Incredibly Easy Homemade Frozen Yogurt Pops

These easy frozen yogurt pops are the perfect summer treat! #summer #yogurtpops #frozentreats

I can’t believe school is almost out! I can hardly wait for the long hot summer days ahead of me.  Although I do love summer, I am always looking for something to help cool my kids off from the heat. That’s why I love making these easy homemade frozen yogurt pops.  They are so simple to make, healthy for you and delicious!

Mine use 3 simple ingredients: Greek Yogurt, honey, and fruit.  BAM! BOOM! So easy! My kids think it’s the greatest thing ever; therefore, making me the best mom in the world.


My secret weapon to making these frozen yogurt pops from scratch are these Ah-mazing  Silicone Ice Pop Makers.  I tell you these things are worth their weight in gold and not even that expensive! I was able to get them on Amazon for around $15 for a set of 8.  Or if you have a smaller family you can get a set of 4 for around $7.00. Seriously the BEST purchase I have made in a long time.

Here are my favorite features of these silicone frozen yogurt pop makers:

  • Dishwasher safe. My favorite feature!!!  I just add them in the top rack and they are cleaned perfectly easy in the dishwasher.
  • Normal frozen Go-Gurts get so cold on their wee hands but with this silicone it’s not as cold to the touch.
  • I get to add in my own ingredients so I know my kids are eating real foods, nothing processed.
  • I have other Popsicle molds and none of them work for me. The Popsicle sticks always come out and the kids have to suck the goods out of the molds.  Running them under hot water doesn’t even do the trick. I don’t have that problem with these silicone ones. They freeze nicely, have nice little lids so they don’t leak, and slide right out of the molds, no problem.  If they are in the freezer too many days, then the Popsicle might not come right out.  Just run them under hot tap water and they’ll quickly loosen up.
  • I love that I no longer have to buy my kids Go-Gurts. I can make them myself, freeze them, plop them in their lunches and by noon they are thawed and ready to eat. I would highly recommend them.

—> Here is my affiliate link for these silicone pop makers (if you purchase through my link I will get a kick back which helps me pay for chicken feed and other fun projects I do, so thanks if you buy through my link!)

Below is my incredibly easy frozen yogurt pops recipe. I hope you give it a try.

These easy yogurt pops are the perfect summer treat! #summer #yogurtpops #frozentreats

Easy Frozen Yogurt Pops

{makes 8-10 pops}


1 32 oz. container of plain or vanilla Greek yogurt (My favorite is the Greek Gods Honey flavor)
2 cups fresh or frozen fruit
2-3 tbsp honey (optional)


In a blender add yogurt, fruit and honey. Blend until well combined.

These easy yogurt pops are the perfect summer treat! #summer #yogurtpops #frozentreats

Pour into molds and place on lid. When you are filling the molds leave an inch space on these silicone pop makers so you have room for expansion and the lid.

These easy yogurt pops are the perfect summer treat! #summer #yogurtpops #frozentreats

These easy yogurt pops are the perfect summer treat! #summer #yogurtpops #frozentreats

Place yogurt pops in the freezer for 5 hours or until frozen.

Note: I like there to be bits and pieces of fruit in my frozen yogurt pops, so I roughly chop half the fruit and stir it into the yogurt, fruit and honey mixture after it’s been blended. My kids like it to be smooth with no fruit chunks, so for them I throw all the fruit in at once and blend.

My favorite flavors are the ones pictured.

These easy frozen yogurt pops are the perfect summer treat! #summer #yogurtpops #frozentreats

1. Mango
2. Red Raspberry
3. Blueberry
4. Strawberry Banana (For this flavor you follow the above directions but add in 1 banana).

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Homemade Frozen Yogurt Pops
Prep Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins
Author: Karrie
  • 1 32 oz . container of vanilla greek yogurt
  • 2 cups fresh or frozen fruit
  • 2-3 tbsp honey optional
  1. In a blender add yogurt, fruit and honey. Blend until well combined. Pour into molds.Place yogurt pops in the freezer for 5 hours or until frozen.
Recipe Notes
I like there to be bits and pieces of fruit in my yogurt pops, so I like to roughly chop half the fruit and stir it into the yogurt, fruit and honey mixture after it's been blended. My kids like it to be smooth with no fruit chunks, so for them I just throw all the fruit in at once and blend.

