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As a couponer for a few years now I have become aware of what prices are good enough for me to stock up on.  And I get emails often asking me what I personally will pay when things go on sale. So this is typically what my stock up prices are.

Note: Every region is different. Some areas you might not be able to get things as cheap as these prices/or can get even better deals on certain items. When you have been sale shopping for awhile you will start to see your own price points and begin to know what you will and will not pay for items.

Items I get for FREE : these items I will wait until they are FREE or money makers only usually.
Shampoo, Conditioners & Stylers
Contact Solution
Deodorants: both Mens & Womens
Scented Items:candles, plug-ins ect

Staples & Pantry Items
Bread .89-.99 loaf
Eggs .99 dozen
Cheese $2.99-$3.99 for 2 lb loaf
Lunch Meat $2 lb for sliced ( I often buy packaged kinds & Freeze)
Real Butter 1 lb: $1.00
Flour: 5 lb bag $1.00- $1.29
Cereals: .49 box
Peanut Butter: $1.00 or less
Campbells Cream Soups .40/can
Granola Bars .50 box
Fruit Snacks .50- $1 box
Juice 64fl oz $1.50 or less
Milk, gallon $1.79 or less
Chocolate Chips $1 per bag
Pam sprays $1 or less
Canned Tomatoes .50 can
Van Camps Pork n Beans .39 can

Toothbrushes (Free from Dentist) or fancy ones .20
Dishsoap .49
Hand soap .20
Toilet Paper 12 double rolls $3.50
Paper Towels 8 roll $3.50
Pads/Tampons $1.50/package
Diapers $2.99 package
Garbage Bags: Costco 200 bags $11.99
Reynolds Foil: used to get FREE, now .90
Ziplock Bags $1.25 or less
Plastic Wrap: I buy the Costco 2-pack, it lasts forever!
Dog Food: Atta Boy Costco $14 for 50 lbs.
Chinet 32 ct. Paper Plates .49
Chinet Cups .49
Silverware:Costco best price
Napkins: dont ususually buy too much of, even when free. I usually use my paper towels more as napkins.
Kleenex/Box Tissues : .59
Laundry Detergent: $1.50-$2.50 (for 32-50 loads)

Lettuce .49 head
Apples .49 lb
Oranges .39 lb
Grapes $1.29 lb
Avocados .25 each
Bananas .33 lb
Carrots $1 per lb

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts & Tenders $1.88 lb
Ground Beef $1.50 lb
Steaks, Roast $1.99 lb
Pork Chops $1.19 lb

I am sure there are if you want to know the most I would pay on something please leave a comment and I will update this list!18 Comments

My Stock Up Prices was last modified: April 22nd, 2010 by Karrie

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    What about paper products?

  2. Like paper plates, napkins ect?
    I dont buy them unless they are cheap for the most part. First off, for large gatherings Costco has pretty great prices.

    Chinet 32 ct. Paper Plates .49
    Chinet Cups .49
    Silverware:Costco best price
    Napkins: dont ususually buy too much of, even when free. I usually use my paper towels more as napkins.
    Kleenex/Box Tissues : .59

    Anything else I missed?

  3. Jennifer E. says:

    What about laundry detergent?

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I just started the ‘coupon program’ on Saturday and have already saved $115! I kept questioning if I’m stocking up on the right things based on the 4 and 5 star ratings, but this helps clarify and confirm I’m on that right track!

  5. Catherine says:

    Thank you SO VERY MUCH for posting this. I was halfheartedly doing this by saving past circulars. I was just about to set up a spread sheet to show how much I have spent in the past month.

    Recently, my husband told me we spent a large amount on groceries (I am too embarrassed to say) and to kick into “coupon gear” And I have been couponing so either I am stocking up at the wrong time, stocking up too much or part of those receipts include other things that are not totally groceries (ie. going the Fred Meyer and getting potting soil etc)

    So again, thank you. By the way, the printer friendly option on your site is AWESOME!

  6. Great List!

    I was pretty bummed when Reynolds started excluding that 20ft foil size – I loved getting free foil at Walgreens too. Thank goodness for holiday packaging! I used my Reynolds coupons at Target & stocked-up on “Christmas” foil.

  7. I read it but I can’t believe that is all you spend for that stuff. I am super new to couponing and I think I’m doing good if I can use $8 worth of coupons in a grocery trip on a $80 cart full of stuff. What am I doing wrong?? One problem is we live out of town and so we only come in to go grocery shopping at WinCo about once every week and a half. I really appreciate your blog and others like it. We’re newly married and having a husband is kind of expensive (don’t tell him I said that because I think he’s totally worth it, but-he still eats a lot!) Keep the suggestions coming!

  8. Laundry Detergent: note: I am not picky on brand per say, as long as I can get it in free & clear (My kiddos have sensitive skin) So I get All and Arm & Hammer at $1.50-$2.50 typically.

  9. Charity–
    You will get better as time goes on; you can’t compare yourself to others, either and living out of town you have to make your gas worth the trip into town.

  10. Thanks for posting this list! I printed it out to keep in my coupon binder to use as a reference. Over the years I have learned to shop store sales, but this last year I have added coupons to the mix and love how I can get so much more for the same price I was paying before. And it really helps to have the “stock-up price” on hand now. I had an idea for most of the stuff, but its nice to have it all available to look up. Thanks!

  11. Great List!

    I was pretty bummed when Reynolds started excluding that 20ft foil size – I loved getting free foil at Walgreens too. Thank goodness for holiday packaging! I used my Reynolds coupons at Target & stocked-up on “Christmas” foil.

  12. Charity, here’s a suggestion, you can take it or leave it as you see fit! You might try doing 2 stores on your shopping days. Survey the posts here to see which ‘other” store has the best deals that week (for what you & DH eat) and then stock up on the great ‘deals’ at that one store, and Winco for the rest. And if you’re only spending $72 for groceries every 10 days ($216/month) for 2 people, I think that’s pretty darn good! And you’ll definitely get better at couponing, and living off of your pantry (cheap food) stash as time goes on. You’re off to a great start!

  13. Karrie, great post – thanks for putting this up!

  14. Thanks Karrie and Trina! My husband is totally into couponing right now too-it’s like a game to us. We’ll keep working on it-hopefully we’ll get better at it as we get more practice!

  15. Valerie Smith says:

    What about sugar and oil? Baking goods and spices? Do you buy just the fresh foods(salad stuff, fruits and veggies) that are on sale and then make your weekely dinner menu sides with that?

  16. Ann-Marie says:

    Thank you so much for this list! I’ve been couponing for about 3-4 months now, and I’m starting to notice what my area “stock-up” prices are, but this list is so handy! It’s very close to what I have been paying, so I feel like I must be doing okay! And Charity, and anyone else just barely starting, you will find that the more you do it, the better you will get at it, and the more you will save. Our grocery bill has gone down each month, and I’m finally meeting my goal of $300-$350/month for our family of six. I think I’ll eventually even be able to get it down to less when all our diaper needs are gone! (Oh, but I wish we had an Albies here!)

  17. jk2boys says:

    a can of tuna price/ounce

  18. I am with Charity and was always happy when I saved 10.00 with coupons, but my Walmart bill was still 120.00. I am trying to do better with matching sales and using doublers. I need to do better, with 4 boys plus a big husband. I just find it easier to do my shopping at the one stop store–Walmart. Especially when I have 2, sometimes 4 boys with me complaining that I am taking too long!!! Plus, they have cheaper prices on diapers and pull ups. Does anyone feel this way too? Or do you hit Safeway and Albertsons each week? I seem to spend too much at Walmart and Costco because I always see something I “need” at a good price.

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