Safeway Just For U program {+ My Fun Day with Safeway!}

Last week Safeway invited me along with a bunch of other VIP bloggers to come to Seattle and learn all about the new Safeway Just For U program. It was a really fun event, where I got to meet with many “big wigs” of the Safeway company to discuss how this program will work and ideas on how to make it worthwhile. We ate, we learned, we had great Q&A sessions, we took at trip to a local Safeway store to use this new program, and had a great time.

Here are some of the key points I learned about the Safeway’s Just For U program:

There are 3 main sections you will see when you open up your Safeway Just For U account:

Your Club Specials (aka. Weekly Ad) – deals available to everyone in your targeted ad region. You don’t have to add these to your cart.

Coupon Center –  There are ecoupons in your Safeway Just For U account that you can click and add to your card. When you check out the savings automatically come off.

  • You will want to go into your account and click to add them before or while you are shopping.
  • If you are adding coupons to your club card in store via the Safeway app – make sure and give the program 5 minutes before you checkout to make sure its had time to update.
  • You cannot stack a manufacturers paper coupon with a manufacturer’s ecoupon – the new program should be able to choose which one is the higher value and give you that coupon. In the Coupon Center some items you can click will look like this:


  • If an eCoupon says Save $1.00 it is usually a manufacturers coupon. If it is a price listed its a store coupon usually.
  • As for doubling eCoupons – NOPE!  You cannot double any digital coupons anytime, anywhere for Safeway.
  • Many of the eCoupons are limit one only.


Personalized Deals – deals Safeway gives to you depending on what you purchase. I love this idea, its very unique!

  • Purchase history is what makes your personalized deals. For example say you purchase produce a lot at Safeway. The Just for U program will see that and give you special offers for produce that people that don’t buy produce there will have. If you buy cat food, then you will get offers for that, but if you don’t buy cat food you won’t have offers for that.Its really cool!
  • While I like the idea of personalized deals it does prove a challenge for me to share those kinds of  deals – since not everyone will have the same offers in their accounts.
  • With the Personalized Deals – if it says Limit one time only then you will only be able to get it once. Like the FREE eggs offer that was available was a limit one.  But if there is no limit on that personalized deal you can get as many as you like until the deal expires (most of the time a month).
  • With the personalized deals if you have a price listed, what happens if the price in store says B1G1 FREE? How does that work?  The answer was that it depends, and that you will get the best price. Some people have been able to get the low price as well as B1G1 FREE, so it depends.
  • You do need to click to add these deals to your card.
  • Make sure you are the only one using your club card. Gas rewards as well as Personalized deals.
  • If you have a personalized deal and a $1.00 eCoupon off you can combine and use them both!


Those are all the main points to the program that I saw. I went shopping at Safeway without coupons (gasp!) with a $50 gift card they offered me and I was able to save 28% even without coupons. Pretty sweet!  Thanks again Safeway for such a wonderful time.

To sign up for the Safeway JustForU program just go to the Safeway website.

Also you can do what I just did and add the Safeway app to your smartphone! If you have an android phone – go here to install the Safeway app. That way when you are on the go in the store you can see what new personalized deals there might be for you! Possibly something free!


Safeway Just For U program {+ My Fun Day with Safeway!} was last modified: May 22nd, 2012 by Karrie

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  1. Lois Pierce says:

    This new program leaves out your long term safeway card customers. If you do not have a computor or smart phone you do not qualify for the lower prices. If you wanted to add this it should be for all your cardholders. This is a poor deal as far as I am concerned. It may just send me shopping elsewhere

    • Upset former shopper says:

      I totally agree the phone app is not a fair deal for all coustomers. My elderly mother is very upset and feels ripped off by Safeway. She has been a long time shopper and it feels like a slap in the face to her! It upsets her so much that when I take her shopping I take her to a different store so I don’t have to listen to her rants about how unfair this is to her. She does not have a computer or know how to use one and she does not have an I phone. Shame on Safeway for slapping old ladies in the face!

  2. Terral Schut says:

    I have registered and on two occassions(because after accepting the first registration the the home page rejected me and deactivated my account) then I called the help line and reregistered and all went well until the first time that I used my account then it once again deactivated my account and I am unable to log in. HELP!!!! It won’t even let me login anymore!

  3. How do I get into the just for U program I already have a club card. Do I have to do something to include Just for U on my card? Tried to register on line but Just for U isn’t user friendly in telling me how to sign up.

    • You can do it in store (just go and ask customer service) or you can do it online. When I signed up I just followed the Just for U prompts. If you are having trouble you might just do in it store instead.

  4. Dana McGlinchy says:

    Registered with just for u and didnt choose to stay logged in. The site times me out after 2 pages of offers. I stuck with it and after logging back in 15 times I had all my add’s. Went to the store the next day and didnt get any just for u savings. just club card 11 % So far not impressed

  5. Jennifer Huapaya says:

    Can I use a Store eCoupon and then a store paper coupon? I know I can do a personalized deal and use that with a manufacture/store coupon but I don’t know about the former.

  6. Ed Chris says:

    Safeway Customer Service is a Joke. I called 5 different times waited 20 to 35 minutes
    each time with no responce. Left a message 3 times no responce eather.
    Once told the wait would be 6 minutes that was the 35 minute wait with no responce.

  7. To Safeway,
    I have tried so many different Safeway websites today, and none of them will let me log in to the Just for U digital coupon site. Some days I get right in, and other times nothing seems to work. Yes, I am a member, and yes, I can get in just fine on the store compter. Is it me, or is your site faulty? I’m not using my digital coupons because it doesn’t work.

  8. Elva J Dumire says:

    We Are Not Recieving Your Special Offers Through U Save. How Do We Get these savings Updated Automatically?

  9. Why do I not get the new safeway coupon and sales in my email anymore? If I have to search the web to find the just for you deals, it is a deal breaker. I will end up shopping elsewhere. I do appreciate you giving me back my .20 gas reward. But I do not understand why I don’t get the emails each week with the ads for my Safeway.

  10. S. Slater says:

    This program does not work and punishes everyone, including those who cannot access it and those attempting to use it. If you can get into your account you will be lucky to have it remember what you have selected once you get to a register–check your recepts! It often does not give you the discount ,or misses part of a deal. What a hassle and a ton of work!

    Safeway makes you jump through hoops and gets what out of our labor? Marketing information? They should just do the right thing and lower the prices for everyone. And don’t get too excited over the gas deal as many states can get more than .20 cents off.

    Safeway, shame on you for finding this way to torture your customers. Like others, I will intentionally shop elsewhere.

  11. I vote with my feet and money and pick Walmart. No membership cards, no logging in, no hassles, great prices.

  12. I tried to lpad the ( special offers) on the j4U but it doesnt let me click on it so it shows the deals… what can i doo? Or does it depend on how often u use the phone #??? I shop regularly at safeway, i dnt understand why i cant get any offers

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