The Thrifty Lazy Way to Clean your Glass Stovetop

How to clean that pesky burnt on food from your glass stovetop. The lazy woman's way!

You would think that since glass stovetops are flat, they would be easier to clean than traditional stovetops with their metal rings and drip pans. I think they are to a point, but it’s not as easy as just wiping down the surface of the glass. As many of you who own these kinds of stoves know, the food you cook can boil over.  This leaves pesky scorch marks and gunked up food…which then burns into a nasty hard to clean mess. I could go on for days and complain about how I really dislike cleaning my glass stovetop. But instead I will show you how I clean it. For my hate turns into a big love when it’s clean. Because when it’s clean… it’s BEAUTIFUL!

The question is how do you get it that way, especially if you’ve been neglecting it for a while and have lots of burned-on food (not that I would ever do that *wink, wink*)? Okay, maybe I do. See the evidence below. I am so ashamed!

Thrifty way to clean those pesky burnt on food on a glass stovetop

After trying different methods to get my stovetop sparkling, this is the best way I have found to clean your glass stovetop.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s what you’ll do:

Thrifty way to clean those pesky burnt on food bits off a glass stovetop.

Sprinkle baking soda all over your stovetop. Want to know a neat trick I found? Keep your old parmesan cheese containers (you know the ones you get near the pasta with grated parmesan) and put the baking soda in them. It will help with sprinkling baking soda, so it’s not all clumped together.

Thrifty way to clean those pesky burnt on food bits off a glass stovetop.

Spray the surface with vinegar. Wet the entire surface and let sit for 15 or more minutes while you let it do its thing.

Thrifty way to clean those pesky burnt on food bits off a glass stovetop.

Wipe down with a wet towel or washrag.

If there is still burnt food left on the cooking surface, use a razor scraper to scrape this food off. Caution: Do so very carefully to avoid damaging the stovetop.

If you don’t have a razor blade, and it all didn’t come off in the first soaking. Reapply it again. Especially if it’s really bad like mine was at first. I did this process three times without any elbow grease or hard work and it all came off mine. But if you have a razor blade it will make it so much faster.


  • Never clean a stovetop when it’s hot.
  • For stains that are harder to remove, try using magic eraser (such as Mr. Clean or the like),
  • To avoid the need for a razor scraper, try to clean up spills right after they happen. This can be hard because you have to remember to go back once the stovetop is cool to clean it. Try setting the timer on your stove to help you remember. If this isn’t possible then clean your stovetop before the next time you use it.

So here is my beautiful finished clean glass stovetop. It’s so nice when it’s clean. All is well with the world.

How to clean your glass stovetop

Do you have any tips for cleaning glass stovetops? What other methods have you tried?80 Comments

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  1. I am so going to try it right now! It is like you read my mind- just spend an hour last night trying different things and nothing worked – will take a pict before an after – keeping fingers crossed !

    • Karolyn MacLeod says:

      Try using Vim to clean and then rubbing the stove shiny with windex . It does a great job

      • Easy easy way ….. Spray that glass with EasyOff oven cleaner. Wsit 30 min
        Wioe it clean …. No blades …. Ni mixing …
        Ta-dah. … Clean

    • Karima Gari says:

      let us know how you made out. I am getting ready to try this myself!~!~!~

  2. I use a generic window cleaner on my stovetop when it is cold for simple spots that aren’t really burnt on. For burnt on issues I use Bartender’s Helper with a little water to make a paste. Let it set for a whle. I then use a non scratch sponge to scrub off what is left. It works for me. I do want to try your method with the soda and vinegar. Thanks for the idea and this infprmative website.

  3. How sad is it than I can’t wait to try this? Baking soda & vinegar are two of my staples for cleaning. Thanks for posting this.

  4. I wonder if this would work for the oven too?! 🙂

    • It does my friend and I cleaned her apartment and deep cleaned the oven it looked brand new and we did this exact same thing

  5. I used this on my pan I had soup in and it was amazing!! I let the vinegar boil in the pot with water then I added the baking soda and WOW it was great. I have only used the baking soda and water on my glass stove top and it comes off great. I will try the vinegar next time with it. Love it,

    Thanks Karrie!!

