Getting Free Containers for Starting Seeds Indoors

I want to share with you all how I was able to get FREE containers for starting seeds indoors.

I went on down to Lowes to check out what they had available for containers & seeds. While I was wandering around the store I noticed this cart full of empty planters and pots.

I asked an associate if I could have a few of these empty plastic containers for myself and she said “Sure!”

The ones I found were sturdy and deeper than the ones I would have paid money for at the stores. Plus I was able to find some long flat plastic ones to place underneath the potting ones them so that they won’t drip all over my counters when I water them.

When I got home I added potting soil to these free containers and added my seeds. Then watered and placed in a sunny window.

Have you been able to get free containers at Lowes or Home Depot before too? Any other places to get free containers you know of?

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