Albertsons "Twice the Value" or "Doublers" Coupons

Randomly in Albertsons Sales Ads you will find these little extra coupons called “Twice the Value” Coupons. These are also known as Doublers. You can get a LOT of cheap and FREE items with these little babies.

Basically these Twice The Value coupons will match the price of your manufacturers coupons up to $1.00!

Rules on these:
– You can use only 3 Twice the Value Coupons per family per shopping trip. Sometimes the store allows you to put the divider bar between your purchases too so you can use all your doublers.
– You can only Double your coupons on coupons with a value of $1.00 or LESS. {So you would not be able to use a $1.50/1 coupon with these. They wont accept them}
– Albertsons cashiers will always choose your highest value coupons to double in your pile {that are $1 or less} first. So you wont need to tell them to double which coupons.

Using the Doublers Example:
Buy 3 Items at $2.00 each
-Hand the Cashier (3) $1/1 manufacturers coupons
-And Hand the Cashier the strip of 3 doublers
= Pay NOTHING! FREE!! The total will say 0.00 This is how wonderful Doublers can be!

Where to Find these Doubler Coupons:
Sometimes they come out in the Wednesday Albertsons Weekly Ad. Typically these doublers will last one week. Other times you will find them in the Sunday Newspaper, either as a shiny Albertsons Weekend AD or actually IN the black & white Newspaper {for example it was on page B2 in the paper once}

Overage with doublers:
You cannot get Overage with doublers. How it will work is Say you buy an item that is $1.49. Use a $1/1 manufacturers coupon and the doubler amount would then be .49 to make it FREE.

Please Remember as always to be courteous to other shoppers and the cashier. If something does not go your way please just say okay never mind, I do not want that item and walk away. Also when you are using the doublers your store may allow you to put that little divider bar between your purchases. DO NOT hold up the lines if you are doing multiple transactions. Keep your multiple transactions to 1-3, then go out to your car.37 Comments

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  1. Julia Schmidt says:

    I went to the Kennewick store yesterday and the checker would not let me use coupons where it exceeded the price of the item. I did not have a small shopping basket..about $60 pre coupons. Previously I have been able to use them. Yes, I will avoid this checker in the future but maybe they changed their policy?

    • If a manufacturer coupon amount exceeds the price of the item the policy is to give coupon credit equal to the price of the item. The item would then be free. The checker is instructed to ring the coupon for the price of the item and write that price on the coupon. Coupon credit for more than the price of the item cannot be issued. This works the same for twice the value coupons. The twice the value coupon credit cannot exceed the purchase price.

  2. What stores can you use your twice the value coupons at other than Albertsons?

  3. Walmart takes the doublers and you can’t use the coupon’s that exceed the price of the item…it is against coupons rules at every store just depends on if the checker catches it.

  4. If while using coupons and doublers you intentionally deceive your cashier to get something you are breaking the rules to get, and the cashier doesn’t catch it, you are being a dishonest person. Please remember your integrity is worth more than a coupon.

  5. My Wal-mart in western WA will take take the Albertson’s Twice the Value coupons.

  6. Oops, that should have read will NOT take the Twice the Value coupons.

  7. HI, do double coupons apply to So. Cal. can’t find them anywhere? Also, does anybody know where I can find out about the 8 hr. sales in advance?

  8. My Albertsons will let me use as many twice the value coupons as I want. Yesterday I went in and used 16 coupons with 16 twice the value coupons. Saved $90. It’s worth a try, maybe my store is the rare one?

  9. I’m new to couponing so I have a question for those in SW Washington. Is the Oregonian or the Columbian Sunday paper better for coupons? Thanks!

  10. Hi I just was reading this and here is what I found out about using doublers at walmart. I called the one on 27th in Kennewick and spoke with the manager Kent. He said it is a gray area. Their system is usually set up to take whatever thier policy is SOOOO if the system will allow the doubler then YES you may use them. I will be there tomorrow to give it a try and let ya know what I find out 🙂

  11. Cheet_Oh says:

    I went shopping at 10pm at the Lacey Albertson’s and the cashier was completely rude. She said she would take more than the three transactions “this one time.” Afterwards, she kept asking how much I had left (I had 8 transactions total). She kept sighing and gasping and holding her back. Meanwhile, her backup cashier was a very nice man and helped another customer with about the same amount of transactions. I won’t be shopping at that Albertson’s again.

