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 Hello, my name is Karrie and I am blessed to be a mom of four wild and amazing children. My accountant husband and I live in the Pacific Northwest. We have 4 chickens and a big yellow lab.

Here are a few things I am passionate about:

  • My love for the Lord: I am constantly amazed at how much he blesses my life.
  • My Four children – they give me the most joy (and the most stress..)
  • My husband Matt who is my biggest Happy Money Saver fan!
  • Living a thrifty life
  • Gardening
  • Homesteading & Self Reliance
  • Chocolate – we all know this must be on this list…
  • Hiking
  • Laughing
  • Being Happy + Having Fun!

I try to enjoy saving money in a variety of ways including raising chickens, making my own homemade bread and other fun homesteading adventures. I have come to realize that I am a country girl at heart.  I love hearing everyone’s thoughts and tips so feel free to leave comments or email me at any time.

I hope you hang around and learn how to save money, enjoy the simple life and have some good ole’ country fun!

My Crazy Wild Adorable Bunch


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  1. Karrie-I love the new site, much easier to read, and it’s also very relaxed and not so in-your-face. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. I really appreciate all the work you put into this for all of us. I check this blog several times a day (not so sure I should be admitting what an addict I am) and you never disappoint. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. Glad you’ve found a solution “here” to solve some of your online problems. I hope this is just as successful and more than fistfulofcoupons.com. I’m a big fan of yours and always tell my friends about your site. Best of luck and thanks for all of your ideas.

  3. Karrie- Great new site! Very simple and informative.
    I had to chuckle at the reason you needed to change your name. It always amazes me how some people tend to spell beautiful or plentiful with two L’s instead of one. I wish you luck with your new site and thank you for all that you do for us, your faithful followers.
    Aha, faithful, another of those single L words. =)

  4. Karrie – New site is a great idea for all those reasons. I’ll follow you anywhere though because of the great deals I’ve gotten. You have created a monster in me – my family are the ones that roll their eyes when I say, “Wait, I might have a coupon for that…”

    • That cracks me up. My whole family (immediate and extended) knows I have a coupon for that and this, and probably that other thing too. The other night, I saved them $20 on their $100 dinner out. They were happy. Ever since I’ve been couponing, my pantry shelves have been filled, fridge is brimming, and clothes are nicer. It’s nice to be able to save on all the mundane things so we can afford to splurge on the other things without worrying so much. Wahoo Monster Couponing! 🙂

  5. I love the new site… it is much more user friendly. I was one of the many who misspelled it the first time, but thankfully I found it because I LOVE saving money! 😀
    Thank you for all the work you do.

  6. i LOVE this new site!! and also, i love to see your family photo too! it just makes me smile and cheer me up!

    i’d like to say thank you so much for your hard work and sharing this GREAT deals with coupons. i’m really really really glad that i got to know about this from my friends AND you! yes, i took your couponing class couple months(?) ago. since then, i could able to have a plan to trip to my hometown(japan). if it happens, this is going to be a great gift to me and my family at there. so, i really REALLY appreciate you.

  7. Sandra Stanton says:

    hey Ilove your site it personalises you very well. I’m not sure if you remember me I met you at the mail stop place while you were printing new business card prior to the mall display you were going to be attending. I would like you to contact me back so I can discuss about advertisement for my company as we had discussed before. I think I’m ready to do it now. My business number is 509-492-1750. Please give me a call and hopefully we can get together and talk some business.

    Thank You
    Sandra Stanton

  8. I was wondering if you still do the coupon classes? If so are you having a class anytime soon? I would love to attend one. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  9. nancy hubbard says:

    I tell everyone about your site. My daughter lives in Spokane and wants to know if you have a clone for the Spokane area?
    Thanks for all your hard work that makes mine easier.

  10. May seem like a really stupid question, but I’m brand new @ this. If I go to a grocery store that price matches, do I just show them the different items on sale in the other stores ad? It seems like that’d take forever @ checkout!

    I love, love, love your websight. You have amazing tips on here.

    Thanks a ton!

  11. Hello Kassie, Yes that is exactly right. You would need to show them every deal in the price-matched ad. It CAN take awhile..so if you have the time it can be worth it. 🙂 But if not, then just pick like 1-2 stores and do your deals there. Happy savings!

