How to Find the Best Deals on Toilet Paper

How to Find the Best Deals on Toilet Paper -

Toilet Paper is definitely one of those items that all people need to buy.  People like myself who coupon-shop especially like to grab this item when it reaches  stockpile prices. Not all toilet paper is created equal; you have double rolls, triple rolls,  and even something called the Mega roll..oh my!  The choices for toilet paper seem endless and it can be really hard to know which toilet paper stretches your dollar the furthest.

I’ve been wanting to get down to the “bottom” of what are the  best deals on toilet paper and what prices bargain shoppers should be paying. I admit it’s sort of a strange research project but then again couponers do some strange things.  🙂 I did some research at 5 large stores to compare every brand of toilet paper available.  The stores I went to are Costco, Walmart, Target, Cash n Carry, and Winco.   My research was to  determine the answer to this question, “Which Toilet Paper is the best value?”

I created a spreadsheet you can view that shows regular price, square footage, thickness (or ply), the price per sq foot, and price per roll.  Feel free to print this out and add it to your coupon binder or coupon box as a reference guide. Note – when you open this spreadsheet there are two tabs at the bottom – one that lists just the top 5 from each ply of toilet paper, and also the top prices from each brand. 

You have two options to view this list:

  • View in Google Docs version
  • For printable version from Google Docs: Click File, Download As, choose PDF and export to your computer
  • There are two tabs at the bottom, make sure and check each tab as there is useful information there as well.

What I found out was that to determine the best price on Toilet paper we needed to figure out the Price per Square foot per package. Forget about the price per roll…it’s all about the square footage. Here is how you determine the square footage of the package –

Find the Total Square Feet number on the package. Then divide it into the price that the package costs. So if this package costs $9.24 you would divide that into 1257.6 = $0.007 per sq. foot. This is the formula you can always use when your are out shopping to determine the price you are paying.  I had heard that you should stick to under $0.01 per square foot for stocking up, but the results I found were quite a bit lower than even that $0.01 per sq. foot pricing.

Want to hear the results of my research? Drum roll please…..

The #1 Winner for best price  per square foot was for Simply Value brand toilet paper at Cash n Carry. The Simply Value brand 20 Rolls package runs $13.47 and has 2055 total square feet of toilet paper. So that is only .007 per square foot.

The next runner up in best value wasScott 1000 Toilet paper. At Walmart and Target the price per square foot were also .007 per square foot, just slightly on the higher side of it.

You wanna see my bar graph? Oh yeah…I am totally nerding out here with my data… it’s just so fun to see in graph form!

While these Simply Value and Scott 1000 toilet paper prices are the best per sq. foot in price, the toilet paper is only 1 ply thickness. This means the toilet paper is pretty thin  and not very soft.  They weren’t horribly rough or anything, they were fine, just not as soft as the others.  The rolls are also larger, which means less changing them out – I love that! My Simply Value toilet paper rolls seem to last FOREVER!   While I love soft toilet paper, I love a great value even more so I will be sticking with these two choices in the future, unless I can beat that price per sq. foot using coupons + sales.

Does Softness Matter to you?  There is definitely a difference when it comes to softness in toilet paper, so if you like it soft I figured out the best prices on the 2-Ply and 3-Ply types. Each ply means how many sheets are put together to make the toilet paper sheets. You can see 2-Ply very clearly here –

Here are the best value prices graphs in 2-Ply and 3-Ply toilet paper brands (this is for people who really value the softness in toilet paper, a little more than lowest prices. )

For 2 Ply Toilet Paper, the best deals are at Costco and Walmart:
Costco’s Marathon Ultra 48 Big Rolls is priced at $0.008 per sq. foot
Costco’s Kirkland Embossed 36 rolls is priced at $0.009 per sq. foot
Walmart’s “New” brand 12 double rolls is priced at $0.01 per sq. foot.
All of these prices are still under the $0.01 per sq. foot pricing, so these are great prices.

