walked my Kindergartener to school today…it was only 27 degrees and it was 2.5 miles pushing a double stroller:)

  87. sarah dollar says:

    i made no official resolutions – “official” to me means writing them down – but am trying hard to get to yoga classes…I can’t be trusted at home…I need the instructor to be “watching” me…even though the space/instructors are all so positive and loving…

  88. My New Year’s resolution was to take time for me and to treat myself better. I have actually kept it so far this year. I joined a gym (which I actually go to) and I attend yoga class 2-3 times a week. I am really enjoying it and not only toning up but feeling better about myself.

  89. I always make resolutions with the dead lines being the next new years. Like last year was to write all recipes down and make menu plans for each month…now if only I would stick to what is on the calendar.

  90. I resolved to limit my sugar intake to 2 pieces of dark dove choclate a day. Except for Sunday I get a treat. I’ve done it about 75% of the time, what can I say, I’m a work in progress!!

  91. Get a new job.

  92. I dont make New Years resolutions because I think if you want to change something in your life you shouldnt wait for a certain day to start! Today is the day!

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