A new chicken for Grace


So the day I posted all about the loss of our dear chicken Ginger we got a message from my lovely farm friend Trish on facebook:


Can you believe how kind Trish is? I mean, I was just prepared to wait to get more chickens until we eventually move to the country, but this offer was so wonderful! Trish has been a blessing to me and my family for sure.

So next I did my research. I read all about how you need to extra careful when adding a new chicken to an existing flock.  I ordered in a rabbit cage because when a new chicken is added to the flock the other chickens will want to fight the newcomer off.

These suckers are territorial man. Seriously.

I read that you need to transition the newcomer for up to two weeks sometimes using a cage so they don’t get all mauled and stuff. I felt confident and everything was all ready to go.

So a week or so later we took a nice country drive on over to Trish’s farm to pick up Grace’s new chicken to love.

I’ll admit it… I was doing some dreaming when I went out to Trish’s farm again…. all those glorious acres of land! With pastures and cows. With a big chicken coop. And the view… amazing.


All in time, Karrie, all in time I told myself. We are currently working to be as debt free as possible before buying land or a house with a few acres on it. And we are nearly there. I can’t WAIT!

Okay..so back to our adventure.

First stop…Trish’s amazing country farm house for her homemade cookies. To die for.

Next stop… the chicken coop!


Here are my two youngest as well as Trish’s daughter heading over to the coop. Look at all those chickens!


And then we got to meet  Dawn, Trish’s most sweetest, gentlest chicken. She is a Rhode Island Red! I haven’t experienced this breed of chickens so this was new. Reds are so pretty!



Grace held her the whole time while we gathered eggs and checked out a broody chicken sitting on her egg clutch. It was pretty cool.

After that I asked Trish about 2432 questions about farming which she patiently answered. Then packed up little miss Dawn and took her home with us.


All in all a great day! We got home and introduced Dawn to the other chickens from her cage. I will share all about that experience in my next post.


All I can tell you is that Grace was smiling from ear to ear all day long. And that made me happy too.

Thanks to Trish for sharing your sweet chicken with us!14 Comments

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  1. The multiple colored eggs are cool. Are they from the same chicken?

  2. So happy for you all-good luck with the new chicken!

  3. Chavonne Schmidt says:

    I love this! I have a friend who will be giving me chickens as soon as I get the coop built. It is amazing how caring and generous those around us are.

  4. Michele Service says:

    I was so very sorry to hear about Ginger, and so very excited to hear about your new addition! What a wonderful friend you have in Trish! Happy for you all, especially little miss Grace!!

  5. She’s beautiful! Congrats on the new addition. 🙂 PS. Aren’t farm friends the absolute best??

  6. I am so glad to read this post!!! I’ve been checking in every day for weeks, wondering what you would decide to do after losing your beloved Ginger. I am so glad you got a Rhode Island Red. I’ve got one coming next month (along with some other breeds), and I’ve been hoping it would be a friendly breed for my kids. Congratulations on the new addition!

  7. Kristen says:

    This is a great cure for a broken heart for your daughter. I just started my flock and I hope I don’t have any issues with my girls. They are only 3 – 4 weeks old now and they are moving to their house this weekend. Love your webiste, I am definitely going to follow you.

  8. Melissa says:

    Great news! My reds are so sweet. I don’t hold them much but as I told you before, they follow me around the yard. If they are in their coop and I go out back for any reason, they all come flying to the gate to see if I have something for them. Sweet indeed. I was feeding them little strawberries last night.

    We had our buffs first and they aren’t really nice to the reds – they get picked on alot.

    Good luck with the new addition!

  9. I know that this happened a few years ago but I am surprised that her most gentle chicken was a Rhode Island Red. I have a Rhode Island Red named Maple but she hates me. She will peck me and not anyone else! I went out when she was laying her eggs, and I had brought my friend to see her, and she reached in a patted her on the back and Maple didn’t care. But when I went out and tried to get some eggs, she pecks me, and then makes the scariest chicken noise ever at me. xD

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