Safe & Effective Natural Spider Spray

So, spiders. I hate em’. BAD.

I know, I know. They serve a very good purpose on this great big mother earth, but I’d prefer them to stay WAAAY out of sight. And most definitely out of my house. You want to know what’s awesome about this natural spider spray? While regular pest control kills spiders once they enter your home, this stuff keeps them far, far away to begin with. Cue the happy dance!!

The only thing better than how great it works, is how incredibly simple it is to make. Like I’m embarrassed to even call it a recipe, simple. Add in the major cost savings over conventional pest control, and this natural spider spray is a no-brainer.

Ingredients for Natural Spider Spray

15-20 drops peppermint essential oil
Water to fill 16 oz spray bottle
16 oz spray bottle

Directions for Making Natural Spider Spray

Fill spray bottle of choice with water and add the peppermint essential oil. Give it a good shake and wahlah! You have the easiest, most effective natural spider spray around. Spray around exterior and interior doors windows, and foundations weekly to keep pests out. Take a deep breath and revel in how awesome your home smells. Shake before each use to re-mix the oil and water.

I recommend using a glass spray bottle for this spray because sometimes when essential oils are placed in plastic containers, the oils can break down the plastic, causing the container to collapse.

This natural spider spray works because spiders HATE peppermint. Their taste buds are in their feet and for whatever reason, they’ll do anything to refrain from walking on it.

Don't just kill spiders with conventional pest control, keep them away to begin with with this super simple and cheap 2 ingredient natural spider spray! |

Quick little story to illustrate how awesome this stuff is: Once upon a time we lived in a home that also could have been named Arachnid Four Seasons. I was killing at least 4 spiders a day even after having exterior pest control and interior organic pest control do their thang. This is what one of my five interior spider traps looked like 4 weeks after spraying inside and out.

Don't just kill spiders with conventional pest control, keep them away to begin with with this super simple and cheap 2 ingredient natural spider spray! |

Does that make you want to hurl or what??

Meanwhile, I heard that spiders and other pests (like mice) hate peppermint, so I whipped up my some of this stuff in about 10 seconds and immediately sprayed around my windows and doors. That was 9 months ago and I literally have not killed a spider sense. No exaggeration.

My friend lives in a basement apartment of a home that sits on a mountainside. This spider oasis is 10 steps from her front door.

Don't just kill spiders with conventional pest control, keep them away to begin with with this super simple and cheap 2 ingredient natural spider spray! |

She uses this natural spider spray weekly and her home is completely spider free! Check out how cobweb free her door is!

Don't just kill spiders with conventional pest control, keep them away to begin with with this super simple and cheap 2 ingredient natural spider spray! |

Before she moved in it was covered in webs and lots of creepy crawly things in the corners.

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Water: Free
Peppermint Oil: $1.40

Total Cost (assuming you have a spray bottle): $1.40 per batch.

I use 2-3 bottles per month during peak spider season and spray maybe once per month during the winter. So, during the months of most use I am spending $4.20 on pest control. I don’t know about you, but that sure beats any local pest control companies around here!

Don't just kill spiders with conventional pest control, keep them away to begin with with this super simple and cheap 2 ingredient natural spider spray! |
Have I sold you yet? I can keep going, but I’ll spare you. Just make this and you won’t regret it.23 Comments

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  1. Does this work on more than just spiders?

  2. Do you know if it works for scorpions? They’re arachnids, also. We occasionally get a scorpion in our house, and I’m always afraid our cat will get hold of one.

  3. I love how simple and natural this is! I absolutely HATE spiders and although we don’t have many, and thankfully the ones we do have are the tiny kind, I still dislike having them around.

  4. I absolutely DETEST spiders. How perfect that I just got a large bottle of peppermint essential oil from amazon review trader. I’m going to make this (and spray it everywhere!) as soon as I get home. Thanks for this info!!

  5. I thought essential oils were a lot more expensive than this. Does it matter what brand of essential oil you use? And where do you get it for only $1.40? I would love to try this.

    • Happy.MoneySaver says:


      You only use a small portion of the essential oils so the price is pro-rated to only what you use. If you want more information on essential oils email me at karrie at!

    • The peppermint cost about $12 but 20 drops are about $1.40.

  6. Does this miracle spray work on other bugs, in particular cockroaches? It sounds great!

  7. Can you tell us what the process for the interior traps ( like your picture) please please please ? Getting ready to make a batch to spray outside , but want to do this inside too ( just in case )!!!

  8. Is it safe around pets?

  9. Our weather suddenly turned cool, and now every time I turn around there is a giant wolf spider crawling across my floors. I can’t take it any more! Thanks for this idea, I will give it a try!

  10. I have lived in my apt condo for 6 years and my lovely balcony has been naked collecting dust lol all this time due to my fear of spiders. I’m in Toronto Canada so we are slowly starting to warm up. Saw our first spider out there 2 nights ago when we experienced somewhat of a one hit heat wave. I used your recipe and sprayed to my hearts content today. Thanks for the details! I will check in and update in the coming weeks. If all goes well, I will finally purchase some outdoor furniture for the summer.

  11. I have to question the effectiveness of this. I’ve been using this “spider spray” in the interior of my house for about two weeks, spraying about twice a week. Every time I have sprayed, I’ve seen/killed a spider in the house within a couple days. I haven’t sprayed it outside, as I sprayed a conventional pest control on the outside. Do I need to spray it outside too? Or are my spiders just immune to peppermint? :-/

    • StL Lori says:

      Same with me. I think the spray gets them out of their hiding spots and they are searching for less offensive places to go. Keep it up though, I do think it works, you just need to rid your home of the ones already there.

      • Well, crap…ordered some peppermint oil on Amazon yesterday…was all geared up to do some spraying tomorrow when it comes in…I don’t have spiders that bad, but even one us enough yo give me a serious case of heeby jeebies…we just moved into an older house…basement mostly finished except for the laundry area…kinda creepy…and the outside entranceway that my son uses to get to the downstairs where his room is..but I don’t want to spray and activate a stampede of spiders from their hidey holes…can deal on an individual basis but multiples?! but that does hake sense…keeps new ones from coming in…but will make ones already living inside look for a new place…better keep my flip flop handy for spider thwacking

  12. Can you use fresh peppermint instead of the oil and if so how?

  13. Tammie Proue says:

    This doesn’t work! I tried it with peppermint and while the spider seemed irritated and tried to run from it, it is still in the same web above our patio door and it’s huge! I’m going to try adding the tea tree oil to the mix and see what happens. Stay tuned….

  14. Claudette Coetzee says:

    Yes Tammie I had the same problem. It didn’t work. It only chased them away from one place to another. …………..

    • Evon Jenkinson says:

      I love leaving doors & windows open but I get the odd moth that loves woolen clothes. Has anyone tried peppermint oil amongst sweaters? Would be interested in your findings. I am trying to avoid carcinogenic products like napthaline which I know is a deterrent.

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