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Spring is coming and although that means Easter, flowers and opening your windows again, it also means Spring cleaning and home organization.  Over the winter, it seems we collect more clutter and dirt  around the house.  We have found 23 things that will help you start off your spring cleaning and home organization off right.

cleaning routine

1.  My ultimate happy home cleaning routine plus free printable checklist
So many chores, so little time, am I right?  This step by step guide will help you get organized and get those chores done fast!  I live by this, and it help so much!  My house isn’t perfectly clean all of the time but this sure helps me keep it as clean as possible.  I think you will find that you can’t live without this checklist either.

broom holder

2.  Mop and Broom Holder
Let’s start out with organizing all of our cleaning tools.  Mops, brooms, hand held brooms and dusters can really get out of hand.  I like to hang mine all together in this holder on the wall so they are out of the way, and not falling over if I lean them up in a closet.  This keeps everything in it’s place, which I LOVE!

hanger holder

3.  Hanger Holder
This little contraption has saved me space and time.  I like to take clothes out of the dryer and hang them right away to minimize wrinkles.  As soon as I put a load in the dryer, I go get the hangers ready to start hanging clothes right away out of the dryer.  This would also be so convenient right where you do your ironing.  It folds out of the way when not in use.  I love mine!

suede cleaner
4.  Homemade Suede Cleaner
Do you have suede couches?  If so, I have the BEST cleaner for you!  Don’t look any further.  And guess what?  It’s so simple!  You will be just as thrilled as I am!  Giving your suede couches a good freshening up will really give them new life and make your whole living room look cleaner.

over the door hanger
5.  Over the Cabinet Holder
I love this organizer because it gets all the stuff that you need off of the counter, and under the sink.  This is great for soaps or cleaners in the kitchen, or maybe for your brushes or curling irons in the bathroom.  I have one in my utility room with all of the shampoo and stuff to give the dog a bath.


6.  Better Houseware Large Organizer White
The kitchen is full of odd shaped items that make them hard to store.  This organizer has really made a huge impact in my storage and organization in the kitchen.  I have my cutting boards and cupcake pans all tucked away nice and neat with this organizer in my cabinet.  I can always find what I need, and it keeps them nice and organized.  Love that!


7.  Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution
Spring time is the perfect time to clean all of your carpets.  Lots of dirt can get trapped in there even after regular vacuuming.  It’s important to shampoo every once in awhile.  Instead of buying a cleaner, this homemade carpet cleaner works like a charm.  You will NOT be disappointed.


8.  Pyrex 18pc Glass Food Storage with Multi-colored Lids
I love my Pryex!  This is something I use every single day.  I love that they stack so well, and that I feel safe when re-heating my leftovers.  These keep so nicely in my cupboards, and I could not live without them in my kitchen.

spicy shelf

9.  Spicy Shelf Patented Spice Rack and Stackable Organizer
This is such a cool way to organize your spices.  This maximizes space, but also you can SEE everything.  Gotta love that!

homemade spray

10.  Keep Clean Easy 3 Ingredient All-Purpose Spray
If I can make a cleaner myself, I would rather do that then buy it.  This spray will change your life.  Only 3 ingredients, I tell ya!  You can’t go wrong with that!

drawer organizer

11.  Lipper International Bamboo Deep Kitchen Drawer Dividers, Set of 2
These bamboo drawer dividers are the best!  You can take a messy drawer and organize it to your exact needs.  Sometimes those pre-made organizers don’t fit just right.  These are so great because you can use them just how you need them.


12.  Cleaning the Dishwasher
It seems like the dishwasher should be clean by nature because it’s JOB is to clean.  Well, sometimes the dishwasher might start to stink or not clean as well.  Here are some steps to help you clean your dishwasher so that your dishes will come out sparkly clean!

shelf liners

13.  Self Adhesive Shelf Liner – 2 Pack – Rugby Chevron Aqua Pop
Spice up the insides of your drawers and cabinets with this beautiful shelf liner.  This pop of color will make you love opening your cabinets.  It might also help you keep them clean because you will want to see that pretty aqua chevron.


14.  Which Mop To Use?
Mopping has got to be one of my very least favorite chores.  BUT, I have finally found the best way to do it.   Find out my trick for the best mop.

car organizer

15.  Car Trunk Organizer
Usually when we think of spring cleaning, we think of our homes.  But, sometimes I feel like I LIVE in my car.  The vehicle deserves a spring cleaning too!  The back of my car gets cluttered so easily.  This little organizer would help so much with keeping things neat and clean back there.  This would keep that soccer ball from rolling around all over, or keep the groceries organized.  The kids could put DVDs or headphones in there on a road trip.   I love that it folds flat when it’s not in use too.  This is a must have for my van for sure!


16.  Cleaning Your Closets
Spring is a great time to freshen up your closet and organize it.  Sometimes it seems like such a large task to clean your closets.  By following these simple steps, you will be organized in no time at all!

hanging shelves

17.  Hanging Accessory Shelves
One way to organize your closet, is to add these hanging shelves.  I love to use these for setting my kids’ clothes out for the week.  We try to set them out Sunday night so the mornings go much smoother.

drawer organizers

18.  Drawer Dividers Storage Boxes 4 Set
Neat and tidy dresser drawers make me so happy.  Sometimes my drawers can get so messy with all of the little “items” that are in those lingerie drawers.  This organizer will keep all of your unmentionables separate and right where you can see them.

scarf organizer

19.  Scarf Holder-18 Loop
Wearing a scarf can dress up an outfit, so I love to wear them.   They can sure make a mess in the closet, but not with this great holder!  I can see all of my scarves and they hang nicely and it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

dryer lint

20.  Clean Out the Lint
Even the dryer needs to be cleaned every once in awhile.  Did you realized that you get build up on your lint catcher? It might seem like air is flowing perfectly through that mesh/vent but what you don’t see is a clear film.  Read along how you can extend the life of your dryer  by doing one simple step.  It will also help it run more efficiently too!  Love that!

shoe organizer

21.  Over The Door Clear Shoe Organizer/Storage Rack
This is a great way to organize your shoes so they are out of the way, and off of the floor.  If space is an issue, this is perfect, because there is always room on the back of the door.  You could also use this organizer for all of your stockpiled cleaning supplies, or craft supplies for the kids.  I love that it’s clear so that you can see all that your are storing.  The possibilities are endless with this organizer!

tool organizer

22.  Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower Rack with Casters
It’s about that time of year when it’s time to clean out the garage.  There are so many tools needed in the garage, and there always seems to be very little space to store it all.  This organizer will help you keep all of your rakes, brooms, shovels and tools together and organized.  I love an organized garage.  It makes me so happy!

welcome mat

23.  Welcome Doormat
After you get the house all cleaned up for Spring, how about a new Welcome mat for the front door to freshen up your doorstep.  This beautiful doormat is PERFECT for welcoming Spring.

I hope you have found lots of great ideas and tools to get your house ready for Spring cleaning and home organization in the coming weeks and months.  It always feels so good after the Spring cleaning is done.  So worth it!

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  1. Great tips listed here. These will help with organization and speeding up the cleaning process. I hate cleaning the house and organizing it, however, the advice presented here makes me feel confident I can get it done. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is my favourite list with spring cleaning solutions. It has everything I need to succeed. Thank you for sharing!

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