Our family loves these frozen yogurt pops, and I know yours will too. Have a wonderful memorial day!Eating frozen yogurt pops

this yogurt pop is all mine


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  1. So excited I saw this post! I loved go-gurts as a kid but we’ve been trying to get away from processed foods over the past few months. I buy a frozen mix of berries from Costco- blueberries, blackberries and raspberries- I think it would taste awesome!!

  2. We have reuseable pouches that we use for our 1 1/2 girl. When I blend up the smoothies I’ve started throwing a handful of spinach in the blender to get some veggies in her!

  3. natasha mckay says:

    Thanks so much! Yummy! I think black cherry and blood orange would be good in these!!

  4. Lindsey says:

    I’m thinking peach-berry or even making “momma pops” and adding some coffee or mocha to a banana and yogurt 🙂 nom nom nom!

  5. I wonder if melon would work?

  6. Ooooo. Maybe a lemon/lime/pineapple? (Drool)
    Oh!!! Mint raspberry!!!
    Okay. I need to buy these NOW
    …. Add to cart 🙂

  7. Margaret says:

    I use homemade kefir and bananas. I let it ferment overnight so it get fizzy. I wonder if that would work as a frozen yogurt pop.

  8. Pineapple chunks with strawberry yogurt.

  9. diced up fruit salad, simply dressed with honey vanilla yogurt. Apples, pears, plums, grapes, banana. Yum

  10. I LOVE this idea! My boys love go-gurts and I am always thrilled to find recipes to make my own. I appreciate that you do the experimenting to make these delicious recipes. I keep your homemade chewy granola bars on hand, and recently made the sausage patties. Thank you! I am looking forward to making these!

  11. We live in CA’ s central valley with lots of access to kiwi. It sounds yummy and worth a try. Pineapple also–always so refreshing. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas!

  12. Lorraine says:

    We love banana, peach, strawberry, and mango. Or a combination! Those pop molds look amazing.

  13. Melissa says:

    How cool is that?!? I actually have popsicle maker from my mom that is an old Tupperware one and it works well. This however just steps it up a whole lot and it’s less parts to lose (which as sadly happened). I actually love to make homemade chocolate pudding and put them into the molds, wonder if it would work in this. I think chunked up fresh peaches would be delicious with vanilla yogurt. And bummer I can’t get a second entry, no instagram without a fancy phone – oh pooy.

  14. Kim Button says:

    These sound easy and fun and yummy! Our family loves peaches and pears so I’d probably try them separately and together!

  15. The first combo I’ll try is peach-blueberry.

  16. Rebecca Flores says:

    oh what about pineapple and coconut milk and coconut flakes? That sounds devine!

  17. I love this idea! What a nice alternative to purchasing go-gurts. Have you tried them in lunch boxes frozen? I’m wondering how they would last for lunchtime.

    • Happy.MoneySaver says:

      These are awesome for kids lunches. I add them in frozen and usually within 2-3 hours they are perfectly thawed! I also usually have a frozen pack in there as well too just so you know.

  18. Tracy swanson says:

    I am on a diet and trying to control my sugar and these would make the perfect addition 2 allow me to have a sweet treat

  19. Cathi Ogden says:

    I have never tried making yogurt pops for the grandkids but I know that they love yogurt and have eaten gogurts. They are here every weekend, and sometimes during the week, and I would love to be able to make them something healthy and delicious instead of giving them plain sugar filled popsicles.

  20. Awesome recipe! So many possibilities, I would like to try watermelon and strawberry!

  21. Jessica says:

    Yummy! It’s Lime and Pineapple for kiddos round here.I am in love with the idea of maybe a little extra for the adults 🙂

  22. I’d love to try pudding pops with these as well!

  23. Love the idea of these yogurt pops! I have the same gripes you do about the traditional style pops with the handles – I’m sure I would use these new ones a lot more. We already buy plain greek yogurt, so I’m all set. I usually just mix vanilla and maple syrup into it for the kids because they don’t like chunks of fruit, but freezing it into pops solves that problem – they’ll eat anything that’s frozen. =o)

  24. I think any homemade yogurt, ice cream, smoothies, and the like would work great. Using frozen juice and adding berries and anything that makes a great smoothie.

  25. Kathleen says:

    I would love to make it with banana, cherries, and a hint of chocolate, to taste like banana split!

