DIY Homemade Bleach Pen

Let’s talk about bleach pens. Aren’t they one of the handiest home cleaning helpers? And what’s even better than a bleach pen?  A homemade bleach pen.

The best part is, making your own is super simple and only requires 3 ingredients.  Seriously, this is as easy as its gets.

1 cup cold water 5 tablespoons cornstarch 5 tablespoons regular bleach


Mix cold water and cornstarch together in a medium sized saucepan. It’s important that the water is cold so that the cornstarch doesn’t cause any lumps in the gel.

Add the bleach to the gel and blend well. Carefully pour the gel mixture into container of choice.

When working with bleach, it’s always a good idea to wear gloves to protect hands, and clothing that you’re not too worried about in case of any splashing.

Use in the same way you would use a regular gel bleach pen.

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