November, the Chickens and Me


It’s been awhile since I talked about what has been going on with me personally.  Things have just been strange in my life. And I haven’t wanted to talk about it because I haven’t been really sure of anything.  So I will start at the beginning. Well, the beginning of the summer.

As you know I have been dreaming forever of owning a few acres of land.  I looked for almost a year for a nice plot of land. It’s really difficult where I live to find land that you can have full water rights on. Most of the acreage I have found for sale only allows you to water 1/2 acre of your property. Plus the land couldn’t be too expensive or too small. Ideally I wanted about 2-3 acres. I looked at tons of houses with land on them too. However my husband likes a nice house and didn’t want a fixer-upper or a manufactured home. I didn’t care either way, I just wanted the land. I could totally live in a shack if I had some land to play with. I just want be a little more self-sufficient. And I want my kids to take 4-H animals to the fair too.

So, this summer we found a 5 acre lot of land with full water rights AND for a great price. So we placed our earnest money down, and started looking into construction loans. We found a house we wanted to build and talked with the banks for financing the whole land and construction. They approved us to do this and carry our own home (have both loans) until our home sold. So we continued, placed deposit money down with the home builder. BUT, the bank came back and said they would prefer our house to sell first before starting everything. So… we quickly got our house ready to sell and listed it by owner for a week. Then we prayed and hoped this was the direction the Lord would have us take in our lives.

Didn’t have much action so we listed our home on the MLS listing a few weeks later. We had 2-3 showings each week but no one made any offers for 2 months – needless to say we were pretty stressed! Worried we would lose out on the land.  So we listed then with a real estate agent at the beginning of October and sadly the house didn’t get an offer.

Luckily the land owners have been really patient with us and willing to wait for our house to sell.

We decided to look into another route to get our land. Getting the land loan straight out. And after some paper work and a few weeks of waiting we finally were able to purchase the land! It just closed this past week. And I couldn’t be happier.

5 acres!


This is what my land looks like. This picture of course was in the summer. Isn’t it lovely?

Many times I have prayed and fasted during this whole process for help in selling our house, help in knowing if this was the right path for our family, and help with feeling peace through the stress of it all. I started to wonder why we weren’t getting any offers on our house so that this would all work out quickly. Honestly I wasn’t getting my answer from God and that confused me at the time because He has always answered my prayers before. I have a personal relationship with my Father in Heaven and it’s the BEST part of life for me. I rely on Him for everything. Whenever I am not sure what to do or need help I have asked Him and His answers have come through the power of the Holy Ghost either whispering to my mind & heart or by a warm wonderful feeling.

But at one point we hadn’t sold our house, feeling a bit down and was pondering about what to do. The idea of trying to buy the land came to my mind. This idea of course would be ideal because we could pay off the land before building. That would mean lower house payments and more financial freedom. I had been told however that  you need a LOT of money down for land loans, which I didn’t have. So I hadn’t gone that route before. But my husband and I went down and applied.  We were able to get a line of credit for the down on the loan and got the loan so it worked out beautifully. This way is the ideal path because we can pay down the loan first! Which is financially a much better way and I feel great about it.  So I know now that it was all in His hands, and this path we took of buying the land was the path He wanted us to go on.

So now that you know what has been happening in my life…you will understand why I haven’t posted much. I just couldn’t officially say I owned the 5 acres of land because it was still up in the air all summer long. I didn’t garden much or talk about this because I was focused on selling my house. My life has basically been on pause.

If you are curious, this summer in my garden I grew tomatoes and basil. Had some garlic too before the chickens dug them all up.

And the chickens? They are all very well! But it has started getting COLD here. One day the chickens just hung out inside the top of the coop all day long.

Miss Dawn has totally found her place with other chickens. In fact I haven’t seen any pecking at all lately. It’s awesome.



And she is my new favorite. She is so full of curiosity and spunk. And she is so sweet too.


Miss Lacey is still the queen of the chickens. Where she goes the others usually follow.


Miss Pepper seems to be doing great too, and even though I think she is still the lowest on the end of the pecking order she doesn’t seem to get pecked much anymore.


And Miss Goldie is my most chicken-ist chicken. She is so scared all the time – constantly still runs away whenever anyone comes near. And the sun faded her feathers this summer so her colors aren’t as vibrant. I keep hoping she will molt and grow some new ones.


They laid eggs all summer long – usually every other day. But with the cold weather here now I am lucky to get an egg each day.

And they are still the sweetest girls ever.

I am so excited about my new adventure ahead. 5 acres!!! My head feels like it will explode. I can have the freedom to do whatever I want. It will be so amazing. I can have more animals, a really big garden, orchard and even a barn perhaps. I will share some pictures I took of my land sometime soon.