  12. Amazing site and so awesome what you do! Will definately keep it in my favorites!

  13. Karrie – Didn’t know if you knew about this…

    If you live in Franklin County, Franklin PUD will install energy-efficient CFLs directly into your home at no cost to you. I did this weekend and I love the lights! Here is the website that I went to sign up at http://www.simplestepsnw.com/utility/franklin
    Or you can set up an appt. with Monica at 430-3633.

  14. Karrie,
    I signed up for 4 Sunday papers through you and now they need to be renewed. Do you know how I can still get the rate of $1 per paper? Thanks!

    • Unfortunately the Tricity Herald is no longer offering a great deal to subscribers through me. You could always call and see what is available?

  15. Where is the location of your couponing classes? I think you may be in the TriCities? I’m in Spokane…do you do anything in my area?

  16. Hi Karrie,

    I absolutely love your blog and just recently got into couponing myself. I just started my own blog called Not So Suzy Homemaker (notsosuzyhomemaker.blogspot.com) and just thought I’d let you know I’ve linked my readers to yours as I’ve found it really helpful so far! Thanks for sharing your tips and look forward to seeing some great deals in 2011!

  17. Anissa, for now my coupon classes are located in the Tric-Cities, WA area..but I do plan on taking my “show on the road” someday! 🙂

  18. woo crotto says:

    There are reports of doublers in the normal ad running Wed through Sun. Hoping you put together your Big Ole Doublers. Love the ideas!

  19. Karrie – Your blog is one that I look at daily and reccommend to others. Now I have a question. Is there a specific day that you do your “diaper roundup”? I have a friend who cares for her granddaughter and would like some help. I thought of your articles, but not being a “Nana” myself 🙁 couldn’t come up with the specifics. If you know of any other NW blogger who have similar articles, I would love to pass the info on to her. Keep up the good work!

  20. Karrie,

    I’ve signed up for your advance coupon class on Friday, January 21st at 6:00 p.m. However, I will not be able to attend. I wanted you to know in case you have a waiting list. Please let me know if you will need me to pay for the class because of the late cancellation.

    I can be reached at 509-947-2804 should you need a faster response. I only read email a couple times a week.

    Thank you for the opportunity and I hope to be able to attend your class in the future.

    Connie Bodeau

  21. Kathie VanDeraa says:

    FYI regarding your Nutella post: Here is a GREAT idea – graham cracker, Nutella, marshmallow creme = instant s’more!

  22. anna dorendorf says:

    Hey Karrie,

    I have a question for you…… I have been to three of your beginner courses and I am still feeling like I spend too much. We are a family of four and I watch 3 more kids during the day. I am spending $600 each month and feel like I am running out of money each month. I shop albertsons every week. winco every 4-6 weeks. sometimes fiesta, yokes and rite aide. costco once a month. we get four papers every week. i can’t think of any other information that would be helpful to share. what am i doing wrong?

    • You might want to consider taking my advanced coupon class Anna. We go over how to be a more-extreme couponer and more ways to save money couponing. Until then I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

  23. I get the Sunday paper only mostly for the coupons and sale ads but I always have coupons that I never use. I cut them out and keep them, but if there is anybody in the Yakima area that could use them they are welcome to them. Just email me and I will make arrangements for you to get them. I would love to share them with anyone who can get some use out of them.

  24. Sorry about 2 comments in a row but I was responding to a comment from above. In Yakima, you can get the Yakima Herald paper, Sunday only, delivered for $20 per year. Since the paper is $1.50 each from the box this is a great deal.

  25. Hope to make it to one of your classes. I live in Yakima, but I think your class would be well worth the trip. We are a family of 8 so your money saving tips are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  26. I have a question for you…… I have been to three of your beginner courses and I am still feeling like I spend too much. We are a family of four and I watch 3 more kids during the day. I am spending $600 each month and feel like I am running out of money each month. I shop albertsons every week. winco every 4-6 weeks. sometimes fiesta, yokes and rite aide. costco once a month. we get four papers every week. i can’t think of any other information that would be helpful to share. what am i doing wrong?

  27. Mrs. Elli says:

    I like the look of your new blog as you say it is..The tri-cities sure looks healthy and happy, dry? snowing sometimes? not much rain, here in the ‘couv it has been over 300 days of mostly cloudy, rain like the Lord was on his way, now some nice days, but only 1 not 2 days then back to more clouds..I learn a lot from your blog, with 4 children you must be a marathon mom, wonderful family, enjoy the new look of your wonderful helpful blog, I have couponed for nearly 37 years of my 37 and 1/2 marriage, it pays off a lot, one can live on little if one is resourceful and watches what they buy with coupons..have a great summer! mrs. Elli from the ‘couv vancouver, wa!!!!!

