Irish Brown Bread Recipe

This rich and hearty Irish Brown bread calls for fresh butter or a winter stew for dipping. Delicious alongside a hot bowl of soup.

It’s mild, slightly sweet and oh-so moist and tender. The secret ingredient? Guinness.

As the name suggests, Guinness Stout gives this bread its signature flavor profile. To make the recipe without alcohol, you could try a non-alcoholic stout instead.

This Irish brown bread is made from wheat flour, oats, brown sugar, and sea salt.

Freezing your Irish brown bread recipe is the best way to store it longer than 3-4 days.

If you use a Dutch oven to make this Guinness bread, cook with the lid on.

Traditionally this bread is served alongside stews and chowders, or just slathered with butter and honey.

For short-term storage (less than a week) keep bread at room temperature in a loosely sealed paper bag or a bread box.

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