Valentine’s Day Breakfast “Pink Heart Pancakes”

Today I decided to add some fun to our usual breakfast routine. Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow I thought it would be fun to make Pink Heart pancakes for breakfast! It’s thrifty, and the kids all oooh’d and ahhh’d when they saw them. It was a hit!  

Here is how you make Valentine’s Day Pink Heart Pancakes.

Step 1: Make your pancake mix as per usual – I use Krusteaz pancake mix (Amazon) just because it saves me time.You could make some homemade as well if you prefer.

Step 2: Add pink food coloring

Step 3: Get a gallon size Ziploc bag and pour your batter inside it. Then take scissors and cut a small corner off of one of the bottoms. The smaller the cut the better, you can always cut it bigger if you find its too small. You will pour your batter out of the ziploc onto your griddle this way so you can make your heart shape.

Step 4: Make pancakes as you usually would – using your Ziploc piping bag. Make into heart shapes. Flip and serve.

I hope you enjoy!  What kind of Valentine’s Day food or goodies will you be making?

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  1. Love, LOVE this idea!!

  2. Such a great idea! I might have to make these tomorrow. I “heart” them. You’re awesome Karrie!

  3. Great idea! I have some fresh strawberries I might puree and add to them too :)

  4. I got a heart shape pancake pan for christmas from hubby i am gonna use…but plan to make them pink and have them with strawberry/banana smoothies. Thanks for the ziploc bag tip for future pancake shape making.

  5. I am planning on these for our family dinner tomorrow! Adding in some blueberries too. Wish I had thought of strawberries!

  6. We have to run out in the morning extra early so I read somewhere that someone puts heart sprinkles in with their kids’ Cheerios. I plan on doing that, but we may have to do the heart pancakes the next day just because! =) Thanks for the idea!

  7. a great idea i got from Pinterest: use a clean ketchup bottle to pour your pancake batter from! my son LOVES Ketchup so we go thru it quickly; I told him to save the bottle when he empties it and I will make him pancakes! He loved the idea.

  8. Too fun! Do you even have the butter in a heart shape? :) I’m sure my kids would love them!

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