  28. You know you’ve made it when your husband reminds you to check for a coupon before buying something!

    • Christy Vanness says:

      I agree!! I also have my 8 year old cutting coupons and he asks the same coupon question, too. He spotted a newspaper recyle bin and aked if he could dig in it for coupons!! I love getting the family involved and interested.

  29. Melissa Cooley says:

    Thank you first of all you have done on here for all of us. YOU teach well taught me a lot. I have 4 full grown children and 8 grand kids and I’m Blessed very well. I have my grand babies around so often that I needed to spend the extra to get them all the extra snacks while at Nana’s so now I spend so much less and when you are on SS that is a fix budget. I appreciate the extra Knowledge on how to save money and to get things for my grand babies you are a blessing 🙂 Thank you

  30. Christy Vanness says:

    Hi! I just found your site. I live in Connell, so all my shopping is done in Tri-Cities. I have only been couponing for a couple of months and I coud use some serious help!! When and where are your classes? I am also a stay at home mom. I have 5 kids, one of which was just born last month. I now have 3 boys and 2 girls. I have a mini stockpile, but I really need to increase!! Do you live in Tri Cities? If so, do we have any stores that double or triple coupons regularly, except Albertson’s 3 coupons? I would love to get your advice on local businesses if you do live here. Thanks!! Also, anyone else reading this, please feel free to email me if you have any advice or ideas for me. I am also up for some join shopping trips or preparing for one if anyone is interested in showing me the ropes!! Anyone reading this from Connell?? [email protected]

    • Hi Christy,
      Welcome to couponing! In the Tri-Cities Albies is the only store that doubles in our area. I am working on some coupon classes for Sept and October and should have them announced later this week. I would love to have you come and learn all the basics! Happy savings!

  31. I cant figure out how safeway doubles work and where you get them I see you write to use them please help. Ps Live in richland,wa

  32. Hello, my name is Tara and i need help please. i do not no how to get start.there is so much and i do not no were to start. please help me. thank you

  33. Andy Dreier says:

    I am using your 2012 Savings Tracker and after I input one of the stores and the amount saved, etc. I checked on the YTD summary page and there is nothing for that store? I looked at the formula and I couldn’t figure it out. Are you going to supply updates for this if needed?

  34. Hi Karrie,

    I just wanted to say I understand what u r going through I to am a at home Wondermom but to 3. And I started couponing around August I was doing good but with one income it’s kind of hard when a deal comes around and I don’t have the funds to go get the deals. But as long as my kids have clothes on their backs and food in their bellies we r blessed. Love the blog keep it coming!!

  35. Love your blog 🙂 Expecting our 4th baby in 8 weeks (2 boys and 2 girls like you 🙂 ) And feel I am in the same boat as you were!! It is definatly time to start couponing again…thanks for the inspiration!!

  36. Laurel says:

    I am recently new to couponing. My oldest daughter ,whom is fairly new to it also, decided to get me involved in it since my husbsand was inflicted with a serious illness last November which is still ongoing and the medical bills continue to pile up. I Just wanted to take the time to thank you for taking the time to put this blog out there to help bennefit others such as myself and family. God Bless and take care of you and yours. Sincerly Laurel

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  38. Karrie, I admire your passion for what you do, that’s great you can save so much money for your family! I am a little confused though, but perhaps you can educate or enlighten me. We’re a small family, we only have two kids so far. We eat healthy and do not buy prepackaged/processed foods – thus it is VERY rare I find a coupon for stuff we will actually buy/eat (about 60% organic). We only spend $300/month on food and household things. I saw you mentioned you save $400/month. For a family like ours it seems as if couponing doesn’t even make sense because we do not spend that much money, compared to others it looks like we already save. Maybe it’s because I make everything from scratch? We don’t really do frozen dinners, packaged baked goods (I make everything myself, cookies, bread, etc). I sure would love to eliminate or significantly lessen our food spending, but it seems like it would be impossible because we only buy ‘real’ foods (produce, hormone/antibiotic free meat, organic dairy, bulk stuff like flour). Correct me if I’m wrong, but does it make sense for us to stick to how we do it because it looks like $300 a month for a family of four is way below average. 🙂

  39. Hi Karrie,
    My names Jackie, I live in Australia! We don’t have couponing here, do you have any suggestions on how else I could save money on groceries? I have 4 children too and a wonderful husband as well. I do work full time though, I went back to work after being a stay at home mum for 16 years. But due to some bad financial decisions I’ve had to back to work. Now I find it very hard to keep on top of the meals and on the weekends I’m too tired and dread spending my whole weekend cooking. On top of that I spend 3 week nights with after school activities and my Saturday’s are filled with activities too, we don’t get back home till 2pm.
    Any ideas would be grateful!!!! Cheers and God bless…..

