Creamy White Chicken Enchiladas

Nothing is better than a bubbling hot pan of creamy white chicken enchiladas for dinner!

Chicken Cheese Sour cream Cream cheese Tortillas (flour or corn) Salsa verde Onion powder Cumin


Follow the recipe to make these delicious Creamy White Chicken Enchiladas.

Anytime you have a sauce that you pour over flour or corn tortillas, the liquid can be absorbed into the tortillas. The longer the sauce sits on them before baking the greater the chance for soggy enchiladas.

To make it a freezer meal: wrap the pan of enchiladas without sauce tightly, pressing down to remove air. Pour cooled white sauce into freezer safe gallon sized bag.

Day before – place meal in fridge to slowly thaw. Separate sauce bag and cheese from enchiladas for better thawing.

Pre-baking the tortillas for this Creamy Chicken Enchilada recipe helps make them crispy before you add the sauce, getting you get that perfect, cream cheese enchilada every time.

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