My Pretty Little Blue Chicken Coop with a White Picket Fence

Pretty Chicken Coop with White Picket Fence

I am so excited to finally be able to share the pictures of my pretty little blue chicken coop with the white picket fence!

As many of you know I have 4 chickens, live in the city and secretly dream of having my own big farm someday. I have a big yellow lab dog which means  I cannot let my chicken free range my backyard – but even if I didn’t have that dog my neighbors probably wouldn’t want to see chickens perched up on my fences either. So I needed a coop that they could spend a lot of time in.

While googling and googling different chicken coop plans, I found this Williams Sonoma coop and fell in love. But who can afford that $1500 price tag? Not me, that’s for sure. So I showed the look to my husband and asked him if he could build it.

Now let me stop right here.  There are some things you need to know.

My husband is not a country boy. At all. He is a work-in-an-office-all-day accountant. He wears business shirts, ties and slacks. For him to even agree to us having chickens in the first place was a sign of his great love for me. And just to let you know I don’t think even once I have seen him hold, talk to or coddle them chickens. He always says the reason for this is because somebody has be the non-involved one if we ever needed to…  (which at this point I stop him immediately and say “Nooo – no one will ever need to kill my chickens for food!!”). Yeah, that’s what you need to know about the happy husband.

So back to me asking him to build me a pretty chicken coop.

Turns out this man of mine loves working with wood-building!  He hasn’t really built anything I can remember since we have been married, just usually cuts things like molding and other house fixin’ projects.

Well, he said, “YES.”

And I wanted to make love to him right then and there. That’s right people – that’s what this chicken stuff does to me.

When he said YES,  it was just like when Westly said “As you Wish” in The Princess Bride movie (one of my all time favorite movies by the way…)

He was showing me he really loved me – the country girl in me. The homesteader in me. Allowing me to have my dreams come true even though it effects himself and our whole family. Just by saying yes it was him saying…”I love you, Karrie.”

It was a beautiful moment. And every day these past few months as he has been building, I remember this and am so grateful for his love.

Okay moving on before I start to tear up.  Because once the tears start coming, the kids will start asking questions.

Here are some of the pictures of the building process. My husband didn’t have a pattern, just went off the picture I showed him.


2013-04-01 13.31.41

2013-04-01 14.03.36 2013-04-01 16.02.49


2013-05-18 13.42.42

2013-05-18 14.54.44 2013-05-18-14.42.45 2013-05-18 14.44.03 2013-05-18 14.44.16 2013-05-18 14.45.15



Repurposing a kiddie pool into a chicken coop tray liner

To be thrifty I used an old kiddie pool and cut out the plastic to use inside our chicken coop pull out tray. This will make everything so much easier to clean as I can spray it off with water.

2013-06-06 12.55.32 2013-06-06 12.55.17 2013-06-06 12.55.06 PVC Pipe as a chicken coop roosting bar -

We also had some pvc pipe hanging around and my genius husband made their roosting bar out of PVC! It works great!

2013-06-06 12.51.57 2013-06-06 12.52.20


Pretty Chicken coop with picket fence Pretty Chicken Coop Garbage Can feed holder

I found these cute Behrens 6 gallon lockable metal garbage cans on Amazon – they make it easy for me to feed them & give them scratch (treats). Plus they are on 50% off sale right now.

Use garbage cans to hold chicken feed cc10

Since the floor of my coop is made of sand, I just use a cat litter scoop to clean out the poop once a week. This is my tub where I hold my gloves, and the scooper.

Cute Chicken Coop with 6 Gallon Garbage Cans as chicken feeders Pretty Chicken coop with picket fence Pretty Chicken coop with picket fence

My husband and I were thinking this would only cost us around $200-$300 using some older wood pieces we had around the house and such. But it ended up costing us around $500. Still a huge savings – considering the Williams Sonoma one is priced at $1500. But it also embarasses me a bit since I am such a thrifty gal. And I know I will not get enough eggs out of this to pay if off.

But I do love it very much. And my chickens are happy and healthy in there as well.

I would love to know your thoughts! Do you like it, hate it or see any design flaws? Have any questions? Thanks for letting me share.38 Comments

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  1. Beautiful! !! Love it!

  2. Bridgette says:

    I love it, it’s so beautiful. And I say $500 IS a thrifty coop, tell your husband he did an amazing job!

  3. Proud of that husband of yours! I’m very impressed with him these last few years! What a great cousin I have!

  4. the chicken coop is so wonderful~!!!! and you have an amazing husband!!!!

  5. I dunno…$500 for an adorable coop and priceless memories? Sounds like a good deal to me! I know people think we’re a little nutty for how fond we are of our chickens but I’ll be the Crazy Chicken Lady, I’m cool with it. 😛

  6. Ellaregee says:

    So cute!! And so resourceful!! Love it!

  7. Flaws?! Absolutely not…this is the most adorable coop I’ve ever seen!! And it’s so much better than a store bought one because it was made with love which is priceless! I love it…your husband did an awesome job!

  8. Marie B. says:

    It’s so beautiful! I bet you all smile every time you see it. I certainly do!

    I think one of the nice things about couponing is that we save enough every day to be able to spend a little extra on the things we really care about. When you consider how much your children enjoy being with the chickens and the pleasure of getting your own delicious eggs; it’s definitely worth it! You’re always inspiring, and I’m grateful you shared this with us (including the real cost!). 🙂 Thanks!