  40. i wanted to use your webpage for my science reprt that uses paper towels, but i can’t find your last name, the date you published this, or the URL. i would love it if you told me. thank you.

  41. Lynn Hall says:

    Karrie, I am wondering if your followers would like to help out a worthy cause. I work with foster parents and we are having a foster parent appreciation picnic in September. We are trying to get donations of condiments, ie ketchup, mustard, relish, buns, etc for the picnic and I was wondering if any of your followers wanted to donate an item or two from their stash. I would be happy to pick up the items or direct people where they can be dropped off. If you could pass that on, it would be appreciated. Thanks for what you do. I read your blog religiously and have saved a ton of money thanks to you. Lynn

  42. Where can I find a Making Life Better Unilever Booklet?


    • Sorry, I am not sure – havent seen one around myself. You might try searching on ebay or other coupon trading websites to see if someone would trade for it.

  43. I really like your website! I totally believe in couponing, once a month shopping & beginning once a month cooking. So much that my co-workers got me a t-shirt that says “I have a coupon for that”. Keep up the good work. Crazy how those who roll their eyes one day, will be cheering you the next. God bless.

  44. Ayla Bond says:

    I have recently gone threw brain surgery and have been diagnosed with brain cancer! I am only 25! I have two little girls, age 5 and 2.5 not to mention my wonderful husband . I would love you help with whatever fundraiser u can give and it is November 10th at the moose lodge ( knights of
    Columbus) on Sylvester from 4-8p. If u just want to come and support it that would be great! We are having a silent auction there’s going to be a lot of things there to bid on! We want to get all the stuff together this friday! Let me know!

  45. Karrie,

    Great tips for household management and money saving! Do you have any concerns about using so much processed foods and heavily preserved items
    . That’s my main struggle! I’m very concerned about GMOs and artificial everything! Any ideas on this? 🙂

    • Yes, lately I have been trying or at least thinking about doing more natural and organic foods. I think if you are couponing for toiletries you should be able to save so much money to be able to justify spending a little more on natural foods. Good luck on your savings journey!

  46. hi…just found your site via hip2save….i have downloaded your savings tracker and watched your video but cant quite understand how to get my own spreadsheet top come up from the download I did…not sure if this makes sense to you…but all i can see on my download are your instructions, not a blank spreadsheet…can you help me, please?

  47. Jessica says:

    I have a question for you, my husband is so picky all of a sudden with his lunches I’m sure it’s because he eats it over and over but do you have some easy reasonable lunch ideas? I usually do like chicken with rice or something like a sandwich and chips he is very healthy to.

    • Hi Jessica, yes I am currently working on some great ideas for lunches – it will be a post hopefully within this month. 🙂

  48. Hi Karrie, I love your site!!! You save me time by trying out recipes and only posting the best of the best! My request is for Liquid Dish Soap and Liquid Hand Soap! There are so many recipes out there that I just don’t know where to start and your are always tried and true! Plus you show me step by step how to make them AND how much money it saves me!! Thanks and keep them coming! Kelly

  49. Monica Hall says:

    Hi Karrie, Loved your play-by-play on tallow rendering. I have 15-yr old rendered tallow in my freezer (it doesn’t go bad)…one day I’ll get back to soap making. Many years ago I made all of my family’s soap and candles, it was lovely hence the rendering. I thought I’d pass on a couple of tips. No need to chop it up (this will make straining easier later on), just lay the sheets and chunks into a big roasting pan and put them into a 200 degree oven. Your house will smell like roasted beef (but that’s better than boiled beef) and you don’t need to constantly watch it…also it’s safer around little ones. Once it’s all rendered (seems like this took hours) you could pour off most of the rendered fat into jars without straining as the “stuff” stayed at the bottom of the pan…I only strained the last quart maybe. Glad to see that some young people are still interested in the old ways…who knows, we may need this knowledge some day. My son’s wives don’t get it…my daughter understands completely. Anyway, good luck on your “pioneer adventure”.

  50. Rick Russell says:

    Could you substitute Lema-Shime (sp) for the lemon flavored drink mix?

