West Coast Coupon Clipping Service {Local WA coupon clipping company}

Westcoastcouponclipping.com is a great new coupon clipping website based right here in Pasco, WA! Coupon clipping companies are amazing because you can order multiples of an exact coupon you might want and the coupons come all clipped in a happy little stack for you. Plus because this is based right here in WA state you will be able to get them super quickly in the mail (or local folks can just pick them up and not pay shipping!).

Here is some information about West Coast Coupon Clipping that they wanted to share with you all:

  • We are a coupon clipping service based out of Pasco Wa. We get our inserts from various metropolitan areas around the United States. Our first set of inserts are available Monday morning, and we add more coupons and more variety throughout the week as our inserts arrive from the different areas.
  • We firmly believe in providing excellent customer service. We work very hard to ensure that our customers coupon needs are met and that we are accessible to them. We believe it is essential for us to get to know our customers and treat them like we would like to be treated.
  • For our local customers we provide the option of having them come pick up their coupons at a time that works best for them. There is a pay in person option on the website and we accept checks and cash. We can not do debit/credit cards outside of the website however. Some local customers prefer that we mail them and of course we have no problem with that!
  • Our shipping fees are very reasonable and we do not add any handling fees. Shipping fees are orders from .05-$1.99 shipping is .99 cents from $2.00-$3.99 our shipping fees are .60 cent. Any order over $4.00 ships for free.
  • We believe in same day shipping. If you place your order before 4 PM Mon-Thurs we will ship it the same day. Friday it’s 11 AM and on Saturday it’s noon. We need the early cut off time of Friday so we can focus on preparing for the upcoming week and to have that time to keep ourselves organized.
  • We are on Facebook and every Thursday evening we post a preview of what we will be getting on Monday in the notes section. We try not to overload people with messages on Facebook, so we reserve it for only the very important things.
  • We are a family based company, everyone in our home helps in one way or another and we hope to extend that ‘family feeling’ to our customers.
  • We started this business because we noticed there were not many options for us here on the West Coast and as avid couponers ourselves we decided we needed to change that!
  • One thing we would like to mention to all our customers, new and old is the mail is pushed automatically through if you have the last 4 numbers of your zip code, and you write in block letters not cursive. We try and look up all our customers full zip code at the USPS zip code by address site, but of course it would help immensely if when they registered our customers included it and those who are registered if they went back and added it. We get compliments all the time about how fast our shipping is and we truly believe this is why. This is good information for any time you have something sent to you 🙂

Doesn’t this sound amazing?

I know many of you happy money saver readers have used this service already and I would love it if you shared your opinions by leaving a comment below. All I can tell you is I am totally excited about this!!!

Go and check out how easy it is to order coupons at WestCoastCouponClipping.com!13 Comments

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  1. I have used this service a couple times and the coupons have literally arrived the day after I bought them. It is super easy using paypal to pay and the site is easy to navigate! The prices are good too… I will continue using West Coast Coupon Clipping.

  2. I have only ordered once but she was incredibly nice and I picked my coupons up, very convenient! Great experience!

  3. Tammy and Sam are awesome! I use them all the time and never have any problems. They are quick to respond and so, so nice.

  4. Do these “nice and neat and in a stack” coupons flag the manufacturers as “GANG-CUT”? This would be a neat service IF & ONLY IF it didn’t hit the retailers bottom line.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read this article!!! Hurting the retailers will only make them change coupon policies. This is a NO WIN situation for ALL of us!

  5. I have used West Coast a dozen or more times and love them!! Tammy and Sam are friendly, fast and have a great selection. I am so glad to have such a great service so close to my home.

  6. TerryLynn says:

    To the person who wants to rain on everyone’s parade about ‘gang cutting’ the problem is not that they are cut together but that stores were fraudulently turning in coupons to be reimbursed. Do you have any idea how ridiculous this argument is? 100 of thousands of coupons are turned in to the clearinghouse they can not tell if a coupon has been put in a stack and cut. Second, no where on the coupon does it say anything about ‘gang cutting’. The stores could sue for reimbursement since the coupon does not say anything about it. No where does it say if you buy 10 papers you are required to cut them individually. Oh my gosh that is crazy talk.

