Giveaway: Thrive Freeze Dried Pineapple + Shelf Reliance Cansolidator

With all the natural disasters going on in the world I have been motivated more than ever to get a nice emergency supplies kit going and have some food stored as well. In fact my parents that live over in Virginia went through that horrible winter storm a few years back where delivery trucks and planes couldn’t get through for a few days. My parents told me many grocery stores were wiped out in less than a day.  If you didnt have anything you would be in trouble. So when I was invited to a  Thrive/Shelf Reliance party at the beginning of the summer I went to check out this freeze dried food that lasts 25 years.

I was so surprised that Thrive consultant Barb let everyone try out over 20 freeze dried sample of fruits, vegetables, freeze dried yogurts and more. Most of them were really delicious and contain all the nutrients still!!  My favorite is the Freeze Dried Pineapple – it is like heaven in a can. There are no words to describe it – lets just say I have gone through a few cans myself in a very short amount of time. I also really liked the freeze dried strawberries, the vanilla yogurt bites and even the Ice Cream Sandwiches (yes they are freeze dried and sooo good).

I decided to have a party myself  I liked all the products so much. At my party I was given ingredients to make BBQ Crockpot Chicken using Freeze-Dried Food. Here is the recipe –

Here is how I made it :

It was really really delicious. The picture does not do it justice. I have added this recipe  to the dinner meals I make on a regular basis. Its that good.  So enough of my ramblings….lets get onto the giveaway!


Giveaway: One lucky Happymoneysaver reader will win a Thrive #10 Can of Freeze-Dried Pineapple (Because its my favorite) and one winner will get a Shelf Reliance 40-can Cansolidator.

To enter {mandatory} Leave your first comment answering this question- if there was a natural disaster in your area would you be prepared or would you be running to the stores?

Then if you would like some additional giveaway chances you can do these also (just make sure and leave a separate comment for each one.)

That gives you 4 chances to enter – make sure and do all 4 for the best odds.  This giveaway will end on Wednesday September 14th at 12 noon PST. The winner will be chosen at random.  Good luck!

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  1. I’d be somewhat prepared, depending on the kind of disaster, but I couldn’t get by for longer than a week.

  2. I’d be somewhat prepared, depending on the type of disaster, but I couldn’t get by for longer than a week.

  3. Tina Williams Peterson says:

    I think I would be ready our family has been doing some stocking up. This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks

  4. I have enough stock to make it about a week or so. I just started stock piling about 2 months ago. I love saving money!

  5. Yes, we would be prepared. (Keeping that preparation organized is sometimes a trick. Thanks for offering the Cansolidator in the giveaway!)

  6. I think we’d be able to get by for two weeks under normal circumstances. However, if it was based off of our pretty sparse kitchen right now we’d be able to handle to make it a week.

  7. I am pretty sure I would be prepared but I’m sure if something was to really happen I would realize things that I forgot to stock up on!

  8. I like happy money saver on facebook 🙂

  9. I left a comment on Barb’s website! Here’s what I said

    “I’m leaving a comment in regards to the Happy Money Saver website give away. I think it would be more practical for my family to win the freeze dried food. We don’t have enough saved to warrant an organizer!”

  10. We might last 3weeks if we have running water and electricity otherwise we’re sunk.

  11. And I also like Happy Money Saver on facebook and posted this article on my wall!

  12. TC Coupon Queen says:

    I’m pretty set with canned goods (fruits, veggies, soups, etc). But I’d be running to the store for milk and eggs.

  13. TC Coupon Queen says:

    And yeah! I pretty much follow Happy Money Saver on fb… and share a TON of posts… including this one. 😉

  14. I would be somewhat prepared. I would not have to run to the store, I would have to run to my moms house.

  15. We could go maybe a week. We would run out of milk for sure. My kids drink soo much. I am working on my stock so we could go longer.

  16. I sent Barb a comment on her website! Here is what I said, I would love to win the cansolidator! My parent have several and I love how easy it is to restock the shelves as they use up the products and I would love to give one a great home 🙂

  17. Our family would be set for about a week as long as our garage doesn’t get destroyed since that is where most of our stockpile is kept. Awesome Giveaway and good luck to all!!

