Send a “Box of Sunshine” to Brighten someone’s day

Send a box of sunshine to brighten someone's day! Fill it full of yellow items. Who wouldn't want to get this as a nice surprise?


Sometimes winter can seem really long when the skies are gray and its really cold.  I know I can’t wait to enjoy some of that summer warmth again…I miss it!  To show someone you are thinking of them or to brighten up their day consider giving them a Box of Sunshine!  Basically you can take anything in the color yellow and add it to this box.  Cut out a few paper sunbeams, print out a little note and you have a Box of Sunshine!

The above picture is a box that my sister sent to me using items that she found at a specialty candy store, but I was thinking that it would be great to use items that I coupon shop for to make these boxes a little more thrifty priced!   I am the Happy Money Saver you know… 🙂 So each week when I am out couponing and saving money at the stores I remember to get items in yellow whenever possible. Here is a picture of a few thrifty priced items I have been collecting that would work well for a box of sunshine:

A Box of Sunshine would make a great neighbor gift, a birthday gift, or a gift for someone feeling a little blue.   Want to thank a special cashier who patiently takes your coupons? This would be an excellent way.  I mean really, who wouldn’t love to get a box of sunshine??

I have created a few FREE printables for you my dear readers. Just save them to your computer and print them out!  Enjoy!

You Are My Sunshine printable download

Sending you a little box of Sunshine printable download

You Brighten my Life with your Friendship printable download

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Hope you enjoy!

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  1. This is such a great idea!! Pinning this on my pinterest right now. Thanks.

  2. This is the cutest idea ever! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much for the sunshine printables and this adorable idea!! LOVE IT! I also was thumbing around and noticed an amazing post you did on toilet paper prices – WOW! I am in love your blog – so glad I found you.

  4. Thanks so much, I am so happy you like this idea. I was also thinking that the next time there is a great sale or deal on nail polish…yellow would be great for this! 🙂

    • Francoise says:

      I found Sally Hansen lemon yellow nail polish at Target on clearance for $2.19 and used a $1.00 coupon. Just an FYI to check if you happen to be at Target.

      Great idea by the way! Thanks!

      • awesome Francoise!

      • Nail polish is on the US postal services list of “hazardous materials” FYI…not sure if you can send it, may need to ask at local post office.

        • I’ve sent nail polish before and even let the person at the post office helping know that there was nail polish in the package. They didn’t tell me that I couldn’t send it so I’ve done it a few more times. I didn’t know it was on the hazardous list. I know nail polish remover is on the list. I’m so glad I saw this post and now I’m going to double check before I send any more nail polish. Thank you for that tid bit of info Amyks!

          • Rottiemom says:

            I have sent nail polish, and men’s cologne at Christmas time and the postal worker was standing right there helping me pack it up and she say what was in it and didn’t tell me I couldn’t. I think it might have to do with the your location,time of year and where it is being sent with those same factors (not sure ) All you can do is ask at the time of sending it 🙂

  5. What a lovely idea, thank you for sharing.

    Have a God Filled Day

  6. I love this idea!!! Thanks for sharing and for the free printables! 🙂

  7. Sheri Hendrick says:

    I just LOVE this cute idea! I can already think of about 5 people I can send one of these too.

    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  8. You’re so welcome! So glad you like it 🙂

  9. What a fun, unique idea, Karrie! Totally pinning this to remember someday! And such a sweet sister to send it to you. 🙂 Love the printables, too!

  10. {P.S. Yay – my comment showed up thanks to you – I think I have it fixed now. so simple – wish I’d said something before!}

  11. This is a beautiful idea! Thank you for sharing it! I think my little bro needs it. He’s an MMA fighter and was badly injured in last night’s fight. This might brighten his day a tad 🙂

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  12. May I pin this on pinterest? I only pin items with permission 🙂

  13. StaceyFuda says:

    This is a PERFECT idea! Our GrammaLina has cancer and could use some sunshine! Plus her favorite color is YELLOW! I am beaming right now! This is the answer to my “trying to find something super special” dilema!

  14. Jacqui Hodgkins says:

    I am so glad you posted this! I live in NH and one of the ladies from our church had to go to California to deal with some problems with her elderly mother. She is so bummed and just trying to do what she know’s to do. This is so perfect! I just can not explain how happy I am you posted this!

  15. Thanks again Karrie for another wonderful idea. I suprised my co-worker with a box of sunshine this morning! :0)

  16. How about a yellow light bulb so whatever room you’re in looks sunnier? I mean the pale yellow ones, not the traffic yellow ones used to keep bugs away.