  9. Love your new chicken coop! It’s really nice and $500. Isn’t bad for all the enjoyment you will get out of it! Tell your husband he did a great job on the coop and he’s a great husband for making it for you! Love your page!

  10. Rachelle Benson says:

    I thin its EGGDORABLE! you don’t want to know what our 16 ft. by 32 ft. chicken coop cost… lol and it doesn’t have a picket fence or flowers!!! but we have freedom rangers growing out as we speak.. a handful of Serama’s for the kids and the usual clucking around… good job!!! ready for a milk cow yet??

  11. Wow – you did an amazing job with this project! Sounds like a lot of work, but the end results are fantastic! Wish I could have chickens!

  12. That is soooo adorable, and is there anything sexier than a handy husband? Especially one who responds “As you wish?” Love it!

  13. Becky E in Yakima says:

    Love it! You guys did such a good job! Can’t wait to see it in person!! Can’t wait for you to gets eggs either!!

  14. I know you said you live in the Pacific Northwest, so was wondering if it got cold enough there for freezing weather. What is your plan for keeping the chickens warm in the winter? Also, is it necessary to have artificial light for the chickens during seasons of “less” sun?

  15. When they start laying, you’ll pay for this in no time. Not only saving at the store, but healthy food source, sharing and selling! Such a great looking coop.

  16. Loved this post! We’re getting chickens next spring and you have great info. I think I may have a small addiction to your blog!

  17. The health benefits of those GREAT eggs will far outweigh the cost to construct the coop. Very cool.

  18. I think $500 is the going rate for a coop for 4 chickens. Especially if you need new materials. If you had to pay for labor, then double that. Raising chickens is not really a money saver, you do it because you know where your food comes from, and it’s fun! We adore our flock. They are ceaselessly entertaining.

    To answer Lisa’s question about warmth in the Pacific NW, I live a bit south of that region in N.Cal, and we have no problems with keeping chickens warm, they have feathers, and unless they get really wet, they should be okay. They need a lot of air to circulate so you don’t want them enclosed. If it gets frosty for any period of time, you can put the roosting heat lamp in the coop with them, but they usually don’t require it. Also, a time of less light, just means a time of less laying, eggs are seasonal.

  19. That is too adorable! My girls love in an old repurposed shed behind the garage. Functional…yes, but not so cute. However, the country girl in me would rather have functional that I didn’t have to pay for over fun that costs money…so I love the cute chicken coop life vicariously through you Karrie!

  20. This is so wild……I love your coop and I am getting ready to build a small one like this as the weather breaks. The funny part is that I also had to talk my hubby into chickens (still not a chicken man) and I’ve been talking for month about getting more (you know chicken math)…..he is also not a handyman….white shirt, tie, slacks,……ACCOUNTANT !!! LOLOLOL I’m going to have to show him this so he will get some inspiration!
    Thank you for sharing!!

  21. Hi, I have had chickens “the girls” for a couple of years now and like you, love them. They are great pets that give back, eggs 🙂 Last fall I had a break in and the masked bandit kill my girls (raccoon). I am getting ready once again for some baby chicks, easter eggers this time, with their colorful eggs. My daughter is thinking about getting some as well, so she would like me to build her a coop. I built my, by myself (I say with a slightly puffed chest) and it turned out quite nice, but I am always look for new coop plans. It would be nice if you give dimensions and a wood list, I would love to try this one for my daughter’s coop.

  22. Cathy Grieves says:

    I’m sooo very jealous!!! We live in the country and want chickens – eventually. We both have a very busy schedule and the hubby’s working on building a small cabin right now with his brother at the hunting property. That being said, the “builds” at home have to wait. I’m definitely going to show this to him and also your comments about “making love” – maybe that’ll get him going…on the chicken coop, that is!! HAHA!! Love your posts!!!!!

  23. Very Cute coop! Just FYI: for my girls it is way easier for them to grip a wood perch like a 2×4, especially if their feet get wet in our weather!

  24. I love it so darn cute chickens can be fun also and the fresh eggs such a blessing

  25. Debra M. says:

    I love your little Blue Chicken Coop! It is just too cute and I’m betting your chickens love it too! I’d say your husband is very talented to end up with a very cute and practical finished product.

  26. Tracy Shamma says:

    We have a small coop for 3 chickens, and I got a pretty good deal on a kit off season. One thing I added was to get the really cheap linoleum squares from home depot. The were like 30 cents each and I only needed 6. I used them to line the floor of the coop tray and it cleans like a breeze! Love your coop! So cute!

  27. I looove your coop! It is adorable.

    I am looking at getting some of my own chickens when the weather warms up (currently in Southern US snowed into my house). I was wondering if ya’ll just made up the dimensions as you went along or if you had a basic design/blueprint you followed? If you were following one could you please point me in the direction of where you got it?

    Thanks for your time & this great blog!

    • Hello Kayla,

      My husband just kind of looked at the Pottery Barn coop picture and made it up as he went along. I wish I had some blueprints for you..but I don’t. So sorry. So happy you love it though!

  28. Suzanne says:

    I love it and I especially love how you told your story, along with the great photos. I loved your design, with the pull-out tray, the white picket fence and the flowers. Very nice chicken home.

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