  18. We would be prepared! We just bought our first house, and one od the requirements for our new house is to have a walk in pantry so I can have a larger stockpile. If we had to leave, we have made an emergency pack for the 2 of us, plus one for our daughter 🙂

  19. We would be ok for about a week, but could probably improve in preparedness overall. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  20. And I like happy money saver on Facebook and shared!

  21. I also shared this giveaway on my wall and of course I like Happy Money Saver on facebook!!

  22. Patricia R. says:

    I think we would be somewhat prepared, but we definitely need to work on it more. We couldn’t last long though because my kids go through LOTS of milk!

  23. I update my status about this giveaway!

  24. I just started learning the art of canning, but I am definitely far from prepared-so, I would be making a mad dash for the store 😉

  25. I would be one of the many running to the store. I have very little storage and don’t have much of a stockpile.

  26. I follow you on FB

  27. Mary Claybrook says:

    Shelf Reliance products are amazing! Just wanted to make a comment for those of you who would be running to the store for milk and eggs… Shelf Reliance sells instant milk (100% dairy unlike powered milk) and powdered eggs.. both are GREAT!!
    (Please don’t enter me… I’m a SR consultant with Barb). 😉

  28. It might get a little boring, (ie Beans and Rice) but we could go for a month or longer. I should get some powdered milk for my toddler though. He loves is ‘ba-ba’ still, and it would break my heart if I HAD to wean him completely because of a disaster. He does love beans and rice though! 🙂

  29. I also contacted Barbara Bergman!

  30. Even though we have a good supply, I’d still probably run to store for something. Just to feel a little safer.

  31. I am trying to build back my stockpile to be ready for any disaster. Hold off mother nature for about a month ok? lol

  32. I’m sure i would need something, but I am pretty stocked thanks to couponing!!

  33. I’m optimistic. I would say I would be ready.

  34. I contacted Barbara!

  35. I liked you on FB.

  36. I follow you on Twitter.

  37. Sally in Seattle says:

    I would be prepared, we have a well stocked pantry and water stored up. We have full freezers, propane and a couple of generators.

  38. I wold be able to last for a while but just need to get it all organized.

  39. We’d be prepared: pantry is filling up with canned food from the summer’s harvest, plenty of hay for the horses and food for the pets. My husband’s a total mountain man, and I guess I’m somewhat of a farm-girl. We’d make do.

  40. If I had to we could live off the stock pile for about 2 weeks. More if we could live on M & M s and Hershey kisses 🙂 Thanks to Zacon I have a great stock of chicken, ground beef and peaches!

  41. I contacted Barbara Bergman

  42. I would be partially prepared, with a lot of stocked up items in my pantry & cereal in my bedroom closet…but perishables I don’t have. And don’t have a garden either, which would be wise, so I could can. Canned goods, I have plenty of, but they go fast, so the more the better.

  43. I shared on FB about the giveaway and I like you 🙂

  44. Renee Rathbone says:

    I would make it only 3-4 weeks

  45. We are prepared… I’m sure we’ll wish we had some other things, but it wouldn’t be worth braving the grocery store at a time like that!

  46. My family and I could make it at least a week 🙂

  47. I have a few things stocked, but I’d be running to the store after a few days to stock up on the basics.

  48. I Don’t think we would be prepared. My family has talked about getting prepared…this would be a great start!

  49. I know Barb really well and this great product! Who ever wins is in for a treat!
    Great recipe!

  50. I’m halfway prepared. I would need a few more things.

  51. I like you on FB

  52. Lynette Pierce says:

    I think we could get by for a little while. Life wouldn’t be normal but we would survive!

  53. Lynette Pierce says:

    I like you on Facebook.

  54. Thanks to sites like Happy Money Saver and learning how to stockpile, I think we’d be good for several weeks, in the event of a natural disaster. Thank you, Karrie!

  55. I think we’d be fine but I’m sure we’d miss alot of things.

  56. Contacted Barb and let her know that the Cansolidator would be awesome!!!

  57. I already liked HMS on Facebook, and I also “shared” this giveaway on my wall. THANK YOU for this awesome giveaway, Karrie!

  58. We would be ok for a bit, we have a good stockpile of boxed meals, but freeze dried fruits and veggies are an excellent idea.