  26. Allison R says:

    OH my kids would love a pineapple and a lime version! Thanks for sharing these!

  27. I wonder if you could make a coconut flavor! Love coconut! Cant wait to try these, I know my kids will love them.

  28. Oh, Karrie! What an absolutely wonderful idea! Gives you goose bumps when you discover something innovative and creative such as silicone molds!

    Mango/Pineapple combo sounds absolutely delicious!

    I got 3 large bags of frozen blueberries and 3 large bags of frozen strawberries that I got from the church pantry. I don’t know what I could do with them and I don’t want to leave them out and waste them. So with strawberries, I cut the off the bruises and cuts and put a little sugar on them then freeze them until I can make use of them. The blueberries were already cleaned and frozen.

    My oldest daughter and I love yogurt. We praise the Lord for the wonderful benefits that came with yogurt such as calcium to make our bones and teeth strong and healthy and the good bacteria that will help your body fight off free radicals that cause cancer and eat bad bacteria that can cause diseases. I’m glad that Greek yogurt is here now!

    My husband have diverticulitis. Frozen treats would help with his stomach by cool down the inside so it won’t get inflammated.

    Those things would come handy for my family. If I don’t win this, I will definitely buy it so I can finally make use of the fruits that I have in my freezer and make the Greek yogurt fruit or even sorbet or fruit juice with pulps and pour it in those silicone molds. It would make my life easy after using the sandwich bags and out of dated popsicle molds.

    Thanks for sharing, Karrie! 🙂 Looking forward to get those silicone molds!

    What a splendid idea!

  29. Cristal says:

    Fantastic! I am wondering if you could make chocolate yogurt frozen pops by adding something like chocolate syrup or ovaltine. Just a thought. Would love to have a set of the pop makers 🙂

    Have a great day!!

  30. Jessica says:

    Strawberry and fresh basil!!!

  31. Pineapple and cocunut milk= piña colada! Love your blog, anymore chicken announcements?!

  32. I’d love to make these for our grandkids! They will love them!! Thanks!

  33. My mind is reeling with ideas!

  34. Christine Carolan says:

    I think I would try strawberry, banana. Or any combination with blueberries

  35. Freezing a green smoothie. Apple, banana, frozen oj concentrate, greens & berries. Yum!

  36. Strawberry lemonade yogurts pops sound really refreshing for summer! !

  37. Natalie says:

    Oh my gosh, I am so excited to read this post! I had no idea there were silicone molds for making your own Go-Gurts, and my kids eat them pretty much every day, so needless to say I would love to win a set! I’m thinking watermelon, Greek yogurt and maybe a bit of lemonade?! Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. My kids LOVE organic banana, blueberry, spinach & whole milk plain yogurt! I would love to be able to have these on the go!

  39. Megan S says:

    I would add coconut flake as that is my favorite! But my kids would choose berry 🙂

  40. Theresa says:

    I would use just all berries then add a little coconut water or juice to get the consistency needed. MMMMMMMM.

  41. Michelle Cummings says:

    I would love to do bananas and blueberries in these.

  42. We love mint and lemon for a refreshing summer treat! !

  43. Cherry blackberry! So delicious!

  44. jo jordan says:

    mmm..mmm…I’m going to make carrot, mango,banana, spinach. The kiddos never taste the veggies!!

  45. Thank you!! I have been looking for some good popsicle molds and think they will be perfect for our needs. Just ordered 2 sets from Amazon. Love your blog and thank you for this cool recipe for the pops.

  46. I wonder if mango lime would be good… Mmmmm!

  47. My kids love those frozen lemonades you can buy at sports games, so I’m game to try and replicate that!

  48. I love mango pineapple and mango strawberry.

  49. Deborah Droste says:

    Homemade kefir with blueberries.

  50. Chocolate mint!

  51. Hi there,
    I would make Black cherry & lime, a favourite flavour! I also like pineapple/coconut/mango!

    I would love love love to win this!

    Thanks for the giveaway,
    Jacqueline in Pitt Meadows

  52. Karen T says:

    Blueberry Lemon Shortcake

  53. Brandi B says:

    I am so excited you found these! My kids love Gogurts but they aren’t natural and can be pricey considering how little yogurt is in there. I can’t wait to make these! hmmm, off to Amazon. lol

  54. I make a “monster” smoothie for a little girl I babysit for. Its strawberries, bananas, and blueberries with plain yogurt. These would be a big hit this summer! Can’t wait to try it!