Thanks for listening, and sorry for keeping this all to myself for so long. I am a bit of an introvert, so it’s often hard to share anything personal about myself online. I have to force myself sometimes when it comes to my personal life. In fact, I think I should try to do a “real me” series for you all in the future. So you will learn all my imperfections, many of the deep feelings of my heart, and how my life as a blogger really is. That is if I can get enough nerve to write it. Ha!33 Comments

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  1. Hi Karrie,
    Thanks for being so open and honest and sharing what has been happening. I greatly appreciate it because I am now going through that time of not seeing what God has in store for me and my family. I’ve heard that sometimes we aren’t ready to know what He has in store for us, because we might run like Jonah at the thought of what He has planned for us because we aren’t ready. Thank you again for putting yourself out there and sharing your faith. (When the neighbors who we buy eggs from told me they aren’t laying due to the weather here in Central Oregon, I immediately thought of your sweaters from last year’s post. Too bad I don’t knit!)

    • That is so true Jeanette. I don’t like being patient – I always seem to want the answers right now. But I love looking back and noticing that He does indeed answers my prayers.

      Oh and yeah, I better bust out those sweaters… I know I have them somewhere in my garage…LOL!

  2. I am so happy for you, your family and your 5 acres!!

  3. Congratulations! We know first-hand the angst of wanting a little piece of land that is tugging at your heart and soul. After numerous life setbacks in 2010 and 2011, we were finally able to secure a loan through a local bank (big banks wouldn’t touch a loan for raw land) for our 10 acres of heaven. We were ready to live in a tent or tuna can just to be there. We did go with a modular home, and love every day that we have the incredible fortune to live there. We’ve added chickens, ducks, more dogs and cats, cows and bees to our menagerie (more like a three ring circus most days). We are blessed! Congratulations again!

  4. Congratulations on the purchase of your land, it looks so beautiful and peaceful!! Thanks for sharing with all of us, May our Heavenly Father keep pouring his blessings upon you and your family.

  5. Karrie Im old enough to be your gramdma but I enjoy hearing about you & your faimily.I live in the city but country girl in heart..Miss Dawn is beautiful.God bless you & your family.

  6. “I have a personal relationship with my Father in Heaven and it’s the BEST part of life for me. I rely on Him for everything.” Thank you so much for sharing this, it was exactly what I needed to read today! It has been awhile since I have looked to my Heavenly Father in making my decisions. I know in my heart I should rely on Him for everything but I’ve allowed myself to get too absorbed into family illness and trying to make sure everyone has everything they need. In doing so I feel lost. You mention you don’t usually like to share about yourself – well I usually NEVER comment on any blogs I read. So there you go, this should just confirm that you were writing from the prompting of the Spirit so someone in desperate need (me!) could be reminded of the Amazing gift we all have been given to find freedom in giving ALL things to Him! Thank you for being so open and sharing your heart!!!

    • Oh my… you have me tearin’ up! Thank you so much for your comment, it has made my night. I am sorry for your struggles you are going through, I just know if you ask for His help He will be there with comfort and all you need.

  7. Karrie, I’ve sold real estate for more the 35 years and I seen Gods miracles perform so many times. Yes, you need to hear Him. If the door closed on the different ways you tried, you were wise to back away and wait. It’s always so exciting to see how He allows you to see He’s got it under control. I could write a book about the different transactions with Gods finger prints on it. Have a good day, your land will bless you.
    In Christ

  8. That is so awesome Karrie! I am so happy for you! What a fun adventure you are beginning, and that’s a pretty good story behind it too:) Karen and I will have to come invade you for a scrapbooking weekend:)


  9. As the Mommy Wars escalate, it is always refreshing to know that someone – especially an influencer – admits to the same struggles, dilemmas and worries as the rest of us. Such admissions endear you to your readers and make you more relatable. Am so glad your prayers were answered! 🙂

  10. Congrats on getting the land, Karrie. I was wondering what was going on with that. I hope it all works out well with getting to build on it in the future. 🙂

  11. I am so excited for you! (And a mite jealous, I must afmit!). Congratulations on your new land and fresh start!

  12. Congrats on your new purchase and new
    Adventure. I think your home hasn’t sold
    Because if your chickens and coop. Someone purchasing who is not interested
    With dealing with that could turn down
    The interest. It’s the impression your
    Home gives and what updates or interested
    Things new home owners don’t want to take
    Care of. Just my thoughts of when I was searching for my new home which made
    Me just want to build my own home.

  13. Congratulations on the purchase of your land Karrie! God is good! My family is waiting on the Good Lord to help resolve a situation which will impact us for the rest of our lives. We have been praying and waiting for 6 months and while it is VERY difficult, I know He hears and will answer in His time. Thank you for sharing your story, it is an encouragement to many! God bless you! I enjoy your money saving tips!!!!

    • Thank you! It is so hard to be patient, I know I am the worst. I want something and I want it now. But I know the Lord does know best and it’s all in His time for the best of results. Hope you don’t have to wait much longer.

  14. I’m so happy that your dreams of land are becoming a reality! May God continue to bless your efforts and your family.