But when we get into the 3-ply the price per sq. foot is a bit higher.
Quilted Northern Ultra 30 rolls$0.019 (almost $0.02 per sq. foot)
Walmart’s White Cloud Ultra 12 Double Roll is priced at $0.021 per sq. foot.

More on Softness –  I tested each one of these toilet paper brands shown below to determine the softness. My testing techniques shall remain private and confidential. (hee hee)  😉 The number one top pick for softness was Quilted Northern. Being 3-ply thickness it was the Cadillac of toilet papers for sure. My next vote for softness was the Costco’s Kirkland brand, followed by Charmin, and then Angel Soft. Next was Cottonelle, then Western Family, Simply Value and then Scott 1000.

So the bottom line is this – softness comes with a price and only you can determine what you willing to pay.

I’m not ashamed to say I’m a 1 ply and proud. I just love the best value price so much, and how long each roll lasts.  I hope my research and spreadsheet help you out!


How to Find the Best Deals on Toilet Paper was last modified: May 17th, 2015 by Karrie

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  1. I just want to say “Thank you”!!!! I am a 2ply kinda gal and this post made my day!

    • Chris Taylor Jr says:

      Ok – call me crazy but I just got an idea. I think I just figured out how to get toilet paper for .004/sq/ft

      How does a single ply of a double ply compare to a sheet of single ply? do you see where I am going with this?

      ie what if I took a double ply roll and “peeled it apart” into 2 single ply rolls. double the square footage now.

      but if they make each ply “thinner” this might not work out so well 🙂 and it would also depend on being able to AUTOMATE the process to a large extent in separating the plys into separate rolls.

      I would like to have 6 months of toilet paper on hand at all times trying to figure out the cheapest way to get and maintain this. eventually I want 12 months of everything.

      • James Pea says:

        Ok “crazy”, just use two-ply paper and halve the number of sheets you’d ordinarily use—you’ve just doubled your square-footage value for money—no peeling necessary! lol

      • When I was youger living with my mom money was always very tight. My mom would try and save money where ever she could and she did just what you are talking about. She put together some homemade contraption that helped her separate the two sheets and roll them onto the empty toilet roll tubs that we would save. Yes it would take some effort beluga it worked and saved abunch of money

    • Lauren Todd says:


      • I buy scotts 1000 sheet 12 packs twice a year when Wal-greens has it on sale for 8,99
        sometimes 6.99 when theres a coupon…. buying 4-5 packages is spendy but your gonna shit till ya die… so may as well get it when its on sale…….. and stock up… like everything else price will go up…..

        • You’re really silly … but correct! I figure it to be 6.5/10ths of one cents per square foot ($0.0065 per square foot), based on the 12 rolls being a total of 1,382.4 square feet. That sounds confusing, so let’s just say that for every 100 square feet, it would be 65 cents — very nice!
          The one thing I would consider, so you don’t have to wait for twice/year, is if you happen to live near a Cash & Carry (restaurant store that lets anybody buy stuff), call and find out if they have their Simply Value brand. It is 20 rolls, totaling 2,055 square feet (about 13 feet less per rolls than Scotts), but for many it’s $13.50. I called mine today and found that they sell it for $12.50, making it $0.0061 per square feet, or 61 cents!
          Now, I’m basing the cost of your Scotts on the sale price of $8.99, but like you said, if you can get it for $6.99, that’s FANTASTIC — a whopping $0.005 cents per square feet, or $0.50 per 100 square feet! But if you don’t want to wait until the next sale, or if you run out before then, Cash and Carry is an awesome bargain on its own.

          Honestly, I have to say, I’m thinking about buying some Angel Soft to have on hand for when company comes. I currently keep the Cottonelle on hand, because it’s definitely some good quality, but we tend to like going through it, and it tends to go rather quickly, for some reason.
          Oh well, I fear I’m getting into the TMI Factor , so I’ll hush now.

    • cherri st pierre says:

      can u do the figures for papertowls too?

    • Thank you for doing this, simplifying it and teaching it.