  17. You know what else is yellow this time of year…. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Eggs… Mmmm. Love this found you on Sugar Doodle Facebook! I am excited to start spreading some sunshine…


  18. LOVE! My [sun] missionary who is serving in Seattle will get a kick out of this!! <3
    WOOT! 😀

  19. Paula Hill says:

    I love the idea!! I’m going to put together some ‘smaller’ boxes for some people at work. Then I need to do some medium one’s for ‘church’ friends. Then some big ones for family. Then a ….

  20. Juicy Fruit!
    My mother’s Sunday School class had a little gift-wrapped shoebox in their Sunday School room. Every Sunday the little ladies would bring a little something to go in the Sunshine boxes. They called them that!! 🙂 When someone needed one, there was always an assortment of things to draw from the big box. I remember it so well. It was sweet then and so nice to be reminded. Great post!

  21. What a wonderful idea!!! Thanks for sharing

  22. I just sent two boxes of sunshine to two dear friends who are going through some tough times. Thank you for sharing the idea. It gave me sunshine to give sunshine;) I have a feeling there will be many more boxes of sunshine leaving my house over the years;)

  23. That is so wonderful Shelisa, and so true too. It does give you sunshine to give someone sunshine…well said!

  24. Thanks so much for sharing this idea and the printables!!! I’m pinning it to use later!

  25. What a GREAT idea! I love this. And thank you for the printables!

  26. I adore this idea!! I’m always looking for fun new ideas for the care packages that we send to our friends who are deployed. It’s hard to keep coming up with something, so this is absolutely perfect!! I love it! Thank you for the great idea. 🙂

  27. I am sending one of these to my husband serving in Afghanistan. What a sweet idea. Thanks!

  28. I have an “adopted” soldier through Soldiers Angels’ and this is a fantastic idea!! I can’t wait to send it to him! I am going to combine it with some Easter themed things like yellow peeps, jelly beans and m&ms.

  29. What a simple yet thoughtful gift! I knew a few college kids who would love one of these! I’ll have to look while I’m out today.

  30. what a wonderful and thoughtful idea

  31. Just wanted to share that this is featured on my SMITTEN: SPRING 2012 GUIDE!

  32. Thanks so much for the great idea! I was helping my daughter look for something to cheer up her pregnant friend, who has been on bed rest for the last two months. This is perfect! Thank you!

  33. I love this box of sunshine idea! I can’t wait to start buying fun little yellow items to include in my first box for a dear friend! Thanks for the idea!

  34. I am always trying to find the perfect gift for my sister’s birthday. I’ve done the flowers, custom cookies, etc. I went to the dollar store and found 23 different yellow items including a yellow whoopee cushion! Can’t wait for her to get it delivered next week! I also thought that you could make a box of blue items for somewhat who’s feeling blue. Thanks for the great idea!

  35. I LOVE this idea and just gave a box of sunshine to a friend! Thank you so much for sharing this great idea.

  36. Thanks so much for this idea! I had so much fun shopping around Wal-mart today buying stuff for the Sunshine box for my sister who recently had surgery. She is going to love it! Going to pack it in a USPS prepaid box, cause it’s going to be pretty heavy. So fun, Thanks again!

  37. Love this idea. Made a Box of Sunshine for my cute niece who is on her mission. It happens to be her birthday too. I hope she loves it.

  38. Love this!! Where did you get your box and how much was it? Thanks 🙂

  39. Kathy Emanuel says:

    I found your idea on a friends pinterest and I sent my sister and my 2 daughters a box..they got it today and was thrilled… thx love the idea.. for my next one maybe an “I love you berry much” box or something to that effect .. thx

  40. Saw this on pinterest. It’s the perfect idea to send daughter in college as a care package to survive the end of the semester and finals. Thanks for the great idea! 🙂

  41. This is the perfect gift for my best friends GOLDEN birthday!

  42. This is such a cute idea. I’ll be doing this for my friends birthdays. One idea is you could buy the shower sponges in yellow. Some yellow soap with it. You can get those at the dollar store also.

  43. Lauren says:

    What an awesome idea!!! My best friends husband is in Iraq and I am going to send this over to him!! I hope it brightens his day and reminds him how thankful we are for him!! Thank you for this idea!!

  44. This seems like such a fun idea 🙂 I can’t wait to try it, or maybe a blue/pink little box as a mummy-to-be gift 🙂 Thanks for sharing !! 🙂 x

  45. This is so great! Why do you think it prints the back ground pink when I print it? I want to make it a gift for my best friend’s birthday. Thanks for this lovely art!

  46. Copied this idea for my daughters’ birthday! Featured my version and you/yours on my blog today.

  47. Karen Smith says:

    This was the PERFECT idea for my friend’s “recovery” after surgery. I went to the Dollar Tree (never been there before) and found the CUTEST “Yellow” things (smiley balloon on a stick, glass with lemons on it – for the Crystal Light Lemonade I included, Sugar Cookie candle, bubbes, soap, Hawaiian Ginger lotion etc. Michael’s had a cute yellow and white gingham box. It was such FUN searching for “yellow” items that she would love. Thanks for the FUN idea 🙂 We ALL need a little SUNSHINE from time to time!