  12. amanda c says:

    i had the same problem with the emerald breakfest snacks. i threw a fit cuz i was just in there last night and i didnt have a single problem. They said that the value of your coupons cant exceed the items price. for example they had them on sale for 1.99 i used the dollar off coupon and dbler and they wouldnt do it cuz then they would owe me a penny. a single penny really, come on its not our fault that we are savy shoppers, we didnt make the dbl coupons they did. they should have to deal with the loss. hopefully this doesnt mean that they stop putting those out

    • The policy is to take the twice the value coupons up to the price of the item(s), You should have been given .99 cents for your twice the value coupons and received the items free. You can receive the items free but cannot receive more than the purchase price.

  13. does albertson in south florida have this double coupons?

    • I don’t think Florida has them Gloria… We are in the Pacific Northwest where we get the twice the value coupons. I could be wrong though, check with your local store.

  14. Hi everyone. I am in spokane, new to the coupon thing and trying to figure out how some of these “pros” on tv are buying so many of one item for so cheap. Is it just that washington doesnt have very good couponing deals or am i just not getting this yet? I am going on Sunday to albertsons after work to see if they will let me do my three transactions. I just got done reading their policy and it says you are allowed THREE of them. I will have dblers for all transactions. So i am hoping to do ok. If anyone has pointers for me i am all eyes! 😀

    • Hi Vicki, Yes you can do three sets of doubers in a row, separating your transactions. Then you must go out to the car and come back in – have fun doing the doubler deals!!

    • I coupon alot and have been facing issues with one of the local Albertsons in portland. I buy 10 -12 papers on the weekend and usually make multiple trips in for my 3 transactions with my doublers … Last weekend the cashier refused to take mine because they all had #3 on them! After this many years it was the first time I had this happen. The doublers are printed in 3’s and they do all indeed have a # on them, so beware and make sure you have them in order. It seems this store is not liking coupons now for some reason and wouldn’t allow me the $5 additional saving for my 5 Febreeze products as well as using coupons and doublers. I promtly left my orders on the belt and drove 3 miles to another Albertsons. I had great service, even compliments on my sauvy shopping, and this is now the store I will use.

      • I know what you mean, you never know just who you are going to get when to go shopping, some cashiers are just onrey! I will tell you that yes though you cannot use all #3’s – Keep your doublers all together (dont cut them out individually). The stores like it better that way. I usually just tear off the whole strip of doublers to hand to them.

  15. Do any of you couponers know of a store in washington state that doubles all manufacturers coupons automatically, without the use of doublers at albertsons?

    • Jennifer Pangelinan says:

      They do not double coupons in Washington only albertson when they have the twice the value coupon. Other than that no doubles on coupons. Hope this helps

  16. i am having a hard time figuring out where to go to post comment for the K.C giveaway but NOW I FOUND IT! lol PLZ let me win went to 3 places to put in my entry haha

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, are we getting the twice the value coupons this week?

  18. i live in yakima and i cant find the twice the value coupons in yakima herald

  19. I know this is last min, but if anyone in the Richland area wants or needs Doublers, email me!!! I hate to see these go to waste and I just didnt get my list together in time!

  20. My Albertsons here in Nevada ROCK! And so do the Cashiers and managers (Well at the 2… I shop at anyway) They let me use as many TTV as I want .And even open a separate check out for me when they see I have coupons. And any overage is applied to the rest of my items. Oh and they are even nice when they are helping me!!! I lucked out

  21. Jennie Trevino says:

    I recently took my Albertsons doublers to Walmart in Richland off of Queensgate, and they do not accept doublers. Just fyi to all Queensgate Walmart shoppers…


  22. Tanya Moskovitz says:

    my name is tanya Moskovitz. I live in tri-cities. My dad use to be a couponer a long time age. I also coupon but not to the the point of getting things free. I have three in my family, I get coupon off the computer from different links. I would like to know when will you have your next seminar. My friend give me your web site for Please put me put me on your contact list. I use one of those freebie coupon for cream at body works.


  23. Felicienne says:

    Hi, I am new to this and wanted to get all the tips I could! I am living in the Bremerton area.

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