  2. Love all of the comparison data, and your softness testing! 🙂 I’m a 2-ply lady also. Otherwise I end up using 8 feet of the 1 ply stuff per wipe!

    • Chris Taylor Jr says:

      I have also wondered this. I am starting to think of this like I do my car. less about price per gallon and more about CPM. cost per mile since CPM is what you ACTUALLY have to pay.

      if you have to use more than twice the amount of single ply as you do double ply then the double ply would actually end up being cheaper.

      but this would require dedication to the task. IE I fear most in the house would use the same amount out of habit and lack of caring.

      I might test it anyway just to see.

      I can’t stand the soft stuff. never seems to work as well and takes half a roll to wipe my butt. Scott and Marcel single 1000 is what we usually use.

      gonna have to test this.

  3. Hey Karrie—-I think you’re on a roll with this toilet paper info! Very insightful–and I agree with you Trina, for example, the 1-py Scott 1000 sheets might appear to last awhile–but we use more, to DOO more. We like 2 ply the best! Thanks for the giggles!

    • Ha ha ha…”on a ROLL”…. so funny!! I found that my kids would use tons of toilet paper anyways when they wipe, so it was nice not to feel like I was wasting as much money with the 1ply brands, but yeah, if I can find a comparable deal on 2 or 3 ply I will be all over it!

    • Scott does NOT like to flush down in any of my toilets! 🙁 It has to do with the corseness of it and it does not soften up enough when wet thus clogging my leu.

    • LoL! This is so funny… You ladies need to cut back on paper and just shake it like we guys do when you wee…

      • Chris Taylor Jr says:

        actually I am thinking about building my own bidet type system for just this reason. (I am a guy but hard core about saving money)

        the trick is warming the water cost effectively in the summer this is easy a solar heater outside the window in the winter not so easy.

        but yeah if I can figure out a way to make a more sealable toilet seat (to avoid spraying water everywhere) and have a “wand” with a hook on the bottom and just spray it down under their then I would need hardly any toilet paper at all. in fact if it works well enough I could just use a towel to “dry off” (or a blower) though toilet paper would be better most likely since if I end up not spraying well enough and soil the towel making is necessary to now wash it before another use the water and soap and electricity to wash it will probably exceed the cost of the toilet paper I saved.

        The problem really is gumby dumps. man does that use a TON of toilet paper.

        we have 7 in our household so toilet paper is a rather significant expenditure.

      • Priscilla says:

        You want us to shake it like the guys? Your cute

  4. Wow! You are incredible!

  5. Thanks for the fun and informative post! I have always been a more -ply -the -better kinda gal…until recently I stocked up on the Scotts TP deal at Rite-Aid.. I am a changed lady….. You are lasts and lasts…and it is really awesome quality…

  6. You are so creative. I love these posts

  7. thank you thank you! I have been wondering this myself every time I buy it! I value a deal over anything else when it comes to TP, so thanks again!

  8. You’re cool!

    Nice work! :p

  9. This is great!!! Maybe you could mail me out a few yards of each so I can test them all too?!
    Oh, and I hope this isn’t too nit picky, ’cause this is awesome and you know it…but the costco 2-ply prices…if they are under .01 they need another 0… .008 and .009

    • Ha! I could you know, I bought a LOT of toilet paper for this testing process… (Oh and thanks for letting me know. I had it right when I first posted it this morning, and then for some reason I though…oh no, I think I added one too many zeros to that so I removed them. But glad you said something cause I fixed it back now. )

  10. Awesome! Thanks for the info…

    Someone needs to do this for paper towels.

    • Great Idea, I considered getting the prices for paper towels while I was getting the prices for tp, but my computer was runnin out of battery juice quickly so I said I will compile that next time. I will get to work on the paper towels list soon!

      • Chris Taylor Jr says:

        paper towels is easy. buy ANY kind and simply stop using them whenever possible. use cloth towels. the very tiny cost of water soap and electricity is far lower than the cost of the paper towels.