  59. We would run out of milk and maybe eggs in a week, but otherwise we have enough in our pantry to get us through a long disaster. I do worry that if the power went out we might not be able to cook real well – some things BBQ better than others : )

  60. merrilee deaton says:

    I would have to get more water but I’m ok on lots of other Items good enough for about 2 months

  61. merrilee deaton says:

    I follow Happy Money Saver on Facebook

  62. Tanya Powell says:

    I would be prepared. We have food and water storage. I wouldn’t need to run to the grocery store 🙂

  63. I think we would be fine as long as we had power. My family in NY was without power for 4 days. Now I want to get a generator just in case.

  64. I would be good if the power and water was still running. I keep enough food in the house to last at least 1-2 months if we had too… excluding perishables of course… But we would make do 🙂

  65. I like HMS on FB and linked the giveaway.

  66. I like you on facebook.

  67. My family wouldn’t be prepared for a natural disaster and that scares me – I better start working on being prepared.

  68. Brooke Davis says:

    I would be prepared. We try to have lots of food in our stockpile. Not just for a disaster, but to save money and not be temper to eat out.

  69. I would probably make it comfortably for a week or two,,,then it might get a bit scary! This is an eye opener! Thanks Carrie!

  70. NaDell Ransom says:

    I think I’d be prepared most of the time at least with food, but there are days when I’m nearly out of milk or diapers, so if it was that day, I might be in trouble.
    I’d love either of those fun prizes!

  71. We’d be prepared for awhile. We’re knee-deep in the canning season–so as long as there isn’t an earthquake to bust my bottles–I’m good!!

  72. I “like” you on FB and shared.

  73. I live in CA. Am always prepared.

  74. I checked out Barb’s website. I would love the Cansolidator

  75. Of course I would prefer to be prepared. My husband is REALLY on the food storage kick right now. This would be an awesome start for us. Definetly showing him Barb’s website.

  76. Heck Yeah I would be totally prepared. I could probably even feed the neighbor! The cannsolidator would be an awesome way to organize all the cans!

  77. I already “like” your page and put your link on my status.

  78. I like you on FB

  79. We are prepared for a disaster…no running to the store. My husbands enjoys collecting things for a disaster…even a big one! He is a little nutty when it comes to that stuff.

  80. I think we would be allright but as we have never been through a disaster I am sure there things I will have missed.

  81. I’m behind on my water supply, so I would need to run to store.

  82. We would be prepared for a while, but I would like to be more so.

  83. We are prepared. We live in an area of Washington State hit with floods and bad wind storms. We have been without power for 7 days and flooded in. We could make it a good 2 weeks if not longer.

  84. We would survive but would be a bit happier once I complete my stockpile of water for us and our pets! Thanks to websites like yours I feel good about our food supply but might need to think about freezing milk also!

  85. I don’t think we would be prepared. We drink bottled water, but with my brother filling up his gallons of water from the sink that he drinks everyday, I think that he would drink it all. We have some canned goods, but our cabinets are not stocked to the brim of where we would have plenty of food and water when/if needed.

  86. I contacted Barb Bergman through the contact form.

  87. I like Happy Money Saver on Facebook and updated my status about this giveaway.

  88. I would be somewhat prepared but I don’t think that there is anyway to truly be prepared for a natural disaster, especially with the reliance upon technically in today’s society.

  89. I follow Happy Money Saver on Twitter and tweeted about this giveaway.!/annaisabanana08/status/112684630968246272

  90. I checked out the website and send an email to Barb.

  91. I like you on FB as Anne Loyd and shared this giveaway.

  92. Tricia Moreno says:

    I would be somewhat prepared, but probabaly not enough1

  93. Tricia Moreno says:

    I like you on FB

  94. We’d probably be somewhat prepared…but there’s definately room for improvement (we don’t have a generator yet for example).

  95. we could last at0 least a month I think — except for water

  96. Melissa Barker says:

    I wouldn’t be 100% prepared but we wouldn’t perish right away. I need to do a little better.

  97. I’m pretty sure we’d be prepared for about three weeks or so, but I’d probablly need to carefully compare my stockpile to a checklist of some sort to be sure. I’m just guessing!

