Genius Camping Hacks

Whether you are camping at the beach, a campground or even in your own backyard, everyone could benefit from knowing a trick or two. Here are 8 of my favorite camping hacks!

Fill clean, empty milk jugs with water and freeze it before leaving on your camp trip. When it melts you can use that water as drinking water for your family.

Make your zippers easy to handle by adding a key ring to them. This is especially useful for sleeping bags in the middle of the night!

Wrap duct tape around your water bottle or a flashlight to save space and also have quick and easy access to it.

Wrap a headlamp around an opaque plastic bottle to make an instant lantern.

For fewer burrs when you are hiking, rub the laces of your hiking boots with paraffin before hitting the trail.

Yoga mat can double as foam sleeping pads to isolate you from the ground and give comfort when sleeping.

Use corn chips like Doritos or Fritos as substitute kindling when you are starting a fire.

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