Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas

This isn’t about all those sweet and nice gifts you would give at a white elephant exchange, these are silly ones. Ones with toilet humor and fart jokes.

Toilet Shaped Coffee Mug

Everyone will laugh when they see this. Fill it with hot cocoa and it looks like a dirty toilet! Haha.

Lucky Charms Marshmallows Only

What everyone wants anyways.

Hula Skirt with Coconut Bra

When they get it they will need to wear it which makes it hilarious.

"I'm Trying to Be Awesome Today" Mug

For the person who’s ALWAYS busy being awesome.

Bread Shaped Keyboard Wrist Pad

The perfect gift for carb lovers!

Nature's Dong's Calendar

I’m dead ya’ll. There are no words. So funny!!!!!

Nature's Dong's Calendar

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