  98. If there was a natural disaster we would have plenty of food to maintain us for awhile but I REALLY need to stock up on some water!

  99. We live a ways out of town and most winters spend at least a day without power. We’re ready as we can be. But I love the idea of this food!

  100. I think I am not fully prepared…. We would need more water!

  101. Getting closer to being prepared!

  102. Went to her website.

  103. We would be set with food and toiletries… Thanks to my couponing habits!! 🙂

  104. We are closer than we were before.

  105. We are prepared for a few weeks and working on stockpiling more.

  106. We’d be prepared for a few weeks. Working on it still so it will be longer. I actually had just checked out Thrive when I was researching dehydrated foods and was curious how good it was. Nice to see that it really does take good!

  107. We would do pretty well for a awhile due to my couponing stockpile. 🙂

  108. We would be fine for a few weeks thanks to you 🙂

  109. We’d get bored of canned beans, but we’d not go hungry or thirsty…

  110. We would be ok for a few weeks.

  111. We are getting closer. I home can much from our summer garden, but I wish to make it to one of your classes some time and get better at coupon’ing!!! But I love your website and all your info sharing. Thank You!

  112. I think we would do okay during an emergency.

  113. Left a note for Barbara.

  114. Liked you on FB a long time ago, but posted about you/giveaway on my status!

  115. WE would better now that I started couponing. Still need to work on water supply.

  116. I would be ready, I have a duffle bag packed with emergency food/first aid stuff if we needed to leave the house in a hurry and we have plenty of food in our stock pile to last a month or more… My only worry would be water supply, just have a few gallon jugs of that.

  117. Yes, I would be prepared. I have a 3-day emergency kit plus food storage (and a swimming pool for water!) to last awhile. I’d love to win either prize…thanks for the giveaway!

  118. Shawnda Hicks says:

    We would be running to the store!

  119. I think we would be pretty much prepared. (I would hope, at least.)

  120. Kylene Mildon says:

    I would be running to the store fast!

  121. I think we would be prepared in the food department, but would be low on fresh, clean water. I guess does Diet Dr Pepper count as disaster preparedness?

  122. Diana Crosby says:

    We would be set for about a month. My husband is very insistant on having H2O gas and emergency backpacks if we needed to be gone in a hurry. I have been stocking up on things and do some canning. I need to get better at the couponing, but do appreciate this website a great deal. Thanks so much

  123. We’d be prepared in an earthquake or if Rainier erupted for a couple weeks only if we stayed at home. We have yet to do emergency backpacks… my next goal!

  124. I am not prepared, need more in the form of waters etc.

  125. We were prepared and then we got exchange students so I need to rebuild a little of the supply!

  126. Went to Barb’s website… LOVE IT! I would rather have the food to start though. May want to even have a party now!

  127. I think I’d be about 60% ready for a natural disaster.

  128. Just moved, gave away my stockpile, now trying to rebuild…..would b fine for a few days 🙂

  129. We definitely have enough food, just need to have water.

  130. I “love” HMS on FB.

  131. In the case of an emergency, I think we would be ok. I have lots of canned goods, a freezer full of meat, and a stockpile of toiletries. Like in the case of 9/11 I would run to the nearest store for milk, eggs, bread or other perishables to last atleast a week and then fill the car up with gas- just incase of evacuation. It doesn’t take long for the store shelves to empty, so I am very thankful for a stockpile that my family can live off of.

  132. I would be sustained for a least a few days. Need to work harder on longer food storage.

  133. I like you on FB

  134. Dorri Rolwes says:

    We would be good on food, but bottled water is something I don’t usually buy 🙂

  135. We would only make it a week or so, I’m afraid. I really need to work on geting some water, and am so interested in Thrive (gotta check that out)!
    Thanks for a great site!

  136. Hmmm… A month? Maybe?

  137. I have some water bottles stored but really not any food items.

  138. I”m close to being prepared.

  139. I contacted Barbara about the cansolidator.

  140. I think I’m prepared with the basics but it is always better to double check everything couple time at year just to make sure 🙂 !!!!

  141. Mrs. DeWitt says:

    I’m prepared for only a week ( I need to start getting some more stuff to be ready for at least a month)

  142. I contacted Barbara about the cansolidator.

  143. I’m ready

  144. We would be good on food, and bottled water for around a month!

  145. I have enough water for like a moth but not enough food 🙁

  146. We would probably last a week and then we’d be in trouble. I really need to start focusing on building my stockpile.