  6. I just use baking soda and elbow Greese. I would never recommend a razor. Most people gouge their glass tops when they use them. I have had my stove 7 years and it looks show room ready only one minor scratch. I also use the cream for glass tops to give it some extra sparkle and shine

    • I usually make a paste with old dutch powdwer and wash it and its manufacturer clean ..then I polish it with that cream that came with the stove no need to scrub need to scrape or soak get instant results ……..good luck

  7. Rather than buying the ceramic glass cook top cleaner stuff again after a ‘break’ from having a glass cook top, we started using Barkeeper’s Friend that we already keep handy for getting the metal markings off the porcelain sink, hard water build up on the sink drains & faucets plus keeping our stainless & hard anodized pans looking pretty and nearly new. A scrubby sponge, Barkeeper’s friend & a razor blade if needed is what I use when I clean our cook top. I also like using a surface cleaner to keep it nice when it isn’t so bad. 🙂

  8. Cynthia Whitaker says:

    Great idea, going to do it today! Instead of a razor I use a pampered chef scrapper on mine, perhaps a little safer for me. If there is a chance of damaging something I usually do 🙂

  9. I have never had to use anything other than Mean Green cleaner (purchased at The Dollar Store) on my glass stove top and the razor if it was burnt on such as when potatoes boil over.

  10. To safely remove melted plastic from your glass/ceramic stove top you can spray it with WD40 and sit lifts easily with a razor blade.

  11. Mine is actually using a hot stove top! LOL When the stove is off and cold I pour a 1/4 cup of lemon conentrate (juice) onto the stove and then turn on all four burners. Allow the lemon to begin to boil off (within a couple of minutes) then turn off the burners. Allow the lemon juice to cool and then wipe clean. No scraping at all and the glass looks brand new. Bonus: The kitchen smells like lemons. lol

    • Ooooooh…that sounds really cool too. I might have to give that one a chance! Thanks Yasmin!

    • I just found it and tried the method with baking soda-vinegar.
      Works like charm, except 2 little spots , so I decided to try the tip with concetrated lemon juice and hot stove top just on these little spots…. horror!
      Lemon juice left new baked stains a lot bigger than the previous stains on the glass. :(((((
      I had to start over again with baking soda and vinegar on the cold top.
      So AVOID LEMON JUICE on the HOT stove top!!!!

  12. Debbie Rioux says:

    My daUghter bought me a special scraper made for flat top stoves, this little scrapper is much saffer than a razor blade and won’t scratch the top.

  13. I find a steel wool soap pad works great and its quick, easy and cheap

  14. I really needed this! I clean and clean on mine and it still has stuff stuck on it! Definitely going to give this a try!! Thank you so much!!!!

  15. Nylon pan scrapers like these: work really well. You can get a 2 pack at the 99 cent store for a dollar! Woot! 🙂

  16. Steam works awesome for dried on anything.

  17. You’ll never guess what I do! I use Comet cleanser (it does not scratch!) and a Chore Boy pan scraper. It’s the gold-colored scraper with the red trim. (It, also, does not scratch). Wet the Comet to a slight paste. If something is a little more burned on, I just re-apply and go over it again. Perfecto!

  18. My cooktop is white. I can get burned on stuff off it but the stains remain. Any ideas?

    • Have you tried the magic eraser? That might work on the stains. Not 100% sure though. Anyone else know this one?

      • Try Cream of Tartar. It removes the marks from pans in my porcelain sink. I just sprinkle it on and add a little water to make a paste then use a washcloth (or a Magic Eraser) to scrub it off.

  19. I use a clean dryer sheet (Bounce brand) I wet it, rub it on burnt pans or on the glass surface of my stove. Let it soak for a few minutes on stubborn stains and/or use it to rub those stuck on areas, then use a clean, wet paper towel to wipe clean, then dry with another dry paper towel. They are also great for cleaning burnt on food from pans or glass ovenware and bathtub scum, glass shower doors.