  51. Just discovered your site… I think I may be in love!!

  52. Hey Karrie! I see you live in the Pacific Northwest! I do as well. Do you live near Spokane, WA perhaps? I moved to the area in August of last year and always want to met fellow Spokane area blogger like myself 🙂

  53. Normal ziplock / sandwich bags are already reusable. Just wash them and reuse them. Or use those tiny size Tupperware, super useful and they can just be thrown in the dish washer 🙂

  54. I am new to your posting. Found you through Pinterest. Iam from the Midwest and love doing things the old fashion way. I am retired now so I have more time to play. Thanks.

  55. I just stumbled across your website. In a word: Amazing!

    Loving all the money saving tips that I’ll use…bonuses: environmentally sound & healthy!

    Literally went to Bath & Body Works today and an employee attested to the fact that they stopped producing the anti-bacterial soap due to Triclosan. Once my new bottle is empty, it’ll be filled with your recipe 🙂

    All the best,

  56. Hi Karrie!
    I stumbled across your blog today while looking for something dōTerra related (I’m consultant too!). I have plans to try your homemade laundry detergent recipe for my family of nine. I’ll let you know how it goes, and thank you for sharing!

  57. Are you LDS (Mormon?). Just wondering!! Happy new piece of land!!

  58. When you make your bread, is it with a bread machine or in the oven? I love home made bread(especially wheat). I want to make some but don’t know how. Can you buy the bread mix at the store or better to put all the ingredients together yourself?
    My mom always made stuff from scratch till she got older. Used to can fruits too.
    I miss all that good cooking.

    • Happy.MoneySaver says:

      You can use a bread machine but I think it is just as easy to make it yourself with your own ingredients. And it’s cheaper (and better!) too! 🙂

  59. hi Karrie! I saw your post on Pinterest and thought I’d let you know that you are not alone on your journey. I had the same thoughts and needs, so I walked the talk and moved from Denver to a small organic farm in the SW Virginia mountains in 2013! My journey has been strange and amazing, but there is not much in the way of financial support here. I find myself continually thinking about a way to live nearer the city that I love, but having my farm too! I’ll let you know when I get my blog going, as there are so many funny stories to tell!

  60. Alex Ramos says:

    Found your site while looking up articles on expired food. Looked interesting to me, so I added you to my Google+ list. I hail from SoCal, the land of perpetual summers! (I once lived in the Northeast U.S…. I actually miss the snow a little.)

  61. Could you send me a bread recipe for banana bread Karrie ?
    Thank you.

  62. Karrie,

    Huge fan of the website. May be a little presumptuous of me but, if you have more freezer recipes, you should sell a cook book. I feel kind of bad using your recipes and advise of which I’d gladly pay for. If you wrote a book, I’d buy it. If you wrote an Ebook, I’d buy it and print it off.

    I appreciate all the information you’ve provided on your site.


    A Father, A full time worker, full time student, full time husband, and a guy running a bit short on time.

    • Oh you are so very nice Chris! Thank you very much. I am currently working on my cookbook and hope to have it finished soon. 🙂 Can’t wait to share it with you!

  63. John Holbrook says:

    Hi Karrie, I recently read your account of visiting the Big Ben Hutterite Colony near Cardston, Alberta
    very interesting. I also visited the same colony but almost 50 years ago. I have some wonderful archival items I’d like to share with the members of the colony. I have photographs of Hutterite youngsters I met that summer August day of 1967. I’m sure current children would get a kick out of trying to figure out who’s who, which parent or grandparent it was I captured on film. They might also enjoy even more listening to their forebears singing–oh how they loved to sign! I had recorded
    their songs (two hours worth) on a reel to reel recorder and only recently discovered the reel’s whereabouts in our old attic–up there all that time in all the heat and freezing cold through the seasons. I’ve had the recordings transferred to cds and the quality of the sound, old as it is, is remarkable, in fact…awesome! So, would you respond using another email address so I could attach a collage photo the kids? Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.

  64. hello!
    i found your website today as i was trying to find a cookbook website as i have to create a cookbook for a school project. it is helpful!
    thank you..

  65. Hi Karrie, I just found your website while I was on Pinterest . I saw the dog treats and love to know if you have made anything else. Wonderful to hear you are a Christian!! Praise the Lord for your you and your beautiful family!!!

  66. Hi saw your pillow treats for girls camp I love them is there any way I can only download the three I want to print?

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