  55. Sharon Muhlbeier says:

    I would love to make these for my children. My son is a picky eater so any way I can get him to eat healthy is a plus.

  56. We love mixed berry, peach and lemon! Yum!

  57. Lachelle says:

    Peach would be a heavenly one to try I think.

  58. Throw in some pineapple and orange.

  59. Ashley P. says:

    I think kiwi would be a good one!

  60. Johanna says:

    Peach Ice Tea Pops…heavy on the peaches

  61. As usual, you are posting the most practice things, I love your blog! I’m excited for these pop makers because I like to know what my kids are eating. I’m going to try the chocolate yogurt and blend in some strawberries. thanks for the recipe!!

  62. I would try carrot cake! steam some peeled and chopped carrots, throw them in the blender with honey greek yogurt, maybe some sweetener (honey? maple syrup?) and maybe even some raisins! and you could probably make those squeeze- up ice pops they sell in the makers to just use fruit juice instead of a smoothie! the possibilities are endless!

  63. Kiwi Strawberry! Or maybe pineapple…. Yummy.

  64. Shannon says:

    I would definitely like to try black cherry, and maybe homemade fungicides made with cocoa, coconut milk, avocado, and a little bit of honey.

    How did the silicone tubes work in lunches? Hard for your kids to get out after they thaw?

    Thanks- love your site! Off to make poo-pouri!

  65. Shannon says:


  66. I love these molds! For my boys, I stir some whole pomegranate seeds into yogurt or kefir and freeze. Yummy!

  67. Peach! Peach! Peach! and some raspberries.

    I do love the idea of adding some mint…extra cooling…

  68. Melissa Gregoire says:

    OMG I just went and bought a set of 12!! Maybe I can win another set!!! I can not wait for the fresh fruit to come to Maine so I can mix up something yummy… especially with the strawberries I planted this year. Peach frozen yogurt sounds good…

  69. Jenifer says:

    QUESTION–Does it have to be Greek yogurt??

  70. Rebecka Saunders says:

    I finally have the opportunity to stay home with my kids this summer instead of working. I am so excited because I feel like I have missed out so much on their lives. I love your blog and hope to have more time to try all your neat ideas! My kids love go hurts. I’m definitely looking at vanilla yogurt with blueberries or vanilla with strawberries out of our garden! Thank you for providing this giveaway!

  71. I would use blackberrys.

  72. Jenny Jones says:

    Dip strawberries in yogurt and place in freezer just until yogurt sets. My daughter would love these pops!

  73. Heather says:

    Oh how fun! I am envisioning a yogurt, pineapple, some bit of oj with coconut to make a fun and delish go-gurt for my daughter this summer! Yummm!

  74. Kaytlynn says:

    Not quit yogurt……but the kids love plain homemade kefir blended with frozen/fresh fruit so this would be an exciting way for them to get their daily kefir. Would love to win this!

  75. Elizabeth says:

    I’d use lime yogurt and add crushed pineapple and flakes of coconut.

  76. Michelle says:

    For sure fruit, but cannot do dairy so maybe an avocado and some celery, carrot and spinach juiced together and blended…could be yummy.

  77. Marie B. says:

    We’d definitely be trying double blueberry: blueberry yogurt with fresh blueberries! Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. YUM!:) Thanks for the chance to win these! I actually like blending berries and plain Greek yogurt together in a blender with cocoa powder and pouring that into ice cube trays. Freeze and blend in the Vitamix with the tamper for homemade ice cream:) It’s so easy and a great way to make ice cream without the need for bananas:)

  79. Danielle says:

    I love to let my kids get creative and choose what to put in their yogurt and smoothies, most of them are delicious!!!

  80. Sarah Auzina says:

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    My tip is for the dogs! Our dogs love their frozen yogurt- I make yogurt myself, so no added ickies or sugar. Last week’s sweet treat was a bit of pumpkin with some cinnamon and ginger, swirled in the yogurt with a bit of oats, and frozen in a ramekin. On a hot day after they’ve been outside playing, they’re as grateful for something cool and tasty as a human child!

  81. Stephanie R. says:

    These look really good! My daughter would love them.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  82. denise naugler says:

    Great find!