  15. We too have 5 acres. We have a big hip barn that my husband built all by himself. WE have raised our two boys out here and loved the fact that we too could do what we wanted with the land. Many times we marveled at the fact that everything we were having for a meal came from our efforts and the Lord’s blessing. We have enjoyed the orchard, gardens and horses. We have chickens again now that we have seven grandchildren that live near by. WE had gotten out of having them but decided that the kids would love collecting the eggs and watching the chickens doing their chicken “thing”. We raise our own beef and I raise dahlias. Nice to share things from the gardens. I especially like to raise squash and do a lot of storing. I can many things but do enjoy freezing veggies. I deydrate bags and bags of apples from our trees. I freeze our blueberrires and raspberries. We are never without jams and pies.

    I am sure you will have a blessed life on your 5 acres. I do have a great gardening book and I refer to it all the time. I also get many answers from different websites. Get good nursery stock when you buy your orchard trees. Learn how to properly prune them. Don’t get discouraged if you plant things and they don’t turn out th way you had hoped. Find out a “better” way and then you will have success!!! I have a large garden spot where I plant my dahlias on the sides and then plant onions, carrots, tomatoes, rhubarb chard (it doesn’t bolt), potatoes, corn, pumpkins, acorn butternut and hubbard squashes, and various flowers. It is a lot of work but very satisfying. I love the whole process. I wish we were neighbors so I could give you someof the knowlege I have gained over the 34 years I have lived on our land. I was a city gal with a country hubby. I would never change this lifestyle for anything!!! There is always something to do and learn about. I am 69 years old and still get excited about planning my next garden. I always say I am not going to do so much…but it is hard not to try just one more new thing. I always seem to have a friend that needs flowers for a wedding….how cool is that? The dahlias really do the trick. The best to you as you discover more about yourself during this venture. Enjoy!!!!!!! Marlene

  16. Cory Ashby says:

    Very cool. I am happy to hear you got your land. You’re livin’ the dream.

    Deuteronomy 26:7-9

  17. Hi Karrie,

    I’m so happy for you. And I understand that waiting on God is sometimes difficult. I’m waiting on him now and he has been very silent! I guess I need to trust him more. Anyhow, congratulations and I look forward to awsome posts when your on your new land.

  18. Karrie, Your story parallels ours in so many ways. The joy and angst of “waiting on the Lord” is truly a blessing. We learn so much about ourselves and what He wants for our lives when we do allow him to lead our every step. We found the perfect 5 3/4 acres of raw land and the journey began. We too are paying down our land before building. We closed on it a year ago now and the thrill of watching our only “obligation” disappear is more than worth the headache of what we dealt with a year and half ago. Our plan is to build on it in 2 years. It will be interesting to see if that is what He has planned for us!! 🙂 Keep on in the good fight!

  19. Awesome post, it gives God the glory as He deserves. “Wait on the Lord and He will exault you in due season”. I too have been blessed with 5 acres, chickens, goats and an over abundance of “Mans Best friend”. We have been waiting for an answer from God for 4 years due to health issues and unemployment…..But we will wait on the Lord for He has provided for us throughout these oppressive times and will no doubt continue to do so until His answer comes through. God Bless You and your Farm. Always give Him the Glory!

  20. Oh Karrie!
    This is an amazing step for you and your family. I just knew some day the Lord would give you your

    desires, and for reasons too. He really works in incredible ways, like no other. That house and land

    was all planned out perfectly for you. It touched my heart to here this, I remember on one of your

    posts you wanted a farm (bigger lot) for you to get out of that tiny garden, for your precious hens to

    to raise little chicks, and much more. That is my dream and desire as well 🙂 I want to get sheep, a

    couple cows, more chickens (and a rooster!) and many more animals of God’s creation:) I don’t blame

    you at all for keeping this to yourself, sometimes it needs to stay in because we are unsure about

    things, but when the time comes we are ready to be more open. Or if not open at all.

    This was a real joy to me to here this! Yes, yes it is just lovely, perfect for you! I am very excited about

    the new adventures to come. Love the pictures, love, love, love, all your posts. You are now officially a

    happy money saver on the ranch;) Keep on having desires and dreams, God and you will accomplish

    every one of them:) Tell me where this is again?

    Love, Amber <3

  21. Sometimes it is so difficult to be patient when your heart desires something that seems so perfect for you. Congratulations to you and your family for being patient and waiting it out. In the end, God gave you what you needed. I am so happy for you!

  22. Hello Karrie,
    Congrats on the land!! It’s funny I stumbled on this today. I recently quit my job to stay home with my sweetlings who are 4 and 3. I am currently suffering the stress of trying to move out to the country and buy some land. I understand your pain. I have also had this dream of late of homesteading and becoming more self sufficient. Dropping off the grid to a point and disconnecting from the fast paced, in everybodys business kind of lifestyle. I even deleted my FB account until my change of life has become more of a reality, because I dont like to share personal stuff too much either!!
    Good luck and thanks for your experiences.

  23. Barbara McKinley says:

    I’m so happy for you Karrie!!! Glad you got your land! Thank you for sharing your ups and downs thru the process you went thru this past summer, and God Bless you and your Family ♥


  24. What a great story! Praise the Lord for his provision! Excited for your family.

  25. How exciting and congratulations on finding 5 beautiful acres! Please kindly keep us posted. Can’t wait to see the upcoming “sold” post 🙂 Fingers crossed!!!

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