        • Chris Taylor Jr says:

          OH and don’t forget to factor in GASOLINE especially if you don’t COMBINE your trips to amortize the gasoline costs better.

  11. This is amazing information! Thanks so much for taking the time to compile it!

  12. I thought I was getting a good deal at FM with 12 double rolls for $3.99, but when I looked at the packages. The double roll pack that I bought in June was 322 sq. ft and the double roll pack that I bought in Sept was only 266 sq ft!! comes out to $.015 per sq feet. I will definitely be trying a different 2-ply! thanks!!!!

  13. I have a little philosophy I like to call, “Don’t waste it on the kids.”

    Heaven knows what all my boys are doing with the toilet paper they go through, but I give them the 1 ply or the great-for-the-environment-rough-on-the-tushie stuff. Call me a meanie if you want-they don’t seem to mind.

    The hubs and I get the good stuff.

    Thanks for all this research. I will definitely use it as a price guide. Can’t imagine how long it must have taken you to compile. Wow!

  14. Such useful information! Great reference tool!
    I accidentally purchased Scott 1-ply (thinking it was 2-ply). I literally use 4 times as many sheets to wipe as I would with some thicker brands. When it’s really good TP, I only need 3 or 4 squares, compared to the 3 feet I need of the 1-ply.
    I love the idea of using the cheaper stuff on the kiddos. Mine aren’t old enough yet, but I wish they were 😉

    • Chris Taylor Jr says:

      I am genuinely curious to have more information on comments like this (this is getting into potentially “creepy” territory so please bear with me)

      3-4 squares. doing what? I never actually asks my mum or sisters how they do a #1. do you have to “wipe” to do #1 ? (I honestly don’t know) is that where you are using 3-4 squares?

      Obviously as a man I don’t wipe for #1 just #2 and for me personally #2 has nothing to do with absorbancy and everything to do with square footage. so thicker plys I don’t THINK would result in using less since the footage requirements are the same.

      I notice when I wipe (getting close to creepy again here so bear with me) I fold the paper into multiple layers. (plys)

      so I thought ok get multi ply and I will need less. but no. I still needed multiple layers. it APPEARS the need to fold over is about strength at the tear points.

      if I use less layers the paper tears away before I can “wipe through” my butt. more layers its stronger and I get a clean “wipe”

      I have found that not only does multi ply not help this but for some reason it TEARS at the seems even easier than single ply necessitating more.

      now for #1 if you gals need to wipe to do that OK now absorbancy comes into play and I can see thicker softer requiring “less” paper in footage than harsher single ply. I also imagine those bits are a bit more sensitive.

      sorry for getting into potentially creepy talk but it has to be discussed in some fashion and might save us a lot of cash in the end 🙂

      • FrugalityFreak says:

        Well said, good points. You aren’t alone, in the need to roll multiple layers, and why (though, I’m more of a ‘wadder’ – new word & more, into TMI territory). This is, regardless of the TP type, or whether #1 or #2. You’re, also, correct, in your assumptions, about we (majority), ladies… I find Scott to be plenty soft, if wadded, for absorbency, though. With any TP, I dampen it, when I’m feeling more sensitive, down yonder, anyway.

        **Thanks for the work, time and thought put into the blogger’s work, here. It hadn’t occurred to me to check the square footage pricing, instead of numbers of sheets… BIG help, and it was driving me bonkers trying to narrow down the best deal on a few of my standbys. Kudos!

  15. OUTSTANDING! … I think I gotta go soon, …
    No–to buy some toilet paper before this is outdated.
    Great job! How about paper towels like April said?

    • LOL! Funny Chris. I will work on a paper towels research project next, stay tuned for next weeks post – Using Toilet Paper for Paper Towels… ha ha, just kiddin’!