  48. I thought this was just the cutest idea and put it to great use when a friend of mine was having a particularly trying time. I’m on to my second box almost as I type this for another friend. It’s so simple and easy to do too. Here’s my blog post about the box I made:

    Thanks for a great idea xx

  49. Donna Peterson says:

    I saw your, “Box of Sunshine” idea on Pinterest and used it to create two boxes for some far-away friends. Well, they loved them and it made me feel all, “sunny” inside just putting them together with assorted items from my local Dollar Tree. I just wanted to say, “Thank You” for sharing such a neat idea AND the printables just make the project PERFECT!

  50. I did not have time to read all the comments so sorry if this is not new idea. Smaller version (just a note and 2-3 irems) would be nice for nursing homes, even service men/women in the hospital. For nursing homes maybe use sugar free candy in case of health issues. I remeber when I was 15 our girls scout group took candy bars at Christmas time to the service men at Walter Reed Hosp in D.C. recovering from injuries from Korean confict/war. We sang carols and the experience has stayed with me all these years. I think our returning injured meed more than a candy bar and this box of sunshine would be great.

  51. Hey Jenn! I loved this idea so much that I decided to blog about it to my friends! Happy Money Saver made its debut on my blog tonight! This is such a cute idea and I can’t wait to make one for my love! Keep the ideas coming and thanks!

    xoxo, Leanna

  52. Candahope says:

    I got this from my friend after back surgery. It was the greatest gift I received & it did brighten my day & stay! I am now making it for an older friend of mine that just had a bad fall. It’s perfect for her since she has COPD & can’t have flowers. Thank you so much for sharing this great idea. It’s being paid forward by many! Such a great idea!!

  53. HI! Thank you for this wonderful idea! I found your idea on pinterest and sent my own “box of sunshine” to my mom this week! I will be putting my “box of sunshine” on my blog but will post your link to give credit for your great idea! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  54. What a great gift idea. I have an intern this summer and I wanted to give her something for her last day and this is perfect. Another yellow item is Burt’s Bees lip balm. Thanks for the idea!

  55. Thank you for this sweet idea. My daughters and I had a blast putting together our box of sunshine for a friend who just had a mastectomy. We bought almost everything at the dollar store (hand soap, nail polish, lotion, leis, Chicken Soup for the Soul mini book, chapstick, Lemonade, Lemon Drops, popcorn). She loved the gift and it really brought a big smile to her beautiful face. Thank you!

  56. Melissa in NJ says:

    I just dropped off my box yesterday at a friend’s who has been down. She loved it. Laura is right, the $ store is a treasure trove. I tucked yellow (fake) roses into it, and poked holes in the top and poked yellow roses into the holes, also a yellow pinwheel, and tied a yellow balloon to it. She was so touched. Thank you for such a wonderful, original, perk-anyone-up idea!!!!

  57. This is the cutest idea! I want to make these for a few of my co-workers. Do you have a pattern you could post for the adorable sunbeam cut outs? I am not very crafty by nature and I searched clip art online and couldn’t find anything as cute as what you did!!! Thank you for sharing your idea! Love love love!!!

  58. Can you and your sister please create one of these for every color of the rainbow??? 🙂 Thank you for sharing!!!

  59. I just read Linda’s comment about doing a smaller version for people in need of some sunshine, like a nursing home. I love that idea. I am going to start planning something like this! Thank you both!! 🙂

  60. I am definitely doing this! I love the tip of picking something up each time I shop too because sometimes you need a box of sunshine when you least expect it!

  61. Thanks for the great idea. I delivered a “bucket of sunshine” to a frined in need of some positive energy last week. I featured it on my blog and linked back to you. Here is the post:

  62. where did your sister get the punched out paper suns? so cute!

  63. I just had a lady come into Target who was making one of these! Thanks so much for the printouts and ideas! I am so going to do this!

  64. I’m excited to make one of these. I saw this a couple of months ago and I have picked up a few items. I’ve had a friend just have an unexpected surgery so I need to gather some more sunshine to put into a box for her. Thanks so much for this fantastic idea!
    other yellow ideas
    bookmark(if they read)
    burn them a CD with uplifting songs on a yellow disk (include You are My Sunshine or Pocket Full of Sunshine:) )
    A lemon(if they like it in their tea)
    Yellow Post-It’s (everyone has to jot down notes)
    Yellow M&Ms (buy by the color at candy stores)

    Many many items you could do. I’m hoping to have mine ready by the end of the week!

