Things are growing in the garden…and it feels great.

Raised Garden

My little garden is starting to grow and get all nice & greened up.

It gets me all giddy just talking about it.

Every morning and evening I go out to the garden mostly to stare at it a little, enjoying God’s work in growing this amazing source of food for me & my family.

I am also watching for any weeds that might have shown up. This is my second year having a raised garden bed filled with the perfect soil mix, and I am finding there are TONS more weeds this year.  I do live in the windiest part of Eastern Washington though so all those weed seeds blew into my garden this winter I am sure.

For those of you who do raised beds, have you found the weed problems just get worse and worse every year? Just curious.

2013-05-12 18.48.38

Here is a picture of how my little ole’ garden of love is doing right now. So many nice little green plants coming up.

2013-05-12 18.50.14

My sweet peas are starting to flower. And we know what that means…sweet peas will be here soon to enjoy. Also, did you know you can eat the sweet pea shoots? You can.  I ate one this morning. Surprisingly it tasted just like sweet peas. I will be adding these to my green smoothies for sure.

2013-05-12 18.50.26

Its just getting warm enough for my first row of green beans to start popping up. This is my very first year growing green beans. Hoping they turn out alright.

2013-05-12 18.50.10

Lettuce & Spinach. This is my first year trying out Spinach as well, and they seem to be growing very nicely. Not sure how big they will get, or when I should start harvesting it. I guess that is the surprise I get from trying something new in the garden. It’s a new adventure.

Any advice from those who have grown spinach before? How big before I can pick it?

2013-05-12 18.50.01

These are my 4 green pepper plants that I purchased from starts. They are growing well.

2013-05-12 18.49.49

I have started using parsley in my green smoothies as well. So good for cleansing the body.

2013-05-12 18.49.37

And look at the size of my zucchini plant I planted from seeds. It is growing quickly and I cannot wait to start roasting, boiling, frying, bbq’ing, and steaming fresh zucchini!

Oh my gosh, is that a weed I missed hiding under the zucchini?  Why you little……

2013-05-12 18.49.09

Cilantro from transplant. I have also been using this in my green smoothies. I will have to share that recipe soon.

2013-05-12 18.49.05

My cilantro from seed.

2013-05-12 18.48.57

And my two beautiful cabbage plants. This is a first for growing these as well. I have already killed off two of my transplanted cabbage plants from not watering them enough sadly. Live & learn.

2013-05-12 18.48.50

Life is good. Chickens growing bigger every day. Green stuff coming up in the garden for our family to eat.  I thank the Lord for giving me so much joy in my life and am constantly amazed at all his creations.  I urge you to start a garden and grow some fresh organic food for your family as well!

It’s as easy as planting some seeds.14 Comments

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  1. Looking good, Karrie! I would love to hear how you’re making smoothies with the cilantro…that’s one I’ve never considered!

    Your cabbage looks beautiful, too. I’d probably wait until the spinach plants get a few more leaves each on them, but not too much. They are best when they are tender and they will grow and bolt quickly in the heat!

    Good luck on a bountiful growing season in 2013!

    • Oh my goodness, you have GOT to add a little pinched off bit of cilantro in your smoothies. It’s so good. Thanks for the advice on the Spinach, can’t wait to harvest it and have a 100% complete green smoothie from my garden. 🙂

  2. Spinach is an easy one and seriously hard to kill. I just harvest when they are about the size of a good lettuce leaf, but you can harvest smaller as well. They just keep coming back until it gets super hot. Enjoy!

  3. your veggies AND garden look great!! i’m so excited for you! i haven’t tried to grow cabbage yet but i’d like to do it next year! dear Karrie’s veggies, please grow, grow, grow~!!!!

  4. Looks really good! How do you get rid of pests in your garden? I’m having an ant, aphid, etc. situation. Do you have any advice or tips? Thanks

    • I am just now having a few aphids on my lettuce, I have heard a solution spray of lemon dish soap + water sprayed on will help get rid of them? Not really sure, I am going to try it. That or buy some ladybugs.

  5. Karrie, weeds are always a problem in any garden. . . the best solution I have found is to put my grass clippings on the ground around the plants. The grass clippings form a mat that is impermeable to weeds. The thicker the better! I like to start with about a 3-4 inch layer when the grass is fresh (it dries to less than an inch). You can add to it though the summer.

  6. Looks good! I would start picking the outer leaves of the spinach right now. And I agree with the grass clippings as mulch advice. That is the only way I keep up with my garden. 🙂

  7. Liz. beasley says:

    As we plant in our main garden we lay mulch as we plant so we have less area to weed, and will continue to mulch thru growing season. We do have raised beds in the front of our house, one is full of strawberries and the other is used mainly for tomatoes. We have found that horse and mainly cow manure cause the most weeds, (we get fertilizer straight from the source, if you know what I mean). Our friend gave us extra cow manure, so not happy with weeds! We also raise rabbits, their manure does wonders for our tomatoes (tend to yield more, earlier and larger, especially Roma’s!) and we also spread what we can thru the main garden and the strawberry patch! Does great! We also throw straw on top of our strawberries come winter to help protect our plants!

  8. Spinach leaves about 2 inches wide by 4 to 5 inches long are better for higher nutritive value. washing first in luke worm water to get rid of any pest and then putting in ice cold water for 5 to 10 minutes and storing in fridge before serving/use would be good.
    I believe both spinach and lettuce plus cilantro should form part of our daily inevitable diet for health.

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