Bye Bye Dry Skin! { Homemade Body Butter Cream }

This homemade body butter cream is the perfect remedy for dry cracked skin. it can be whipped up in no time & uses ingredients that are great for your skin! -

I’ll be the first to admit that cold winter weather brings out the Grinch in me. Sure, there are beautiful, snowy landscapes to gaze upon while sipping hot cocoa, curled up by a roaring fire. But for me, it seems like the underlying theme of winter is to torture me with dry, itchy, sandpapery skin. It’s hard to enjoy sledding and snowman building when underneath my layers and layers of clothing are chapped, and sometimes cracked hands, knees, elbows and feet. Feel sorry for me yet? You don’t have to, because I found a solution!

I am here to share the easiest homemade body butter cream you could possibly make. You don’t even need to turn on the stove!

Homemade Body Butter Cream


1 Cup of Shea Butter
1/2 Cup of Coconut Oil
1/4 Cup of Almond Oil
Choice of essential oil– optional

This homemade body butter cream is the perfect remedy for dry cracked skin. it can be whipped up in no time & uses ingredients that are great for your skin! -


Put all ingredients in a stand mixer, turn on medium…and walk away for 5 minutes.
Alright, alright…maybe you have a hand mixer. That’s perfectly OK. The point is, all that needs to be done to make this homemade body butter is to whip it. And whip it good! I love this recipe as is, but sometimes I want to spice things up a little by adding in a few drops of my favorite essential oils. I like to split this recipe into little tins, each with a different scent. I think they make the best gifts!

This homemade body butter cream is the perfect remedy for dry cracked skin. it can be whipped up in no time & uses ingredients that are great for your skin! -

but is it worth the cost file plain graphic1 cup shea butter – $7.20
1/2 cup coconut oil – $4.25
1/4 cup almond oil – $8.03

Total cost – $19.48

This DIY Homemade body butter cream is easy to make but can get pretty spendy to make! Buying your own body butter can range from $6.00- up to $25 or more for some of the more organic and all natural brands. I’m not really sure this DIY is worth the cost to make, but it is worth the time.  I still plan on making my own because I love what it does for my skin and I love that I know exactly what ingredients are in it. I also love that I can tailor this recipe to whatever scent I want by adding in essential oils. If I want a body butter to use in the evening, then I would add a few drops of lavender essential oil which has relaxing properties and promotes calmness- perfect for bedtime! If I was looking for a more invigorating, uplifting body butter, then I would add a few drops of wild orange and peppermint. So I guess you can say that I am very happy with my homemade version, but I can definitely see why this would be too expensive for some.

This homemade body butter cream is the perfect remedy for dry cracked skin. it can be whipped up in no time & uses ingredients that are great for your skin! -

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  1. This and the dish soap recipe are easily not worth my time and money. My 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th priorities for DIY household items are to save money. For a similar effect, I simply spread coconut oil on my skin post-shower.

  2. Hey! My daughter has by allergies, any recommendations to substitute the almond oil?

  3. I use aloe vera with the ingredients so maybe subtract the almond oil and replace it with aloe. the mixture turned out fine for me.

  4. this recipe only sounds costy at the first glance, as you only need tiny amounts, you must spread it only very damp skin (after the shower) otherwise your skin can become quite dry after prolonged use. this amount of a REAL body butter is for at least half a year! body butters for around 6 dollars contain less and are always made with water (very cheap) and with mineral oil or silicone (check for all those _on’s like dimethicone and the magic ingredient petrolatum or the like = cost almost nothing, returns millions). – – – organic almond oil very often is suitable for allergic persons as almonds aren’t nuts but the kernels of members of the rose family (almonds, apricots and prunes are closely related to roses) which provide us with very well tolerated oils. very often the solvents for extracting the oils cause dermatological problems. organic jojoba should be okay for extremely allergic people and is very suitable to make body butters (but even more expensive). thank you for the inspiring recipe! {{i run a German facebook group called ‘edible cosmetics’ as i believe that we should nurture our skin just with healthy and edible products. have been an aromatherapist for a quarter of a decade and wrote a few books about the use of essential and base oils}}

  5. Hey this dish is makeing very interesting and so yummy taste. I love this .Thanks Happymoneysaver

  6. I’ve made whipped coconut oil body butter before and it turned out super greasy (as in, it didn’t soak in at all — just sat on the surface of my skin until it rubbed off onto something else like my clothes – not fun!). So I was wondering, does this version soak into the skin? I know butters don’t normally soak in as fast as say a lotion would, but I really don’t like the greasy-staying-on-my-skin-forever feeling.

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