      • Hey– K. You might be on to something there! Save by going small… How to downsize your paper towel budget with TP. No more need to tear off a piece of a full-size paper towel to do those little tasks like pick up that tiny squished thing on the linoleum. Save dollars & impress your guests with a kitchen-mounted TP roll–also a great conversation piece! 😉

  16. I love it! Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put in this! It can get quite mind-boggling!!! 🙂

  17. Thanks for the informative and fun post! I need TP too because my stock is just about gone. 🙂

  18. Great post! Thank you for all that hard data. Being super new to couponing, how do you do those deals where you get a bunch of rolls for free or near to it?

    • Every once in awhile the stars just align and there is a smokin hot tp sale along with great coupons. Then savvy shoppers like to stock up! I know there was a deal recently on Cottonelle toilet paper I posted about where you could get it free after Register Reward at Walgreens.

  19. Krissy Rowan says:

    Wow! You have a lot of time on your hands.

    • No, I have very little time actually. I am just very very very NERDY…:)! Well that and I just really was confused before I started this project, and wanted to know this information.

      • Though this post is an old one, I just read it and was very amused and VERY impressed with you! What research, and GRAPHS! Amazing. And now I’m even more impressed that you responded to the snarky comment above with humor and grace. You’ve gained a new reader. Thank you for your blog!

  20. Andi Thomas says:

    Thanks so much for this post. I was just thinking today how we didn’t seem to go through the Costco Kirkland brand as quickly. I bought a bunch of 1-ply on sale and I think now I know why. We just used more of the 1-ply. Plus I love the convenience of buying 36 rolls in one pack. Was feeling a little guilty about going to back to them for convenience. Now I don’t! Thanks again.

  21. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

  22. This was so wonderful! It confirmed my theory that Scott was one of the values to get. I always wait until it is on sale and I use a coupon too and purchase it from Target so now I feel so much better because I always feel like I spend a small fortune and now I know I’m getting a great deal!

  23. Great Info, Thanks!!

    I personally am a 2ply gal, but with 5 kiddos in the house they will use 8ft of paper per wipe regardless of ply, so I usually buy the scott unless i can get a great deal on another brand with sales/coupons. This keeps us with tp in the cupboard longer 🙂

  24. Such a great post-I have needed this just to know what is a good deal or not. I do love Costco Kirkland brand. I feel like it lasts and its definately good quality. I have bought cheaper when its on sale and my husband complains so maybe I will just stick with Costco (since its a really good price too) and save the cheap stuff for emergencies.

  25. Thank you so much for the info! I’ve been wanting this info. I get so frustrated at sales ads because I couldn’t read the small print on the package pictures to see sq. footage and find out if it’s a good deal. This should help.

    • I know what you mean! In the sales ads it is always confusing, because it doesnt share the sq. footage. Now when we see a hot deal we can go to this spreadsheet and look up the toilet paper size and type and get the price per sq foot we want. 🙂

  26. Oh my gosh Thank you so much 😉 Earlier in the year I purchased several brands of tp because it was on the list as a good deal, and after we went thru it like super fast I said no more! It is back to the Kirkland brand no matter what. Now I can go and buy it and not wonder if I am getting the best deal. Now I know that it is (for my family)


  27. I’m a nerd too and love the graphs! I have always wanted to look into this – but didn’t want to take the time. Thanks for all u do!

  28. Okay…you’re the best. I LOVE this. Thanks for you hard work.

  29. Wow…. When you think you’ve seen everything…. This was amazing! Loved it. Thank You!

  30. I was wondering if you considered looking at Amazon subscribe and save?

  31. I’ve been waiting for a study like this. Recently we got the multipack of Northern Quilted 3-ply from Costco (with Costco coupon) and it was AMAZING, like wiping your bottom with little pillows. Sadly, it also clogged our toilets with it’s thickness. So we’re back to two-ply. We’ve tried one-ply but found that we needed to use more squares so that wasn’t a cost-efficient option for us.

  32. I was thinking earlier about this subject. It’s a tricky one when it comes to get the best value, and now i’m so thankful & glad I came across your website. I’m sure toilet paper shopping will be easier now! Thank you!!!