  83. I’m thinking that adding some cocoa to the yogurt for a fudgecicle would be yummy!

  84. Shawnda Hicks says:

    These are awesome! I am definitely ordering these. We love greek yogurt with honey and whatever fruit we have on hand. I would also love to try these with coconut milk!

  85. Amanda J. says:

    When I lived in Peru you could find people everywhere in the summer selling their fresh fruit frozen pops. Some of the best were mango with milk and their native fruit lucuma with milk. Sadly we can’t get that fruit here for very inexpensive but I would definitely use these to make mango/milk and strawberries/milk pops! I’m really excited about these! And it beats the little plastic popsicle makers!

  86. Love yogurt! A great way to stay cool this summer. I would mix in some fruits and berryies to stay healthy this summer out by the pool.

  87. Rebeckah Hester says:

    I MUST purchase these!
    My 3 year old son loves yogurt and these will be perfect for the hot summer months and also perfect to pack in his Friday lunch.
    Like a lot of the comments above, I am also trying to get away from processed foods. And the disposable yogurt pouches that I sometimes by for my son and pretty pricey.
    Our house loves watermelon and cantaloupe. I will have to figure out how to remove some of the juice from the watermelon though so the pops are not too watery.

  88. Christine says:

    These are great!! We made our first popsicles of the season the other day. Frozen strawberries, fresh lemon juice, water and a little stevia, they were so good. I would use these for regular popsicles too. We will also mix yogurt with fruit preserves for breakfast, could stir up a bunch of that and pour into the molds if you don’t have a blender.

  89. Cindy Lou says:

    Hi – I was peeking at the amazon reviews and some older ones (year + ago) were complaining about a ‘smell’ after subsequent use. I was just curious Karrie, have you had any negative experiences like this with the silicone pop thingies? I’m super stoked to try it but am just curious if the company had maybe ‘fixed’ this (if it was ever actually an issue in the first place).


  90. Love yogurt! Perfect snack on a hott summer day at the pool! I would toss in some fruits and veggies to keep myself cool and happy!

  91. My husband is lactose intolerant but loves frozen fruit bars. I am working on strawberry (fewer seeds) pureed with a little lemon juice and honey or pure maple syrup as well as water or juice to thin it out a little 🙂

  92. I don’t know about you, but we always have excess melon that we can’t eat fast enough on our farm. We love using melon and yogurt for frozen desserts!

  93. We make ice cubes of all kinds of things like whey, water kefir, pumpkin, prune puree, etc. These ice cubes get thrown into our fruit smoothies along with maple syrup, egg yolks, grass-fed gelatin, cacao nibs, spinach, almond butter, nuts, chia seeds, etc. The flavor combinations are endless and delicious! One of our favorites is yogurt, maple syrup, peanut/almond butter, and cacao nibs (or chocolate chips if we’re wanting something extra decadent).

  94. samantha says:

    As crazy as this sounds we like carrots in ours, it gives it a texture that is kind of fun, So we would do that and whatever fruit we have around 🙂

  95. Michelle Skinner says:

    These look great – I love making our own – I add different veggies like carrots, spinach!

  96. Leticia says:

    How about a coffee flavor for the adults. Mix your favorite milk or plain yogurt, strong coffee, honey or your favorite creamer for sweetness!

  97. I love these! I think I may need more like ’16’ though. =)

  98. Lisa Stover says:

    I think I will try chocolate/ cherry and chocolate/ coconut 🙂

  99. Diane W says:

    We own a small berry farm and am always looking for new ways to use berries. Id love to own these and make em for the grandkids. Wow. I love it. Get to pick my first picking today of strawberries! Then blue berries, raspberries and tay berries.

  100. Kris Sperling says:

    I am moving to Thailand in a few months and I am thinking that a mango one would be good…I am thinking that since there are some fruits I love that won’t be available to me there I am hoping to find yogurts in those flavors. I also like the idea of adding kale 🙂

  101. I love making smoothies for my kids, and these would be great for freezing the smoothies for lunches. I love to sneak in veggies like kale or spinach in with berries and banana. I also like adding pureed sweet potatoes or pumpkin in with strawberries, pineapple, banana and peaches! Would love to win some of these!!! Thank you!

  102. Brenda Jahnke says:

    I love Greek Gods Plain Yogurt so I would try that with peaches!

