Target: Leapfrog Alphabet Pal only .49!

Toys ‘R Us is releasing a special ad today for a 2-day Doorbuster Sale on Friday and Saturday. It should be available in your Toys ‘R Us store, so go on in there and pick one up. You must have the actual ad to do the price match. The LeapFrog Alphabet Pal will be on sale for $10.49. Bring the Toys ‘R Us ad into Target for the following deal:

Take the Toys ‘R Us ad to Target customer service to get a price match of $10.49
Use $10/1 Target store coupon
$.49 after price match & coupon

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  1. Both Targets in the tri-cities are sold out of these at the moment, FYI. this is as of noon on friday the 13th. not sure if either store is going to get a shipment in tonight or not.

  2. I tried this at Walmart, however Walmart dropped their price on this to $9 (still priced on the shelf at $15 though), and they won’t price match up to the TRU price, and they wouldn’t adjust the $10 coupon down, so it was a no go for me.

  3. Valerie Smith says:

    FYI: I tried this at the Target in Yakima. They would not honor it, because it was a “time sensitive” sale.

  4. I called Target in Richland, and they are out of the toy. Customer service said they will not issue rainchecks.

  5. I tried to price match a video game at Target (with a Big Lots ad) and they refused saying that they don’t match ‘limited quantity’ items. All the items on the Toys R Us ad say Quantities limited on the bottom. GOod luck.

  6. I just tried this at the Target in Huntington Beach, and they said they do one or the other-either the price match or the coupon. My toy was the last left so I think they’ve just decided to issue that as policy. SO frustrating!

  7. we called the richland wal mart and they said they’d match the ad price and the coupon. they show $15 on the shelf, but only ring up $9 at the register. they weren’t willing to adjust to let us get ’em for $0.49, but said they’d go $4.50 if it’d make us happy. we decided to try our luck… went to wal mart in pasco and relayed the richland experience. they said that they don’t normally honor a “dollar amount off or a percentage amount off” coupon, but since we’d been told they would, they did. got 4 for under $2.50. but they said they wouldn’t honor any more. perhaps the kennewick wal mart will? (the pasco wal mart had ’em ring up for the $15 price as shown on the shelf. perhaps richland’s computers are screwy?)

  8. I checked and the site showed Richland Target had it in stock. The shelf was empty, and one of the clerks told me that they think the computer was incorrect. He said that people have been asking for it since last week. The clerk also told me that several women were actually angry that it wasn’t on the shelf. That’s too bad…not finding the bargain isn’t a reason to ruin someone’s day :(.

  9. I went to Target today to do this deal and they said they don’t price match on door buster (or “timed”) sales. Bummer!

    Stacey: Target’s corporate policy is to price match AND accept coupons on the same item. Here is a link to an e-mail another blogger got that stated the policy. I printed it and keep it with me just in case.

  10. The Walmart in Kennewick tried to tell they don’t take “cents/dollars off” coupons either and I pointed out that all my other MQ I just used on groceries were for “cents/dollars off!” They immediately tried to back-pedal on that one. They also said when taking a competitor coupon they can’t use it unless they know what price the other store is selling that same item for!!! I swear, they make it up as they go!

  11. I just went to the Kennewick Target and it worked…there were a lot of other ladies doing the same thing! I’d try the Richland one again? It may depend on the person at customer service.

  12. Target in Richland or Kennewick is out and will not issue a rain check on the $10 off coupon because it came off the internet. They also won’t honor the flyer for toys r’ us because it’s going to be over before they get any more of these in. Walmart in Richland won’t honor either coupon or ad becuase there is no address on the Target coupon and it’s off the internet. Fred Meyers in Richland won’t honor the toys r’s ad because it’s a limited shopping time ie; 7am-1pm etc. This has been a real dissapointment. I agree, Target and Walmart seem to make up this stuff as they go along. Fred Meyers was very friendly and asked a manager to verify their policy. Target floor manager was useless!! I’ll be purchasing this toy at Fred Meyer at their price with my points coupons I get quarterly, just because they were kind.

  13. I asked Fred Meyer if they would honor Target’s 10.00 coupon, and Toys R Us sale price for the Leapfrog caterpillar. They told me they only honor competitor coupons for food-nothing else.

  14. Tippythtsme says:

    This was an amazing deal! I was able to use the price match price at the Target located in Northgate (Seattle) as well as the coupon in order to receive this toy for the $0.49! I’m still amazed! Thanks for the heads up! I’m sure my 19 month old will love this for Christmas!

  15. SuperTarget in Omaha, NE would not honor this because it was a “time sensitive” ad.

  16. got the same song & dance about “we don’t price match on doorbusters” from two different Target employees today. as for Kathy’s experience, that’s too bad the trouble you had because the coupon was from the internet. i had absolutely no trouble using any of my other online coupons when checking-out even though i could not get my paws on a caterpillar. its as if these stores don’t know what to do or think with all us couponing now. as if its personal, ya know? they shouldn’t be so prickly, since i went in with the intention of not spending more than $30, yet i walked out with most my Christmas shopping done and a receipt for almost 10x’s my intended budget (nobody stress, the hubby was with me, and he gave me permission to knock out the Christmas list in one day). fabulous deals & i couldn’t pass them up! between there, some eagle-eyed shopping at the sporting goods store, my Up dvd from Walmart & new LED Christmas lights from Home Depot and i’m good to go. =)

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