  33. My bottom side is a total fan of Cottenelle Ripples. It seems to have the perfect combination of softness and strength. I was able to get a lot of it when it first came to this region for free or 19 cents per 4 roll package. Fortunately, we have plenty of storage space, because while I could get it for free or close, I bought a three year supply! Wish it would have lasted even longer.

  34. Thank you… found your blog looking for what others consider a great stockpiling price on TP… I pinned you on Pinterest, hope you don’t mind.

  35. @ohiocpa-3 years-that is amazing…..when Karrie and i used to shop together (before she moved to the tri-cities…sigh) we also got Scott tp dirt cheap or free, but man we never, and I mean never had even close to a year supply, let alone a 3 year-THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!!

  36. Amazing post! I have always wondered how costco stacked up to every one else. This gives me the peace of mind to move on to bigger and better savings!

  37. Thanks for the research! I now know the breakpoints and guess I will try the Cash and Carry brand at least once. I prefer the two-ply too and my hubby has asked me to quit buying TP for awhile..all bought with coupons of course. Will now do the calculation before buying!

  38. u deserve a click on the ad for doing this..

  39. This is amazing! Do you happen to know if the pricing is regional? If so, what part of the country are you in?

  40. I am in Washington State, and prices I suppose can be regional, but I would think it would be pretty close. 🙂

  41. Karrie,
    Love it, thanks. Does ‘TH’ in your spreadsheet stand for thickness/ply? If so, is the ‘6’ for Walmart, Row 82, correct?

  42. Hi Debbie, yes the TH stands for Thickness/Ply. Oopsie, Yep, that 6 should have been a 2, just fixed it – thank you so much for letting me know!!! 🙂

  43. I’m a 2-ply kinda girl, but hubby is definitely a 3 ply. I’ve tried to cut costs by buying less expensive brands before, but he complains….Since we’re OK financially (NOT great, but not starving either) he doesn’t understand why he should have to scrimp on TP!

  44. What is the 5th column? TH?

  45. I am super excited to see the Paper Towels post!

    Nerds Unite!

  46. CHEAPER ISN’T ALWAYS BETTER. One of my first big coupon deals was Scott 1000. It was so bad we literally gave it to the food bank. It’s not cheaper if you have to use twice as much. Definitely not the best advice you have ever given………

  47. BUT, the price per square foot comparison and heads-up on stockup prices is definitely awesome. Thanks for working so hard at this!

    • You’re welcome! I used to be able to get amazing deals on Scott toilet paper, but I think it wasnt the 1000 brand, it was a regular brand or something and it WAS horrible. But after trying this stuff, it isnt as great as the 2-3 ply but it gets the job done. 🙂

  48. Taking mathematical formula to a situation like this gets you two thumbs up from me!

  49. Dawnielle Westerman says:

    well..not to gross anyone out but we use family cloth here, and only pay about .86 for 4 rolls of TP a month. the reason is we live in an area with a septic system and after 14 yrs it is on its last leg! if we lived on public sewer however I would defiantly use this info…great stuff!!!

  50. Thank you! I just really love finding great deals. Now I will actually “know” what a great deal is for all the different kind of toilet paper! Yeah, you ROCK!

  51. What I like about Simply Value is that it is very smooth and doesn’t tear. Kirkland is much more tear-prone.

  52. homesteadmom2many says:

    I love great deals… for everything. Something for some to consider… as we have to is most of the brands that list high here are taboo for those of us on septic systems. Our Septic guy gave us a print out of the worst things to flush into your tank… and Kirkland TP as well as Scott and Charmin are on the list. We had to change laundry detergents, hand soaps,shampoo etc… so that our septic is in good working order. With 10 people using it… we have to take care of it. We will stick to cottonelle. it “breaks down” faster and better than any other brand. and its comfier than 1 ply anyway. 🙂 I love breaking things down for the best bargain… and even though I know I pay a little more for TP… I think it pays in the long run.

  53. Russell says:


    What does the “TH” mean in your spreadsheet for the Toilet Paper analysis?