    I love Tammy and Sam. They are nice, HARD WORKING and have a sweet family business. Why do you have to be negative and rain on the parade? They don’t even use a machine for cutting, they cut them with a cutter. I know because I have been there while they are working their butts off!! They have a business license, they are legal and same with all the other coupon clipping services. The coupon clippers are huge, she is a Christian. Manufacturer’s ask her at times to help distribute their coupons! Don’t you think if it were truly an issue there would be signs everywhere? P&G had issues with people buying things and re selling for profit and they figured out a way to stop that.

    It’s terribly sad that you have nothing else to do with your time but try and turn people off a wonderful new business that has come to our area. I am sure if you got off your high horse and went over and actually met them you would be impressed. Coupon clipping services have been around forever. If this were really an issue it would have been dealt with. One article on ‘gang cutting’ and you go to this extreme? The Krazy coupon lady, we use coupons, happy money saver none of them have reported an issue with it. I would think that they would. Nathan and Amber on the extreme couponing are frank that they get their coupons from a clipping service. I am sure if it were really an issue that it would have been dealt with.

    I am sorry to be so rude but I can’t stand it when ignorant people go off one article and make a stink! No matter your opinion you can find somewhere on the internet to support it, but that doesn’t make the information correct.

    Common sense please, really, use common sense! And kindness, a little kindness towards people. You are not kind, you are obviously not using common sense. Yes I read the article. Interesting. Amazing nobody from any of the other major coupon help sites went to this convention? And when you google it all you come up with is that article. That’s where common sense comes in.

    • I agree. I have never heard anything from anyone about this until now, and I just don’t think that the article is true. I mean really, why would manufacturers care if coupons were all cut the same? I am still super excited about this company and will continue to promote them. It’s wonderful!

  7. I read the above with amazement. I don’t usually comment on stuff but what terrylyn said about common sense got me thinking. If this was true why would these stores put up with it? According to this they are losing a lot of money. They have lawyers. They could easily chip in for the cost and shut all this down. Stores do not eat thousands of dollars. That’s why they have loss prevention. If there are machines that can detect if q’s were all cut the same wouldn’t it pay for itself for the stores to invest in these and fix any gang cuts? Especially with coupon use at an all time high. (Walla Walla paper 3 weeks ago) I think this is an alarmist trying to stir the pot and they don’t realize how ignorant the argument it.

  8. I’m so excited to start using this! It seems like I never get the right coupons in my papers, and I feel like I’m wasting money buying them, but I love couponing and want to keep doing it. I think this will help me save money by only purchasing the coupons I need and know I will use! I’m not one to carry a binder around with me. I love those that do, but I don’t have the time or patience to scope out deals, I prefer to let my favorite bloggers do it for me! 🙂 Thanks for the info!

  9. Sounds like a great company. I am new to couponing and love the idea of getting bulk of a particular product I need without having to buy tons of papers. I was wondering though, do they sell internet coupons? How do we get more of those if we only have 1 computer?

  10. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t sell internet coupons. The only way I know to get more than 1 or 2 is to use other computers.

  11. Hi Katie,
    We don’t have internet coupons. Tracie is right, the only way to get those is to have more then one computer 🙁

  12. Geekymom says:

    This might help clear up some confusion. This is a link to an article interviewing the executive director of the CIC (Coupon Information Corp.)


    I think the main thing I took from this was gang-cutting could get your store flagged, but that they don’t determine the payment based solely on that. I do know that the manufacturer can audit the store to be sure that the store actually sold the product the coupons were redeemed for.

    We all have to read the terms and decide for ourselves what is proper, ethical and legal. And are terms of use a legal issue or an ethical issue? It makes one ponder a bit, as per the terms of most coupons (Void if altered, transferred, sold, copied or exchanged), we couldn’t share with friends, family or use coupon trains.

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