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  1. Is it possible to freeze and serve these in smaller sized portions? Could I freeze them in individual scoops for future single servings for lunches, and if so, how would I reheat a smaller amount? Thank you. This is a great recipe.

  2. I’m excited to make these for my papa, since Mom recently left us. Poor Dad; he’s not doing well since she passed. He doesn’t eat good-for-him stuff, unless it’s already prepared. [And, of course, he lives 50+ miles away.]. So, I’m trying to make him some better-for-you, home-cooked meals that he can just heat up, much like store bought, but healthier, to take to him. It’s such a time saver to cook in larger batches — some for my hubby and me, and some for my dad, at the same time. Thanks much for your website / post / blog [whatever] info.! Very helpful, since most of what I’ve been making for Dad has been Mexican or Italian food (only because I know it freezes well). I’m sure he’s getting tired of those fares, by now! Mom’s elders were from Missouri, so she cooked a lot of “Southern” type foods. Chicken with ‘taters (always with a veggie and salad) was THE Sunday dinner at our house when I was growing up. Of course, we had meatloaf, stuffed peppers, fish, casseroles, etc., other days of the week …. Always home cooked. Dad obviously doesn’t miss Mom’s cooking as much as he just misses HER. Your info is ssssooooo very helpful. It just might help pull him through. Thanks again!!!! Love and hugs to you and yours ….

    • There’s a cook book Make it Freeze it . It is great for prep. I use to have to make meals for my MIL so I invested in a food saver machine. I would take 1 full day to prepare 6 or 7 different meals – at least 2 servings each. Put them in those rectangular chinese containers. Freeze. Next day pop them out and put in freezer saver bags and label. Then she would take out what she would want to eat and boil or microwave.

  3. Sounds super easy. I however stick to making mash potatoes in crock pot making sure to make double to freeze for another time when microwave be quicker lol. Thanks though for the ideas!

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