  103. Charlsey G says:

    I would probably try blue raspberry. I love those two things together!

  104. I love making limeade popsicles. I am not that fancy. I just use juice and cup. I chip at it with a spoon.

  105. Sheila Criddell says:

    I think preparing them as a smoothie by adding in flax seed would be good too.

  106. Melanie Duff says:

    I love fruit pops. I make them for myself. I just use fresh squeezed juice and freeze. Great. Could also make Adult Pops, just add you adult beverage of choice, great for summer.

  107. Wow! These are super cool. I think they would be great for adult pops like a pina cola or margarita!

  108. marcelina says:

    Strawberry kiwi … or banana cinnamon yum!

  109. Raspberry & peach and/or kiwi & strawberry! I would love to have some of these!!

  110. CraftieGracie says:

    These are awesome! I do have two favorite variations in our household. One my family calls The Triple Threat and the other is Black Forest.

    For The Triple Threat, you blend peanut butter with frozen bananas til soft and then toss in a handful of chocolate chips and blend a little more (or hand stir if you like chunks better). Finally, pour a layer of caramel and use a fork to sorts of rake it through for ribbons of caramel mixed into peanut butter & chocolate chip yumminess.

    To make a Black Forest, take your base (yogurt, bananas, what have you) and blend in frozen cherries, almond milk & cocoa powder. It’s to die for!

  111. I like to mix 1cup of my homemade yogurt with a spoonful of some homemade blueberry jam my dad made. It is amazingly yummy!

  112. Cherise S. says:

    HI!!!! Your blog is so fun!!!
    For kids I would maybe make watermelon pops (or at least try)…….
    My daughter hates chunks (what is she thinking????) so maybe applesauce and yogurt??
    For myself I might try some DETOX pops with lemon, cucumbers and mint.

  113. Jessica T says:

    We use whole milk yogurt with frozen berries, a frozen banana, and maple syrup or honey as a sweetener!

  114. Tracy Spangler says:

    I would try vanilla goat milk yogurt ( my youngest daughter is allergic to all other milk) plus mandarin oranges and pineapple juice. Very tropical!

  115. This would be fun to make. I would do blueberries and bananas, and add protein powder for the ones I would eat!

    Thank you!

  116. Christy says:

    These look wonderful! We make smoothies with yogurt and fruit, but I love this idea for summer – a faster way to cool down!

  117. Kimberly says:

    I am thinking tropical – mango/coconut, papaya/coconut, maybe a hibiscus lime coconut? The possibilities are just endless 🙂

  118. Colette says:

    I must try this! Thanks for the recipe! I am going to try raspberry, strawberry and lime.
    Yummy, thanks!

  119. My kids love strawberry/raspberry everything right now. We have fresh strawberries everyday from the garden.

  120. Cynthia says:

    I might add some spinach or kale and some protein powder. Also chia seeds.

  121. ooh goodness how about cherries, bananas, and a little bit of cacao powder…that sounds delicious to me ;D

  122. Kendall says:

    I would probably try advocado with pinapple and coconut milk! A mini piña colada with some extra health benefit thrown in! 🙂

  123. I am on a green tea kick, so I would do green tea and honeydew with GG Honey yogurt! Yum!

  124. I just want to say thank you for sharing this recipe! I had to share with another mom she is also trying to make better snakes for her kids without all the sugar!

  125. Jessica says:

    Anything with mango!! Strawberry mango especially. Or my boyfriend really likes blueberries. I’m sure he’d enjoy blueberry and strawberry!

    These molds look too nifty!! I’ve had other Popsicle molds before, and like you, I’ve always had the problem with the sticks coming out!! These are just pure genius!!

  126. Cheryl Newsted says:

    Love all these ideas!! Sorry none of my own:(

  127. I’d like to try lemon yogurt with fresh picked raspberries.

  128. Catherine says:

    Absolutely LOVE your blog! I have used so many of your ideas! I would probably do straight up strawberries or it’s about to be peach season down here in Alabama. That would be yummy!!

  129. coconut or lime or strawberry or blueberry or lemon or orange or…my husband would love peanut butter ones…so many options I can’t decide guess I will just have to make them all. These look just wonderful and so easy.

  130. jackie s says:

    How about Pina Colada – coconut and pineapple.