  65. Sending the box of sunshine to my daughter in college. She’s suffering from spring fever and a little homesick. I used several items you suggested and also found yellow paper soap in a yellow plastic container for $1 at Pier 1. Also found a yellow duck soap on a rope.

  66. Do you know where to find a box like that? I want to send this to my sister but would lover her to open it and see all the goodies inside and not have to dump out the contents to see it. Do you know what I mean? lol

  67. Leigh-Anne says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome idea!! I cant wait to give a box of sunshine to someone special!!

  68. This is such a great idea. I’ve always called my daughter “my sunshine!” She is a senior in high school this year and it looks like she is going out of state for school…that is a hard one to bite off let me tell you! This will be a perfect care package for her…no matter how big she thinks she is…there is still going to be some home-sickness in there. This might just help from the sunshine state of California!

  69. I just received a box of sunshine this week from my sisters! They had seen it on pinterest. It brightened my whole week! Thank you for sharing.

  70. I was the happy recipient of a box of sunshine (with your printable) this week and I love it! I’m still not sure who sent it to me though!

  71. Nilla Wafers, splenda packets, Lemon-aid packets, Lemon tootsie rolls & a yellow hair band. Even pasta is a strange shade of yellow.
    I can’t wait to mail out my little box of sunshine to my nephew & his wife. Along with some of your idea’s from above.

  72. My SONshine – 1LT Colin, 744th EOD is in Afghanistan and I will send one of these care boxes to him. Just a wonderful idea and my favorite color is yellow too. I drive a yellow Mustang. We always sang the song “You are my Sunshine (only SONshine) while riding in the yellow Mustang while he was growing up, Pray for ALL our military sons to come home safely. They are our true heroes! I send a box every 2 weeks which makes these
    wonderful men know how much we care & appreciate their service so far from home!
    God Bless You SONshine! God Bless America ! Mom xoxo

  73. Felicia Steele says:

    I’m so glad I found this site. Thank you, your tips and your followers have great tips too. I have a Big Sunshine and She has 2 Lil’ Sunshines of her own (Marissa & Heather). Have a Good Day!!!

  74. I loved your Box of Sunshine!! So I packed one up for my daughter who is in Washington and often needs a bit of sunshine amongst all the gray skies!!

  75. did your sister go to powells candy shop in san luis obispo?

  76. I just did this for a friend of mine who lost her father unexpectedly in July. He died on a Wednesday and she has hated Wednesdays ever since. I’m mailing her box of sunshine out to arrive next Wednesday so she can add some joy back to her Wednesdays. I included baking ingredients for a dessert her dad used to love my mom to make at potlucks along with the recipe card because she had asked me a while back for the recipe. I hope it will bring back good memories. Thanks for the great idea. I’m going to start looking for more yellow items so I can do this for more people more often!

  77. I sent my friend a box of cheer after she lost her father. I lined the box with yellow tissue paper and wrapped the box in yellow wrapping paper. Most of my items I purchased I got from the dollar store. Like Yoo-Hoo, lemon heads, jolly time popcorn, cheese crackers, golden grahams, Grow a Happy Face, Smiley- faced buttermints, juicy fruit gum, Lays Stax, Crunch n’ Munch and Lemonade drink mix. I love this idea and your friends will too!

  78. Thank you so much! I was searching for ideas to send my son who has recently moved away for school. I am going to be on the look out from now on for yellow items. I am thinking to start collecting items in different colors like: red “A box of Love”, blue “A box for a rainy day”, green ” A box of Abundance”. Getting more excited as the ideas are flooding- thanks for the inspiration!

  79. I love this idea! Having a bit of trouble sticking with the all yellow theme… ( to many awesome things to use!) I am thinking of changing it up a bit… Possibly a box (or bag?) of spring and sunshine, or just spring… Let’s me use a variety of bright colors… Have a friend getting out of the hospital who could use this… Thanks so much for the idea!!

  80. How about some sun stickers?

  81. Thank you SO much for sharing these adorable printables! I am so excited to use them to help out some friends having hard times. You are so talented!

  82. Thank you for sharing such a creative and adaptable idea! I am a librarian, and will now be on the lookout for yellow journals and good (clean?) joke books 🙂

  83. Just wanted to suggest that you be careful with soap/fragrance products and food products in the same package. The fragrance usually ruins the taste of the food. But a whole back set in lemon sounds luscious – with a great big bath foo-foo scrubber!

  84. I meant “bath set” – sheesh!

  85. Hi! I love this idea so much – I actually just made one for a friend of mine. I posted a little about it and put up some pictures on my blog, and I referenced your page here too as inspiration 🙂 I would be tickled if you checked it out!

  86. Love this so much. Two of our grandchildren are visiting from vietnam and I am doing this box of sunshine for them. Love, love, the printables! Thank you!


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