This is how a garden looks after you leave it for too long…



Finally home after a few weeks of traveling around visiting family. This is how my garden looked right when I got home…it needs some serious weeding for sure. I will update this picture for my own sake when I get a chance to get out there for a few hours.


I was really bummed when I came home and saw that my garbage can growing red potatoes looked really bad – hadn’t received enough water. We had some really high heat temperatures when I was away and I didn’t think to tell the girl watching my chickens to keep an eye on that. But she did an amazing job with my chickens!! They are alive and well.  Okay – back to the potatoes… I immediately watered them like crazy and hope that can will still grow potatoes in there. Really wanted to have a big harvest from that garbage can. I am prayin’.


Upon returning home I also discovered some little critter is eating my cabbage. You see all those holes? I guess its finally time for me to start looking into natural pest sprays…got any fantastic ideas? I also noticed 2-3 potato bugs on my zucchini plant as well.

I have never sprayed any of my garden yet with anything…so I would love some advice from some of you knowlegdeable gardeners.


Garlic freshly picked from the garden

I am so thrilled! My garlic shoots were lying down, so I pulled them all out of the ground, and trimmed off the shoots. Although my garlic is not as big as the one I started them from, I am happy to have successfully grown garlic for the first time.



I had some overgrown zucchini plants, my first ever batch of green beans, some more tiny tomatoes and 3 of the last sweet peas of the season. We have also been eating raspberries & strawberries as well the past few weeks…they are divine.

I am excited to figure out some recipes for these items this week.  Having 3 zucchini plants, I know I am going to learn to make it a zillion different ways. Hmm…I think that is going to have to be a future post here on the blog..yes…10 top ways to make zucchini.

What is your favorite way to use fresh zucchini? 5 Comments

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  1. diatomaceous earth is awesome! Make sure you get the food grade version. I bought it at Ranch and Home. Its great for the chickens too. Add it to there feed and sprinkle around the coop. I have had pest for some time now and they are gone. I’m so excited. btw, you’re garden looks way better than mine. Its amazing how fast weeds grow while you’re gone.

  2. Saw and tried a different type of zucchini recipe and it was great!

    Take a zucchini and slice it in half. Then slice off the rounded bottom so it will lie flat. Place on cookie sheet. I sprayed Pam first

    Brush with olive oil, add chopped tomatoes and cover in shredded cheese. I used an Italian blend of smoked mozzarella and whatever else was in the bag.

    Bake on 350 about 10-15 minutes until cheese is lightly brown an zucchini is cooked but has firm center. Cool and enjoy.

    They are like mini zucchini pizzas. Yum.


  3. Cabbage worms almost devoured my sons cabbage this year! Here is what I learned…DO NOT remove chewed up leaves! The cabbage will quit growing and not form head. The worms keep coming back! We sprayed ours with hot pepper sauce (tabasco) and water mixed together in a spray bottle. The we checked front and back of leaves for worms and hand Monda picked them off…TWICE A DAY! They also lady eggs and the moths will eat your cabbage too. They are nasty little bugs. Good luck! We are harvesting our cabbage Monday 🙂

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