  54. Hi, you don’t know how often I have spent time wondering and asking about this, but I am not very good at figuring these things out. I just don’t know why they can’t make it easier on us and stop making so many different packaging like the 12, 20, 24 etc that all say equals what ever amount of a reg. roll.

    I did pay attention to the square footage too. But your work on this makes me feel like I can stop questioning the company’s and get to buying the best deals. Thanks.

  55. I was going nuts trying to figure out TP comparison seriously it’s crazy how they all have their own types. Thank you SO much!

  56. Great info! Is it safe to ASSume ( ;0) ) that if we use 1-ply, that we’ll probably use twice as much (as 2-ply)? And if that’s logical, would it make sense to figure the square footage of 2-ply width X length X 2?

    • I have used one and 2 ply. With the 2 ply, I barely get pass one week. With the one ply, I do two weeks easy, and that’s on a regular… Besides the 2 ply leaves paper lint all over the place.

  57. Thanks! I’ve been wanting this info for a long time!

  58. I like Northeren Soft & Strong, & the 3ply. I also Like Charmin Double and Mega Rolls. I usually find them on sale & have coupons at Kroger or Meijer. Scott is so hard.

  59. Great info and spoken in a language I can understand (I love spreadsheets and calculations!). Thank you!

  60. Total square feet is not the only thing to consider… if some rolls are a little less wide but you use the same number of sheets then it will last longer. Like the great value 1000 sheets (size 4.1″ x 3.8″) even if you double up that’s 500 sheets. Where as two I just looked up such as Quilted Northern 2-ply has 242 4″x4″ sheets and Charmin mega roll 352 2-ply 4.27″x4″ sheets…

    I don’t mind the one ply or care about softness either. I’m not soaking it in water where it falls apart… Just a wipe at a time works great!

  61. OMG I’m not alone. I was so confused about the best price. I’ve been wanting to do the same thing for awhile now. THANK YOU!!!

  62. I found this deal at staples $40 for 96 rolls with 500 sheets each
    I will try it this week since I have a $20 off $60 breakroom coupon

    Brighton Professional Bath Tissue Rolls, 2-Ply, 96 Rolls/Case
    Item: 365377

  63. I buy ours on Amazon. It cost me $0.014 ~ It is 3 ply and is Quilted Northern Ultra Plus. It comes automatically on one day of the month or every other month. I have been getting 48 rolls for $20.35. I do subscribe to 5 items so that I get the 15% discount.

  64. Phoney Baloney says:

    Just found this web site, and I like it a lot.
    I know that this is an old thread, but you really should do some kind of testing on strength. Remember that this is “bathroom tissue,” not toilet paper. We do other things with it besides wiping our butts.
    I find, for example, that if I blow my nose with Angel Soft, there is toilet paper confetti all over my chest and the floor. Ditto for Charmen Basic. My parents used Scott tissue all my life, and they still do, and it seems to me that its economy is defeated if you have to use more of it and fold it over repeatedly to keep it from tearing.
    In short, good work, but the mission is not accomplished.

  65. I have to thank you for doing this research! It totally just answered a question I had on value.

  66. stuart collins says:

    I would just like to add to your research. I dont know if anyone has added this already but the dollar general generic brand is perhaps the best deal. They are 6 rolls of 2 ply for a dollar each. Which itself is probably as good or better than most, however they often have (once or twice a month) coupons in which you buy 25 dollars of anything and get 5 dollars off. This lowers the price of the 6 rolls to .80 before tax. I base my calculations on sheets per amount of money and this is by far the best price per 2-ply sheet. (172 sheets/roll x 6 rolls)

  67. Just wanted to add I did not like the Simply Value brand at Cash ‘n Carry. I must be a 2 ply kind of gal!

  68. GoodWitchPA says:

    Thank you for doing the math on this for me. I often stand staring at the TP shelves trying to do the math in my head (which I’m usually pretty good at) and end up crabby and headachey. My DH thank you too!