  20. For greasy spills I use either glass cleaner or formula 409, whichever is within my grasp. Burnt on spills get the razor and then finish the cleaning with Shaklee Scour Off. I have owned a glass top stove for 25 years, but grew up with a glass top stove before I owned my own. The Shaklee cleanser hands down is the best thing I have ever used in approx 35 years with a glass top stove. It comes as a thick paste, u only use a dab, so it lasts years- mine has lasted 3 years. I can’t say enough about the value or the cleaning power of this product! And, I can keep it in a drawer close to my stove for easy access due to the squatty nature of the container!

  21. I do know the magic eraser and I used it religiously on my glass top stove until someone said it wasn’t eco friendly. It is actually a product made of formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer. Now I’m kind of thinking I could go back to using this. I also really appreciate this post because I am currently needing inexpensive options. I would like to hear what anyone else has to say about the magic erasers because my experience is that they work very well on the glass top.

  22. Dawn Owens says:

    After I get all the built up gunk off my stovetop, I use a little bit of black coffee to make it shine. It works better than glass cleaner.

  23. I have used the Easy Off, no fume, spray on my oven inside and out for years. We recently moved and I have a glass top now. I decided to try a corner to see if it took off any of the design and it didn’t. It didn’t seem like it would be a problem since it cleaned the oven window without any hassles, but there are sections of my glass top that have a painted look to them, so I wasn’t sure. Everything wiped off in a breeze. It only took one spray, let it set for about 20 minutes and then wipe away.

    • That’s all I ever use. Just spray with oven cleaner, (turn on the fan for ventilation) and let it sit for a out 20 minutes on a cool stovetop and it is perfect. Nothing is ever left behind. No scrubbing scraping or anything.

    • Kelli Evans says:

      I used easy off on my cook top one time and will never use it again. I thought it would be such a great idea as it works so good inside the oven and out. I lightly sprayed the top, let it sit for less than 2 miuntes because I just wanted to make sure everything would be ok, even though I did a small test area in the top corner, and then I wiped it off with a damp sponge rinsing out in the middle. Then I took a dry rag and dried the surface good only to be so disgusted with myself to see that 25% of the surface has been destroyed. There were spots missing from the paint, rings were invisible it just looks spotty, and I was almost in tears. I couldn’t believe I had messed up a stove I had just spent so much $ on about a month ago. It may not be the same for you but that what’s my experience with the easy off oven cleaner. I do owe a cleaning company and I am always looking for new trips and quicker ways to help clean and so far my fav way is : I have a spray bottle with 1 cup of vinger- warm 30/45 seconds. Then add 2tsps of baking soda wash ( not baking soda). You can add 1/2 a lemon for the smell as well as an extra boost of cleaning power to the mix if you choose or 1 whole lime- make sure you squeeze through your hand to keep only juice going in. Add 1/2 cup dawn dishsoap make sure it is only the blue kind non-concentrating. It will be thick so make sure you have a good heavy duty spray bottle. Fill the remaining bottle with water leaving room in the top for the bottle to expand make sure the bottle is probably about 3/4 full. Use a measuring cup to slowly pour the water in so that you do not make bubbles with the dish soap. You’re going to screw the spray top on and then gently take your bottle and go side to side until your mixture is mixed you do not want to create any bubbles if you can help it you also need to know that it is going to create a lot of air and make your bottle expand you will need to release the air several times in your bottle You will be surprised at how well this cleaner works including on soap scam and heavy sooiled areas. It works great for me I hope it does the same for you.

  24. So many great tips! I see your actual stove is white like mine, but mine has grease or oil or something stains on it. They are yellowish spots.. any tips on getting all that off the actual stove?

  25. anita mullins says:

    using the Easy-off stove top cleaner after each use of your stove, really does keep the build up from getting as bad as it claims I do scrape a little occasionally but very little. I will try this method very soon also.

    • Rose Ryan says:

      Don”t let ur stove get that dirty to begin with.