  147. I contacted Barbara about the cansolidator.

  148. I just visited Barb’s site and left her a comment. I’d love to win either giveaway. We tried the pineapple at a party my coworker had…loved it! The cansolidator would be cool too!

  149. I follow Happy Money Saver on facebook

  150. I Liked Happy Money Saver on facebook and updated my status sharing about this giveaway.

  151. Liked Happy Money Saver on facebook and updated my status sharing about this giveaway.

  152. I follow Happy Money Saver on twitter!

  153. Would like to win the organizer. Placed comment on her site. 🙂

  154. Liked you on Facebook! Everyone should know about your site!

  155. Am fairly prepared except for the whole water issue. Any suggestions?

  156. We would be ready! Well, I do need to change diaper sizes in the 72 hour emergency backpacks.

  157. My family could survive without running to the store for a week to 10 days. I think I’d be pretty well prepared for a natural disaster.

  158. If there was a natural disaster in your area would you be prepared or would you be running to the stores? Awesome question!!

    This year I am learning this year to be a good little ant 🙂 My fiance and I have a garden that we are in the process of eating and preserving via canning, drying, and freezing. a few seconds ago. Plus, keeping the our pantry full of dry and canned goods, water bottles, batteries, candles, first aid kits (I think I have 2) extra tp/ppr twls, and my father-in-law has a generator that will help keep the fridge working for awhile. If we had 2 we have the capability to cure the meats like they did in the pioneer days as well.

  159. I would be prepared for a while.

  160. We have some water stored, but I would want a lot more food in my pantry to feel ready!

  161. I would definitely be prepared! =D

  162. We would be prepared! although it is easier when there is just 2 to prepare for! 🙂

  163. love you on facebook! 🙂

  164. Well, I have a pretty good food stockpile, but most of it would be hard to cook without power. I guess I should consider a few more meals that could just be eaten. Thanks for the giveaway!

  165. checked out Barb’s website, I would love to win the cansolidator as my canned foods look like a disaster area!

  166. If there was a natural disaster, I would be running to the store. My stock pile is pretty limited (well I need to build it up in general…still learning). I do have enough PowerAids to last my family for a while. 🙂

  167. If we did have one, We would be stacked up with food. The only thing is we would be so thirsty, our beverage pile is definetly something I have to improve on. Great giveway, especially because I dont know where to buy a can consolidator..:0)

  168. Julie Ferris says:

    I am slowly but surely getting prepared.

  169. Vicki Wurgler says:

    we would be fine for a couple weeks as far as food-water would be the problem

  170. Jennifer Wells says:

    We would survive on essential items-we would be in big trouble without water.

  171. We’re prepared!!! Thanks to couponing!!

  172. We have lots of tvp, beans and rice to last us awhile =)

  173. Hubby is a “good” eater and thinks all we need is food. This is the site I have been looking for with all the other stuff I wonder about. Thanks.

  174. I emailed my interest in her products and preference of prize.


  175. I “like” Happy Money Saver on facebook!

    Thanks for bringing this site to our attention.

  176. We would be a little of both…need to work on more of our food stroage…

  177. We are pretty well prepared for a natural disaster, I think. 🙂

  178. I liked happymoneysaver on facebook and updated my status.

  179. I left a message for Barbara, I would love the can organizer!

  180. Kendra Kelley says:

    Yikes! Pretty sure I would be running to the store!

  181. Kendra Kelley says:

    I checked out Barb Bergman’s site!

  182. Kendra Kelley says:

    I follow you like a champ on Facebook!

  183. Definitely closer to being prepared and self-reliant now – thanks to your site.

  184. If there was a natural disaster in my area – I would be partially prepared. I’m stocked on some stuff, but not enough on others to cover my entire family. It’s been a work in progress and I appreciate the many tips and savings you offer! It has helped out immensely!

