So I Married A Couponer – Chapter 4

Photos created for this series by Naoma May Photography

Chapter 4: The Paper Boy Hates Me

Living with an extreme couponer means sometimes you have to have thick skin.  There will always be some finger pointing or eyes being rolled at the check-out line, but after awhile you start to ignore it or forget about it.  Sometimes though, there are casualties in the war against high prices.  In my case one of the biggest losses I have endured during this was losing my neighborhood paper boy.

The paperboy – it’s just too painful to say his name-  and I once enjoyed a great relationship.  As an ex-paperboy myself, we enjoyed that unspoken bond between those of us that know the thrill of home paper delivery service. He never threw my paper into the bushes, up on the roof, or out in the wet lawn. He’d ride by and I’d give him the “You’re the best” nod all the time and he’d wave back.  All that changed however when the coupon train rolled into town.

If you really want to have an impressive stockpile from couponing you of course need a lot of coupons. Believe me there are more episodes about this subject later but for now just know the more coupons the better. One of the general rules of couponing is that you should order a newspaper for every member of your family. That meant we increased our Sunday paper order from one to six.  For the typical scrawny 80 pound paperboy that’s a big load to carry. His paper bag sling already looked like it was going to break him in half before we started couponing and now I swear it hangs so low his tires are going to pop.  My wife says it’s good for him and will build up his scrawny little legs, but I feel bad for the boy.  Now every Sunday morning I get woken up to the sound of multiple Sunday newspapers being hurled at my door one after another like a sledgehammer.  The paperboy shows no mercy.  Now when I see him he looks at me, rubs his sore weighed-down shoulder and shakes his head.

My wife of course treats every Sunday morning like its Christmas and loves to un-wrap all the coupons and ads from the newspaper for the week.  I get to read six copies of the sports section and each kid reads his or her own comic section before we add more weight and height to my paper recycling pile. Although my wife experiences joy and excitement when she sees all the 6 newspapers, I just feel guilt for making our paper boy work so hard.

It’s easy to brush off the impatient guy in line or the grumpy old cashier when it comes to couponing, but having the paper boy hate me still makes me a little sad.

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So I Married a Couponer is a fun series about an average man trying to deal with being married to an extreme coupon shopper. His story must be told.

A big thanks to Naoma May Photography for taking such amazing photos for this series. She adds so much character and humor to her pictures, I love them!!   Note: Please do not copy or use these images without expressed consent.8 Comments

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  1. Another great chapter, thanks for the laugh 🙂

  2. So true. I also feel sorry for my paper boy. But we get 10 papers delivered. My papers often end up in a big stack instead of individually wrapped, so that is nice.

  3. ha ha ha! love it

  4. Christy B. says:

    I have been following your blog for over a year now and it’s my favorite of all. Not only do you share free samples and Albertson;s/Walgreens deals that I love, but also fun things like this story. You make me laugh so hard. Thanks so much for all you do!


    • Maybe I am an over achiever when it comes to cupoons BUT…I actually take my binder to other cities. I call ahead to see if they double their cupoons and check out their deals on my iphone. I then shop for great deals at a totally different store and we eat what I get during our holiday. Of course, I leave the body washes, razor and such for our host. That’s how I got a family friend into couponing…bringing 125 SOBE’s to the lake cabin last June.

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