      • Got mine in 2007. This is 1st time have even needed to look up the cleaning subject, and only because the little bottle of cleaner that came with it is almost gone, and saw how much it costs. Mine has never looked like the pictures on some of these threads.

      • Thanks Rose for those words of wisdom. Disregard the fact that accidents happen and people might ACTUALLY need REAL advice to clean up an accident…but thanks for playing.

  26. I cleaned mine with peroxide and baking soda and it’s the cleanest it has ever been. I’m sure the vinegar works just as well.

  27. I used the baking soda and vinegar method for years. It does work, but I found something that is cheaper (in the long run) and 20 times faster….Norwex envirocloth and cleaning paste. I can now clean the burnt on marks and get the entire stove top cleaned in less than 60 seconds with no residue or film to have to remove later. My envirocloth cost me $16.49 (OK, not really since I got it free when I hosted a Norwex party, but they do sell them for $16.49) and the cleaning paste was also a hostess reward (free to me, but it now retails for just under $30). I also got these items with free shipping for hosting a party. I know! Crazy right. Even better, they will last me for years. The envirocloth is reusable for a minimum of 2 yrs (guaranteed by the manufacturer). It’s antimicrobial, so it the cloth kills bacteria held within the cloth over 24 hrs, something that baking soda and vinegar can’t do as effectively if at all. Several clinical tests prove Norwex removes between 98% and 99.9% of bacteria (and viruses too) each time it’s used. The cleaning paste just makes the cleaning of scorch marks go faster. The envirocloth can do it on it’s own, by why spend 10 minutes when you can spend only 60 seconds? The paste is a hard cake. I’ve never known anyone to run out of it yet and I know people who have been using it for over 2 yrs. It lasts and lasts because it’s a hard pressed cake and you only use a teensie tiny amount. I highly recommend the stuff. It will save you a ton of time and a ton of money as those same products are used to clean bathroom surfaces too – especially good at cleaning glass in showers, hard water spots off of stainless steel and the non-skid surface of shower floors

    • Have you ever wondered or looked up what exactly is in envirocloth that makes it antimicrobial for a least 2 yrs. “guaranteed by the manufacturer” ? Im sure, even with those super powers, that this cloth needs to be washed just like any other cleaning cloth or dish rag. What I’m wondering is, what could be in such a cloth and remain in it thru all the use with various cleaners and thru the many normal laundry cycles it would need to go thru in a 2 yr. period and that cloth still have antimicrobial properties. And also why the bacteria or viruses have to be in the cloth over 24hrs before it kills them. Do you ever wonder where all you have smear all this bacteria before its been I the cloth 24hrs in order to be killed ? Im no expert, and don’t claim to no everything, just the opposite. Im really curious to know what type of material has such benefits, ive thought about it really hard and cant think of one thing that’s natural in the “enviro”ment that would have these capabilities. It almost seems unbelievable which make me think to that guarantee mentioned. How exactly would you, an at home consumer be able to measure the amount of bateria killed or picked up or what ever this magical cloth does with them to be able to cash in a guarantee. So its a guarantee for something normal folks wouldn’t know one way or the other and couldn’t prove or disprove one way or the other. That’s an easy guarantee to make. One more thing I wanted to touch on and Im sure most of you know already… White vinegar is absolutely antibacterial and antifungal and it doesn’t take 24hrs. White vinegar kills nearly all household germs, bacteria, molds and mildew. There’s a few bacteria it don’t kill one being staphylococcus. If there is any concern about the very few the vinegar don’t kill you could always wipe those areas with hydrogen peroxide. No glitter, no glam but both natural, both good cleaners, no toxic fumes, safe around kids and pets, biodegradable and completely safe for the local water systems. No promises or guarantees but I’ll take the baking soda and vinegar any day and knowing what I know about vinegar I’d say it works fabulously. I cant wait to try it. So glad to have found your idea. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Stephanie says:

    I use Barkeepers Friend on my glass cooktop. It works so well with very little elbow grease involved and no razor blades. 🙂 You can find it right next to Comet.