  131. Candace Smith says:

    I live in China and we always enjoy Dragon Fruit in our smoothies so adding it to some yogurt pops would be awesome too!

  132. YUM! You could do peaches and cream (the yogurt) or strawberries and mint/chocolate mint, pineapples or water melon, the choices are endless. Slushies might be a great addition to summer treats!

    • -or pineapple and coconut or even lemonade and strawberries. (sorry, I’m trying to enter in twice i just have so many ideas!) thank you so much for sharing! I really enjoyed this one 🙂 keep on posting great ideas for us 🙂

  133. Chelsea says:

    I make a homemade ginger ale syrup and use a tbsp or two of the leftover soaked ginger instead of throwing it all out in a mix of blueberry, vanilla coconut milk yogurt and organic unsweetened shredded coconut flakes. It’s best if you do frozen blueberries and heat them up on the stove with the coconut shreds so they absorb the juice and get softer, then throw the ginger in and let them simmer together for a bit. You can also add a tsp or two of vanilla extract. Let it cool entirely before you add the yogurt though so you don’t kill off the good bacteria!!! Add as much yogurt as you like, and sweeten with pure maple syrup or raw organic local honey to taste.

  134. I have been wanting these popsicle molds for a while now!!! I have a daughter that has a milk allergy and I have been wanting to make “gogurts” for her with coconut yogurt so she does not feel left out!

  135. Every idea I thought of for fruit possibilities has already been posted, so I’ll just say “I would LOVE having the silicone molds!”

  136. These look so delicious and refreshing! What a fun idea for summer. Your kiddos are so cute!

  137. Question..what is the texture like after they thaw? My kids don’t like thawed go-gurt because of the lumpy texture. Do these do that? Can’t wait to try them, so high in protein.

    • Happy.MoneySaver says:

      I really like the flavor and the texture before freezing them but I think it tastes a lot better frozen…or maybe that’s just because once it’s frozen I can’t wait for it to thaw! 🙂

  138. Janet Baker says:

    I’ve been thinking about vanilla yogurt with peaches and a hint of cinnamon & maybe some caramel swirled in……or cherries with mini chocolate chips. Takes yogurt pops to a whole new level!

  139. banana pineapple sounds good to me!!!

  140. I would live try mango and strawberry

  141. I would throw in some home-grown raspberries or peaches, maybe even mix the 2. 🙂

  142. Love,these. I am glad i looked at all of the pictures the mold is larger than i thought. Cant wait to buy

  143. Maple chocolate chip or
    Orange chocolate chip
    Hmmm…What about a swirl? Vanilla and orange to make a creamcicle

  144. We love these popsicle molds, too! I’m going to try your recipes…usually I just make extra green smoothie and pour them in the molds for my kids. I know they will love your yogurt version, thanks!

  145. Keely Chisholm says:

    I love to make lemon coconut things, I know it sounds like an unlikely combination but it is so good! It has a tropical taste! I would like to try a frozen yogurt recipe using coconut milk and freshly squeezed lemon juice!!

  146. My kids are loving anything with berries right now and love frozen go gurt so this would be great!

  147. I would love to fill these with fruit and juice to freeze and then add to my large water bottle. I am horrible at drinking water unless it is flavored and this would do the trick while keeping it cool. For refreshing water you could freeze mint and cucumbers in water too.

  148. Any smoothie recipe would work, or pudding yummm….

  149. I would love to use cherries off our tree 🙂 All these ideas are making me hungry!

  150. Jennifer says:

    Love this idea! I can never get the Popsicle molds to work and these look so fun and easy for green smoothies 🙂

  151. Steffany says:

    I haven’t read through all of your comments to see if anyone has posted this already – but I think a coconut/Greek yogurt/pineapple chunks/coconut milk would be AMAZING as a popsicle. Also anything with kiwi, mint, and cucumbers would be super tasty as well.

  152. Hey just curious, I read reviews of the popsicle mold on amazon and several of them say that the mold started leaving a funky smell (due to the silicone leaching). Now that you have been using them for a while did they start to smell funky for you?

  153. Blend Yogurt and nutella? Yummy!

  154. Karrie,
    Thank you for taking the time to share your wonderful recipes and helpful tips with us. I truly appreciate it and to show my appreciation I did purchase these silicone Popsicle molds through your site!!

    Thanks again,

  155. Has anyone had any problems with cleaning these molds and having a smell?

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