How to Raise Baby Chicks

Whether you are dreaming of fresh eggs, learning to be more self-reliant, or wanting your own home-grown chickens for meat, just about anyone can raise chickens.

You will need a few supplies and items to care for baby chicks. Here are the supplies you need.

A brooder box or bin to keep them in.

A Heat Lamp  + Heat Bulb.

Consider also keeping a backup heat lamp just in case one burns out.

A Thermometer

The temperature needs to be around 90 degrees for the first week, then can be reduced by 5 degrees each week until the chicks have their feathers in (usually around 6-8 weeks).

Pine shavings are what I use, but you can also use pine pellets, straw or other soft materials.

Some sort of bedding.


get chick starter feed from feed supply stores. This is all your chicks will need to eat.

The big Chicken Coop they will be using when they are older. It’s best to get this figured out, so they are not giant chickens in a little bin while you  build a coop for them.

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