  29. I have a white top and the stuff comes off but it does leave a yellow cast. My friend was helping clean up and grabbed the bleach and just poured it on, when we were thru cleaning up the stove was white and looked better than ever. I don’t do this often but when it is bad I do.

  30. I use comet and a wet scratch pad. It never scratches or hurts my glass top and it works like a charm. Then polish with windex and paper towels and it looks like new.

  31. The easiest, least toxic, way to clean gunk off the stove, the hood & behind the stove-
    pour some hydrogen peroxide on a rag and wipe it on part of what you want to clean. Take a small amount of baking soda on your fingers and rub over the section. The gunk seems to combine with the baking soda – it turns gray and crumby and comes right off. Wipe with a warm, wet cloth to finish.

    This is absolutely amazing. No toxic fumes and no scrubbing!

  32. Paula DePalma says:

    Thank you for this suggestion! I bought a cheap shaker for the baking soda and spray bottle for the vinegar, it works great! Clean up is easy, no harsh chemicals, terrefic!

  33. I had a nasty water/milk boil over that was really caked on. My usual stove top cleaner did not touch it. I tried the baking soda/vinegar trick along with my pampered chef scraper and some elbow grease and got the stove top clean. Thanks for the great tip.

  34. I tried this and it removed the cooked on spots, but left horrible streaking behind, even after I went back over it with Windex. Any ideas on getting the streaks off??

    • Happy.MoneySaver says:

      Try using just the vinegar again and wipe it off with a dry, clean cloth.

    • Never use Windex unless you want streaks. For years Windex has reeled-in consumers with false claims. You simply buff the stovetop after cleaning, with a dry microfiber cloth. No need to use other chemicals… especially windex!

  35. Hi,

    I was just wondering, would apple cider vinegar work as a substitute for white vinegar for this?

  36. Aly Menchaca says:

    I use the vinegar and baking soda paste and if a second cleaning is needed, I use the razor. The razor works but you must use it at an angle. It works great for me! I do have to take the door apart and clean those nasty stains on the interior glass.

  37. I’ll have to try this. I made a homemade goo gone recipe I found on Pinterest, and one day I noticed it was similar, although a little thicker, than the expensive glass top cleaner paste. So I’ve been using that (baking soda mixed with cooking oil)instead and it works just as well as the commercial cleaner that you still have to scrub with. But I still have to scrub. I’m definitely going to try this no scrub alternative!

  38. Laura Lou says:

    Hey Ladies – a lot of great tips out there for the stovetop – can’t wait to try some. My problem are stains on the white back splash of stove itself – when I use my auto oven cleaner the hot exhaust has caused a “roasted marshmallow” colored stain ?
    Very frustrated in Minnesota

  39. Sounds like more work than I want to do. Usually a magic eraser does the trick for me. If it’s extra stubborn, or the boyfriend has used the stove, I use a plastic scrubber(the kind that looks like a steel wool pad). But neat trick for when I want the crock pot extra clean!

  40. Does this work on the porcelain top stoves?

  41. I use a soap wand with a scrubber sponge to wet the surface of my glasstop. I then sprinkle it with Bar Keepers Friend (in a gold shaker canister) usually found near the Ajax and Comet powder cleaners. I use a circular motion and scrub away the burned on food. Anything that doesn’t come off, I use a razor blade scrapper from Dollar Tree. Another circle or two of the wand usually removes EVERYTHING! I wipe up the mess with a dry paper towel, then a damp wash rag to remove the powdery residue, and finally buff it to a shine with a dry dish towel. My glasstop is solid white with light gray burner surfaces, and it still looks like new!

  42. Bartender Friend is also a good choice. I have also use the Norwex cleaning paste.

  43. Danette says:

    Amazing! When I bought my home, the stove came with it. Not my dream stove but very functional. That being said, the cooktop needed a lot of TLC. I never felt that it was clean enough.

    This process was amazing. Took off all of the burn stains and is so shiny. Loved the fact that I had everything on hand and that it is “green”.

    Thank you!

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