Rendering Beef Tallow

We are going back in history to learn the long-lost skill of rendering beef tallow fat like many pioneers made & used. Beef tallow was used in cooking as it makes an amazing oil for frying.

They would also use tallow fat for candle making, soap making, moisturizing, keeping cast iron pots from rusting and even for waterproofing leather.

Use food processor to grate it up or if you don’t have a food processor just use a knife and cut the fat into as small of chunks as you can.

Put beef fat into 5 qt. Dutch Oven, fill pan to the top.  With the heat on low put the lid on the beef tallow fat and let it start slowly cooking.

After about 6-7 hours it will be done. You can tell by all the little browned bits cooked till crispy.

Next drain all the liquid oil and strain out the cracklin’s. Use a fine mesh strainer, a paper towel and line the towel over a strainer, which should sit over a large bowl.

Pour all the hot oil in and strain it. It should be a nice yellow color. Pour into airtight containers and allow to cool overnight.

Store it in an air-tight container to avoid oxidization it can be at room temperature for up to a year or longer. You can store it in the fridge as it will last even longer there.

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