  185. We could last at least a week, maybe a little bit longer, but I’d still want to get to the store. 🙂 Great giveaway!

  186. I’ve like you on FB for a while now! 🙂 And happy to share the link – great products!

  187. I just did Twitter for the first time in a long time! Guess who I’m following…? 😀

  188. We’d be prepared, but oh how I would miss milk. I’m not a fan of powdered.

  189. Jaime Carroll says:

    We would be prepared 🙂

  190. I would be prepared except probably wouldn’t have enough water to last the 3 of us beyond 5 days

  191. I like you on Facebook 🙂

  192. Megan Anderson says:

    Megan: I’d be at the store totally need to work on this!

  193. Megan Anderson says:

    Went and emailed barb: megan

  194. Terressa T. says:

    75%…we would be eating a lot of beans…I am low on a lot of my stock and am seeking out case lot sales…sometimes feeling the preparedness is more rewarding than some of the coupon deals…especially when you have days like 9/11 to remember.

    thank you for such a great giveaway! Thrive is a great company.

  195. Unfortunately, I would probably be running to the store. I’m trying……

  196. Our family would be ok for a little bit, but I would like to be a little more stocked up. 😉

  197. Heidi Snider says:

    We would be prepared for food, running to the store for toilet paper….I hate buying toilet paper….I have a mental block!

  198. I definitely feel more prepared than I did just a year ago- and most of that is thanks to couponing but its also thanks to living back in my hometown and having so much food readily available for me to can and store!

  199. I follow you on facebook and updated my status about the giveway.

  200. Erica Mangum says:

    Getting alot closer to be prepared!

  201. Erica Mangum says:

    I like youon facebook..and shared your giveaway!

  202. I would be prepared!

  203. I would be pretty-well prepared, but would probably need some water!

  204. I would be pretty prepared I think:)

  205. I went to the website and contacted Barb (I would love the cansolidator)-the pineapple looks great too.

  206. I hope I’d be prepared……there’s always more work to be done, though!

  207. I went to the website and contacted Barb!

  208. I think we would mostly be prepared. We have endured a year of unemployment so some of our food storage is depleted though. 🙁

  209. Cathy Polachek says:

    I am semi prepared – which isn’t good because I have been affected twice in the past 2 weeks with natural disasters – Hurricane Irene and the flooding from the heavy rains that hit the east coast. I was fortunate to have only lost our power for 2 days, but realized at that point how UN-prepared we were. I need to step it up and get ready in case anything else were to happen.

  210. Oh I would so be prepared!! At least for a few weeks Ü

  211. Cathy Polachek says:

    I contacted Barb and am interested in the cansolidator.

  212. Tina Williams Peterson says:

    I like you on FB and posted your giveaway.

  213. I would be prepared but im sure I would also run to the stores.

  214. I would probably have to go to the store

  215. Contacted Barb and picked the consolidator

  216. If there was a natural disaster here I would def be short on H2O! So, nope not ready:(

  217. i like you on FB and updated my status about this giveaway!

  218. I contacted Barb and am interested in the can consolidator.

  219. Shannon Bryant says:

    I would have “food” if a disaster hit, bit it would not be good. I’d probably be out braving the crowds in a disaster.

  220. Kym Kennell says:

    Thanks to happy moneysavers I WOULD BE PREPARED

  221. I’m allmost completed with filling shelves from my list t be prepared. Here are some things on my list
    Water, food, flashlights, batterys, radio, tap lights, candles, extra gas for the grill, a stash of cash so when the power is gone you have cash the atms dont work. list of contacts for family members, allways have the cell phone charged, and a extra battery, things to keep the kids busy with out the power, I also have a supply for the van.

  222. I would be prepared with canned food, a generator, and wood for the fireplace.
    I would not be prepared if we lost our water access.

  223. Angela Andersen says:

    I went on the website and contacted Barb. I would love either one, but the can organizer would be awesome!! Thanks for your generosity 🙂

  224. We are pretty well prepared.

  225. I could be prepared

  226. In truth…I would have enough to get by but I don’t have nearly enough for a long term need.

  227. shared it on facebook

  228. tweeted!

  229. We’d definitely be prepared. I lived in Kentucky (tornado country) and South Carolina (hurricane country) before moving to Washington state. We keep emergency kits in the house and cars, as well as ample food and other supplies. Force of habit!

  230. I would like to think i’d be prepared.

  231. I would be pretty prepared.

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