  69. There’s no skimping on the TP at my house! I used to buy what was on sale or had a coupon for…but then I brought home Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Triple Ply. We’d used regular 2-ply QN before, so when I ran out and had a coupon for the QN 2-ply, I bought it instead of the Ultra Plush…as soon as my husband used the regular Quilted Northern, he came out and announced that “there was something wrong with the toilet paper” like it was flawed or something! So it’s Quilted Northern Ultra Plush for us and I’ll keep looking for it on sale and any coupons I can find. Guess I’ll buy generic oranges and apples to make up the difference! 😉

  70. It is interesting that you rank quilted northern and Kirkland as one and two, they are made by the same company.

  71. My parents always bought the Scott brand toilet paper when I was growing up, so any other type of toilet paper feels weird to me. I don’t like the thick ‘soft’ brands. I worked at CVS one summer during college and found that their tp is pretty much so the same as the Scott brand, so if that was on sale I’d buy it with my employee discount.

    Tip: I happened to shop at the slowest, smallest CVS in our county. That is where they put the new, inexperienced, 24-year-old manager to learn the ropes. Their store brand individual rolls of tp would occasionally go on sale for 28 cents each with a purchase limit (six if I recall correctly). Anyway, the new manager ordered A LOT more tp then should could possibly sell during the sale period. The sale was over and she wanted it OUT of her store. As it was a smaller, slower store and she had fewer customers-she knew who I was and my shopping habits. She knew I liked to stock up. She offered me as many rolls as she had for the sale price on the last day of the sale. I took it! 7 CASES of TP. We donated some, but what we kept still lasted us years and years. On top of that, I asked her and she let me use my 10% off purchase coupon AND split up the orders so I could used multiple $5 coupons. It was AWESOME.

    Now, when we need tp, I go to quiet drug stores on the last day of sales and ask. They don’t always say yes, but sometimes they do. We stock up! Try it. It can’t hurt to ask.

  72. This is an excellent website. Thank you very much.

  73. You are simply amazing.

  74. I also did some calculations, although only with Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand, and it came down to less than a tenth of a cent per square foot… I stopped right there because I’m more than happy with the size and strength!

  75. lisa nelsen says:

    Try if you’re a new customer. I received a $10 off coupon through a partner site to try at then there was a sale, and free shipping ect…I got three 12 packs of double ply and 2 packs of wet wipes delivered free for under $5. Gasp! You’re welcome

  76. Thank you very much this will be helpful.:)

  77. is this list updated? can we have a wholesale prices?
    thanks for valuable info

  78. From experience thus far I have found that Scott 1000 goes a very long way for its price and they issue regular coupons for it which I have used diligently, I don’t care about 2 and 3 ply or super softness.

    Thank you so much for your effort to do the statistics, I was planning to do the same thing to find the best price – still may do it on a smaller scale to find the best price on toilet paper in my area. Thumbs up for all of the work you put into it!

  79. I compare by WEIGHT ($/kg). This helps me justify my preference for Quilted Northern. The idea is to filter out all the statistical ‘noise’ regarding sheets, and ply, and size of roll. See what I mean? 1000 square feet of one is not the same as 1000 sq ft of another, because toilet papers are different.

  80. would be great to have this updated… been a lot of years and we all know the prices have dramatically changed.

  81. Thank you for the info.

    I`m just curious to know if you accounted for the 2 ply sheets as opposed to the single sheets when calculating the sq footage. Should you not double the sq ft of the doubles as you get two sheets instead of one?
    That would cut the price in half on the double ply?

  82. Is the data of the tp and kt list updated? What if you put them online and allow everybody to change the data, so it would be automatically updated by crowdsourcing? 😉

  83. I just bought 48 rolls of Angel Soft for $ Walmart.
    If my math is right that is $.33 a roll.
    I wish you had dropped the spreadsheet on your page.
    Who are your keen eyed readers that can read it?

  84. The numbers for square footage do not add up.

    The scott 1000s claim that 1 piece is a square foot… Wouldn’t that be 12″ by 12″? Even if you separate the ply’s you don’t have nearly 1 square foot per piece.

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